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The Purebred Arabian Stallions section is to help people with an exclusive webpage section for world wide access which features your stallion to the public. By design it is very simple and thus very limited in details. US Arabian Horse Registry is just that, a registry A Part Bred Arab can be of any size, colour or weight class as this depends upon the parentage. It should be active and suitable for hard work. Standard The head - the overall appearance should be of quality and refinement with: an attractive large eye placed low in the head and with a good width between the eyes An Arabian Derivative is the collective term for horses registered in the Anglo Arabian, Arabian Pony, Arabian Riding Pony, Quarab, Arabian Stock Horse, Arabian Warmblood, Partbred Arabian and Half Arabian registries

Determining if your Partbred Arabian/Anglo-Arabian qualifies for registration with CPAR In order to qualify for registration as a Half-Arabian, one parent must be a Purebred registered Arabian. The other parent may be a horse of another breed, a grade, or a horse of Arabian extraction (ie: an Arabian cross but not a purebred Arabian) Part Bred Arabians. Type . A Part Bred Arab can be of any size, colour or weight class as this depends upon the parentage. It should be active and suitable for hard work. Standard. The head - the overall appearance should be of quality and refinement with

The only way she could he registered as a part bred Arabian, at least with CAHR, is if both parents are both rwgistered as half Arabians or she has a full blooded parent with CAHR/AHA. 1 - 20 of 38 Post This means that all of his foals can be registered part bred Arabian. Top Der Da has a total of 23.9615% Arabian blood. Numerus Clausus has a total of 21.952% Arabian blood. Golden West NRW has a total of 15.54% (pend) Arabian blood. For partbred Arabian registration, foals must contain a minimum of 12.5% Arabian breeding 50% Connemara, 25% Shagya Arabian and 25% Dutch Sports Pony. Broken to ride but still green - so unsuitable for novices. Gentle stallion with a super attitude to work under saddle and harness. 1.46m - officially measured. Xrays completed January 2019. Semen checked. He is a licensed breeding stallion with the sports pony stud book in Holland The CAHR Board would like announce, by a unanimous decision of its board, that we will be contracting the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) of Denver, Colorado to manage the registration of our Canadian-bred horses effective January 01, 2017. We will be closing down the Sherwood Park, Alberta office and, over the next three months, helping [ The USA Arabian Horse Association 's Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian registry: Half-Arabians must have at least 50% Arabian blood and one purebred Arabian parent. Half-Arabians cannot be crossed on other Half-Arabians and produce registerable offspring. Anglo-Arabians have different requirements (see below)

The Quarab is a breed that has solely Arabian and Quarter Horse or Paint Horse blood. Crosses of one-eighth to seven-eighths of either breed type (Arabian or Quarter Horse stock type) are allowed, but they cannot have any other breed crossed with them. Quarabs should display the conformation of a good saddle horse Breed All AHR - Arabian Horse Registry HAHR - Half Arabian Horse Registry AAHR - Anglo Arabian Horse Registry CAHR - Canadian Arabian Horse Registry CPAR - Canadian Part Bred Registry CPARA - Canadian Part Bred Registry - Angl 7. Anglo Arab and Part-bred Arab Foals. Where the dam (or sire) of a Part-bred foal is not registered with the Arab Horse Society breeders are reminded that they should send a photocopy of the sire/dam's pedigree and accurate breed information with their application to allow full pedigree details to be included in the foal registration The only way she could he registered as a part bred Arabian, at least with CAHR, is if both parents are both rwgistered as half Arabians or she has a full blooded parent with CAHR/AHA. Im in the US and I have no idea how this registry stuff works AHA charges to look up registration that I found out in my quest for information

Home About Us Half-Welsh/Part-Bred With an unusually high capacity for transmitting his best qualities though carefully selected crosses, Welsh are often used to improve performance lines. The Welara (Welsh x Arabian) and the American Walking Pony (Welsh x Tennessee Walking Horse) registries were formed using Welsh bloodlines No other part-bred Arabian type registry allows leopard spots, but the Araappaloosa. These horses are extremely hardy and known for their intelligence. These horses should be more refined than a straight Appaloosa, with all the best qualities of both breeds. Welara Welaras are large ponies that are Welsh crossed with Arabian Mission Statement. The Arabian Sport Horse Alliance was formed to promote the interests of owners, breeders, trainers, and exhibitors who are dedicated to developing purebred Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Shagya Arabian, and part-bred Arabian sport horses and sport ponies to their fullest potential CA & Part-Bred Arabs - viewed 16311 times 30 Jan. 2010 by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio. If a Part-Bred Arabian has Carriers on both sides of its pedigree from the original Arabian blood introduced, it will and can be affected

Part Bred Arab Registry. 31/1/2012 0 Comments 0 Comments Leave a Reply. Author. Hi, I'm X-tina, owner of Exquisite Arabians. Archives. October 2016 October 2015 September 2015 June 2015 August 2013 May 2013 December 2012 March 2012 January 2012 November 2011 October 2011. Categories. All. RSS Fee Included are some articles on legends with the purebred Arabian breed. The dates of late 80's to early 90's to the present day is covered in these pages. Not included because of the date discontinued, 2007, is the formation of Purebred Arabian Horse Registry which was primarily an offshoot for WAHO, World Arabian Horse Organization A. If the question concerns horses registered in the United States, call or write the Arabian Horse Association, 10805 E. Bethany Dr., Aurora, CO, 80014, (303) 696-4500. There is a separate registry for Canadian horses (purebred and part-bred) - Canadian Arabian Horse Registry, #113, 37 Athabascan Ave., Sherwood Park, AB, T8A4H3, (780) 416-4990 First, a purebred Arabian is bred to a tobiano of another breed, and if the resulting foal is also tobiano, that foal is bred to a purebred Arabian in the hopes of producing another tobiano. Each successive tobiano part-bred Arabian foal is crossed with a purebred Arabian for seven generations until a tobiano foal that is 127/128ths Arabian is. Part bred arabian palomino (82.81% arabian blood) 1m55... Licensed for breeding with the Belgian Arabian Horse Registry (BAPS-SBCA) SCID, CA and LFS clear ee,AA,Crcr (no black or smoky black possible

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US Arabian Horse Registry uses Work Orders which MUST be included with any action taken by a member involving money transactions. The Work Orders are essential as they define the financial income of the Registry The approved outcross use of Thoroughbred, Arabian, Shagya or a combination thereof must be registered with a recognized association registry. DNA testing may be required. Either the sire or the dam must be a registered Hungarian Felver with the Hungarian Horse Association of America The Part Pintabian horses are also registered with the Pintabian Horse Registry Inc., whose one parent may be a Pintabian with tobiano markings while the other can be of any kind or bloodline. A horse having pinto markings as well as 50% of Arabian blood can be registered with the Arabian Horse Association as a half-Arabian breed A DREAM CHOCO NOIR, black silver part-bred arabian (75%) filly 2020 part-bred arabian (75%) black silver filly. Choco Noir has very good Arabian origins. On the sire side, the stallion Hymn to the Sea: He is the son of the very famous black stallion Magic Magnifique Since the ApHC ID and PC horses, The American Quarter Horse Assn. Appendix and the Arabian Horse Club Registry part-blooded horses are not a part of their parent Breeders regular books, photocopies of these certificates clearly showing that both parents are part of the specific registry outcross breeds must be provided with application for.

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  1. Partbred Akhal-Teke Registration (one parent must be registered purebred or partbred Akhal-Teke) (PP fee included) VNIIK/ATAA Registration less than 1 year old $105 VNIIK/ATAA Registration 1 to 2 years old $110 VNIIK/ATAA Registration 3 plus years old $12
  2. A purebred Welara registered with the American Welara Pony Registry must have at least 1/8th and no more than 7/8 ths blood from Welsh Pony or Arabian bloodlines. There are also various height requirements, but W elaras can be registered as Welara Sport Ponies if they fall outside of these requirements
  3. True Valour was imported in 1979 and had no pure-bred offspring, but did leave his mark on part-bred Pinto breeding. His son Shaitan, out of Shoshone, is one of the foundation sires of Pinto breeding in Germany, and an Elite stallion with the Pinto registry
  4. The Arabian Horse Registry of America The Arabian Horse Registry of America is the oldest establishment in the United States related to this elegant horse breed. Created in 1908, its history is entwined with that of the introduction of the Arabian horse on American soil
  5. The IQHA recognizes only those equines that have been bred from parents who in turn are registered with their respective registries viz. the American Paint Horse Association, the Arabian Horse Association and, American Quarter Horse Association

This Breeding Agreement is made and entered by and between of (address) LLC hereby sells and Mare Owner(s) hereby purchases a breeding to Part Bred Arabian (Amber Champagne) stallion Champagne Ambassador, registration number 4A 347108 (IAHA). This horse will be hereafter referred to as Stallion. appropriate breed registry and will. registration from the AHA Registry and/or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry (CAHR) or the Canadian Part bred Arabian Register (CPAR), or if under one year of age, be eligible for registry, and registration applied for and must be entered under their full registered name. Smoking Smoking is prohibited in the Arena and all barns Disciplin Ridden Arab, Part-bred Arab and Anglos since 1971 ECAHO judge since 1980s. Pinley Abbey, Pinley Green Claverdon Warwick CV35 8ND. phone: +44 1926 842280 fax: +44 1926 842546 mobile: +44 77 40023452 e-mail: claverdonstud@btinternet.co Supporting the Arabian sport horse community Auxiliary Book-- Must be able to prove a minimum of three consecutive generations of sport breeding / pedigree, with the following allowances: Maximum 50% Saddlebred. Maximum 25% draft or Arabian. Offspring of any Auxiliary Book horses, or any Elite Book horses, which is otherwise not eligible for the Main Book, is eligible for the Auxiliary Book

Bling Bling is a STUNNING 2003 dual registered part-bred pinto Arabian/Saddlebred mare with champion bloodlines and lots of personality. Standing at 15.1hh, she has three lovely working gaits and is responsive to your seat and legs while maintaining a soft mouth Traditional and Classic Breed Assignment: (no full NSH) (Must state breeds) Anglo-Arab, Pintabian, Ara-loosa (Ara-Appaloosa), Hispano-Arabe, French Anglo Arab, Morab, Pintaloosa (is a Color Registry - requires pure breeds stated), Quarab, Sardinian Anglo-Arab, Spanish Anglo-Arab, Mixed Arabian (needs pure breeds stated), Grade -Arabian type (if pedigree unknown (no Stones) Little Bits, Pebbles and Smaller scales Breed Assignment: (no full NSH) (Must state breeds) Anglo-Arab, Pintabian, Ara-loosa (Ara-Appaloosa), Hispano-Arabe, French Anglo Arab, Morab, Pintaloosa (is a Color Registry - requires pure breeds stated), Quarab, Sardinian Anglo-Arab, Spanish Anglo-Arab, Mixed Arabian (needs pure breeds stated), Grade -Arabian type (if pedigree unknown. Part-bred [if by a Half-bred or Part-bred parent resulting in 25% - 49% of the most prevalent baroque breed]; or in the ; Sport Horse [if by a parent who is not of a baroque breed resulting in 25%-99% of the most prevalent baroque breed]. 3. Part-bred [The Stallion or Mare being registered is 25% to 49% of a single Baroque breed where the other. The question most often asked about the Morab surrounds their status as a breed. Some misunderstand and consider the Morab a part-bred while others have termed them half-breeds. Morabs (the progeny of Morgan/Arabian breeding) are neither half-Morgans nor half-Arabians, but rather are a very distinct breed

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  1. The Performance Shagya Registry (PShR) has built a solid founda-tion that celebrates all achieve-ments with our Shagya and Shagya-bred horses. We recog-nize both the competitive perform-ers and the ambassadors that rep-resent this great breed. The breed-ing goal of a purebred Shagya or Shagya-bred horse is to produc
  2. Many Morabs are registered in the USA as part Arabians and as such are eligible for shows and the Achievement Awards offered by the International Arabian Horse Association. In Canada they can also be registered as part bred Arabians with the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry and the Canadian Morgan Horse Association accepts them as part bred Morgans
  3. • Owners of part‐bred Shagya‐Arabians will be eligible for our Sport horse register. To promote the future of the Shagya in the US and Canada, we want to extend to you the opportunity to register your Purebred Shagya‐Arabians and Part‐bred Shagya‐Arabians with PShR. The PShR invites yo
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My Filly is registered with the Arab horse society and has a part bred passport from them, her father in the passport is down as (tom-unknown) they dont even know what breed it is. so i would say YES you can get your foal registered. and provided you can prove the mare i dont see why that one wouldnt too. but agree with the above comment, if in doubt call them, they are really nice NAME RS Aswin Magnum DOB May 28, 1990 GENDER Gelding BREED Quarab REGISTRY Part-Bred Arabian Registry #1A00766 HEIGHT 15.1 hh STATUS King of the Farm Magnum is a well broke schoolmaster who has experience in Pony Club to B Level, 4-H, Prince Phillip Games, working cattle, gymkhana, jumping, 3 day eventing, used for beginner lessons In North America the American Shagya Arabian Verband (ASAV) exists to register horses with Shagya-Arabian bloodlines (www.shagyaregistry.com). A small but fiercely dedicated core of breeders now represents about 150 purebred and part bred horses in their books. The number of purebred Shagyas remains small in the U.S. and the majority o This process is a necessary part of creating a solid foundation to the Morab Breed. The Canadian Morab Association is the only Morab Registry in the World with a government approved breed status, registry, breeding and approval program

Some misunderstand and consider the Morab a part-bred while others have termed them half-breeds or crosses. Morabs (the progeny of Morgan and Arabian breeding) are neither half-Morgans nor half-Arabians, but rather are a very distinct breed that combine and enhance the best traits of their parent breeds A part-Arabian, part bred Arabian or, less precisely, half-Arabian, is a horse with documented amounts of Arabian horse breeding but not a purebred. The origins of the Arabian breed are unclear, although some historians say they trace their roots back 4,500 years when they were bred by the Bedouins as war mounts for the desert tribes of the. part-bred arab: hidasar cheyennemoon* b tob 15h 1997 part-bred arab: hidasar ace o heart b tob 15.2h ~1980 part-bred arab: peppys bingo tob ~ part-bred arab: petit sharife 1972: petit jean* gr 1961: sadie: 1967: peppy gayzona tob : gayzona: 1971: tobiano pinto mare : ma silverbelle ch arabian: silver successor b 1970: silver drift* gr 15.0 1951. A balanced Arabian horse will appear strong and functional as well as attractive. This is seen in a: long neck, angled shoulder, short back, long underline, long and square hip. B. A good basic measure of balance is the ability to visually divide a horse's body into thirds (shoulder, barrel, and hip). Balance is determined in large part b

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Breed Arabian; State Bred Pennsylvania; Name KD Splash of Luck; Foal Date Jun 9th 2016; Ship Semen No; Height (hh) 15.1; Weight (lbs) 900.0; Color Black; Markings STAR, STRIP, SNIP, UPPER LIP, LEFT HIND LEG, Registry Arabian Horse Registry; Registry Number 675193; Temperament 4 / 10; Ad Number 1320551; Ad Created Mar 18th 2021; Last Update Mar. part-bred arab. custom taylored cta* b tobiano 15.2h 2009 part-bred arab. aha# 6a369089. la black legacy* blk 15.2h 1997 arabian. ahr #563439. the atticus* blk 1991 arabian. ahr*473866. the minstril* b rab 15.0 1984 : ruminaja ali* gr 1976: bahila* blk 1977: alijamila* blk 1987: ruminaja ali* gr 1976: ansata justina* b 1984: juliet lg b 16h. Paragon VM is a tall correct horse, with a beautiful head, and a big dark eye, long upright swan type neck and clean straight legs. Offered to a limited # of quality mares of any breed .He is linebred Gazal Al Shaqab, beautiful boy has produced 2 really gorgeous foals for me It maintains an extensive part-bred registry, recognizing the Anglo-Trakehner (out of a registered Thoroughbred mare) and the Arab-Trakehner (out of a registered Arabian mare) in separate divisions. All others are combined in the part-bred division

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Futurity Program is open to both Purebred and Part-bred horses that are owned by voting members of the Western Carolinas Arabian Horse Association. Horses must be registered with the Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc., or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry, or the International Arabian Horse Association. The Halter Futurity will b Because purebred Arabians cannot produce LWS foals, Arabian mares were used as a non-affected population in some of the studies seeking the gene that caused the condition in other breeds. Nonetheless, part bred Arabian offspring can, in some cases, carry these genes if the non-Arabian parent was a carrier

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The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) currently has 348,971 registered Half-Arabians. To be eligible for registration as a Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian with the AHA, the following criteria must be met. (Other registries that accept part-bred Arabians may have different requirements. The Western Carolinas Arabian Horse Association Futurity Program is open to both Purebredand Part -bred horses that are owned by voting members of the Western Carolinas Arabian Horse Association. Horses must be registered with the Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc., or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry, or the International Arabian

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They were listed within the Arabian part bred registry and first were lumped together in type and title with Thoroughbreds, Trotters, Saddle Horses and Clay bred horses who had some Morgan breeding but later were absorbed into Standardbred pedigrees. This combining into one designation occurred because they were closely related at that time So these three mixes (Arab mixed with Appaloosa, Paint or Quarter Horse) can be shown in EITHER Class 6 (Mixed/Grade Stock Horse) OR Class 13 (Part Bred Arabians and Shagya Arabians) STOCK HORSE CHAMPION RSERVE STOCK HORSE CHAMPION 11. ARABIAN Stallion (NOTE: Shagya Arabian stallions show in class 13) 12

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The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (pura raza española), is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years.The Andalusian has been recognized as a distinct breed since the 15th century, and its conformation has changed very little over the centuries. Throughout its history, it has been known for its prowess as a war. For this reason, Shagyas are considered part-breds. To be registered as a purebred, an Arabian horse must not have a smidge of blood from another breed. No matter how diluted, an Arabian horse with a non-Arabian ancestor is considered a part-bred

PHOTO GALLERY - Desert Norman Horse Registry2017 ASPR Assessment Tour - Skyline Park Dressage Ponies33 Best Arab horses images in 2015 | Horse, Pretty horses

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Arabian Horse Breed Stats. Here are some interesting stats and information regarding the Arabian horse breed. Height and Weigh. The Arabian horse stands around 14.1 - 15.1 hh, with occasional individuals above or under. They have an average height around 800 to 1000 lbs (360 to 450 kg). Colours and marking An Anglo-Arab is part thoroughbred and part Arabian. Some people count them as their own breed and not a mix, like an appendix (thoroughbred x quarter horse). Anglo, pronounced Ane-Glow, is the prefix for English-from England-things Part Arabian Dam & Breed Name Mt Tawonga Morgan (Deceased) No. 18 Owner Barbara Hunt Sex G Aura Dell Charlie Brown Morgan MHAA 11 Sire & Breed Born 22/11/80 Breeder Wilma & Robert Graham Reg. R Colour Chestnut Eboney Station mare Dam & Breed Name Early Dawn No. 19 Owner Wilma & Robert Graham Sex F Saddleback Sulta All Pedigree covers Arabian, Paint, Quarter Horse, and Thoroughbred. *If you can't find on the All Pedigree website go to your horse breeds registry if you just google Your Horse Breed registry it should come right up. Here is a list of some of the major ones we haven't used them all but we did some quick research

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The Shagya-Arabian has its own registry and is not the same breed as what most know as the Arabian. Shagya is not a descriptor of the AHA registered Arabians such as a Polish Arabian or a CMK Arabian, but rather, a Shagya-Arabian is a breed all its own, much the same as Morgans and Quarter Horses. Similar to other breeds, horses can be Purebred. A list of breeders from around the world with full details & photographs on their stud farm & breeding goals. Add Your Listing. Fully Searchable You can search the Breeders Directory by Breed, Category or Location to find exactly what you are looking for. Rosehaven Arabian Farm LLC The bloodline of Ferras can also be found in the PartBred Arabian Registry, Pinto division, through his son Redlite AHC 6739, who sired the pinto part-bred Arab mare Redlites Nika P3186 [photo in A World of Pinto Horses, page 36], who went on to produce foals for the High Hopes Ara-Pinto program, including Badika, HH Sabika El Mahdi, Ruika El Hakim, and T Asatika These were less famous than the Iraqis from the first and second wave, because by this time, Lebanon was producing its own brand of part-bred Arabians: offsprings of the first and second wave of Iraqi stallions and Lebanese asil mares of reliable, ascertained bloodlines

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DYOLL STARLIGHT (foaled 1894/died 1929, gr, 11.2 1/2h) was bred by H. Meuric Lloyd (Dyoll is Lloyd spelled backwards) from his part-bred Arabian pony mare. Mr. Lloyd's family was among the oldest Welsh families in Wales, and his stud farm, with Dyoll Starlight as his foundation sire, began a dynasty of siring beautiful ponies (Trakehner Registry) Direct Current Stables (Gypsy Vanner, Clydesdale, & Connemara Registry) Duke's Equine Estate (Trakehner Registry) Exquisite Arabians (Part-Bred Arabian Registry) Four Winds Farm (Lusitanos Registry) The Heines Equestrain Center (Rhinelander Registry) Illusion Vale (Spanish Mustang Registry) Kligannon Farms (Holsteiner Registry Currently, only the American Indian Horse Registry (AIHR) and the Spanish Barb Horse Association (SBHA) offer registration options for part-bred Colonial Spanish horses. The horse industry is constantly changing, and even under attack, because of legislative changes in federal and state regulations As a general, yet unspoken, 'rule' - most of these cross matings are with Thoroughbreds, Arabians or other athletic breeds/types of horse to create an athletic, trainable horse suitable for a variety of disciplines. Warmblood registries often have a 'partbred registry' - which are also called Sporthorses dependant on the registries wording He is registered in the BAPS (Belgian Arabian Horse Studbook) as a part bred Arabian Stallion and he recieved a silver ribbon at the stallionslicence. He is also registered in the American Studbook for pinto's. (International Spotted Horse Registry Association). Apache Ibn Sidi is multi champion in show !

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The Registry has an active breeding population that consists of 100 to 120 breeding stallions and between 200 and 240 broodmares, and estimates the total amount of living Arabians at 4,500. While imports jumped form 42 horses in 2005 to 72 in 2006, exports decreased by about the same amount, from 114 in 2005, to 82 in 2006 I am purchasing a stud colt thats fathered by a Tennesse Walker and mothered by an Arabian. I want to be able to use him someday as a stud horse, but I want him registered if I can. I am just unsure what I would register him as. Any advice would be appreciated Pure Bred Arabians: Class 52. Senior geldings, born in 2010 and before. Class 53. Part Bred and Pure Bred Arabians (non Ecaho) - 10.45. Class 71 & 73. Ridden class mares and geldings - level 1 it's passport is at the Registry for any reason, then a letter from the registrar attesting to this must be provided along with a. The National Show Horse originated as a part-Arabian cross between an American Saddlebred and an Arabian horse.It is now established as a separate breed, since the founding of a breed registry in August 1981. Registered animals today may be the offspring of registered NSH parents or may be a combination between an American Saddlebred, Arabian, and a National Show Horse

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In 1908, the Arabian Horse Club of America was formed (today known as the Arabian Horse Registry of America) and the first stud book published. Recognition of the Arabian stud book by the U.S. Department of Agriculture established the Registry as a national registry and the only one for the purebred Arabian breed American Part-Blooded Horse Registry Betty Seymour, Registrar 12294 SE 104th Ct., Portland, OR 97086 Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry Registrar: Linda Rudolphi 281 Ruby Road, Noble, IL 62868 Official US Breed Registry 720 Green St. Stephens City, VA 22665 540-6868-7669 Email:.

The Arabian Horse Association registers purebred horses with the coat colors bay, gray, chestnut, black, and roan. Bay, gray and chestnut are the most common, black is less common He is registered in the BAPS (Belgian Arabian Horse Studbook) as a part bred Arabian Stallion and he recieved a silver ribbon at the stallionslicence. He is also registered in the American Studbook for pinto's. (International Spotted Horse Registry Association). Apache Ibn Sidi is multi champion in show !! He achieved many victories, amongst. ASAV was established as a registry for purebred Shagya Arabians, partbred Shagya Arabians and to regulate the approval of breeding stock. the part-bred Shagya and a new book open to the Anglo. AHA is the official breed association and registry in the U.S. with more than 26,000 members who own Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses. As the official breed registry for the Arabian horse industry, the AHA Registry has registered more than 1 million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses since its founding in 1908. Contact Us Canadian Arabian Horse Registry #113, 37 Athabascan Avenue Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4H3 Ph: (780) 416-4990, Fax: (780) 416-4860 website: www.cahr.ca 31/32 Part-bred Arabian Filly. Imported to Germany from the USA, Arabian Part Bred Stallion; 75% Arabian, approved with the German Arabian Breed Association ZSAA; Approved as a stallion for breeding German Riding Ponies, Stallion Book I German Riding Pony ZfDP; Registered with the International Champagne Horse Registry and; American Warmblood Registry

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