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DMSO targets cancer cells and opens the ports on the cancer cells, which in turn allows chlorine dioxide to get inside of the cancer cells to kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. DMSO also binds to certain chemicals and experiments have indicated that chlorine dioxide is one such molecule The entire purpose of this protocol (the DMSO / Colloidal Silver Protocol) is to revert cancer cells into normal cells. It is designed to do this by safely and quickly killing the microbes which are inside the cancer cells

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With Joy in my heart, thanking Jesus and thanking you. I had prostate cancer with these PSA readings First PSA 61, next PSA in the 70's then a PSA 40.Then I started the MMS 2 000 protocol after 3.5 weeks I had a PSA lab test last Monday. On Thursday at noon the doctor phoned with the results. Praise God, the PSA lever was 0.785 Jordan, yes no. DMSO / Cesium Chloride DMSO is said to help cesium chloride get inside of cancer cells, though cesium chloride is known to do this by itself. What DMSO is used for is to get the cesium chloride through the skin, into the bloodstream. Neither cesium chloride or DMSO should be taken orally

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DMSO is a highly non-toxic, 100% natural product that comes from the wood industry. But of course, like so many other potential cancer cures, the discovery was buried. DMSO, being a natural product, cannot be patented and cannot be made profitable because it is produced by the ton in the wood industry. The only side-effect of using DMSO in. At the time, ongoing studies of DMSO's treatment potential covered a range of conditions, including stroke, breast and prostate cancer, head injuries, bursitis, herpes, retinitis pigmentosa, spinal cord injury, and arthritis. The results showed much promise.

DMSO is used to open the ports on the cancer cells to assist getting vitamin C inside the cancer cells. DMSO is very well known to target cancer cells and open their ports. To better understand this concept see this article. In summary, there are three things that help get the vitamin C inside the cancer cells Some studies have found that DMSO may also be useful for treating certain side effects of chemotherapy, reports the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). Specifically, DMSO may help.

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  1. 1) The DMSO binds to (i.e. chemically attaches to) certain kinds of chemotherapy drugs, then 2) The DMSO (which always targets cancer cells) will target the cancer cells, and 3) The DMSO will drag the chemotherapy into the cancer cells, and 4) The chemotherapy (which is now able to target cancer cells) will kill the cancer cells
  2. The Liquid Cesium Chloride Protocol (Liquid Cesium Chloride + DMSO) directly targets cancer cells, and is not ingested by normal cells. Liquid Cesium Chloride immediately stops the metastasis of the cancer, can start shrinking tumour masses within weeks, and almost always stops the pain of cancer within 24-48 hours
  3. KEYWORDS Cancer pain, dimethyl sulfoxide, DMSO, metastatic prostate cancer, palliative care, prostate cancer, sodium bicarbonate INTRODUCTION Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer in men and the second most common cause of can-cer death after lung cancer. There has been a 73% in-crease in incidence between 1971 and 2004 and it ac
  4. Already 40 years ago, it was discovered that dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) had a very high affinity for cancer cells. In other words, DMSO targeted cancer cells. DMSO could bind to other substances, and still target cancer cells. It is one of the most powerful carrier/solvent known to science
  5. Welcome to the Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) information center. Select one of the links above for additional information about this versatile treatment option. Now Available 70% pure DMSO can be ordered from www.upyournosedrops.com- the on-line store for Dr. Tom Griffith. Dr. Griffith spent years mentoring with Dr. Jacob and uses DMSO daily in his private medical practice
  6. AN UPDATE ON RONNIE'S PROSTATE CANCER (5-2014) I thought maybe some of you readers might be wondering about how Ronnie is doing with his prostate problem by now. I will start by laying a little groundwork: As you can read in the first articles Ronnie's Cancer Ordeal it has been almost two years since he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  7. Mix a solution of 50% iodine DMSO and rub it directly onto your breast as near as possible to where the cancer is (or used to be). The DMSO will ensure penetration deep into the tissue, says Dr Wright. A deficiency of iodine is a known factor in the development of prostate cancer

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  1. The Fenben is then instantly solved into a creamy smooth texture. Prior to using DMSO the Fenben stayed grainy and like sand regardless of what I mixed with with, flax oil, olive oil, coconut oil, nothing would dissolve the Fenben. But the DMSO (the most powerful natural solvent known to man) does the trick
  2. Theory: MSM is purported to treat cancer in the following ways: As an oxygen transport, To kill microbes in the bloodstream, To help sweep lactic acid out of the bloodstream to prevent cachexia Weakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness, also known as Wasting Syndrome, is a sign of diseases, such as advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), AIDS, cancer, or.
  3. MSM morphs cancer cells into normal cells. Methylsufonlymethane (MSM, sometimes called methylsulfone) is a close relative of DMSO. In fact, some DMSO turns into MSM after it soaks into our bodies. Unlike DMSO, MSM doesn't cause sulfur breath, and we don't need to go to a Native American reservation to get our hands on it
  4. DMSO-treated prostate cancer cells were used as controls to study the effect of Plk1 and HDAC inhibition. Plk1 inhibitors decreased proliferation and clonogenic potential of prostate cancer cells. Hence, Plk1 may serve as an important molecular target for inhibiting prostate cancer

The purose of the DMSO is to open up the cancer cell ports. DMSO taken orally is not as hard on the stomach as chlorine dioxide taken orally; thus most people will be able to take phase 1 orally (when taken orally, DMSO only should ALWAYS be mixed with at least 4 ounces of water) Prostate cancer (adenocarcinoma of the prostate) is the most widespread cancer in men. It causes significant suffering and mortality due to metastatic disease. The main therapy for metastatic prostate cancer (MPC) includes androgen manipulation, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy and/or radioisotopes 1 Nutrient That Helps Beat Prostate Cancer without Side Effects. Boost Your Immune System With Medicinal Mushrooms & Heal Your Body From Cancer

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Prostate Cancer Healed with Gerson Protocol (William Holman) Prostate Cancer Healed with Natural Therapies (Vernon Johnston) Squamous Cell Carcinoma Healed with Carrot Juice (Ralph Cole) DMSO/Vitamin C Protocol. Cancer cells are obligate glucose metabolizers and will use it for their growth and spread. This protocol exploits this dependence. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, we use DMSO IV Therapy for alternative cancer treatmetn and Chronic Lyme Disease. Dimethyl Sulfoxide (aka DMSO), is a simple sulfur compound first discovered in 1866, as an accidental byproduct of pulp and paper manufacturing. It then sat on the shelf for over 100 years before its many uses were recognized.When used in conjunction with other antibiotics, for. However, with all the studies conducted, we now know that DMSO can be used in treating a mixture of ailments including mental illness, arthritis, emphysema, and even help rid the body of cancer. DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) was first discovered in the 1950s when its ability to protect cells from freeze damage

DMSO would permit safer and more effective use of radiation in cancer treatment, because of its protective action (as noted in Mrs. Wilson's case). This was originally reported in 1961. The March 1985 Russian radiological journal Meditsinkaya Radiologia reported on the use of DMSO with radiation in cancer treatment Another study used a DMSO and sodium bicarbonate infusion to treat 18 patients with metastatic prostate cancer. After 90 days of treatment with the infusion, all the patients showed significant improvement in terms of their symptoms, blood and biochemistry tests, and quality of life. And they experienced no major side effects from the treatment The gene encoding the E3 ubiquitin ligase substrate-binding adaptor SPOP is frequently mutated in primary prostate cancer, but how SPOP mutations contribute to prostate cancer pathogenesis remains poorly understood. Stress granules (SG) assembly is an evolutionarily conserved strategy for survival of cells under stress, and often upregulated in human cancers

It is used as a reserve therapy in malignancies for which there are standard therapies of recognized effectiveness, such as breast, gastrointestinal, or prostate cancer. Phone: (914)763-6195. Dr. Gonzales in New York treats all cancers, but specializes in pancreatic cancer Third, the DMSO may help the chlorine dioxide target and get inside of cancer cells, thus helping the cancer cells revert into normal cells. To understand what really causes cancer, read this article: The Theory of Cancer. THUS, EVERY CANCER PATIENT SHOULD ADD DMSO TO THEIR CHLORINE DIOXIDE AT LEAST ONCE A DAY The theory behind the DMSO/colloidal silver treatment is that cancer is caused by a specific microbe that gets inside healthy cells and causes them to become malignant. The protocol draws heavily from the work of Dr. Royal Rife, who researched the relationship between cancer and microbes extensively in the early 20th century Introduction. Prostate cancer (PCA) is the most invasive and frequently diagnosed malignancy, and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States males ( 1).Each year about half of the diagnosed PCA patients eventually develop incurable disease with no effective treatment option left for them ( 1).The autocrine and paracrine growth factor-receptor interactions and.

Its safety and multiple uses ranks it right up there with DMSO. Hydrogen Peroxide v. Prostate Cancer: Kevin Trudeau - Maria Veloso, Alkaline, Candida vid: Kevin Trudeau - One Minute Cure, 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Jutrion RX vid Also, when DMSO is combined with haematoxylon (a homeopathic drug) and administered intravenously, it is found to reduce the tumor size. This combination is particularly useful in the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. Probable Side Effect DMSO also has many, many effective properties relating to the treatment of bladder and other cancers that you probably will never read or hear about because it can't be patented by the big pharmaceutical companies for profit and little research is being conducted I was told to try dmso and vitamin c and rub on 2 times a day which will start tomorrow. I was also told to swallow dmso and buffered vitamin c. What does anyone think? who said that my prostate was slightly enlarged and scheduled me for a biopsy to test for prostate cancer in early December 1999. During my discussion with the urologist, he.

The DMSO will bond with the sodium bicarbonate, and lead it straight into cancer cells, because DMSO seeks out cancer cells selectively. This is a safe and inexpensive protocol. The first clinic that is introducing this brand new therapy in the USA is the CAMELOT CANCER CARE LLC clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma Lifestyle factors play a role in a diagnosis of prostate cancer, just as they do in a diagnosis of breast cancer. French researchers assessed the association of fiber and prostate cancer in 3313 men followed for a median time of 12.6 years, during which 139 developed prostate cancer. When the researchers compared men in the highest quartile of consumption of dietary fiber, such as found in. Breast cancer graphs mimic prostate cancer graphs. If Cayenne kills prostate cancer cells then it might do the same for breast cancer ones as well. Report back if you try it. Reply 2. Replied by Knute (Sacramento, Ca) 09/30/2011. There are a good number of very strong alternatives to Dr. Simoncini baking soda treatment. If we do a google search. A comprehensive review of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in cancer treatment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, HBO, or HBOT, or HBO2T, can be an important part of a complementary and integrative cancer treatment programme (Chris Woollams). It can increase blood oxygen levels quickly to 100 per cent, it can presensitise cancer cells so that more are killed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it can also.

Introduction. In the United States, prostate cancer is the most prevalent noncutaneous malignancy and the second leading cause of male cancer death .Prostate cancer has a long latency and estimates are that 10 to 12 years are required before prostate cancer becomes clinically manifest .Sakr et al. have identified prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, a prostate cancer precursor lesion, in 10%. Artemisinin also attacks cancer cells. It kills about 100 cancer cells for every healthy cell in laboratory experiments - that's about 10 times more effective than the average chemotherapy drug. In science, artemisinin has an endoperoxide capacity, that interacts with heme, especially in situations that increase iron in cancer cells Cancer is the result of an overly toxic body with an overwhelmed and collapsed immune system. The links below provide details on an anticancer diet and supplement plan, along with methods to detox the body so you can begin to address a cancerous situation using a multifaceted approach

Low JC, Wasan KM, Fazli L, et al. Assessing the therapeutic and toxicological effects of cesium chloride following administration to nude mice bearing PC-3 or LNCaP prostate cancer xenografts. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 2007;60:821-829. O'Brien CE, Harik N, James LP, et al. Cesium-induced QT-interval prolongation in an adolescent Hoang BX, et.al. Dimethyl Sulfoxide-Sodium Bicarbonate Infusion for Palliative Care and Pain Relief in Patients With Metastatic Prostate Cancer. Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy. 2011;25:350-355. DOI: 10.3109/15360288.2011.606294 AND Palliative Treatment for Advanced Biliary Adenocarcinomas With Combination Dimethyl Sulfoxide-Sodium Bicarbonate Infusion and S-Adenosyl-L. DMSO also has prophylactic radioprotective properties and cryoprotective actions. It protects against ischemic injury. 1986 Academic Press, Inc. This information is forwarded to you by the Prostatitis Foundation. We do not provide medical advice. We try to distribute literature and information relevant to prostatitis To introduce you to the oxidizing agent MMS and its claimed benefits for cancer and other patients, here is an excerpt from the book The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, Part 2, 2nd Edition, by Jim V. Humble. Cancer, including leukemia: The theory here is the same

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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. In fact, evidence and recorded history have both shown that Egyptians used aromatic oils as early as 4500 B.C.E ().Back in those days, Egyptians would purchase entire boatloads of frankincense resin from the Phoenicians to use it in incense, insect repellent, perfume, and salves for wounds and sores () DMSO potentiation therapy combines the DMSO solution with other common cancer treatments. Compared to other compounds, dimethyl sulfoxide is particularly helpful for treatments that may be destroyed within the digestive tract, allowing medication to absorb into the skin and bypass the harsh digestive acids two biological replicates for prostate cancer cell line (LNCaP) overexpressing MYC gene under the control of Doxycycline. Differential expressed genes were retreaved for these cells treated for 4 and 24 hours with Doxycycline, OSMI2 (a OGT inhibitor), or a cmbination of both (combo) versus the vehicle treated cells (DMSO) Contributor(s

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A recent study published in Nutrition and Cancer 2016 reported that curcumin supplementation in patients receiving radiation therapy for prostate cancer resulted in improvement in antioxidant capacity. Supplementation of turmeric powder with imatinib, the anti-cancer drug, is found to improve antioxidant status in chronic myeloid leukemia This will change your life:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-jwWYX7Jlo&list=PLWyXv-s222erWskCdGee1H5j9YsGv6tcE***** This will change your life:http.. The recommended is complete media with 5% DMSO but from my previous experience I know more FBS favours the cells. prostate cancer cells cultured on nano-scaffolds by performing AFM indenting. Investigating the transcriptome of enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer cell lines, we identified CXCR7 as one of the most upregulated genes suggesting its role in advanced prostate cancer. CXCR7, known as an atypical G-coupled receptor, is engaged in many physiological and pathological processes

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DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) is widely available online. I was probably on my way to prostate cancer in the not-far-enough future, but the clock has been in reverse ever since the first day I applied the iodine + DMSO. 06-11-2010, 08:49 PM 890kgv From basic information about cancer and its causes to in-depth information on specific cancer types - including risk factors, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment options - you'll find it here. Explore Cancer A-Z; Breast Cancer Colon and Rectal Cancer Lung Cancer Prostate Cancer Skin Cancer All Cancer Types More Topics. Cancer Basics. Interest in using very high doses of vitamin C as a cancer treatment began as long ago as the 1970s when it was discovered that some properties of the vitamin may make it toxic to cancer cells. Initial studies in humans had promising results, but these studies were later found to be flawed

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DMSO and MSM, both sulfur compounds, have been found useful in the treatment of cancer. DMSO, when given to a patient undergoing chemotherapy may help the doctor reduce the dosage of the chemo-therapeutic agent. On its own, DMSO has been used by several clinics, including the Donsbach Clinic in treating cancers of the bladder, ovary, breast and. Following this, a DMSO solution or clinical formulation was the second most used solvent. DMSO was the most heavily utilized in-lab solvent. For example, DMSO was used in 34% of Cancer Research and 20% of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics articles that were examined I had heard of DMSO as an animal treatment for soreness and then there was a big controversy in the 80's since it was being used by people with joint pain and arthritis. It was not USDA approved. Where to get DMSO: You can buy DMSO for basic pain relief at health-food stores and online at www.HerbalRemedies.com and Jacob Lab, the Web site of Dr. Stanley Jacob, who helped discover DMSO (www.JacobLab.com). It generally comes in two concentrations, with either 70% or 90% DMSO. Most people find pain relief with the 70% solution

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Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), from which MSM is derived, has demonstrated pain-reduction and anti-inflammatory properties. DMSO has been used for nearly 40 years in veterinary applications, especially for horses, to relieve pain and inflammation. Prostate Cancer - A Raw Collection of Articles - Pt 2 Cancer patients normally have had prolonged constipation prior to cancer diagnosis. Cancer always indicates damage to liver function and so coffee enemas are a often recommended to kick start the liver into behaving properly. Cleaning the liver is critical for elimination of drugs, bile production for digestion, filtering and detox of the blood. I had recently discovered a handful of articles by a Vietnamese researcher, Ba X. Hoang, demonstrating dramatically significant benefit of DMSO and sodium bicarbonate IV infusions for patients suffering cancer pain, Biliary Adenocarcinoma, and Metastatic Prostate Cancer. To my knowledge these are the first such clinical trials of DMSO for cancer

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Other Reasons for Bladder Instillations. In addition to IC, bladder washes may be a suggested treatment for patients with chronic UTIs, accumulated sediment in urine, or other conditions that reduce bladder capacity and contribute to frequent urination not caused by an underlying problem such as a tumor or enlarged prostate.Bladder baths may also help with issues related to blocked urinary. DMSO- USE AS A PAIN KILLER? Doctor's Assistant: How long have you had the pain? What seems to make the pain better or worse? Lower back pain, several years, advil helps a bit. Doctor's Assistant: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know? Arterial Stents, prostate cancer Safe Therapies with fewer side effects. At Immunity Therapy Center ™, we offer a variety of natural, effective, alternative cancer treatment options.Every patient's health and disease are different. Multiple holistic cancer treatment options—and the ability to combine them in a customized cancer treatment program—give you the best chance of an enhanced quality of life, improved. CLINIC TREATMENT (and Theory): The DPT Protocol (i.e. DMSO Potentiation Therapy) uses DMSO to allow chemotherapy to target cancer cells (by opening the ports of the cancer cells). While this is a superb cancer treatment, orthodox medicine is not interested. The problem with this protocol is that less chemotherapy (probably 1/10th of a normal dose) is used because the chemotherapy targets. Stand Up to Cancer/Prostate Cancer Foundation cohort Because of the low level of AR-V7 expression at diagnosis of CSPC (13), the bioinformatic analyses of patient-sequencing data DMSO was from Thermo Fisher Scientific (BP231-1). 2,4-Pyridinedicarboxylic acid (2,4-PDCA) was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (04473). GSK1210151A (I-BET151) was.

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