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Many ball-jointed doll enthusiasts also create their own designs based on the aesthetics of the Asian and fashion doll markets. Draw out a to-scale design for your doll and write the measurements beside your sketch. Make sure to draw the pieces for the head, torso with attached neck, upper arm, lower arm, thigh, calf, foot and hand Add a tall wall around the clay, using Legos or pieces of cardboard to create a molding box. Press small wooden craft balls into the clay around the torso to create keying depressions. Mix together the silicone RTV rubber, following the packaging directions, and pour it into the box Make a loop of elastic, then attach it to a hand, leaving a long tail. String the tail through all the joints on one side of the doll, through the holes at the shoulder, through all the joints on the other side of the doll, and attach the end to the other hand. For the legs, make another loop of elastic and double it BJD Doll Making Tutorial, Sculpt a CHILD BJD DOLL, in polymer clay 90-page detailed tutorial on How to sculpt a BJD child doll (8 inches tall) in polymer clay. Over 400 photos. Multiple topics covered: Construction of a doll from armature to the finished piece; Do I need a sketch; How to make Jan 30, 2017 - How to make ball-jointed doll making and design to cr

Stringing my porcelain ball-jointed doll. Stringing dolls This is how I strung my first doll. Marina Bychkova- (Her last doll sold on ebay went for $7,799.00 US.The articulation of my resin Enchanted Dolls is the same as my porcela Nov 11, 2019 - DOLL:How to make ball-jointed doll - a 乖's drawin

Second tutorial in the production series!! :) Hope you enjoy and find it helpful. Please feel free to send any and all questions and comments my way, and che.. If you're making the porcelain ball-jointed doll, don't forget to make your prototype bigger, because porcelain will shrink in the kiln. Gear to create perfect joints. Creating the jointing system was very hard for me at first. I tried lots of ways to make them perfectly round. Today I'll talk about two main techniques that helped me in the.

Get the full set of DVDs at http://www.MakingFairies.com or Watch Online at http://www.SculptUniversity.comIn this video I show you how our Ball-Jointed Doll.. Aug 30, 2016 - I would love to make a BJD Ball Jointed Doll someday. When I do I hope these tutorials, video's, pattern and how-to's for making BJD art dolls and their clothing & accessories will be helpful. See more ideas about art dolls, ball and joint, ball jointed dolls At first I want to thank everyone for to support me. I did not expectsuch number of views, likes and comments.I hope that this will continue.This motivates m..

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  1. How to make ball-jointed doll making and design to cre Article by P. Tinsley. Slab Pottery Ceramic Pottery Ceramic Art Sculpture Clay Ceramic Sculptures Polymer Clay Dolls Vintage Perfume Bottles Japanese Pottery Air Dry Cla
  2. Making the plaster molds. This step is really long one as well. When you have your prototype ready it's time to make some plaster molds! This part is crucial if you want to create a porcelain ball-jointed doll as porcelain is a liquid substance and plaster soaks up the moisture while keeping doll parts hollow
  3. Hello everyone,It has been a while, here is Part 4 of sculpting a bjd.Part 5 will be up soon . Thank you all so much for watching and I hope you enjoy the vi..
  4. One thing about ball-jointed doll or BJDs is that it is very customizable. With its synthetic resin or dense plastics, you can do a lot of changing on it, such as its eye color, wig, and more. If you own one, you can alter its looks to anything from realistic to exaggerated features
  5. This 60cm (24 inches) large Ball Jointed Doll (another know as 1/3 Ball Jointed Doll) will surprise you with its realistic look and good quality!. Whether your aim is to surprise and please ones you love or treat yourself our large Ball Jointed doll will please her owner. Feel free to use it for your desire, hobby, photography, collection or as a lovely toy to spend evenings playing with it
  6. In this video you can watch the process of making Sofie Dolls' porcelain ball jointed hands from casting to firing. Ball jointed hands are one the most beaut..

For ball jointed dolls, you often need to make two or three part molds in order to reproduce the hollow interiors. To begin, set up your walls, making sure to leave a space of 1-2 fingers around all edges of the part. Fill the entire bottom of the mold with WED clay. Build up the clay to hold your part slightly elevated from the clay floor of. Ball Jointed Doll Doll Making Guide Book - Japanese Craft Books Japan album joint doll human figure ebook Photo Bjd MSD SD Doll 1/3 1/4 1/6 MissSnowman £ 2.9

MAKING PLASTER MOLDS. Mold making is a very tedious and long process, requiring some math and spatial thinking. But once you understand fundamental techniques, it becomes less intimidating. In this course, I'm going to walk you through the process of making plaster molds for each part of the ball-jointed doll. We're going to learn about. How to Make Ball Jointed Dolls - Manga Artist Cocco's Dolls (Japanese) Tankobon Hardcover by Kashiwaya Kokko (Author) 3.6 out of 5 stars 13 ratings. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Paperback Please retry $48.00 . $33.40 I'm inviting you to join me on this journey of discovering a fascinating world of ball-jointed dolls. After building up my courage to try and work with porcelain, I finally present you what has been in the making for years - fully poseable ball-jointed dolls. I've been creating dolls since 2013 Any instructional on how to make ball-jointed dolls would include this Body Blushing Instructional from our former blogger. Enjoy! - Ed. I love the realistic look of BJDs. Adding a body blush enhances a doll's body sculpt and is an easy way to customize your doll and make her your own

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In this class, we will learn to sculpt a darling, ten inch, child-like ball-jointed doll from ProSculpt polymer clay. A BJD is a posable, interactive doll with special joints that give the doll movement. We will sculpt each piece one at a time, and also give special attention to how to sculpt a cute, young face Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll Sculpting Guide by Apryl Jensen Create the Torso Materials: Ultralight, ProSculpt Light clay, Xacto knife, hollow tube, wooden tool, beads for hips, drill bit, ball stylus, sandpaper, paints First, create the inner hollow body. Wrap Ultra Light clay around an Xacto handle or thick brass rod. Bake Ultralight Tube. Failed Attempt to Make a Ball Jointed Doll From Air Dry Clay: While unpacking my things during the move to our new apartment I came across my abandoned ball jointed doll project. Unfortunately, I can't find my original blueprint of the doll but I do have some screenshots of my sketch against the doll from my

How to make a ball jointed doll with Super Sculpey How

This post is adapted from the Tutorial which accompanies my Basic Jointed Cloth Doll Pattern.I'm posting it here because the techniques used are readily transferable to many patterns for dolls and softies (although some patterns will have some pieces that will have to be cut with a seam allowance and sewn in the traditional way) I'm a doll artist whose been struggling with air dry clay forever. I need to be able to study the features and measure the parts to make them exact. So I got some polymer clay, and it worked wonders. I could bake it when I was ready, and then just paint. But I'm having a hard time making it large. I need to find a tutorial on how to make a big polymer clay doll Ball Jointed Dolls in their origin, are initially modeled in clay, commonly polymer clay. The hardened clay body parts are used to form molds for multiple parts to be cast in synthetic polyurethane resin. Cured resin has a hard, smooth, porcelain-like feel, but is less brittle. Unlike porcelain however, polyurethane tends to turn yellow and. Sans Prétention 18 inch Ball Jointed Doll BJD Kaye Wiggs Clothing Pattern. $17.50. $2.20 shipping. 31 watching. Custom American Girl Doll Wig GRAY MAGIC |10-11 size wig |Blythe| OG| MADAME A. $29.99. $4.45 shipping. 12 watching. SMART Doll Wig| LAVA OMBRE |Fit Dollfie, Paola Reina, Doll of a Kind Dolk Station, your all-in-one online shop for Ball Jointed Dolls (bjd), as well as bjd outfits, wigs, eyes, etc. with over 20,000 items and 70 manufacturers

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An amazing world of makers just outside the mainstream, the Ball Joint Doll community creates a huge variety of dolls that have ball-joints; simple ball and joint snap joint at the elbows, knees, neck and anywhere else a doll would need articulation to move. The types of BJDs can run the gamut; animalistic, gothic, super-cute, anime, fantasy. Tip: Wrap the base parts into saran wrap or plastic tape to make the removal easier. Before sculpting I'm making a base to keep my sculpt hollow (ball-jointed dolls are hollow inside for you to string them later). I like to use styrofoam, twisted paper and plastic straws for the base

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  1. This video demonstrates the creative aesthetic of asian ball-jointed dolls. Even though there may be several dolls of the same mold, each differ because of the owner's personal aesthetic. The creativity in this video is expressed through demonstrating the building process of one doll to my own aesthetic. Class: Atec 6331 Teacher: Dr. Mihai Nadi
  2. Lately I have seen some beautiful creations, particularly in the area of ball-jointed dolls, or BJD's. A BJD is strung on the inside with elastic strands under tension, enabling its joints to hold weight and let the doll take on very lifelike poses. It sounds creepy, and it is. (The stick was just there to tie the elastic to, but it sure.
  3. In this sculpting class, we will learn to sculpt a darling, ten inch, child-like ball-jointed doll from ProSculpt polymer clay. A BJD is a posable, interactive doll with special joints that give the doll movement. We will sculpt each piece one at a time, and also give special attention to how to sculpt a cute, young face
  4. How to make ball-jointed doll making and design to cre Article by P. Tinsley. 4
  5. Put joint balls which cut off the joint parts into shoulder holes. Put joint balls into arm holes at the elbows then fix the details. File all the parts with sandpapers, then put stoneclay all over, and make the surface smooth. Check the balance of each parts
  6. Every BJD artist dreams of sculpting his or her own doll. And the next dream is usually casting it, so many dolls can be created from the one you worked so meticulously to sculpt. This DVD will teach you everything you need to know to make molds for and cast your own ball-jointed doll
  7. Curious Mondo: Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character Time table: 9 hours Level: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Target market: Sculptors, art dolls artists, anyone who loves sculpting or want to start a new hobby or career. Main objective: Learn how to sculpt ball jointed doll character. Prerequisite: Non

This should make the hare far more stable to pose if you are not used to playing around with ball-jointed dolls and their various idiosyncrasies. Not sure if this a solution or a bodge yet :-). The locks work as follows: The foot and ankle. The foot has a cut into it which will clip onto a small wedge inside the ankle Ball Jointed dolls are strung together using elastic, with balls at the ends of the parts providing the degrees of freedom for each of the joints. So I needed to slice up my human model into pieces corresponding to the parts of the doll: head (2 parts), body (could also be split into parts but I decided to keep it as one), feet, shins, thighs. A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints.In contemporary usage when referring to modern dolls, and particularly when using the acronyms BJD or ABJD, it usually refers to modern Asian ball-jointed dolls. Many contemporary BJDs are cast in polyurethane synthetic resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic Cast the clay doll using legos and the pourable mold. Put straws in the neck, and arms. You will get about 10 sculpts or 1 year out of the mold. Each time you make a mold your cast shrinks a little. The better quality the silicone the less it shrinks. It takes Batchix 1 gallon of silicone to make the junk mold for a 42cm doll which is about $130 I don't know if I mentioned it before, but BJD doll (ball-jointed doll) has been my goal for more than a year now. However, leaving a full-time job and starting my own business forced me to postpone this idea. Don't get me wrong, fulfilling orders and creating OOAK dolls is my dream job

Hello! I'm currently making my first bjd (because they're so expensive to buy!), and have sculpted the torso as one piece. However, I don't know how the hip joint (I'm making a joint between the thighs and stomach rather than just the one torso joint) works Ball jointed doll, ribbon jointed doll or maybe a plush doll? What posture would show us emotion the best? At this point, you have to determine more technical details too. Does your doll has a stand? What size would be most suitable? Deciding on these questions now will save you a lot of time in the creative doll making process How to make a ball jointed doll. Step by step tutorial from Dollhouse Noah. The material is sawdust and paste molded over floral foam that is raked out of the pieces after drying. Sawdust is often called wood flour and has been the base for many composition dolls and modeling clays. Google patents offers a wealth of information that I may get. My interest on sculpting and making dolls started from a very young age, and on 2007 I started collecting Ball Jointed Dolls. I started by painting my dolls, then sewing for them and on 2011 I started sculpting my own. By the end of 2011, I released my first Ball Jointed Doll head under the brand of Merry Doll Round How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll - Part 4. How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll. Back to Part 3. Legs. Draw a plan and make cores with sawdust. Model details with sawdust mixed with stoneclay. Carve ancle holes and fix joint balls with epoxy resin. Fix joint balls on the top of thighs and check the balance

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How to make ball-jointed doll making and design to cre Article by Monika Žilková. 4.4 How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll. Back to Part 1. Setting eyes. Cut the head open and rake the styrofoam. Make the eyeholes with a chisel. Glass eyes. You may prepare some sets in different size and choose your favorite size. Fix the eyes with stoneclay mixed with bonding agent ball jointed dolls are good choices when it comes to decorating the rooms of your young chaps. They come in different sizes, designs, and colors. If you are unable to think of a nice birthday present for your friends', neighbors' or own kids, ball jointed dolls would help you there. They can be very useful while handling crying babies either At long last, my latest booklet, How to Make a Ball-Jointed Doll in Wood, is finished and available. After a year of trials and errors I have made a darn good set of plans and instructions for my 7 ball-jointed doll. The booklet is 48 pages long- more a mini-book than a booklet- and has 120 full-color step-by-step photos as well as 6 pages.

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If you've followed my BJD sculpting masterclass, your prototype supposed to be hollow for the doll to function correctly.To prepare each part for mold making, we need to cover all the holes and deeper crevises with plasticine. If hardening plaster will seep into the hollow parts of the doll, you won't be able to get them out of the plaster. That's why it's important to take this part slowly. She enjoys all creative aspects surrounding ball-jointed doll customization and currently has thirteen of them. She plans to write more books about the BJD hobby in the future and is ever working hard on a fantasy novel trilogy. Product details. Publisher : Dorwik Publishing (November 3, 2016

The components of ball jointed dolls are rigid, despite an illusion of softness. This limits the range of motion and the apparent visual realism as the doll is posed and her parts repositioned in relation to each other. The challenge is in finding a compromise between these factors during the design process, giving natural appearance and. Making lingerie for a ball-jointed doll | TUTORIAL . One of the most exciting parts of doll making for me is costumes. Making intricate garments, embroidering, adding lace and beads - the possibilities are endless! Today I want to walk you through the process of making a very cute lingerie set for one of my latest dolls I used doll eyes to ensure my eyes were the same size. One of the easiest ways to make your doll look goofy is to have the eyes be uneven. Don't worry about the color. We'll paint them later. Use a tool to block out the snout, nose, mouth etc. Make sure everything is in the right place before spending time on details How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll - Part 3. How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll. Back to Part 2. Arms. Prepare some rough sawdust in a bowl. Put bonding agent on wire fingers, then put it in the bowl and dust fingers with sawdust. After dried up, model details with sawdust mixed with stoneclay Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character : 2017-11-11 23:46:52: Molding and Casting A Ball Jointed Doll : 2018-01-31 18:25:59: Sculpting a Dragon in Polymer Clay : 2018-05-08 20:09:22: Fast Track Course: How to Make Eyes for Polymer Clay Dolls.

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I had wanted a ball jointed doll for the longest time, but found that they could be quite expensive. Volks the original maker can run about $600+ usd. So I when I saw that the library had 3dprinters, I decided to make my own. She is a remix of several existing ball jointed doll models on thingiverse At this point, you can decide all the features that your doll will display. You can sculpt abs or nice pouch for a squishy belly, leave the torso sleek and only carve a belly-button. It's up to you how much details you'll add! The ab sections in humans vary greatly. They rarely are symmetrical so you can create any variation you want The super poseable doll, the so-called ball-jointed doll, of which the production process is described in this book step-by-step, will also be showed here. Book buyers will receive during the exhibition the manual BJD Haute Couture, worth € 3.95 as a gift. Here I show you how to make a toile and thus a pattern for a corset and panties Make a Ball Jointed Doll. How To : Sculpt a baby monkey out of polymer clay. Witness this step by step photo presentation of sculpting a mini monkey from polymer clay by Judy Dickinson. Bake the individual pieces of the face and body wrapped in aluminum foil. Delicately sculpt the monkey's arms and legs, leaving ball joints to sew on a fabric body Making a Ball-Jointed Doll Instructor: Diane Keeler : Description: In this class you'll create a ball-jointed Alice in Wonderland figure with a polymer clay body, fabric clothing and a mohair wig. Students in previous Diane Keeler classes at Maureen's have created the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumm, so Alice is.

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  1. -Cut a length of string about the length of your doll. -Slide the string through one side of the elastic. -Meet the ends of the string. -Start sliding on the parts of the arm
  2. Strung dolls are good because individual parts can be assembled separately in molds including head, arms, legs and then connected with elastic within the cavity of doll's torso. I would consider pouring molds with a vinyl composite. But easier still there are many generic dolls manufactured if you just want to create a certain look
  3. Allow the ball to push the suede into the socket fully. Repeat with another half (or quarter) circle, as needed, till the entire socket is filled. Then, allow the ball to fit back into the socket, and it will push the moleskin into place. You'll feel the difference immediately
  4. Ball Jointed Dolls I have been experimenting with sculpting ball jointed dolls on and off for a while now, and thought I'd share some of the one's I've done. This is one of my favorites. My daughter thinks she looks stoned, but I really like her! Her wig is removable, and I have a blonde one I did for her also, but I like this dark one the best
  5. How to make Ball Jointed Dolls: The easy way is to buy the doll parts, assemble them, paint on the face (or purchase a ready-painted doll's head) and add a dolly wig. There are loads of doll making resources on the internet, and doll parts on eBay
  6. Wanted to share my newest wooden ball jointed doll I've finished this week. She's about 3 1/2 (9cm) tall. All carved in wood and has painted eyes (no glass eyes). Meant for 1/12 scale dollhouse or scene. Her clothes and shoes are removable
  7. Shop for products tagged: ball jointed doll in the Shapeways 3D Printing marketplace. Find unique, personal, and custom products to buy for yourself, friends, and family

r/BJD: Post anything related to ball-jointed dolls, including ABJDs, porcelain and paper-clay BJDs, businesses, items for sale, or new products. NO Ball jointed dolls are more complicated than you might think. When they are professionally manufactured the design of the moving parts takes a qualified, specialized, engineer seperate from the doll designer to make them work. Making ball joints on your own can be done, but it really depends on what materials you want to use..

I don't need more props for the dolls. But fellow BJD collectors know that this rationale does not count in a world where every ball jointed creature has their very own demands. And we wouldn't want to disappoint them, would we Many in those groups will be familiar with sculpting polymer clay, although not as many with ball-jointed dolls. There are videos at YouTube for making them with polymer clay or other clays though too. level 2. Original Poster 2 points · 2 years ago. you are amazing. level 1 Lengend Doll is gonna be your best pick! Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company : BJD accessories, Doll items like wig, clothes, shoes and Eyes BJD-Legenddoll ログイン 新規取 Again, I really love this model and I wound up printing one at 75% scale from the original files so I could print it on the dinky little monoprice mini delta. The joints are a wood pla filament, and the rest of the body is a standard skintone pla. The head is a heavy edit from another doll head and I can share it if anyone is interested! I'm using this doll to make a doll of a NWN 2 character.

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I was so intrigued by the company, their videos and their passion for creating that I had to have one. I have been collecting Ball Jointed Dolls for over eight years and am extrelmy picky when buying dolls. These in 3-D are a perfect example of where the industry should be heading. I can't wait to get more. Thank you so much for making these The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll.Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna.Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand In a nutshell: there are other dolls that use ball joints, but dolls that are defined as ball-jointed dolls are a specific type of doll (with a few exceptions, what is covered in this article under Modern Asian BJDs) Whereas say, the mannequin image you posted, while it has ball joints, it is referred to as a mannequin, or the bisque doll. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide Vol.1 by Ryo Yoshida 2006 Japan RARE Very Good at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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[First page] [link] [Part2] [link] [Part 3] [link] [Part 5] [link] Ball jointed doll tutorial part 4. Saved by DeviantArt. 2.2k. Sculpting Tutorials Doll Making Tutorials Bjd Doll Ooak Dolls Art Doll Tutorial Ball Drawing Drawing Art Marionette Polymer Clay Dolls This file includes all of the parts necessary to print your own fully posable male ball jointed doll. Two different heads are included in the file. The photos of a printed and primed head is the HeadStyle1. An .obj file containing all of the pieces is included, as well as a Maya (.mb) file containing everything Make sure you place it back far enough not to see the eye lash base. Let that sit for a minute and then tap into place with a strong, round toothpick. Now for the more difficult, but rewarding projects! Do not be afraid. Taking your doll apart: You must take note of how your doll is strung and where the knots are. Most dolls are strung with one.

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Create the Silicone Doll Head Mold. Sculpt the head you would like your doll to have out of plasticine clay, or another soft water-based clay. Make sure you include a neck with a base that is about 1/4 inch thicker than the rest of the neck, so that it will hold the neck inside the cloth body How to Assemble a Child doll - Upper Vinyl Torso with Ball Jointed Neck & Arms. These are for the Puppen Traumland large child doll kit with the upper vinyl torso with the ball jointed neck and arms like Angelica and Gabriella by Reva Schick Tag: Ball-jointed Dolls. Daily Patterns. Sew Romeo Pants for #BarbieDolls, #BJDs or Other Fashion #Toys. Earlier this week, I showed you how to make Romeo's doublet for Ken dolls, and I included a free, printable pattern and YouTube video tutorial showing exactly how to make it. Today I'm sharing my pattern for Romeo's bi-colored pants How to Make a Ball-Jointed Doll in Wood. 10-27-2015 06:43 PM by Donna Menke | 17 comments ». I am the author and a bit prejudiced, but I do think that this is an excellent source of material for how to make a doll in wood, and I am proud to offer it to all of you.At long last, my latest booklet, How to Make a Ball-Jointed Doll in Wood, is finished and available There are many templates in use in Ball-Jointed Doll Wiki; these are only a subset, representing some of the most important and commonly used ones. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it. Category:Templates should cover all templates in the wiki, categorized into the various subcategories.; The Template namespace always has all templates in the wiki, sorted.

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Ball-jointed dolls have their own unique sizing system. I'll address them here. The most familiar are the Volks brand name sizes: SD or Super Dollfie. This brand is actually a Volks brand of doll, and refers to the line of dolls which are 55 cm tall (almost 22), but were originally 57 cm (about 22.5) Toy Making - 1525 German ball jointed doll. The making of a doll for a sub-noble child in 1525 living in the Ducal State of Saxony. Historic Basis: Figure 1 is a ball jointed doll, where even the fingers and toes can be moved, made from boxwood from 1525 in the southern region of Germany. The doll is 21.6 cm tall (23.5 cm wit The first time I tried a BJD doll gradient lip looks back in 2014, after watching a face-up video where a girl was drawing a face on a real ball-jointed doll. I even created a little BJD lips step-by-step tutorial, explaining how to do this subtle lip look from the video. I got a bit more creative, adding a nude outline to my natural lips and.

Homemade wig | Pretty dolls, Ball jointed dolls, Anime dollsBJD Crystal Girl 65cm Ball-jointed doll_68-72cm doll3D Printed Ball Jointed Doll - YouTube
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