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MarcT is correct, you will need to configure the new paths into PowerPath, once you have removed the old dead paths (powermt check force) you will need to configure the new paths once they have been attached (run powermt config; powermt save 2. Fix the dead paths 3. Physically disconnect OLD fibre from fcs1 and reconnect it with the new fibre 4. Fix the dead paths. Since powerpath was installed on these servers, I should be able to run the below commands to fix the dead paths in 2 & 4 # powermt check # powermt confi And you notice that there are dead paths, then these are the commands to run in order to set these paths back to alive again, of course, AFTER ensuring that any SAN related issues are resolved. To have PowerPath scan all devices and mark any dead devices as alive, if it finds that a device is in fact capable of doing I/O commands, run

Check the HBA paths with powermt display and check if there are any failed path. root@solaris:~ # powermt display Symmetrix logical device count=12 CLARiiON logical device count=24 Hitachi logical device count=0 Invista logical device count=0 HP xp logical device count=0 Ess logical device count=0 HP HSx logical device count=0 ===== ----- Host Bus Adapters ---- You came to know that PowerPath is in degraded state either via your incident mechanism or via any alerting system you have. You have to fix it so PowerPath can take care of multi-path intelligently. Veritas is being used for managing devices and multipathing If you have dead I/O paths, and if you've done something to fix the issue, you can request PowerPath to re-check the paths and mark it as active using powermt restore command. When you execute powermt restore, it does an I/O path check

Solved: PowerPath clear dead paths from command line

  1. How to enable EMC failed power path on AIX. Srinivas_Vengala asked on 2010-11-10. Unix OS; 23 Comments. 1 Solution. 3,940 Views. Last Modified: 2013-11-17. How to enable EMC failed power path on AIX Comment. Premium Content You need a subscription to comment. Start Free Trial. Watch Question.
  2. How to identify the version number of EMC PowerPath software? 10.powermt check ===>Check the I/O Paths If we made changes to the HBA's, or I/O paths, then run the powermt check, to take appropriate action. For example, if you manually removed an I/O path, check command will detect a dead path and remove it from the EMC path list
  3. Note: The AIX® MPIO does not fail the last path. Even though all paths to the storage are lost, the last path displays the status as enabled. In such a case, an IO error indicates the actual loss of the last path to the disk
  4. PowerPath ASB (Auto Stand By) mode But then comes the problem, on many AIX servers some on the device paths started showing asb:iopf instead of active or dead. This was something new for us. In this scenario first thing we could do is open case with EMC as we could not find much help from our best helper GOOGLE. device path will be.
  5. AIX is the UNIX operating system from IBM for RS/6000, pSeries and the latest p5 & p5+ systems. Currently, it is called System P. Removes a path from the PowerPath configuration. powermt restore Tests and restores paths. To show the paths and dead paths to the storage port # powermt display paths
  6. 14. powermt restore - Make Dead I/O Path Alive. If you have dead I/O paths, and if you've done something to fix the issue, you can request PowerPath to re-check the paths and mark it as active using powermt restore command. When you execute powermt restore, it does an I/O path check

PowerPath Migration Enabler (PPME) is a Storage Migration procedure. It is one of the most sorted and used methods these days due to none or minimal impact o.. The Power Path School of Shamanism, founded by Jose & Lena Stevens, authors of Secrets of Shamanism & The Power Path, offers an extensive experiential curriculum based on many years of study with indigenous Shamans around the world. We also offer business and personal consulting services for groups or one-on-one root@solaris :/root # powermt set mode=active dev=emcpower2 force root@solaris :/root # powermt set mode=active dev=emcpower3 force root@solaris :/root # powermt set mode=active dev=emcpower4 forc Path statistics. The -S flag, along with the optional -d flag, causes the lsmpio command to display normal or detailed path statistics. The optional -l flag restricts the display to contain statistics for just one MPIO storage device. The statistics include how many times the MPIO disk path has been selected for an I/O operation, how many errors have occurred on the MPIO disk path, and how.

Solved: Fixing dead paths (powerpath) on AIX 5

  1. 4.0 July 2020 Release of PowerPath for Windows 7.0. 3.0 May 2020 Release of PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere 7.0 and updated with PowerStore storage systems support details. 2.0 January 2020 Release of PowerPath for Linux 7.1. 1.0 July 2019 Release of PowerPath for Linux 7.0. Revision history
  2. * If a dead path passes the test, powermt restore marks it alive; PowerPath can now use it. In addition, other dead paths on the same HBA and/or storage system port may be tested. * If a live path fails the test, powermt restore marks it dead and prints a warning (every time the path fails the test)
  3. Dell EMC PowerPath is a family of software products that ensures consistent application availability and performance across I/O paths on physical and virtual platforms. It provides automated path management and tools that enable you to satisfy aggressive service-level agreements without investing in additional infrastructure
  4. Removing a dead path in PowerPath. Posted by John Colton — April 17, 2012. 0. Here's a useful powermt command to use to clear PowerPath errors after removing LUNs from a host. Note that you will prompted whether to remove each possible path to the target, usually 2 to 4 times per LUN
  5. AIX powerpath missing paths. it-rex asked on 2012-03-05. Unix OS; 24 Comments. 1 Solution. 2,456 Views. Last Modified: 2012-03-06. we have installed EMC software PowerPath. when we do lspath we see these missing paths. These missing paths are the OLD paths or hdisks prior to the installation of the new EMC software PowerPath..

Mode State Q-IOs Errors ===== 0 qla2xxx sdc SP A5 active dead 0 1 0 qla2xxx sdj SP B5 active dead 0 1 1 qla2xxx sdq SP A6 active dead 0 1 1 qla2xxx sdx SP B6 active dead 0 1 EMC PowerPath marks paths and SP as dead in RHEL - Red Hat Customer Porta This problem has been seen in EMC powerPath environments when two user processes concurrently try to open the hdiskpower device and one of its underlying hdisk devices. When this problem is hit, powerPath may log EMCP_PATH_DEAD / EMCP_BUS_DEAD / EMCP_PATH_ALIVE errors in errpt. Local fix. Problem summar G'day All, I'm trying to remove dead paths that Powerpath is reporting on my NW6.5 SP2 Server. EMC has suggested I use either powermt remove or powermt check. Neither of these options are valid in the Netware CLI. I know I can restart the Server and force PowerPath to drop the dead paths, I w.. update Powerpath to the latest level (It is strongly recommended to update Powerpath to the last technical level, otherwise you could have dead path) If your system resides on a fibre disk (rootvg on an hdiskpower device) if you need to update Powerpath, perform the following ### HW Path Summary Total Dead IO/Sec Q-IOs Errors 4352 scsi_vhci optimal 16 0 - 0 0 # Display path status for all devices on the syste

UNIX Health Check - Recovering from dead EMC path

EMCpower.multi_path_ap COMMITTED PowerPath Multi_Pathing EMCpower.multi_path_clariion EMC.CLARiiON.aix.rte COMMITTED EMC CLARiiON AIX Support EMC.CLARiiON.fcp.rte COMMITTED EMC CLARiiON FCP Support devices.common.IBM.modemcfg.data [root@mybox] # Regards, — Warwick Brown renecents via ibm-aix-l <ibm-aix-l@Groups. I will defer to the AIX Host Connectivity Guide and Powerpath for AIX installation guide for a complete and concise way of installing things, but I wanted to type these steps up for future use. ### HW Path Summary Total Dead IO/Sec Q-IOs Errors ===== 0 fscsi2 optimal 10 0 - 0 0 1 fscsi3 optimal 10 0 - 0 0. So there you have.

Removing dead paths on EMC PowerPath - setaOffic

This will prevent the powermt config command from re-adding the device to PowerPath. powermt unmanage dev=<device> The following command can be used to verify that the dev has been added to the unmanaged list in PowerPath. powermt display unmanage · HBA (Fibre Channel Adapter) name, Physical Location Code, AIX Location Code. · PowerPath HBA number (from powermt display output). · Example HBA: 'fcs3' is the parent of the HW Path 'fscsi3' you see in 'powermt display' output

The following EMC PowerPath commands can be performed in an attempt to clean-up the dead device entries: # yes | powermt restore dev=all Warning: CLARiiON device path unknown is currently dead Well AIX-MPIO with standard PCM does not provide load balancing, only failover mode, whereas EMC's powerpath provides both I believe. If you can live with that, it's OK, because it has this BIG plus: on AIX upgrade, no need to do special pre- or postprocessing (re vendor specific multipathing software) and try powermt config followed by a powermt display to see the new LUN.. Bring new LUN under LVM control and create file system. Once you know what block device is associated with the LUN as seen in the powermt display dev=all output, the following series of command will be used to bring the disk under LVM:. fdisk /dev/emcpowera Now to implement round robin on an AIX system there is one caveat. By default all of the paths to your disks will have a path priority of 1. This means if a path fails, it will fall over to the next seen path. This is determined by the initial order they are found in. Now there seems to be a bug with the path priority and round-robin PowerPath multipathing and PowerPath Migration Enabler capabilities. To obtain a license: 1. Open a service request at support.emc.com 2. Specify the host operating system (Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX) Step 3-Install PowerPath Follow the steps in Chapter 1, ^Installing PowerPath on an AIX host in the PowerPath for AIX 5.

Yes, EMC powerpath 4.5.2/4.5.3 should work ok with AIX 5.3 and it was working ok for me but I have seen some strange behavior after adding and removing disks couple of times when I would see some ghost hdiskpower disks which could only be cleared by reboot. This is why I would recommend EMC AIX support and Powerpath 5.1/5.1.1. This is wha AIX: Remove EMC LUNs/VGs/disks from AIX - powerpath. by Kliment Andreev January 18, 2012. by Kliment Andreev January 18, 2012. Post Views: 4,628. Reading Timee: < 1 minute. I had to remove some EMC drives from an AIX box that were not used anymore. I had 5 filesystems, but I'll describe the procedure for 1 filesystem. The first thing to do. Subject: [ibm-aix-l] How to check load balance of AIX native MPIO. Hi, I setup MPIO on AIX V5.3 with dual-path, round-robin. But I haven't found out how to test the I/O throughout going to two paths on a load balance basis. I know we can check it from SAN switch, or other sides, but from AIX insid

The server discovers them through a cfgmgr and powermt config then creates powerpath devices (hdiskpower*) for any luns visible down multiple paths. If a lun is only discovered and/or visible down one path, powerpath will still create a powerpath device, but it will only use the single path. I can't say for sure if this is how yours is setup Dell EMC PowerPath 20 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. TOP REASONS TO DEPLOY POWERPATH . 10 . Intelligent and automated data path management and load balancing. Dell EMC PowerPath is host-based software that provides automated data path management and load-balancin

powermt command shows 'ERROR: Cannot open PowerPath. Initialization error' Solution Verified - Updated 2014-09-22T13:51:05+00:00 Perhaps your SAN switch issue has caused the paths related to that switch to show as new, and the corresponding old paths remain dead because they refer to a switch/configuration that no longer exists. The powermt config command will both include the new paths to PowerPath configuration, and remove the old paths Hi Experts , I want to start migrating our AIX 6.1 to AIX 7.1 . I am planning to use alt_disk_migration . Chris gibson has awesome documentation in the internet. However I am running into an issue with EMC odm filesets . So my current OS is AIX 6.1. and I have this : lslpp -l | grep EMC (7 Replies Tweet Ever wonder why your storage path goes into a Dead state? Staff Engineer Nathan Small has authored a new Knowledgebase article which describes most of the scenarios that lead to this condition. There basically three reasons your storage path can go into a dead state: The ESX Storage stack determines path is dead due On the AIX platform, the method used for fencing EMC PowerPath devices is that the path of each device is fenced separately, which can result in performance issues during start-up. To increase start-up performance when PowerPath is enabled, set the SYBASE_MAX_MULTIPATHS environment variable to 1

How to fix Powerpath in Degraded State RSY DIGITAL WORL

  1. DVD: AIX Version 6.1 TL9 SP7 (76743807-101) update Powerpath to the latest level ( It is strongly recommended to update Powerpath to the last technical level , otherwise you could have dead path ) If your system resides on a fibre disk (rootvg on an hdiskpower device
  2. List available PowerPath pseudo device nameslist used PowerPath pseudo device names or rename PowerPath pseudo device.(PowerPath 4.3.3 for Linux only). Definition. Check for and optionally remove dead paths. Term. powermt check_registration: Definition. Check the state of the PowerPath license. Term. powermt config: Remove a path from.
  3. In vCenter, two dead paths for LUN 0 were shown on each host under Storage Adapters. However, it didn't seem to affect any LUNs actually in use: The environment is running Vblock with Cisco UCS hardware and VNX7500 storage. ESXi hosts boots from LUN. UIM is used to deploy both LUNs and hosts. VPLEX is used for active-active between sites (Metro.
  4. 2012-05-22T07:02:04.680Z cpu7:2200)PowerPath: EmcpEsxLogEvent:1252: Info:emcp:MpxEsxTestAndUpdatePathState: Path vmhba2:C0:T1:L1 is changing to dead from on. Here we have a command timeout, and the command that timed out was a TEST_UNIT_READY or SCSI command 0x0

Useful commands for EMC powerpath 1. powermt display - Display High Level HBA I/O Paths powermt display command (without any arguments), displays the available HBAs and their current status. The following examples, shows that there are 2 HBAs connected to the server, both the HBAs are in active condition with 2 I/O path's each. qla2xx ### HW Path Summary Total Dead IO/Sec Q-IOs Errors 1 qla2xxx optimal 2 0 - 0 0 3 qla2xxx optimal 2 0 - 0

15 EMC PowerPath Powermt Command Examples - Display, Check

  1. AIX is short for Advanced Interactive eXecutive. AIX is the UNIX operating system from IBM for RS/6000, pSeries and the latest p5 & p5+ systems. Currently, it is called System P. AIX/5L the 5L addition to AIX stands for version 5 and Linux affinity. AIX and RS/6000 was released on the 14th of February, 1990 in London. Currently, the latest release of AIX is version 6. AIX 7.
  2. This is a quick and simple walkthough of how to install PowerPath/VE on vSphere 4 - both ESX and ESXi. It includes how to get evaluation licenses. Followups.
  3. PowerPath question + AIX PowerPath question + AIX Mag0007 (MIS) (OP) 22 Jun 06 17:18. Currently I have 2 HBA. These HBA are attached to 60 SAN disks each (1 HBA has 60 hdisks associated with them, another HBA has another 60 disks associated with them). Once power path is installed and running, should use the hdiskpower devices, else I don't.
  4. Browse other questions tagged storage emc powerpath or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 334: A curious journey from personal trainer to frontend mentor. Find knowledge faster: New Articles features. Featured on Meta New onboarding for review queues. Testing three-vote close and reopen on 12 network sites.

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  1. Solaris 10, LP9002's, Clariion, PowerPath and dead paths Well, I had some completely new Solaris 10 servers up and running. These were of the SunFire v480 series with Emulex LP9002 HBA's (not the Sun OEM version.) We are now finally using the Sun SAN Foundation Suite drivers, also known as Leadville, versus the Emulex drivers..
  2. 2. Register PowerPath on the host. Enter the 12-character license key using the below command. # emcpreg -install 3. Validate your registration number using # powermt check_registration 4. Initialize the PowerPath hdiskpower devices and make them available to the host. To initialize devices at the command line, enter: # powermt config.
  3. I would really like to see EMC PowerPath Load Balancing available for ESX 3. We use this on our SAN connected windows servers and AIX servers. The failover capability is really nice with the built in features of ESX, but we would like to get more capability out of all those expensive FC connections
  4. Posts about EMC Powerpath written by smurphy_it. host01. Scan the bus for new devices, and add them into EMC PowerPath. lspv > /tmp/lspv.1 ; emc_cfgmgr ; lspv > /tmp/lspv.

The UDID is present for PowerPath, AIX MPIO, and some other devices. The Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is present for AIX MPIO devices Using the UDID or UUID to identify the disks instead of the PVID is useful because when Oracle uses a disk it overwrites the area on disk where the PVID is stored To investigate this dead path, we can run a command to output more details on this path by referencing the runtime name with the '-p' switch: ~ # esxcli storage core path list -p vmhba33:C1:T0:L0 iqn.1998-01.com.vmware:esxi1-47be1f31-00023d000002,iqn.2006-01.com.openfiler:. It is recommended that all your disks in ASM diskgroup be the same capacity. Do not mix speed drives in a disk group, namely all drives must have the same speed. In this particular case, we used IBM Storwize V7000, and disk speed of 15K. Environment : AIX 7.1 Oracle Grid infrastructure Oracle RDBM Below are steps for creating asm disks on OS as well as on Oracle ASM instance on AIX 5.3 and above. Step-1) Ask storage admin to provide LUNs of specified size to be used as ocr/voting/asm disks Step-2) Storage team will provide LUN id of disks , we need to run below (as root user) command to discover/detect new disks provided by Storage tea getconf DISK_SIZE <path_to_device> # getconf DISK_SIZE /dev/hdisk2. 17357 . In the above output, the getconf returns 17357MB or 16.9 GB. We have used three commands to get the disk sizes. Two of them agree on the size. Not bad, I guess. To get the correct disk size, use getconf, as this comes from the kernel, the heart of the AIX system

Solved: How to enable EMC failed power path on AIX

EMC PowerPath is host-based software that provides automated data path management and load-balancing capabilities for heterogeneous server, network, and storage deployed in physical and virtual environments. as well as Linux, AIX, and Solaris virtual environments, and PowerPath/VE Multipathing for Vware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual. Special considerations 61 General AIX Information install AIX directly onto a storage-system device and use PowerPath to manage multiple paths to the root volume group: 1. Start with a single connection to the storage subsystem. If you are using a switch, only one logical path should be configured. 2. Install AIX on a storage system device that is accessed via fibre adapter

2014-07-10T04:42:00.320Z cpu8:33448)ScsiClaimrule: 1362: Plugin PowerPath specified by claimrule 260 was not able to claim path vmhba1:C0:T0:L255. Busy esxcfg-mpath -l comman ### HW Path Summary Total Dead IO/Sec Q-IOs Errors 1 qla2xxx optimal 2 0 - 0 77 2 qla2xxx optimal 2 0 - 0

PowerPath's automated path failover extends from the server, through the network switch to the storage system. In the case of failure, PowerPath's latest enhancements enable the server to continue processing I/O requests to an alternate Fibre Channel adapter on the EMC Symmetrix Enterprise storage system in the event of path failure AIX Parameter PowerPath DMP (AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 only) 7 MPIO Initiator Type 3 (CLARiiON open) 3 (CLARiiON open) 3 (CLARiiON open) Arraycommpath 1 (Enabled) 1 1 (Enabled) 1 (Enabled) Failovermode 3 -or- 4 6 1 - or- 2 -or-4 13 1 -or- 4 19 UnitSerialNumber Array Array Array Apple Parameter ATTO HBA stack Initiator Type 3 (CLARiiON open. Path Management Software. EMC PowerPath. Operating Systems. Windows 2000/2003, Linux (Red Hat), Unix (Sun Solaris) and Cisco IOS. MirrorView, SANCopy, Open Replicator, Cisco CLI/Fabric Manager and EMC PowerPath, Celerra Manager and DATA Ontap,AIX, Solaris, Windows 2008/2003/2000 and Linux. issue AIX MPIO path closed Hello, I have encountered the issue on my AIX 6.1. As you can see below, the hdisk1 & hdisk8 are not recognized by the system / > lspv hdisk0 00fa6d1288c820aa rootvg active hdisk1 00fa6d1288c8213c None hdisk2.

Pages 278 ; This preview shows page 197 - 200 out of 278 pages.preview shows page 197 - 200 out of 278 pages SDD is another multi-path code set from IBM (though SDDPCM is strategic) and one can use the datapath command for path management. PowerPath is a common option for customers attaching EMC storage to Power, in which case one typically uses the powermt command for path management This describes how to configure the EMC PowerPath registration keys. First, check the current configuration of PowerPath: # powermt config Warning: all licenses for storage systems support are missing or expired. The install the keys: # emcpreg -install ===== EMC PowerPath Registration ==== Currently I have 2 HBA. These HBA are attached to 60 SAN disks each (1 HBA has 60 hdisks associated with them, another HBA has another 60 disks associated with them). Currently there is no powerpath or multiple path software installed on my system. Now if I wanted to install EMC powerpath, would my disks disappear

Worked on Product Powerpath-Multipathing Software from EMC. It is a host-based software for automated data path management, failover and recovery, and optimized load balancing. PowerPath automates, standardizes, and optimizes data paths in physical and virtual environments as well as cloud deployments to deliver high availability and performance Récupération des pilotes EMC et PowerPath -rw-r----- 1 root system 57753600 Feb 20 11:41 EMC.AIX.5.3..7-rw-r----- 1 root system 69120000 Feb 20 11:41 EMCpower_install-rw-r----- 1 root system 45102 Feb 20 11:41 README.5307 . Désactiver les paths pour ne laisser qu'un seul chemin PowerPath. AIX. 5.3. IBM: 03N5014 . PowerPath. LVM . Table 2-5 Transferring data from Existing Symmetrix-5 to New DMX 3000. Operating Systems so the active path has to be selected as the only path for DMM to do migration. Any failover with this path requires the DMM job to be re-created. Table 2-43 Transferring data from Existing HDS9200 to. Remove the device from PowerPath so that PowerPath releases control of the boot device on the next reboot. # powermt unmanage dev=hdiskpowerX; Enable DMP root support. See Configuring DMP support for booting over a SAN. Reboot the system. The system is booted with the rootvg under DMP control

PowerPath Powermt Commands - EM

Veritas InfoScale Foundation, Availability, Storage, and Enterprise Solutions 7.2 (AIX, Linux, Solaris), and DMP for VMware 7.2, and Veritas Access 7.2.1 Hardware Compatibility List Servers Servers are listed on the basis of their processor architecture. Support Legend Symbol Meaning Yes Supported No Not supported AIX Removing file on VxFS hangs on latest release of AIX TL. DESCRIPTION: On latest version of aix TL (7.1 TL5sp1 and 7.2 latest TL), IBM has done some major changes in unlinking code path where they expect vnode list should be terminated with NULL. But VxFS initialize vnode's next to itest which was causing dead loop when removing file. RESOLUTION

lspath Command - IB

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