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If you chose to buy from a dealer, check online for reviews to see if they're reputable. If you're buying used from a private seller, be prepared with a number of questions concerning the scooter's condition, service history and any possible accidents. 5. What matters more: Aesthetics or utility 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Mobility Scooter. If you are one of the almost 16 million adults over 65 who experiences mobility difficulties, you may be considering renting or buying a mobility scooter to help you more readily get around. Mobility scooters are good options for those with limited mobility and can be great for helping you get places quicker and more safely than if you were. You can ask a question here, but since we've already had quite a few scooter buying questions asked & answered, there's a good chance you won't need to. You may be able to find the answers you need RIGHT NOW, without having to wait for someone to answer your particular question Questions to ask oneself before buying a scooter Acquiring a scooter for the elderly is very easy and hardly requires any talent because of the common availability of scooters in the market. However, one always fails to consider the research required to pick the best scooter for optimum use as they are dazzled by other features that are.

This article is a wikified version of this article written by gimmyjimmy.. This is a list of things you should check when you are looking into buying a new moped. If you don't understand how to repair and recondition an older moped and you aren't inclined to learn, go with a newer, running one Many people in the scooter-know strongly advise against buying a scooter unseen. Thinking new? Make sure the dealership is reputable, and ask about a warranty. Before buying, consider your proximity to a scooter repair shop. You may want to consider other bike options if the nearest one lies 400 miles away Ask the seller to rev the engine. It should respond quickly and drop back down to idle speed quickly. If it doesn't, it could need carb work, the throttle cable may be sticking, the throttle tube could be sticking, the throttle slide could be sticking- basically, something is sticking somewhere, it should return to idle quickly

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• Be prepared to travel an hour or so if you can to buy a good moped. It will be worth it many times over in the long run. When looking at or negotiating a moped to buy, things that you should look for are: • Cosmetic condition. This tells quite a bit about how a bike has been taken care of and stored over the last 30 or so year First look for clues that the bike has been involved in an accident e.g. scrapes on the exhaust or the ends of the handlebars or foot pedals. If you do see scrapes, ask about them. If you feel uneasy about the answer then don't buy it. Ask the seller to start the bike for you Some motor scooters are built for two riders or have more storage space, but most of these vehicles operate best with a single rider and a lighter load. Choosing to buy a scooter over a motorcycle may not be a good idea if you: Plan on using the highway. In fact, scooters are banned from highway driving in some states, due to their slower speeds Questions to Ask Before Buying A Mobility Scooter February 7, 2019 September 20, 2019 - by Will Harrison Mobility Scooters are a critical mobility aid to many people, with such a wide range of mobility scooter products available we thought it would be helpful to provide our visitors with a little more understanding of the various types of.

In buying a scooter, you should consider how you intend to use the scooter. If you are only going to ride in a city, you may find a smaller scoot will do fine. If you live in a suburban area, you should consider a larger engine (150cc or more, at minimum). If you intend to go on the freeway, you will need at LEAST a 250cc engine Take a look at the following tips for buying a moped or scooter. What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Moped. Zipping from A to B on a moped can be great for city dwellers with limited parking options and for students looking to get around campus quickly. But before you purchase your moped, here's what to know: Questions to answer The holidays are on the way, and if you're thinking about getting a decent present for your kids, then buying a couple of scooters can be the answer. They're probably the best things for them to play outside more and get their fair share of sunshine. However, it would be smart to make sure it's the right scooter for them before buying one. So, here are 5 questions that you should ask yourself. For anyone considering buying a new or previously-owned mobile home, make sure that these are the questions that you ask before you buy. Getting the right answers can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress down the line. Ask these top 10 questions before making any mobile home purchase Whether you buy or lease, a mobility scooter is a big commitment; some of the larger road models can retail for thousands of pounds, so it is important to get the right one for your needs and take time to undertake proper research

Here Are 5 Questions To Ask When Buying A Mobility Scooter: 1. What Kind of Range Should My Scooter Have? Do you ever have trouble standing or walking for a long period of time If it is, ask the seller about why they fired it up. Next I like to ask the seller some basic questions about it (how long he's had it, why he's selling, how does it run, any mods etc). The best seems to be scooters of moderately low mileage that have been used occasionally rather than sitting for years at a time Click here to download your free copy of our bike-buying checklist . 10 things to do before buying a used motorcycle. 1: Know the bike. One of the most important things to do before you go to look at any used bike is to know everything you can about the model first; with a thorough knowledge of what parts it should have as standard - and what they should look like - you'll soon spot. Before you buy a scooter, ask yourself these questions. What do you plan to use the scooter for? Before you buy your scooter or moped, consider how you'll use it. If you plan on using it for short trips in the city, it can be a great purchase. But if you need transportation for long commutes that don't accommodate low-speed vehicles like.

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So I wanted to write a follow-up with even more questions you must ask before you buy a house! So be sure to read PART 1 of questions to ask when buying a house. And to get all 30 questions, enter your name below to download the first time home buying checklist. 10 More Questions to Ask Before Buying a House 1 There comes a time in every scooter owners life when you grow tired of your trusty motor scooter and start to think about selling it on. The process of privately listing a motor scooter is simple, though certain steps must be taken to make sure you get the best possible deal.. This ultimate guide to selling a motor scooter will walk you through the process of selling your scooter stage by stage Ask if you can test-ride the motorcycle if you are unsure. Make sure it is you who turns it on and starts the engine—preferably a cold engine—so you can deal with any start-up issues on the spot. What to Look for When Buying a Motorcycl

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. questions to ask before buying a used motorcycle? I would rather much get one from a dealer that way i have peace of mind knowing that it is inspected, but if for financial reason i settle for a used motorcycle from a private seller locally, what are some good questions to ask about the bike? what documentations or paper work should i ask for..

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The scooter market really isn't that big, so if you also know roughly how old of a scooter you want to buy then you're all set to go make a short list. If your list is 50cc scooters from Japanese brands sold from 2009 thru 2012 then you're probably only looking at 4-5 machines The salesmen at these dealerships usually aren't very pushy, so it may be up to you to ask a lot of questions. Many dealerships don't allow test drives, but they should at least permit you to sit on the bike you're considering and start the engine

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The obvious caveat with buying new is that it can initially cost you more, so a happy middle option is probably to buy a modern-used Vespa. These are usually fairly well priced, have many of the benefits of a new Vespa, and are typically sold without any major problems. Some might even include a warranty, so be sure to ask about this before you. So choosing your motor scooter is two simple steps: 1) pick the engine size to provide the speed and gas mileage you want to obtain; and 2) reflect your style and driving habits. If you are following this Motor Scooter Buying Guide in it's natural order, proceed to Where to Buy a Motor Scooter The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter was once used by Bird and has now become a popular choice for beginners due to its affordable price tag. Typically, the first questions that you will ask as a consumer are the price and the features. But there are other considerations that you need to look into before buying your first electric scooter

Electric Scooter Buying Guide. We're constantly being bombarded with visions of shiny new e-scooters. Buying an electric scooter is an easy process but there are some questions to consider. This electric scooter buying guide comprises 18 things you should know before you buy an e-scooter. 1. Have You Ever Ridden A Scooter Before While mopeds and scooters are rock stars on gas mileage, their emissions may be less than stellar. The EPA currently allows two-wheelers with 280cc or smaller engines to emit up to ten times the nitrogen oxide and six times the carbon monoxide of cars. If this is important to you, ask before you buy But the local scooter shop isn't going to go on an internet forum and tell the world about a problem they had with a scooter out of the crate, where as customers who buy scooters online do. When you buy from a local dealer you are paying them $1000+ more for the same scooter for their out of the crate setup service, as well as their brick and.

/r/moped, or mopeddit, is for discussion and celebration of vintage mopeds on Reddit. We ride mostly 1970s pedal-equipped two-stroke models, such as those manufactured by Puch, Motobécane, Peugeot, Tomos, Garelli, Sachs, Kriedler, etc. Post pictures, ask questions, find your local gang, and share knowledge A Guide to Buying Your First Scooter If you decide that you want to get yourself a scooter, you'll find that there are a ton of options out there. A wide variety of motorcycle and automobile manufacturers have dipped their hands into the scooter market, creating a vast range of products available for the discerning consumer Before you buy the motorcycle of your dreams, ask yourself some important questions. ask yourself some important questions. By Jim McCraw. This Electric Moped Is Also a Mobile Generator Questions to ask yourself when buying a mobility scooter Buying a mobility scooter is an important and sometimes expensive exercise, so you want to do it right the first time. Answer these questions to help you clarify what your needs are

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  1. Arwel loves all the different types of scooters around and knows how hard it is to choose which one is best for you. Arwel bought his first scooter at the age of 18 and has been a big fan ever since
  2. Use our buying checklists and advice to make sure you ask the right questions, find a scooter that fits your needs and get tips on buying a mobility scooter that's the right price for you. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising
  3. This person has the nerve to ask me if I want to buy a new moped instead of trying to pay the money back. I feel like if I ask for my money back he will try to disappear and I will never hear from him again. I bought two mopeds and I want my money back on both mopeds
  4. I found a 2020 Vespa Primavera 150cc used with only 10 miles, that I'm willing to pull the trigger on. This would be my first scooter and I was looking to buy it at a dealership until I found this too good to be true deal basically being sold for sticker price. What questions should I ask
  5. If you are planning to buy a scooter, you probably have many questions that you would like to know the answers. This will help you pick the right scooter that will meet your riding needs. Go through this guide to buying a scooter and you will get the answers you have been asking

We understand that buying a mobility scooter is a big decision and one which is vitally important to get right, not only for your comfort but also your safety. Below, we discuss the considerations you should make when looking for a mobility scooter and the important questions you need to ask Joe and Matt are simply amazing!!! Buying my first moped from them was a breeze. They answered all my questions with honesty and integrity. Several months later, I had an issue with my bike and they assessed/fixed the issue in record speed. I would highly recommend buying and repairing your moped at Moped Direct One of the most common questions to ask when looking to buy a scooter is What are some of the benefits to owning a scooter? One benefit is that scooters are very easy to use. They tend to be quite similar to motorcycles, however, unlike a motorcycle the engine of the scooter is located below the seat and above the rear axle

The cost of things can be pretty elastic. New mopeds run from just a few hundred pounds for a Chinese eBay wonder up to a couple of thousand for the latest sports models and Vespas. You can save a few bob by getting a decent one secondhand, but I wouldn't recommend this option unless you know what you're looking for and what questions to ask New mobility scooters can cost from one to a few thousand dollars or more, depending on features and capability. For those who cannot afford a new electric scooter, buying a well-maintained, pre-owned scooter may be a viable option. The cost may be up to half off the original price (or more), depending on condition and age

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Your new mobility scooter is going to transform your quality of life.. Be prepared to achieve an incredible level of independence, but don't let excitement blind you. You have a lot to consider before you invest in a mobility scooter, and finding the answers to these four questions will help guide you Scooters are an investment that you can enjoy for many years, so taking the time to do your research ahead of time can save you frustration down the road. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the questions to ask to ensure that you buy the mobility scooter that best suits your needs. Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Electric.

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I don't know if one needs to have a residential address in France in order to buy a scooter or insure it. I suggest that you ask Nice's Prefecture questions. They helped us quickly and solidly with a licence matter. There's too much outdated info online on expat forums But Metro Scooter won't sell *all* motorized vehicles that are called scooters by their manufacturers, even if they have the capacity to. Ask them for something called a Sachs Madass. It is a 120cc, 2-wheeled motorized cutie -- a scooter by European standards -- and they could easily order you one from an importer. But they won't Ask to see the motorcycle's service records or receipts. Responsible owners almost always hold onto documents showing their bike's service history. If the owner is the do-it-yourself type, see if they've kept a logbook or similar informal record indicating how much work they've put into the bike over the years. [21

125-150cc Scooters - The Sweet Spot. Buying a 50cc Scooter - All that is important to know. Info for Parents - Welcome to the pressure pot! Licensing & Lessons - How to go about getting your license. Servicing of Scooters - Explore what our workshop can do for you Frequently Asked Questions - Things we are being asked a lot Buying a Scooter Online or From a Non-Dealer. Don't do it. If there really was a reliable, well-supported $895 scooter out there, don't you think that legitimate scooter dealers would carry it? Some of My Favourites. Whew! You've either read through a lot of stuff or just scrolled down to this section MC-G036 50cc Moped Scooter with 10 Wheels, Disc/Drum Brakes! Electric/Kick Start! Rear Trunk! - check to compare: Was: $899.00 Instant Savings: $79 Tax Refund Sale $819.95: Buy with money order $787.15 (Save $32.80 When you are looking to buy a moped from Direct Bikes, we know that you have many choices to consider. At Direct Bikes, though, we have numerous styles of moped that you can pick from. Whether you want to go for one of our 50cc mopeds or 125cc scooters , we can make sure that you have no problem at all in picking Best Electric Scooters for kids and adults that you can buy, including from Razor to Self Balancing Scooter including Reviews and News on the latest brands

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Buy a Coffee Shop with a Scooter's Coffee Franchise Clearly, there are a lot of important questions to think about when you buy a coffee shop. One great way to have a lot of these questions answered up front is by partnering with a franchise like Scooter's Coffee Do the CBT *before* you commit to buying a scooter. Make absolutely sure that you are confident in handling a bike as being short will present you with some challenges when the scooter is stopped. You will most likely love it but if you discover that riding isn't for you then all you have lost is the cost of the CBT Need to get around? The MC-T04 Urban Sport Moped Scooter is just made for that purpose. Whether it's just a run to the store or errands, the MC-T04 is the most reliable and fuel efficient form of transportation there is. The MC-T04 moped is a powered by a 50cc 4-stroke engine for ultra smooth, efficient, and quiet transportation Consider the condition of the scooter. Do not buy a scooter that is more than 5 years old or has run for more than 15,000 kilometers (9,300 mi) per year. Also do not buy a scooter that is highly modified. Choose one that has easy availability of spare parts in the market, so that you will be prepared if anything goes wrong Learn more with 39 Questions and 75 Answers for Swagtron - T882 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/4.8 mi Max Operating Range & 6.8 mph Max Speed - Blue

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Ask An Expert. Ask your electric scooter questions or get buying advice from an expert. Scooter purchase Apollo Phantom Battery How to engage cruise control on base Kaabo Mantis Question I scootered over a pot hole and all power failed. Tire switchero Scooters can range from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000. If you're buying your scooter directly from the manufacturer, you might also have to pay for shipping — sometimes called a destination charge. Destination charges depend on where you live and the type of scooter you're buying. For example, Honda charges between $150 and $320 Buying vs. Renting a Wheelchair. Should you buy or rent a wheelchair? Everyone knows that a wheelchair can make moving around easier, but the question of whether to buy or rent is a real financial consideration, particularly for the elderly. Moreover, many people also wonder where to buy a wheelchair, or where to rent wheelchairs for a day Most business owners will be prepared to talk about the challenges they face in the current market - and if they're not, think twice before proceeding. No business is immune from competition or from the impact of economic conditions, so don't be afraid to ask questions about the strategies your seller uses to stay ahead. 10

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What questions should you ask when buying a used motorcycle? Buying a Used Motorcycle: The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask . 1) Comparable Sales/The Market. 2) Vehicle History Report. 3) Miles (And How They Were Accumulated) 4) Tires (and Footpegs) 5) Oil and Other Fluids. 6) Maintenance Records. 7) The Paperwork. 8) Consistency of Parts Buy a key blank from your local dealership and have a locksmith recut the key or buy a new key switch and lock set and have your local Wolf dealer install the new lock which will come with your new lock set. It is always a good idea to buy extra blanks from your Wolf dealer when buying a scooter to have a few extras just in case

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I ride this scooter from the parking lot to work, about 3 miles each day. I had a different large wheel kick scooter prior to this one and it had suspension and 8 wheels. It lasted about a year and 1,000 miles and the suspension bit the dust. This scooter, the new razor with 10 tires is AWESOME and I know it well outlast 1,000 miles Buying the Best Kids Scooter. Questions to Ask Before Shopping for a Scooter How old is your child? The age of your child will determine the kind of scooter to purchase in terms of the size, the handlebar, and the number of wheels. Not only do you need to keep an eye out for weight limits, but for a toddler, you might need a scooter whose foot.

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Ask about future maintenance costs BEFORE you decide which scooter to buy. If you want to do some or all of your own maintenance (good for you), be sure you can get a complete shop manual, NOT just the owner's manual for the scooter you are considering. How much grief are you willing to put up with Before making a decision to get a 50cc moped or not, ask yourself what you need it for, the routes you're going to be taking, and what sort of terrain you're going to be crossing. If you still think a 50cc scooter is the ideal choice, then lets go shopping and see the types of 50cc scooters for sale in the USA - because there are more. Yes, you can buy Activa 125 as it is a good looking scooter and has a very proportionate design, it is popular for its engine performance and reliability, capable of taking long distances, easy to ride within heavy traffic, offers good handling and it also returns a good mileage figure Pre-owned bike, scooter buyer's guide. Follow us on 26 th Jun 2020 4:50 pm. Buying a used two-wheeler can be a complicated affair. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to simplify the process To buy a motor scooter you will need a tax number (AFM). I can 100% guide people on buying a car (new or used), but just in case buying a scooter under 50cc is any different I will let another cam boarder list per your request

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Little Cayman is the perfect place to learn to drive a scooter! There is zero traffic, the roads are flat and straight and the maximum speed limit is 25 mph. If you have driven an ATV, motorcycle or anything with the throttle on the handlebar, you can probably drive a scooter, provided that your legs are long enough to touch the ground when. Restrictions when operating a moped/ motorized scooters You cannot be under 16 years of age. You must have a valid license or permit. Mopeds should not drive at a speed greater than 25 miles per hour. Motorized scooters should not driver at a speed greater than 20 miles per hour. You must wear a US DOT standard helmet In closing, the best place to get reliable scooter driving tips that truly help you learn how to ride a scooter the right way and understand scooter laws, is to take a skills class. Click here to get some scooter safety tips. And if you have any questions at all about how to ride a scooter, just ask! Other pages you might like to visit..

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So, if you are choosing to buy the scooter from a brick & mortar store, here are a few key questions you must ask the seller. Here's our list of the scooters with their top specialities. Read along! The Run Down-Best Overall: Xiaomi Mi at Amazon A great scooter that stands tall to the claims of a well renowned brand. If you want good speed. If you're looking for a fast, fun to ride and feature-rich scooter, the TVS Ntorq 125 is the right choice for you. It still remains the benchmark for performance in its class and the sporty styling adds to its appeal. On the other hand, Yamaha Ray-ZR 125 would be a better if you better fuel efficiency and an easy to handle scooter. You may compare both the scooters accordingly Tips on Owning a 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter. If you have made the decision to buy a motorized scooter, it's time to decide which one is right for your needs. Many choose to go with a 4 wheel scooter because of its benefits. Learn about the benefits of 4 wheel scooters and how to choose the right one for you Why Buy Your Scooter From Us. Compare our scooter prices to our competition. Local bike shops are charging $2,099 - $3,000 for used models. Check out our NEW models starting at just $949.00. Buying with us is like getting your scooter + almost 200 FREE gas fill ups (@ $3.50/gallon) for the same price you would buy a used model from them Why buy from a local scooter store and pay hundreds of dollars more when you can do the minor assembly yourself (or with the help of a mechanic) and save all that extra money?? Besides our scooters being affordable, they are reliable and super cost effective to drive - most of our scooters average over 90 miles per gallon

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  1. Classic mopeds and scooters need the same forms of coverage to be ridden on the road, so the policy should include liability insurance and anything else required by the state. However, if you want higher limits of coverage for your moped, as it's particularly expensive to repair or replace, you should first ask your insurer if this is possible
  2. Roughly 1.7 million Americans use wheelchairs or mobility scooters in their daily life. But nearly four-fifths of that population report that their community public transportation networks are either inaccessible or too difficult to use. For car owners, a vehicle scooter lift can mean the difference between a home-restricted life and mobility independence
  3. Recently Asked Questions. The coil spring of our 2017 car broke, severing the brake and starting a fire. Can we do anything if the car is out of warranty? If a self-driving car caused an accident or death, who's at fault? Are electric scooters legal in the UK? Is an extended warranty for £175 good value for money
  4. A mobility scooter can give a senior their independence back, making it easier for them to get out and about in their local community, to attend social events or see friends and family. Things to Consider When Buying a Mobility Scooter . Where you want to use a mobility scooter: home, outside, etc. Weight and portability of a Mobility scooter
  5. I know in Iowa, if you buy a scooter or motorcycle without a title, you have to apply for a bonded title. This involves putting a deposit of money down with the state (I've heard around $300), and they take a period of a few years to research the VIN and see if it comes up as a stolen bike

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  1. Q. Is it worth buying ? Hero Electric Optima LA is one of the brand's most affordable electric scooters in India. It is powered by a 250W hub motor, with a claimed top speed of 25kmph
  2. If it was a trade-in to that dealership, ask to see the maintenance records. Tell them they can black out the owner's name and address. If it was bought at auction, make sure it is gone over with a fine-tooth comb by a mechanic who specializes in inspecting used cars. Who certified a used car that is called certified
  3. Free Today. √ Free Delivery Notification ($15 Value). √ Free MSO/MCO Registration Documents ($55 Value). √ Free 1 Year Engine and Frame Warranty ($99 Value). √ Free Lockable Trunk. √ Free Liftgate Service($45 value). √ Free Residential Service Fee ($45 Value). A classic popular scooter, that comes well equipped! This is a great, efficient way to get around town
  4. Mopeds manufactured before 1987 are not normally equipped with a headlight or taillight and may be operated during daylight hours only. • A horn and mirror are required safety equipment for a moped
  5. Here are 3 simple questions to ask yourself: Who is the rider? Similar to bikes, the size and weight matters when choosing an electric scooter. This question will help decide the best scooter for optimum control and portability
  6. Ultimately, this will depend on the scooter that you wish to purchase. There are many factors you could think about when choosing a scooter, and there are many models available to suit different lifestyles, including portable, medium and large scooters. Some questions you might want to ask yourself when choosing a scooter include
  7. Pre Purchase Inspection - Motorcycle or Scooter. Are you considering buying your own motorcycle or scooter? Are you worried that you don't know what problems to look for and what questions to ask? Use our expertise and knowledge to help you obtain a safe and appropriately priced bike. Mor

VIETNAM MOTORCYCLE TOURS ROUTES. Offroad Vietnam Adventures has been providing amazing Vietnam motorcycle tours and reliable motorbike & scooter hire in Hanoi since late 2006. In fact, our business is 100% Vietnamese-owned and run, specializing in small group adventures on two wheels and 4×4 only. We are proud to be one of the oldest Vietnam motorbike tour operators still in business Buying Guide - Wheelchairs and Scooters: Having a doctor tell you (or coming to the realization on your own) that it's time to consider a wheelchair or scooter can be a big shock. Knowing what types are out there and what some of the questions to ask can help minimize the shock of having to transition to using a wheelchair or scooter Moped riders ooze a certain hang-loose vibe — think laid-back surfer — so they welcome the questions and stares. And they don't take themselves too seriously. As one rider put it: Mopeds are. It depends where you live. The U.K. says you can't ride your hands-free scooter on sidewalks or the road, so feel free to wheel around indoors or directly in front of your driveway. They are also. Are you buying crap off the Internet, having a crate delivered to your home for you to assemble it? Are you buying one from a sleazy dealer in a mini-mall? I don't know! You are not giving enough information to know is the scooter is or is not worth buying Mobility Scooters For Sale. Are you thinking about buying a new or used mobility scooter? At Scoot Anywhere USA we offer a wide variety of scooters to choose from including heavy-duty power scooters, portable travel scooters, recreational scooters and more. Here is a current list of our mobility scooters available to buy online

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