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Or, if you did have treatment, the bone moved before it healed. Malunion symptoms include constant pain long after treatment. If severe enough, the condition can cause a deformity and may require surgery to repair or correct it After a bone is broken (fractured), the body will start the healing process. If the two ends of the broken bone are not lined up properly, it can heal with a deformity called a Mal-union. With fractures in the hand, wrist, and forearm, a certain amount of angulation is tolerated

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Probably the best reason to fix a malunion is that the crooked alignment, especially in the legs, will eventually affect other joints around it and cause arthritis. This may lead to joint replacement surgeries that would not have otherwise been necessary were the malunion corrected In patients with a failed ankle fusion, infection, limb-length discrepancy, and foot deformity can be addressed simultaneously with use of the Ilizarov apparatus to achieve a solid union and a plantigrade foot, usually with a clinically satisfactory result

If the malunion includes a step-off of the joint surface, it usually leads to arthritis. The choice is between accepting the poor wrist position for life or having the bone 're-broken' and fixed (or re-fixed, as the case may be) in a better position. This is called an 'osteotomy' The cut or osteotomy is done to correct the mal-alignment. In addition, some secure method of fixation must be used to hold the bones in the desired position. This fixation may require plates, rods, or an external frame with pins. Malunions that include shortening of the bone often require some method for bone lengthening

Broken bones can occasionally heal in the wrong position, forming a malunion or malalignment after treatment. These misaligned bones can cause further problems and pain in the body. Dr. Tom Miller talks to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Haller about what causes these bones to heal improperly and what can be done to fix it Surgical procedures can help realign severe cases of malunion. An orthopaedic surgical procedure called an osteotomy is commonly used to restore the appropriate alignment of bones that have not healed properly. Surgeons can perform the techniques below in an osteotomy to correct a malunion In addition, I can lengthen the bone at the same time if necessary. Rarely would I need to shorten the bone but I can do that if necessary. If I need to fix the malunion in the transverse plane and alter length, I will consider a Mau/Ludloff oblique-type osteotomy Teriparatide medication is given as an injection which can also be taken at home. Surgical Treatment For Nonunion. Surgical treatment for nonunion is when nonsurgical treatment fails or can't be fixed with conventional treatment. In some cases, a second surgery might also be necessary With the right team of medical professionals, malunion and nonunion fractures can be fixed, and you can return to a normal lifestyle. Learn more about trauma care at OrthoIndy

External fixation helps to increase the stability at the site of fracture if instability is the reason to cause nonunion. External fixation can treat any type of nonunion, including nonunion femur fracture in a patient, even with bone loss and/or infection. The exact reason for nonunions fractures is not apparent A malunion in adults can happen due to inadequate immobilization in the cast, premature weight bearing, or ineffective surgical internal or external fixation of the fracture. In children, partial or complete growth plate damage during trauma, or overgrowth of the long bones after fracture treatment, can lead to limb length discrepancy or. Malunions of the distal phalanx articular surface are common as mallet fractures heal, many times as fibrous union, but these tend to remodel. Long-term osteoarthritis is possible radiographically, but there is no evidence to determine the incidence of clinical symptoms MaluniontreatmentTreatment of a malunionoften depends on how the injury occurred. If a bone is misshapen enough to cause a disfigurement, you may need surgery to repair or correct it. Correcting the alignment of the bone is more important if it willcause too much stress on a joint that attaches to that bone Malunion often causes bone rotation or angling. This can cause misalignment of the finger joints and reduce your ability to bend them. Finger shortening can also occur if bone length is lost with..

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On the other hand, some malunions due to partially or minimally displaced tuberosities can be treated with osteotomies fixed by plates and screws, while others by arthroscopic surgery such as cuff repair either or not associated with tuberoplasty and/or acromionplasty 7, 15 Nonunion and malunion First metatarsal osteotomies can be challenging to fix adequately due to the relative small size of the bone and limited area available for fixation

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  1. Phalangeal osteotomy corrects the malunion at its site of origin, allows simultaneous correction of angular deformities, and permits concomitant soft-tissue procedures such as tenolysis or capsulotomy. Phalangeal osteotomies can be either step-cut or transverse, which are performed with a power saw. Step-cut osteotomies are fixed with either.
  2. Moreover, can a Malunion be fixed? Treatment of a malunion often depends on how the injury occurred. If a bone is misshapen enough to cause a disfigurement, you may need surgery to repair or correct it. Correcting the alignment of the bone is more important if it will cause too much stress on a joint that attaches to that bone
  3. Fractures (broken bones) normally heal properly on their own or with the right type of treatment. In some instances, a fracture won't heal as expected. It's important for patients to pay attention to how fractures are healing so anything out of the ordinary can be addressed. Malunion is a broken bone that heals in an abnormal positio
  4. We propose a method of sternal plating to decrease the incidence of sternal malunion encountered with this incision. The transverse sternotomy can be rigidly fixed with two titanium interlocking plates during chest closure, a procedure that offers the potential for timely and consistent union of the sternum
  5. 'Malunion' is a clinical term used to indicate that a fracture has healed, but that it has healed in less than an optimal position. This can happen in almost any bone after fracture and occurs for several reasons. Malunion may result in a bone being shorter than normal, twisted or rotated in a bad position, or bent
  6. Surgical correction is a challenging problem with unpredictable clinical outcomes. Prevention of malunion of a distal radius fracture is the best course of action. With maintenance of volar cortical contact and the use of volar fixed-angle devices, bone grafting may not be necessary in certain cases of malunion correction
  7. Depending on many factors, this can take as little as 4 weeks or as long as 6 months. When a fractured bone is not healed and there is little chance it will heal without further surgery, the fracture is then considered to be a nonunion. A Delayed Union is different than a nonunion

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In some cases, union can be achieved without surgery. Several non-invasive methods are available, such as electrical stimulation or specialized braces. Surgical. Most nonunions require surgery. Surgical treatment of nonunion is usually focused on three goals: Establishing a healthy vascular area of bone and soft tissue around the fracture site Internal fixation allows shorter hospital stays, enables patients to return to function earlier, and reduces the incidence of nonunion (improper healing) and malunion (healing in improper position) of broken bones. The implants used for internal fixation are made from stainless steel and titanium, which are durable and strong I do not know about a malunion of wrist fracture. But I had surgery for broken ulna and radius mid shaft. Orthopedic surgeon said is way very unstable and at 74 years old I required ORIF ( open reduction internal fixation) surgery. And I had to ha.. Nonunion and malunion after bunion surgery can certainly develop in case of small sized bones and relatively limited fixation area. The cause may be related to boney osteopenia condition or non-compliance of the patient after surgery and premature ambulation against medical advice. The technical errors during the procedure and failure to resect. Bunions can also rarely recur months or years down the road, especially if there is an inadequate correction of the initial deformity (e.g., shaving off the bunion without correcting the soft tissues of the foot). Surgical correction of bunion recurrence can be challenging and extensive

Toe injuries are very common. Fractures can range from minor to severe, and some toe fractures need medical attention. Depending on the severity, treatment options range from rest to surgery Malunion: the fracture healed but with shortening or malrotation of the lower leg. In these cases, by converting the partial hip to a total hip and placing a new fixed cup or acetabular component with a smaller ball predictably resolves the pain and in my experience patients do very well Posttraumatic deformities of the tibia that result from malunion are a common clinical problem, and correction using external fixation can be difficult. The Ilizarov technique is a satisfactory form of external fixation however; many patients refuse this method of treatment because of the discomfort associated with distraction osteogenesis While malunion can result in multiple changes in mechanics and may ultimately lead to arthrosis, the decision to perform a corrective osteotomy for a distal radius malunion should generally be based on the patient's overall functional capacity and symptoms. or fixed carpal malalignment. Good results can be achieved with careful patient.

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10.1055/b-0040-177468 53 Distal Radius Osteotomy for Malunion: Dorsal ApproachLudovico Lucenti, Claudia de Cristo, and Pedro K. Beredjiklian Abstract Distal radius osteotomy can help restore the anatomic parameters of the distal radius when fractures heal in an incorrect position. Various surgical techniques have been described to perform a corrective osteotomy of a distal radius malunion Regarding metacarpal fractures, malunion can follow a transverse fracture, which results in dorsal angulation in the sagittal plane.Compensatory hyperextension (pseudoclawing) at the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint can result. Malunion after a spiral or oblique fracture results in malrotation A malunion is a fractured bone that has healed in a nonanatomical position. Malunions can occur in diaphyseal and articular fractures. Pathological shortening, angulation and/or rotation can be present where there is malunion. Irregularities of the joint surface are present in malunions of articular fractures Problems with bone healing, alignment, or infection can occur after bone trauma. Nonunion is when the bone does not heal properly leaving the limb with pain and instability. When a fracture heals in a deformed position or with shortening of the limb, this is called a malunion.In children, the growth plate can sustain damage that results in limb deformity and shortening

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I researched and saw that this sort of thing happens in other bone fractures and is called a malunion and can be fixed by an osteotomy. I am wondering if this procedure can be done on my finger or if not how can I straighten out the bend? Read 1 Responses. Follow - 1 Malunion. The distal humerus grows slowly post fracture (only contributes 10 to 20% of the longitudinal growth of the humerus), therefore, there is a high rate of malunion if the supracondylar fracture is not corrected appropriately. Such malunion can result in cubitus varus deformity. [citation needed] Mechanis While there has been a strong resurgence of interest for minimally invasive bunion surgery in recent years, a variety of complications can occur regardless of one's experience with these procedures. Accordingly, this author shares insights from the literature and his experience in addressing common complications ranging from bunion recurrence and hardware breakage to malunion and.

The ends of the bones can be fixed by using pins that go through the skin into the bones (percutaneous fixation). When the two ends of the broken bones don't mend, this is called malunion. This is not always as bad as it sounds and may still allow you to use your arm almost normally. It is more common in older people Deformity or 'malunion' (where the bones heal in the wrong position); Rupturing of muscle and/or ligament; Blood clots and/or sores; Avascular necrosis (where the bone loses its blood supply and dies.) An untreated fracture can therefore have extremely serious consequences that may result in long-term damage. In the most serious cases. Severely comminuted intraarticular distal radius malunion can significantly affect a patient's quality of life. To date, there is no ideal solution. We propose customized distal radius prosthesis replacement as a treatment option. A 33-year-old policeman presented with left wrist deformity and loss of motion for five months following a distal radius fracture AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für.

Many times a fracture can be non-displaced, meaning it's lined up very well, says Johnson. In another instance, you really wrench the heck out of that drumstick, and now one end is flapping around. This is known as a displaced fracture, where the two broken ends of the bone aren't lined up and even might be overlapping INTRODUCTION. Nonunion and malunion are two of the most common and challenging complications of distal humerus fractures. Newer internal fixation principles and techniques have improved our ability to achieve stable fixation of complex distal humerus fractures 18 (see Chapter 22, Current Concepts in Fractures of the Distal Humerus).However, some fractures will fail to unite, leaving the. A twisting force can be applied to the thigh bone when the foot or lower leg is trapped and rod passed inside the bone and fixed to the bone at the top and bottom to prevent shortening such as malunion, nonunion, stiffness, weakness and poor functional recovery from th

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  1. Nonunion or Malunion. Patients who decide not to have surgery on their broken humerus can develop a nonunion or a malunion. A nonunion is when the bone does not heal after 6 months. A malunion is when the bone heals but in a bad position. Both of these conditions can be treated with surgery if a patient has persistent pain and dysfunction
  2. uted #s Require only splinting In cases of near amputations 22-gauge hypodermic needle can be used for supporting the bone while the soft tissues heal. Sometimes may be fixed with compression screws to prevent nonunion 57. Mallet finger 58
  3. 27720 Repair of nonunion or malunion, tibia; without graft, (e.g., compression technique) 27726 Repair of fibular nonunion/malunion with internal fixation 28060 Fasciectomy, plantar fascia; partial (separate procedure) 28100 Excision or curettage of bone cyst or benign tumor, talus or calcaneu
  4. hello, i have a malunion in my radius and also my ulna i have metalwork present, i rebroke it at the end of the metalwork , can it be fixed? 2 doctor answers • 3 doctors weighed in. Share. Dr. Addagada Rao answered. General Surgery 56 years experience
  5. The scaphoid can be injured when a significant load is placed on the extended wrist, such as a fall onto an outstretched hand. Signs and Symptoms Most people with a scaphoid fracture (which is the same as a broken wrist) will have pain and/or swelling along the thumb side of the wrist within days following a fall

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At the midcarpal articulation, a dorsally malunited fracture can result in several distinct problems and compensatory deformities: (1) an adaptive (type I) dorsal intercalated segment instability (DISI), in which the midcarpal flexion is lax and fully correctable by radial osteotomy (Fig. 56-2A-D) 30, 31; (2) a fixed (type II) DISI malalignment. Before you reach out for your first aid kit, it's crucial to determine whether your toe is sprained, dislocated, or broken.You see, while we can all agree that jamming a toe against a piece of furniture is extremely painful, the experience is different for everyone

This is called malunion. I repair these in the operating room using a specialized titanium Read More. 1 doctor agrees. 0. 0 comment. 0. 0 thank. Send thanks to the doctor. Most rib fractures do not need to be fixed. 2 doctors agree. 0. 0 comment. 0. 0 thank. Send thanks to the doctor Plates are mandatory to prevent a malunion or nonunion, which could lead to amputation. It is a specialized surgery requiring special equipment and expertise, along with meticulous placement of the fractured pieces. If you look at this view of Pebbles' fracture it looks like a splint could be utilized for stability A malunion of a fracture is really a fracture that is healed in a way that causes functional deficit. One example I can give you is the malrotation of the femur. When the fracture was fixed, it was fixed in a way where the leg was rotated. And it's clear when you stand that the foot is really angled. Now, there are limits to that The settlement negotiations can result in the plaintiff receiving a settlement in a lump sum, a structured settlement, or a combination of the two. With a lump sum, the plaintiff receives a full payout, which can be helpful when paying legal and medical bills up front. It is a common and simple option in many medical negligence cases You can take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) to reduce pain and swelling. Topical treatments like Biofreeze or Tiger Balm can also help ease pain

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Sternal malunion can be a significant cause of morbidity in double-lung transplantation when it is performed through a thoracosternotomy or clamshell incision. sternal nonunion was fixed by a. Corrective osteotomy for distal radial malunion is a valuable but at times technically challenging operation. We have developed a new device to aid in the performance of the operation. We compared clinical use of the new technique with the standard technique It is important to understand that steroids do not fix the joint, and the pain relieving effect may be temporary. Steroids can cause tissue breakdown, so there is a limit on the number of injections that can be given. Surgical Management: The primary goal of surgery for Post Traumatic Wrist Arthritis is pain relief. There are several options. Ulnar styloid fractures often accompany a radius fracture. They affect your ulnar styloid process, a bony projection that helps attach your hand to your arm. We'll go over what tends to cause.

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With some fractures, the surgeon can restore the alignment of the fractured bone without a large incision. In this method, the fracture is fixed with appropriate implants through one or more small incisions. This is called a percutaneous fracture fixation. The advantages of this technique include smaller incisions, less trauma to the tissues. High Rate of Malunion; Not the best blood flow to this area of the bone. Healing can take up to 2-3 months in a cast without surgery. The more health problems, the longer it takes. This is a fracture of the 5th metatarsal head. A Jones fracture would be much closer to the base of the 5th metatarsal and the 5th metatarsal styloid process Orthopedic procedures, whether performed on an elective or urgent/emergent basis, are common in small animal veterinary patients. In many instances, definitive treatment occurs at a referral center, with postoperative follow-up taking place at the primary care clinic Early correction of malunion of distal radius fractures may be necessary in young, active patients. The aim of this study was to report the advantages and disadvantages of early correction of. Tongue lacerations can be tricky business: slimy, squirmy, and exquisitely sensitive...patients typically have a tough time handling these repairs. This post discusses indications for tongue laceration repair, principles of repair, and tips to help your next repair go more smoothly. The accompanying video below describes the essentials of this post, in three minutes

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  1. Malunion (code 733.81, Malunion of fracture) implies that bony healing has occurred but the fracture fragments are in poor position. Treatment of a malunion, in general, involves the surgical cutting of the bone (osteotomy), repositioning the bone, and usually the addition of some type of internal fixation with or without bone graft
  2. No connection at all. Where a malunion is what you have. Mine bothers me when I sleep on that side but otherwise it is pain free. It was the second time I broke it. I have spoken with several orthos and other people with this issue and all that I have gained is that if it bothered them they fixed it and if it didn't they left it
  3. Cavovarus Deformity of Foot is the name given to a condition in which an individual has both high arches in the feet as well as a heel which is turned inwards. Know the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of cavovarus deformity of foot

This person can check the safety of your home and help you with your daily activities. Follow the instructions your provider or physical therapist gave you about when you can start putting weight on your leg. You may not be able to put all, some, or any weight on your leg for a while A malunion of the distal radius can become symptomatic causing pain, weakness, or functional impairment of the wrist joint. 1 2. Various types of corrective osteotomies have been developed for treating distal radius malunions. An open wedge osteotomy is a technique that can be performed to correct radial length, radial inclination, and rotation The medial malleolus can yield an unstable fracture. Surgery is done in order to prevent malunion or nonunion of the fracture. Repairing a medial malleolar fracture can involve plates and screws or can involve bone grafting, especially if the fracture is impacted. Bone grafting can shorten the length of time it takes the fracture to heal

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Malunion. When the bone heals but does so improperly, it is known as malunion. This can occur if the bone is not properly immobilized during the healing process, resulting in a misalignment - fixed varus is the most common angular contracture in pts undergoing tkr; - esp. unusual cases: excessive femoral bowing or malunion, reduced hip offset - films can be misleading, must be in neutral rotation - ref: Sequential. Malunion: Malunion occurs when healing bones grow back together in an abnormal way. The bone may be bent or twisted. An operation may be required to fix this problem. Abnormal bone growth: A broken bone repairs itself by forming new bone. As a broken elbow heals, this new bone may form in areas where bone does not usually grow For example, a nonunion of a phalanx is treated with a plate with 2.0-mm screws rather than with the 1.5-mm screws that are typically used for most acute fractures of the phalanx. Nonunions near the joint can be secured with a T-shaped plate, a small blade-plate, or a plate with fixed-angle screws Clavicle fracture fixed with reconstruction plate and screws: Treatment: Most clavicle fractures are mainly treated in a sling for about 4-6 weeks. Clavicle braces may provide more comfort if applied correctly and align some fractures in a more stable position. However complete healing can be slow and may take up to 3-6 months

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how to fix a malunion fracture. rigid fixation +/- graft. Define osteomyelitis. an inflammatory process of bone and marrow contents (ie - bone infection caused by bacteria or fungus) Etiology of acute post-traumatic osteomyelitis. usually results from open fracture or following open surgical repair of previously closed fractures Txt Displaced type B and C ORIF K wire can be used unicondylar fracture without comminution can then be fixed with screws; if the fragment is large, a contoured plate is added to prevent re-displacement. Plates with locking screws Postoperatively the elbow is held at 90 degrees with the arm supported in a sling Background. Scapular dyskinesis is caused by various kinds of shoulder disorders, and can lead to shoulder pain or limited range of motion of the shoulder joint.1 2 Clavicle fracture is one of the causes; however, the mechanism of scapular dyskinesis following clavicle fractures3 4 and the efficacy of surgical treatment are still unclear. We treated the scapular dyskinesis caused by malunion. The operation takes about thirty minutes to perform and can be done on an outpatient basis. The most difficult part of the operation is the long healing process. Generally, it takes three months to a year after the surgery before patients see any relief from their symptoms, and sitting is difficult throughout the healing process

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Malunion or Deformity. If a bone heals improperly, it can cause a misalignment that results in long-term deformity. In most cases, a malunion, as it's often called, will be the result of a typical bone fracture caused by violent trauma, but it could occur from undiagnosed fractures as well. These sometimes need to be re-broken and then. An expert can help physicians report traumatic fractures correctly. A fracture refers to a break in the bone. High-force impact or stress, a minor injury, or a medical condition that weakens the bones such as osteoporosis can cause bone fractures. A fracture that occurs due to a medical condition like osteoporosis is called a pathologic fracture A bone can become infected if bacteria from a wound on the surface of the skin travel through the bloodstream to the bone. This may occur as a result of an injury or a surgical incision. Medical History and Physical Exam. Your doctor may ask how the fracture occurred, when it occurred, and whether you still feel pain at the site of the fracture The can be present in conjunction with a bunion, and develop onto a severe disfiguring foot deformity. Advanced cases, the toe can dislocate on top of the foot. Depending on your overall health, symptoms and severity of the hammer toe, the condition may be treated conservatively and/or with surgery Background. Despite advances in internal fixation devices, malunion of distal radius fractures is still the most common complication after wrist fractures, with overall malunion rates as high as 17% [].Patients with malunion of the distal radius can experience significant disability in the form of pain, arthritis, decreased range-of-motion, weakness, and visible deformity [2-7]

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In radiocarpal malalignment, the lunate is usually observed in flexion in contrast to its extension posture in the more common midcarpal malalignment. We report two cases of fixed lunate flexion deformity after a distal radius fracture, in which reduction and fixation of fresh fracture or corrective osteotomy of malunion were not successful Corrective osteotomy can be fixed by a number of methods including plating, retrograde intramedullary nail, and press-fit long-stemmed femoral component while TKAs were done using the intramedullary or extramedullary guide [3, 4]. In this report, one-stage femoral osteotomy fixed by antegrade cephalomedullary nail followed by TKA done under. Nonunion after a pelvic fracture is uncommon, whereas malunion is more common. Pennal and Massiah evaluated 42 patients with delayed union and nonunion after pelvic fractures.{ref67} They found. A common internal fixation of the distal radius to prevent malunion (open reduction and internal fixation ORIF). Figure 3: Dynamic Wrist Splint This type of spint is introduced if a client plateaus before reaching functional range of motion 4 A bones forming knuckle can break usually after hitting a pretty hard surface with a full fist like a wall or floor. The head of the metacarpal bone and phalanx forming knuckle are the hardest bones of the hand, and yet these knuckle bones can break or fracture if an individual makes a full fist and hits at a hard object like a wall or a floor

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Therefore, malunion and not just partial loss of the radial head can have important effects on radiocapitellar stability. Significance : A type II radial head fracture that is depressed 2 mm or angulated 30º causes severe loss of concavity-compression stability. Anatomic repair of such displaced or angulated fractures would b For Seinsheimer type III A and IV fractures, this type of fixation can significantly reduce the incidence of fracture malunion and internal fixation failure. At the same time, according to the situation of fracture healing, postoperative patients can be weight-bearing and active in the early stage It can also happen in a car accident, a bike accident, a skiing accident or another sports activity. A distal radius fracture can be isolated, which means no other fractures are involved. It can also occur along with a fracture of the distal ulna (the forearm bone on the small finger side) Malunion is the most common complication of distal radius fracture. It has previously been demonstrated that there is a correlation between the quality of anatomical correction and overall wrist function. However, surgical correction can be difficult because of the often complex anatomy associated with this condition. Computer assisted surgical planning, combined with patient-specific surgical.

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