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Use silica gel to preserve once-in-a-lifetime memories or create home décor accents and holiday decorations. Designed for all types of conventional flower drying art, this easy-to-handle, granulated powder safely and beautifully preserves your flowers with minimal shrinkage and fading ACTIVA Silica Gel for Flower Drying ACTÍVA's Flower Drying Art Silica Gel preserves flowers and keeps the natural beauty that fresh flowers have. It is a granular compound that offers the best method of preserving flowers as it actually absorbs the moisture of the flower with little damage to the flower's color and form

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Buy Flower Drying Crystals, 1.5-Pounds / 0.68 KG of Silica Gel Preserving Wedding, 1-Pack: Everything Else - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase Flower Drying Art® Silica Gel ACTÍVA's Flower Drying Art® Silica Gel preserves flowers and keeps the natural beauty that fresh flowers have.. It is a granular compound that offers the best method of preserving flowers as it actually absorbs the moisture of the flower with little damage to the flower's color and form Where to Buy Silica Gel for Drying Flowers? You can buy silica gel on Amazon or at your local craft store (Joann's doesn't seem to carry it though). You can also save the silica gel packets that you get when you buy sneakers and other items tear the packs open and use them! How to Dry Flowers in Silica Gel

Step 1: Get silica gel beads To find silica gel beads online, simply do a web search for 'silica gel to dry flowers'. This five-pound bag costs less than $5 and another $10 or so to ship. (Be sure to follow the safety precautions listed on the bag. Flower dry silica gel is comprised of a mixture of very small blue indicating and white silica gel beads (or crystals) that work to adsorb the moisture from the petals. The blue indicating silica gel beads will change color from blue to pink once the silica gel is saturated and needs to be replaced or recharged Drying flowers with Silica Gel is the quintessential hammer in any household toolkit. An extremely useful device that works for almost any project. Whether it be hanging pictures, fixing chair legs, or starting a home demo nothing would get done without the hammer.. For drying flowers, nothing can get done without the Silica Gel After removing the jar containing the silica gel and flower from the microwave, you must let it stand to complete the drying process. Most flowers must stand in the silica gel for ten minutes before removing, and sunflowers must remain in the gel for about eighteen hours with the jar covered by a plastic bag 1kg 0.03mm non-indicating silica gel desiccant. Flowers. A small brush (to remove excess silica gel from the flower) Small plastic container (to remove the silica gel) Instructions. First what you'll want to do is put a layer of silica gel in at the bottom of the container

Use for drying flowers, in gun safes, the uses are endless! Silica gel work best if they are in a sealed container or sealed plastic bag with the item or items to be protected. How to Reuse/Regenerate The Silica Gel. You should regenerate the silica gel beads when the moisture content by weight of the gel is above 30% wisedry Silica Gel Desiccant for Drying Flowers - 5 LBS, Fine Crystals, Color Indicating, Reusable. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,629. £41.99.

Our Silica Gel Crystals looks a bit like fine sugar, it is ideal for drying flowers because it draws moisture from the flower, drying it quickly therefore reducing the loss of colour and size and the end result is dried flowers which look almost as if they have been freshly picked Preserve fresh flowers with Dri Splendor Silica Gel Flower Preservative. These crystals can be used with or without the microwave and are re-usable. Each package contains 5 pounds of preservative. *40% off coupon cannot be used with this item

This handy product includes instructions for proper use and to keep the process for novices and experts simple.Whether a rose from a funeral or carnation from prom, Panacea Flower Drying Crystals will help the user keep them pristine for years to come. Panacea Silica Gel Flower Drying Crystals, 1.5 lb: Used for drying flowers This silica gel is non-toxic and chemically inert; Granule size is approx .5mm-1mm; Silica gel can be regenerated by heating in an oven at between 100C and 120C (remove all packaging and heat on an oven proof tray) Ideal for drying flowers, seeds, herbs etc; Silica gel can adsorb and hold up to a third of its weight in water vapou When using flower drying silica gel, most flowers are dried within 2-7 days, retaining their colour and shape. About Our Flower Drying Silica Gel Our reusable flower drying silica gel is comprised of a mixture of very small white silica gel crystals & indicating orange silica gel beads that work to effectively adsorb the moisture from the flowers

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  1. There are several ways to dry plants and flowers to preserve them for dried flower arrangements and other presentations. This video discusses using silica ge..
  2. Drying Flowers with Silica: Conventional Method. Silica gel works wonders to preserve the natural color and beauty of flowers. It's the perfect choice for preserving a bridal bouquet or creating dried flowers for jewelry, wreaths, resin crafts, or potpourri
  3. Now, with Silica Gel, it is possible to preserve nature's beauties. There is no limit to the bouquets you can preserve. Most flowers will dry in 36 to 48 hours. Use silica gel in an airtight container or it will absorb moisture from the air, not from the flower tissues. Flowers that dry well in silica gel include: rose, aster, carnation.
  4. Yaaas! We are finally drying some flowers with silica gel! I'm a mega newbie to using silica gel so we'll see how it turns out! This is only part one so in p..

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Dry one kind of flower at a time, as some flowers just take longer than others. Lay spiky flowers like delphiniums lengthwise on the layer of desiccant. Using a large flat container like a plastic storage box with a tight lid, layer about an inch of silica gel or use an equal mix of cornmeal and borax, on the bottom Get 1.5 Pounds Dri Splendor Silica Gel online or find other 1.5 Pounds products from HobbyLobby.com Skip to content Skip to navigation Uncached Time = Mon Feb 01 00:11:47 CST 202 Silica gel is a drying compound (desiccant) for use in drying flowers. Using this method allows one to dry flowers while the flowers its shape and superior color. The silica gel mixture can be used over and over so the initial expense of about $20.00 for a large can is a one- time expense

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  1. utes to dry. Those with fleshier petals take the most time to dry. Method 6: Drying in Silica Gel. Drying in silica gel is the best method for drying larger, whole flowers. The traditional way of drying in this manner was to use salt or sand
  2. The traditional method for drying flowers (air drying) can take weeks, and often produces flowers with faded colours, and shrivelled appearance. When using flower drying silica gel, most flowers are dried within 2-7 days, retaining their colour and shape. Flowers that dry well in silica gel include, but aren't limited to: Rose Aster; Marigol
  3. Flower Drying Silica Gel Crystals Can be Reused Over and Over Again! These silica gel crystals are specially formulated for flower drying. The crystals can easily be dried and used over and over again. Great for preserving flowers, herbs, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, wreaths, and seeds. Easy to use. You get 1.5 lbs of silica crystals
  4. Flower Drying Silica Gel: Flower Drying Crystals - 1.5LBS: 0 : 1+/ CA$20.31: 2+/ CA$17.15: 3+/ CA$15.88: 6+/ CA$13.96: 12+/ CA$12.69 * The amount of Silica Gel (Desiccant) required will depend upon several factors including: the chemical characteristics of the product, volume contents of container, physical properties of the container, and.
  5. g you want to preserve the shape and body of the flowers, I'll cover the latter option. Supplies. Silica gel; Microwave-safe dish; Cup of wate

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--Flat faced flowers such as gerbera daisy place face down in sand.--Long strand flowers like amaranth place on its side on bed of silica. 3. Use squeeze bottle to gently cover the flowers completely with more silica gel until completely submerged 2- 3 inches deep 4. Place an airtight lid on the container and leave it for 3-7 days until flowers. Found in many packaged products, silica gel absorbs and holds water, making it the perfect material to dry flowers in. Drying flowers using silica gel is considered the best method and leaves flowers looking the most realistic, according to Oweh. In this process, it is common to use a variety of fresh, single flowers in full bloom Desiccants such as silica gel, sand, perlite, borax, and cornstarch can be used to dry flowers. You can make a desiccant yourself, or you can buy silica gel or silica sand at craft stores and it can be reused. Desiccants are great for drying flowers that are delicate and do not respond well to air-drying Get the best deals for silica gel for drying flowers at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items Very delicate flowers, like most roses, double peonies, and tulips, dry best in silica gel. But my favorite method is drying flowers in sand. Foliage and flowers dried in sand never look dehydrated. Because the sand preserves and supports the form of the flower until it dries, a finished flower has so much substance it looks alive. Drying.

Silica Gel Crystals for Drying Flowers. September 11, 2016 1 Comment. Our latest product, silica gel crystals is a very fine sand type product that can be used for any circumstances where you need the silica gels to go into your items for more refined drying Silica gel-preserved flowers are good for wreaths, dried flower arrangements (can add fake stems after they have dried), decor, basket arrangements, art projects or any other project where you want the flower to look as fresh as possible How to Dry Flowers with Silica Gel. You will commonly find silica gel in a sachet when you buy a new pair of shoes. Inside the sachet are small beads of very porous gel. The gel is a type of desiccant (drying agent) that absorbs a lot of moisture. Drying agents like silica gel can get very hot and take a long time to cool down. Place a.

Drying Flowers with Silica Gel Crystals + a Fun Way to Display Them! 殺 Affiliate/Sponsored Links Pressing Flowers! - https://bit.ly/2Ii4gv9 Panacea.. • Let Dry for 24 Hours - When you feel that the flowers are dry and brittle, you can cover the lid of the container and let the flowers lie inside with the silica gel packets for the drying process to complete entirely. You can then remove them and use them as per your requirement - as potpourri, as keepsake or in a nice vase Preserving or Drying Flowers Using Silica Gel: In this method, flowers are dried using silica gel. Although the initial cost of buying Silica gel can be quite high, once purchased, the silica gel can be used again and again to dry flowers many times and for many years

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Dry your Wedding Flowers at Home using these amazing Flower Drying Crystals. We have created the perfect blend of Silica Gel Crystals so you are able to Preserve your own Wedding Flowers at home. If you are a DIY lover and will miss the Wedmin after your Wedding Day, this could be the perfec This way of drying flowers preserves their three-dimensional shape. To use, cover the flowers and foliage with the dry silica gel crystals, being careful to support leaves and petals as you go. After several days the crystals will absorb the moisture from the plant, leaving you with completely dry flowers When poured over flower heads, it absorbs the moisture with little damage to the flowers. Use silica gel in an airtight container to make sure it will absorb moisture from the petals. Most flowers will dry in 36 to 48 hours. Store flowers dried with silica gel in a shadow box or airtight display case Silica gel is included with these products to absorb extra moisture that can cause damage or the buildup of mold or mildew. Silica gel is also used in flower shops, garden centers and nurseries as an effective method of drying the flowers that preserves much of the original beauty, texture and color of the flower 1 product rating - Flower Drying Crystals, 1.5-Pounds / 0.68 KG of Silica Gel Preserving Wedding, $17.37 Trending at $22.43 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days

Silica gel powder is mainly used for drying and preserving flowers and bouquets. Place 2cm of silica gel powder in a container. Put the flowers or bouquet on top of the powder and cover the rest with more powder. Close the container as tight as possible. The process will take 2 or 3 days until they are completely dry. (Source: Rogers, B.R. 1988 Silica gel sand is a much finer desiccant than I had used before for drying flowers. After my recent post about trying to dry flowers using silica gel beads, a lovely lady contacted me via Twitter with details of where to buy Petalcraft sand online.. Purpose-made dried flower desiccant from Petalcraf Learn how to dry flowers with silica gel in this step-by-step tutorial. Get tips for getting the best results drying flowers to retain color and texture. It's a great way to preserve a bridal bouquet from a wedding or from a memorial service. These dried flowers turn out the best from many different techniques tested. #driedflowers #floralart #. Alibaba.com offers 813 where to buy silica gel products. About 0% of these are Electronics Chemicals, 1% are Adsorbent, and 0% are Petroleum Additives. A wide variety of where to buy silica gel options are available to you, such as classification, usage, and type

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Dahlias also turn out better when dried with a desiccant than when they are simply left hanging upside down to dry. Silica gel is the recommended desiccant to use for drying pompon dahlias. You simply prepare a plastic container with an inch of silica gel crystals, using a container with a sealable, airtight lid Fine granular silica gels (0.2 - 0.5 mm or 0.5 - 1.0 mm) are suitable for drying flowers. Dynamic adsorption processes often require a large silica gel (2 - 5 mm bead or 3 - 6 mm granular) that allows air to be passed through them

When it comes to preserving flowers, silica gel dust is an excellent drying agent for keeping your favorite flowers looking as beautiful as they originally were to begin with. Silica gel dusts' sand-like texture gets in between the petals and draws out moisture to help retain its natural colors and shape Works great with roses, astors, carnations, marigolds, dahlias, larkspur, geraniums, zinnias, chrysanthemums and delphiniums. Most flowers dry in 2-5 days or use the microwave method do dry flowers in just a matter of hours. Silica Gel is certified safe and non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D4236. Silica Gel doesn't wear out, use it over and over Reusable silica gel desiccant blue & white 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, ideal for drying fresh flowers & moisture absorbent. Reusable Sri Lanka Wide Delivery, Buy online at ArtNCraft

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  2. This drying method helps the flower to keep up with its original look and color much better than the air-drying method. One can use silica gel to dry the flowers without a microwave but it will take a longer time. Silica gel is available everywhere out there in stores as well as online. Steps of microwave preserving are
  3. Silica is sold in just about all craft stores and stores with craft departments. Although some other substances can be used to dry flowers, what works best is labeled silica gel. It's not a gel, but crystals, similar to what's in the little pack..
  4. Silica Gel. You can buy silica gel from craft stores, seed companies, or online. It works well when drying fragile flowers and stems or pods that are thick with a lot of moisture. Silica gel makes the flower dry out faster by absorbing the moisture. It is granular, looks like sea salt and it is reusable
  5. Among other things, silica gel is used for drying flowers to use in decorative dried flower arrangements. I buy it at Michael's, a chain of arts and crafts stores in the US. Just go to an arts and crafts store and ask if they have any of that stuff that's used for drying flowers. What I got came in a cylindrical container. In large red letters.

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Dried flowers can fade quickly if they're in direct sunlight. Therefore, it's usually best to place them in colder areas away from any windows. When storing your dried flowers, you'll want to keep them in tightly sealed containers to avoid moisture getting to them. It's pretty clear that dry flowers are a great way to go Flower Drying Silica Package with envelope will weights approx. 1kg aprox 970 gm Ideal for drying herbs, flowers, seeds etc. High quality white non indicating silica gel granules bead ( 2mm- 5mm). They are non-toxic and chemically inert. Please note before ordering, if you think you may be out please could you add a note to the order to leave the parcel in a safe place Drying with Silica Gel . Fragile flowers and those with a lot of moisture may dry better if you speed the process with a drying agent like silica gel. Despite its name, silica gel is granular, like sea salt and it is reusable. You can readily find silica gel in any craft store. [Caution: It may look like salt, but silica gel is not edible. The self Indicating Silica gel beads are orange and turn dark green when saturated with water. These silica gel beads are non-toxic and are approx 2mm-5mm Beads can be regenerated by heating in an oven at between 100C and 120C (remove all packaging and place on an oven proof tray). Fine White Silica Sand - Silica Desiccant Ideal for Flower Drying I do hope that you have enjoyed this series on dried flowers. It has been fun to write as I watch my own flowers dry. I am looking forward t

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Silica gel has been used as a moisture absorbant and drying agent for many different products and its inclusion enable these products to be preserved longer. Using silica gel to preserve flowers can be an easy and effective way to preserved flowers with special meanings. It has been shown to work particularly well with pansies, anemone, roses. Our Koch & Co Silica Gel Flower Drying Preserving Crystals (flower drying crystals) is a thirsty, granular compound that offers the best method of preserving the natural beauty of fresh flowers and bouquets. When poured over flower heads, it absorbs the moisture with little damage to the flowers The first thing I tried was silica gel. The process is really simple. I use a microwave-safe container when I'm using silica gel because I need quick results and the microwave will certainly give you that. You just place a layer of desiccant in the bottom of the container - I found that 1-2cm (1/2-1) was sufficient 3. Using A Drying Agent. If neither of the above methods works for you, you can try using silica gel to dry out your flowers. You will need the following supplies: silica gel, a dust mask, gloves, an airtight glass or plastic container, flowers, scissors or garden pruners, plastic squeeze bottles, and hairspray How To Re-Dry (Re-Generate) Silica Gel - the official line There are two methods used for re-drying silica gel. One method uses the oven, and the other uses the microwave. Before you use either method please read all the safety precautions described below: 1. Oven drying method: This method gives the best results even though it takes longer

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  1. Desiccant bags are available in a range of different desiccant types to buy online. Indicating silica gel from 1g to 10g, non-indicating silica gel from 1g to 500g and molecular sieve from 1g to 500g. Click here to calculate the weight of silica gel required to maintain a microclimate in your case
  2. Drying flowers with Silica Gel; Silica Gel is actually a synthetic compound that is usually used as a desiccant to absorb in moisture in textiles, food products, and even medicines to deter the growth of molds and other microorganisms. Other than that, Silica gel is also a very useful agent that can be used in drying flowers
  3. Slowly pour out silica gel powder, remove flowers and make dried flowers. A bottle of 750 grams of silicone powder can be bought online for about 30 yuan. This amount of silica gel powder can dry three to five roses at a time, and can be recycled. Dry flowers can be made using silica gel instead of a microwave oven, which takes longer
  4. Silica gel is a substance that is used to draw moisture out of the objects with which it comes in contact. It can be used to dry flowers or to store seeds over the winter. Silica gel can be reused after it has absorbed water. A microwave can be used to draw the water out of silica gel and to render it fit for reuse

At DesiccantPackets.com we offer you a full line of Desiccant (Silica Gel) and Dehumidifier products at wholesale prices and offer FREE SHIPPING on every order Remove any flowers from the bouquet that have dried out. Put the stems of all the flowers in a vase full of water. Don't forget to change the water almost every day to make sure the flowers stay fresh and fragrant before you can get started with the preservation process. Materials Required. An air-tight box with a lid; Silica gel crystals. Flower Dry Silica Gel Request a Quote; Blue Indicating Silica Gel - MIL-D-3716 Type IV Grade H Request a Quote; AGM Container Controls, Inc. 3526 E. Fort Lowell Rd. Tucson, AZ 85716 520.881.2130 agmwebsales@agmcontainer.com. RESOURCES Careers Foreign Distributors Quality Tradeshows Pour another layer of silica gel over it. Repeat this layer by layer for all leaves. Make sure that the leaves are covered with silica gel. Over the course of the drying period, the gel changes its color: As it absorbs moisture, it becomes either blue-grey or pinkish-grey. Drying is complete when the leaves are crisp, but not brittle Buy quality and affordable silica gel crystal & desiccant packets online from the leading supplier in Malaysia & Singapore. Keep your items fresh and dry. THE DETAILS 15cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 3cm (H) 100% white silica gel crystals Grade-A silica gel crystals Cobalt Chloride-free Environmentally friendly Please note that this silica gel is a very.

Description. Silica Gel as bulk (loose grains) with indicator (Orange). Available in quantities of 1 x 1 Kg or 10 x 1 Kg. Our Silica Gel granules in bulk granules are suitable for many applications, such as: moisture absorption at electronics, drying flowers or as a bufferrelative humidity (RH buffer) e.g. in (museum) showcases or pianos Silica Gel Hack: Dried flowers and leaves are terrific for craft projects, but it takes a while to dry them using traditional methods, and they don't always retain their pretty colors.Silica gel pellets can speed up and improve the process. What Kids Do: Place a layer of silica gel pellets on the bottom of a container with a tight-fitting lid Aside from air drying, some recommend using silica gel to dry flowers. Silica gel absorbs water vapour and can be used alone to dry flowers in a few days or in just a few minutes when used in a microwave. This technique is better if you want to preserve the colour and are drying more fragile flowers Find Silica Gel Suppliers. Get latest factory price for Silica Gel. Request quotations and connect with Sri Lankan manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Silica Gel. Page - 35mm Among other things, silica gel is used for drying flowers to use in decorative dried flower arrangements. I buy it at Michael's, a chain of arts and crafts stores in the US. Just go to an arts and crafts store and ask if they have any of that stuff that's used for drying flowers

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I don't know where to buy the packets, but any craft shop sells the crystals. If you want to see, go to the flower arranging area. If you can't find them, ask for desiccant crystals. They're used for drying flowers For the preservation of flowers to keep dry and moisture free from the bucket, the silica gel is the effective desiccant act as a flower drying agent.Simply in the flower box put some silica gel orange/white beads 1-2mm size, than add roses inside the silica buckets. You can storage the same roses around the 1 week or more time How to Dry Flowers. Drying flowers is a popular option for saving flowers, especially for those wanting a romantic, quaint look for their blooms. Dried flowers can be used as decor to add texture to a living area, a conversation-starter dining table centerpiece or as a tangible reminder of a special memory $10.00 Silica Gel sand for drying flowers for sale in South Jordan, UT on KSL Classifieds. View a wide selection of Arts & Crafts and other great items on KSL Classifieds Other Uses for Silica Gel include: Defogging Windows: place silica gel packets on the dashboard of your car to keep the windshield from fogging up, or by any window in your home that has condensation issues. Crafting: silica gel is great for drying leaves and flowers for arts and crafts. How to Reuse Silica Gel

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The silica gel will dry them quickly leaving their color and shape. Make sure that the flower is fully dry before you start the drying process. If there is a drop of dew left on the flower the gels will stick and could possibly ruin the flowers. Fabric and Leather Protection: Keep your shoes in tip-top shape by storing them with silica gel. Many dried flower enthusiasts report that borax crystals work just as well and are much less expensive than silica gel. Mix 3 parts borax with 2 parts dry, silver hobby sand. Follow instructions for silica-gel drying, but use at least 2 inches of mix over and underneath the flowers, and double the drying time However, you can also use silica gel beads to retain the flowers' natural shape and color. To do that, you will need lots of silica gel packets or buy a big bag of silica gel beads. Line a container with about an inch of silica gel beads. Then, place the flowers on a bed of silica gel beads, with petals left exposed on the top Preserved roses make beautiful and long-lasting flower arrangements. Preserving roses with glycerin helps them maintain more of their color, shape and texture than normal dried roses have. The roses absorb glycerin, which allows them to dry out while maintaining their texture instead of wilting or shriveling If you need general advice on the use of silica gel packets as in-box desiccants or expert support with analysing your individual requirements for your application and selecting the appropriate silica gel packets, our team of experts is at your disposal from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. by calling.

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Drying flowers A lot of people like to dry out their flowers for crafts or to keep them as a memento. You can speed up the process by putting the flowers in a paper bag with a few silica gel packets Where to buy silica gel; Silica gel uses; Composition of silica gel; How does silica gel absorb moisture; Online Order. Please complete the following details. We will call you back to confirm your order and the invoice t... Distributors. DISTRIBUTORS - Distribute Desiccants and Moisture Absorbent products in your area. Provide you.. At SilicaGelPackets.com we offer a full line of Desiccant (Silica Gel) Dehumidifier products at wholesale prices and in quantities you need, plus FREE SHIPPING on every order!Prevent Mold, Mildew, Corrosion, Odors or any kind of Moisture Damage with our line of Desiccant Dehumidifiers, including: Silica Gel Packets, Indicating Silica Gel Packets, Dry-Packs® brand Canisters, Dry-Packs® brand.

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