How to enable LAN port on Huawei router

How to ENABLE ALL LAN ports on PLDT Home Fibr HUAWEI modem

In this guide we will show you step by step how to create a port forward for the Huawei HG8245 router. To open a port for the Huawei HG8245 router you need to: Setup a static IP address on the device or computer you plan on forwarding the ports to. Login to your Huawei HG8245 router. Find the port forwarding section. Click the Forward Rules link Enable an interface. Run system-view. The system view is displayed. Run interface interface-type interface-number. The interface view is displayed. (Optional) To configure this function in a sub-interface view, run interface interface-type interface-number.subinterface-number. The Ethernet sub-interface view is displayed

Setup a Static Address on either your computer or device that you want to forward a port to. Login to your Huawei HG8247 router. Find the port forwarding section. Click the Forward Rules link Click LAN (Local Area Network) to access the LAN page. Configure the default gateway IP address and subnet mask of the host, as shown in Figure 1-258. Figure 1-258 LAN page The configured default gateway IP address is the IP address of VLANIF 1

My problem is slightly different, I can't use the fourth LAN/WAN port on my Huawei B315 router. I don't have any other routers or switches on the network, just my desktop PC, my mediaplayer and my. Run the port default vlan vlan-id command to add a port to a specified VLAN. To add ports to a VLAN in batches, run the port interface-type { interface-number1 [ to interface-number2 ] } &<1-10> command in the VLAN view

Enable port forwarding for the Huawei B315s-936. 1 Click on Settings . 2 Log into your router with your username and password (default IP: - default username/password: admin). 3 Click on Settings . 4 Click on Security in the main menu on the left. 5 Click on Virtual Server . 6 Click on the Add button. 7 Fill out the entry fields Name: cfos WAN Port: 80. In this tutorial, I will be showing you the direct way on how you could enable all LAN PORTS on your PLDT ONU Modem Router. This is useful if you would like. Today, I will be showing you guys how to enable the extra LAN ports of your PLDT Fibr Router model: AN5506-04-FA.How to access Full Admin (GPon Uno Router RP.. Start the terminal emulation software on the PC. Create a connection, select the port for connection, and set communication parameters. Communication parameters of the terminal emulation software must be consistent with the default attribute settings of the console user interface on the device This document describes how to configure and maintain your routers using the web platform. The web platform allows you to configure device information, configuration wizard, local area network (LAN) access, wide area network (WAN) access, IP service, security, quality of service (QoS), virtual private network (VPN), basic IPPBX services, supplementary IPPBX services, system management, and.

Put a checkmark in the Enable Port Mapping checkbox. Use the WAN Name dropdown box to select an available connection. Select the protocol type of the ports you are forwarding from the Protocol box How to setup port forwarding and DDNS on Huawei B315 router-detailed Log in to the Port forwarding section of your Huawei EchoLife HG8546M router and verify the IP entered is correct. First understand which end device will use this port (XBOX / PS3 / PS4 / PC / IP Camera) and enter the IP Address of that device The router's default IP address is If the router's IP address has not been changed, you can access the router's web-based management page by following these steps: Connect your computer or phone to your router's Wi-Fi network. You can also connect your computer to the LAN port on your router using an Ethernet cable Enable UDP port mapping (port forwarding), add a UDP port (usually 7 or 9) and point to the IP address of the computer that needs to be woken up in the LAN to ensure that the request from the public network can reach the machine on the final intranet

Connect your computer to the LAN port of the router, then enter in the browser address bar to log in to the router's web-based management page. Click My Wi-Fi. Click the Wi-Fi switch to enable or disable your router's Wi-Fi This wikiHow teaches you how to open a specific port on your router so that an application can access your network. Opening specific ports can allow games, servers, BitTorrent clients, and other applications to work through the usual security of your router that otherwise does not permit connections to these ports, though having open ports also leaves your network vulnerable to attacks How to Configure USB Storage (or FTP) on Huawei Routers_____Subscribe to My ChannelConsider buying me a.. 3 x 1Gbps LAN ports. More stability with a dual-core CPU. Through walls Wi-Fi technology. High-speed multi-user connection. The ability to mesh two or more units together. Use of the Huawei AI Life smartphone app to connect to your router. Huawei AI Life App. Download the app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The Huawei Wi-Fi.

How can I set up the Internet for my new router - Huawe

Connect your computer to the router's Wi-Fi (or connect the computer to the router's LAN port using an Ethernet cable). In the browser address bar, enter and log in to the router's web-based management page The port capability set in the ONT service profile must be the same as the actual port capability set of the ONT. The HG8240 and HG8245 each has four Ethernet ports and two POTS ports. The HG8247 has one CATV port, four Ethernet ports, and two POTS ports. Page 110: Figure 4-14 Configuring The Default Vlan Id S-VLAN and C-VLAN to 100 Connect your computer or game console to the LAN port. Connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN4/WAN port and to a fibre or DSL connection to use your router as a fixed line modem. Connect a USB storage device to the USB port to share files with other users on the network

How to Get an Open Port on Huawei Router

  1. The Huawei B618 4G Router supports the function to use a special application to configure dynamic port forwarding. Certain applications in the local area network (LAN) must use a specified port of the firewall to access remote applications
  2. STEPS. Log in with the FULL ADMIN access on your router to access these tabs and settings. Follow this link for the latest credentials for the router.; Click on the Network tab and broadband settings.; On the Internet Settings under the Broadband Settings, enable all LAN BINDING (LAN 1/2/3/4) by ticking on the checkbox.; After than scroll down and click the apply button
  3. I've got another Huawei Modem HG612 that is unlocked, i would like to use Lan2 as well. What i want to do is set up two wireless networks, Lan2 will supply the Homehub and Lan1 will supply a faster network that via my netgear. I've been pulling out my hair to get these to both work off of the two ports, Can anyone tell me step by step please
  4. Connecting the cables: Connect an Ethernet cable from the WAN port (blue) of the HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 to a LAN port on the old router, then power on the HUAWEI WiFi WS5200. Connect your computer to a LAN port (grey) on the HAUWEI WiFi WS5200, or connect it wirelessly to the router's Wi-Fi network, then open an Internet browser and enter 192.168.3.
  5. Router Screenshots for the Huawei HG8245. Chinese -- layer3 On this page, you can configure the LAN ports to work in layer3 mode by selecting the corresponding check box.The layer3 ports will be assigned as HG ports
  6. In Router A, firstly we will con figure Gigabit Ethernet 0/0/0 interface IP Address with its Subnet Mask. After this, we will open the port. Because by default router ports are shutdown. We will use undo shutdown command to open the port. <Huawei-RouterA> system-view [Huawei-RouterA] interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/
  7. Connect your router to your computer and your modem. Use Ethernet cables to connect your modem to the WAN/WLAN/Internet port on your router, and connect your computer to the 1, 2, 3, or 4 port on the router

This document describes how to check the switch interface or port status and how to locate an interface physically down fault and restore the interface to the up state.Major causes of the interface physically down event include hardware and software failures.Hardware failures: include hardware failures of the local and peer devices, such as failures of cards, interfaces, optical modules. I have configured no-ip and the DDNS part on the security section on the router but it seems that all ports are filtered and I want to know how to enable remote administration and open the port to allow for accessing the administration GUI of the router from outside the LAN Connect the Huawei HG630b to your 3rd party router: Connect the cable between the LAN port of the HG630b and the WAN port of the third party router; Configure your third party modem setting by completing the following steps: Configure the WAN connection settings on your 3rd party router: Note: if you require help with this part please refer to. 2.Did you enable static IP on your devices that's requesting port forward on your Huawei EchoLife HG8546M router Yes, we're repeating a step here we know, but it's imperative you're sure. If your IP changes every time you reboot your PC/console, it means the network setting is still set to dynamic

Part 2 - where the secondary router doesn't support formal Access Point Mode (older WR 841N used as Wi-Fi Access Point) and the connection is LAN to LAN beween the units, DHCP Disabled manually. The video does a far superior job of explaining the process than I could in words and good that you can watch a few times to clear up your. 2.Did you enable static IP on your devices that's requesting port forward on your Huawei E5186s-22a router Yes, we're repeating a step here we know, but it's imperative you're sure. If your IP changes every time you reboot your PC/console, it means the network setting is still set to dynamic Configure a Second Router Without Subnetwork Support . To set up a new router as a network switch, plug an Ethernet cable into any free port of the second router other than the uplink port and connect it to any port of the first router other than the uplink port

Upgraded my UniFi HyppTV set top box (STB) from Huawei

A trunk interface often connects to a switch, router, AP, or voice terminal that can receive and send tagged and untagged frames simultaneously. It allows tagged frames from multiple VLANs and untagged frames from only one VLAN called native vlan. To configure ethernet port as a trunk port and allow to pass all vlans: <HUAWEI> system-vie Please help if you can configure LAN port to WAN port. I have purchased D-Link Wireless Router with Modem model No:-D2750U which has 1 ADSL port and 4 LAN port. The main problem is my internet connection is of Wired connection and it has RJ45 port. But my router has RJ11 port because of which im not able to use my router 2.Did you enable static IP on your devices that's requesting port forward on your Huawei HG659b Spark router Yes, we're repeating a step here we know, but it's imperative you're sure. If your IP changes every time you reboot your PC/console, it means the network setting is still set to dynamic 5. Configure the WAN port of the cable router. Configuration details will vary from vendor to vendor. Key information you will need to configure the WAN port will be supplied by your internet service provider. 6. Configure the LAN ports of your cable router. Most cable routers will act as a Dynamic Host Configuration Server, or DHCP server Prepare a network cable with one end connected to any interface on the Huawei router AX3, and the other end connected to the WAN port of the other Huawei/Honor router. After the connection, there is no need for any settings, the system will automatically complete the networking

Easiest Way to Forward Ports on the Huawei HG8245T Route

Ensure that you promptly change the Wi-Fi network name and password on the web-based management page to prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network. Once you have changed the password, you will need to reconnect to the router's Wi-Fi network. Configuring your Huawei B618 router. You can configure the router using the web-based. Configure LAN. when ready user will able to communicate with router. Configure NAT to allow user able to browse the Internet. - Connect to your Routerboard via Winbox or SSH (Command line). At MikroTik RouterBoard 951Ui-2Hnd there are one USB port. So I connect my 3G modem through that port. For some router series don't have usb port, we can. STB is conneced to the LAN port on the HG659b. To use the HG659b to watch IPTV, ask your network service provider to activate IPTV services for you. By default, your network service provider will have all related parameters, such as the VLAN id, internet account and password, set for you. Page 39: Advanced Configuratio HUAWEI HG8245h is another development of this company that allows you to organize access to the network. This optical router allows you to configure the Internet using PON technology. Let us consider in more detail what features the device has and how to flash it. Provider Rostelecom issues routers for its clients. Specifications: USB port Main Router Access Point. Step 1. Connect your computer to a second LAN port on your TP-Link N router using an Ethernet cable.* Login to the TP-Link web interface through the IP address listed on the label on the bottom of your TP-Link N router (see below link for assistance)

Fastest Way to Forward Ports on the Huawei HG8245 Route

IP address: Designate a computer locates at the LAN to provide services. LAN/WAN port: The port of the computer that provides services. It is a single port and the value range of LAN/WAN Port is 1-65535. Protocol: Protocols applied by services. Note: Settings will not take effect until the Apply button is clicked Router-switch.com 7 (1). onnect your mobile phone, pad, or P to the Wi-Fi network of the Huawei ONT. (2). Enter the IP address in the address bar of a browser and press Enter

Connect the Huawei HG659/HG659b to your 3 rd party router: Connect the cable between the LAN port of the HG659/HG659b and the WAN port of the third party router; Configure your third party modem setting by completing the following steps: Configure the WAN connection settings on your 3rd party router: Note: if you require help with this part. 1. Put all LAN ports to Bridge mode on Nokia router 2. Connect LAN1 port of Nokia to WAN port of router (Asus RT-AC68U) and configured PPoE (with VLAN set to 100 priority 0) 3. When the Nokia boots up, its LAN1 and my router's WAN LEDs blink. At this point my router starts attempting PPoE connection 4

Enabling or Disabling an Interface - Huawe

HUAWEI 4G Router B311s-220 V100R001 Product Description Issue 01 Date 2017-12-12 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Issue 01 (2018-05-10) 1 GE port for LAN/WAN enable WPS. One Reset button. On router acts as the Internet. We just need to configure IP address on each interface on the Internet router.] int g0/0/0 ip add ] int g0/0/1 ip add 255.255.255.. On router acts as a computer in public network. On PC router, let's configure the basic configuration as the following How to manually configure your VoIP Settings. Before you begin: Your Huawei HG659 router is pre-configured with your VoIP/Voice settings so you should only need to refer to this guide if your router has been factory reset or if the settings have been lost, it can be re-configured by following the below step Overview This article is to assist with setting up OpenDNS on a Huawei HG8245H router. The original manual for this router can be found... Community Submit a Navigate to LAN > DHCP Server Configuration . Step 3. Check 'Enable primary DHCP server' Check Enable DHCP L2Relay (May be labeled as just DHCP Relay) Step 4. Enter the following DNS.

The access network device constructs a join packet and sends the packet to the multicast router for joining a multicast group. The multicast router checks whether the multicast program traffic exists. If the multicast program traffic exists, the multicast router sends the multicast program traffic to the access device I have been trying for hours to get my TP-Link TL-801DN AP to connect to my Huawei B593 Wireless LTE Router. I have connected them via a network cable from the LAN port on the Huawei to the LAN port on the TP-Link I am using my macbook pro to do this. I have no ethernet port and are using wireless to configure

Then connect a LAN/ Ethernet cable from a WAN port on your fibre router to your computer OR connect wirelessly to the router's network (the 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz one) and the password will be written on a sticker underneath it. The ethernet 'LINK' light must show on the CPE and the WAN port of your router That router allowed me to enable modem mode, plug it into my WAN port and allowed pfsense to handle DHCP and wifi via another AP. The Huawei doesn't seem to have that facility but does allow you to switch off it's own DHCP server

Fastest Way to Forward Ports on the Huawei HG8247 Route

An access port belongs to and carries the traffic of only one VLAN within 2-layer switch. Traffic is both received and sent in native formats with no VLAN tagging whatsoever. Anything arriving on an access port is simply assumed to belong to the VLAN assigned to the port. To configure port in vlan 6: <HUAWEI> system-vie Note: Here we take TD-W8970 as an example to configure IPv6 settings. Please make sure your ISP does provide you IPv6 access service. If so, please refer the following steps to configure IPv6 settings on this modem router Two ways to accomplish that, either assign a static IP directly in your computer network settings or use IP reservation which is the preferred way of doing it. Login to the web interface of the ONT/Router using the instructions found here; On the top horizontal menu, click on Lan. In the left sidebar menu, click on DHCP Static IP Configuration

Connecting to a WAN Using a Fixed IP Address - Huawe

Set the main router as 192.168..1 (for it's main LAN address) Enable DHCP letting it give an IP address to all the devices connected to it: 192.168..2 - 192.168..255; Place a second router that comes with an RJ45 cable from the main router's LAN port to the second router LAN port Use your supplied Ethernet cable to connect the blue WAN port on the router to your NBN Connection box. Connect another Ethernet cable to one of the four yellow LAN ports on the back of the router. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer's network port. Connect a telephone handset to the Phone 1 port on the back of the router, for. My Network is the third icon at the top of the page. I would still like to know why you want to disable the LAN ports. Leaving them active has no affect on the performance of the router. Be aware that if you have issues with the router, you may not be able to log into it wirelessly and may need a wired port to access it In network card properties configuration of PC A, allow the network card to wake up the PC, forbid the PC to turn off the network card to save power, and enable Wake on Magic Packet. PC A should be powered off normally and the power supply is normal. Make sure the WAN port of the router is routable from PC B Software: eNSP, Huawei Platform: AR120, S9300&S9300E&S9300X V200R010C00. Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) technology divides a physical LAN into multiple broadcast domains, each of which is called a VLAN. Hosts within a VLAN can communicate with each other but cannot communicate directly with hosts in other VLANs

Picture 6: Network Topology with Huawei NDE. 2.1 Configure Flexible Flow Statistics Template. Create a flexible flow statistics template test. Let's collect the number of bytes and packets in the exported packets based on the destination address/port and configure the indexes of the inbound and outbound interfaces How to enable routing on a 2960 series? To enable routing we need two things. Firstly activate the functionality sdm prefer lanbase-routing and subsequently enable ip routing. You need to reload for the change to take place. After the system reload, you can use the show sdm prefer command to verify the change. An example of routing between vlan If I am understanding your question correctly, there are poets on your router that are not working / not activated. If this is the case, you can try going into the router m's configuration page and activate the ports. If you want more ports availa..

port 50100 (default port communication between AC and Portal) url-template u1. source-ip 151..208.150 (ip address of the AC) Configure an authentication profile. authentication-profile name portal. Configure a VAP profile and associate it with WLAN and SSID profile. vap-profile name C4W-huawei. service-vlan vlan-id 200. ssid-profile C4W-huawei router. Connect the WAN port of the original router to any Ethernet port of the new router using an Ethernet cable. or Customize your WiFi name (SSID), WiFi password, set the WiFi password as the password of the router if you need. And click NEXT. Note: The WiFi password is used to connect to th Connect the two routers. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into any LAN port of the primary router, then plug the other end of the cable into the LAN port on the back of the second router. If you are creating a LAN-to-WAN network, plug the other end into the WAN (or Internet) port on the secondary router

Router Screenshots for the Huawei HG8245H. UPnP Configuration for the Huawei HG8245HRouter Sceenshot Back to the Huawei HG8245 Every year, Huawei would present some new 4G Router to meet the market demand. Now we have the new 4G router B310 and we will have a review about this new router in the article. With the Huawei B310 Router, you can share your data plan using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. And it has other functions Continue reading Huawei B310 4G LTE Router Revie 2.Did you enable static IP on your devices that's requesting port forward on your Huawei HG659 router Yes, we're repeating a step here we know, but it's imperative you're sure. If your IP changes every time you reboot your PC/console, it means the network setting is still set to dynamic There are two ways to configure the router for the first time: using the Huawei AI Life mobile application or classic web interface in any browser using a PC or laptop. To get started, plug the router into a power source and use the RJ-45 cable (included) to connect the router to your modem, or plug in an existing cable from your ISP Page 29: Ports And Buttons WLAN Used to enable or disable wireless network function quickly. On/Off Used to power on or off the HG630a. Used to connect to the MODEM port on the splitter or connect to the telephone wall jack. 5 ~ 8 LAN4~... Page 30 HG630a may not work correctly. Power Used to connect to the power adapter

Huawei BM632 Screenshot WAN

5 PORT FOWARDING AND DMZ OPTIONS Before you start working with your router is important to : 1. Assign a static IP address and select the ports to your network device( * ) , ( See Appendix B for more information ). 2. Have ready your router (gateway) IP address to access the router menus ( See appendix A for more information). 3. Have the port list ready according with your product needs to. Router Screenshots for the Huawei HG8245H - Orange. IPv6 LAN Address Configuration for the Huawei HG8245H - OrangeRouter Sceensho The benefit comes when you move a host from a port on one switch in the network to a port on another switch in the network; the switch dynamically assigns the new port to the proper VLAN for that host. Voice VLAN. A port is configured to be in voice mode so that it can support an IP phone attached to it . Before you configure a voice VLAN on. In locations where the video monitoring network is separated from the local network by an additional router, there is a problem of double NAT, which requires forwarding the appropriate ports of the main router (1) to the ports of the additional router (2), and further the ports of the auxiliary router to the IP CCTV device(s) e.g. DVR I have D-Link 816 router that has 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports. The RJ45 cable that comes into my house plugs into WAN port. I am also in process of buying WiFi 6 router. I have Airtel Fiber broadband connection. However so far only RJ45 LAN cable drops into my home. Rest of the equipment (whatever it is) is in the common area not controlled by me

Huawei E5776 Screenshot VirtualServer

How to setup the HUAWEI B315s-936 on a LAN? MyBroadband

VLAN Configuration on Huawei switch is not too different than Cisco VLAN Configuration.But there are some differences. In this lesson, we will see the VLAN configuration steps on Huawei devices. For our example, we will use the below VLAN topology Configure Ethernet connection settings the first time the Huawei B618 Router connects to the Internet using an Ethernet connection. Procedure. Using a network cable, connect the Huawei B618 Routerto a router's WAN port or the Ethernet port on a wall. Set Ethernet parameters according to Setting Up the Ethernet Connection Mode

Configuring a VLAN Based on Ports - Huawe

This guide refers to a Huawei EchoLife HG520s router, but will apply to most Huawei routers in general. 1. Visit the router's IP address in a new browser window. The standard address of the rou.. Adding a wireless router to an existing local area network adds a Wi-Fi access point to the network so you can share a single Internet connection. switch or hub and the other end of the cable to any of of the LAN ports on the router. If the hub or switch has an Uplink/LAN toggle button for the Uplink port, push the button to the Uplink. How to Login Huawei OLT Through Local Console / Serial Port ? When you need to maintain and manage the Huawei equipment ( include OLT / MDU / Switch / Router and so on ) locally, you can log in to the system through the local serial port. Material preparation: 1. Hardware: Computer, serial port cable, a serial port turn USB cable (computer without RS232 interface)

Enable port forwarding for the Huawei B315s-936 - cFos

Basic Nokia Router Configuration . In CLI, to configure someting we need to enter Config Mode. To do this we can use configure command. Let's start our configuration. System Name Configuration . Every router has a name. This name is generally has a standard name that shows router's position in the network How to Change Huawei ONT Bandwidth in a service port ? Today i will show you how to Huawei ONT Bandwidth configure. If you want to increase/decrease BW a specific client/ONT user then you can easily do it by Traffic table. At first your OLT, then show traffic table index number from your traffic table by bellow command. Network Time Protocol (NTP) can address this problem by synchronizing all clocks of devices on the network so that the devices can provide uniform time-based applications. Configure the time zone Configure the daylight saving time (start time, start date, end time, end date and offset) 4 3. Configure the LAN settings on the router to have details of your main network--> IP address: 5. Configure port forwarding rules on the Router. 4. Remove all exisiting port forwarding rules on the LTE modem. 5. turn off DHCP, and WiFi functions on your LTE modem. You can keep DDNS settings on the LTE modem

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How to enable all PLDT ONU Router LAN PORTS 2019 - YouTub

Then connect a LAN/ Ethernet cable from a WAN port on your fibre router to your computer OR connect wirelessly to the routers network (the 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz one) and the password will be written on a sticker underneath it. The ethernet 'LINK' light must show on the CPE and the WAN port of your router Pug a LAN cable from the router that has internet access to one of the LAN ports of the repeater and you are clear to go, but read until the end before! WARNING ! The repeater will work with static IP addresses, that means that when you connect to it with a laptop or table or phone or whatever it will need to asign it a static IP in the domain. 2.Did you enable static IP on your devices that's requesting port forward on your Huawei B310s-927 router Yes, we're repeating a step here we know, but it's imperative you're sure. If your IP changes every time you reboot your PC/console, it means the network setting is still set to dynamic

How do I enable or disable the firewall on my routerConfiguring a Huawei HG612 for CenturyLink (Qwest)Cara Mengaktifkan Port LAN Huawei HG8245H5 « JarangudaHuawei 3g Wifi Router Gateway Ar509g-l-d-h - Buy 3g Wifi

Name: Camera port 2. Private IP: 192.168..xxx ( Section II no.4 of My Network Info) Protocol Type: Both. Private Port: 554 (Section II no.6 of My Network Info) Public Port: 554 (Section II no.6 of My Network Info) Schedule: Always. D) Click on Apply to save the first port configuration. Step 5 Configuration! We are now done with the router Note that the Huawei HG655a LAN Port 1 is connected to D-Link DIR-615a's WAN Port where as the LAN Port 4 is connected to TM IPTV (IPTV may not work please do it at your own risk). UniFi will provide a D-Link DIR-615 Wireless router or RG TMRnd Wireless router for all users no matter you're applying for Residential or Business use View the manual for the Huawei B535-232 here, for free. This manual comes under the category Routers and has been rated by 52 people with an average of a 8.9. This manual is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese. Do you have a question about the Huawei B535-232 or do you need help Step 2 Type the username and password in the page, the default username and password both are admin.. Step 3 Click Security->Firewall on the left page.. Step 4 Select Enable Firewall, Enable IP Address Filtering, Allow the packets not specified by any filtering rules to pass through the router.. Step 5 Click Save to save the settings.. Step 6 Click IP Address Filtering on the left of the.

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