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Leading Distributor of Fluid Management Products Including Tank Gauge Sticks. Shop Today Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders B & K Tank Gauge Company, The Home of Premium quality gauge poles for tanks of all shapes and sizes, Tank Sticks, Gauge poles, Dip Sticks, Measuring rods If you're looking for, Tank Sticks, Gauge poles, Dip Sticks, Measuring rods or what ever you would like to call them, we have them in many varieties and have been producing them since 1946

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Choose from our selection of gauge sticks, including tank-level folding rulers, long-length tank-level rulers, and more. In stock and ready to ship Bagby Gage 16 1/2 ft. Folding Tank Gauge Stick. As Low As: $26.64. Add to Cart. Bagby Gage 12 ft. Sectional Gauge Stick. As Low As: $19.61. Add to Cart. Bagby Gage 12 ft. One-Piece Gauge Stick. As Low As: $16.70. Add to Cart. Bagby Gage 8 ft. One-Piece Gauge Stick (UPS) - 92 inch Overall Length. As Low As: $11.63. Add to Cart Contact Us. Don Wood, Inc. 6501 Old Winter Garden Road Orlando, FL 32835 407-293-0891 Ph 407-299-0597 F

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Gauge Stick Squeegee Flier B & K Brochure tts One Piece and Folding* Wood Gauge Poles, plus Fiberglass Gauge Poles for measuring levels in tanks or drums. 'NEW' Ragless Gauge Stick Squeege and Wipers - See Downloadable Flier on Righ B & K Gauge Poles are one of the industries most effective products for measurement of underground storage tanks. Whether it is a 50 gallon drum or a 20,000 gallon tank, our products are tough and durable to ensure a long life of accuracy and de- pendability. All one piece gauge poles are made from quality 13/16x 13/16hardwood Oil Gauge Tapes Oil Tank Sounding Tape Measure with Stainless Steel Ruler & Brass Bobs Oil Tank Measuring Gauging Tapes Fuel Measuring Device only in Metric (10 meters) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 Folding Ruler Measuring Stick | 6.5 Foot Wood Foldable Yardstick with Brass Slide Rule

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  1. Choose from our selection of fuel-measuring sticks, including tank-level folding rulers, 55-gallon drum-level rulers, and more. In stock and ready to ship
  2. The Gobius tank gauge, from Sweden, comes with three sensors, which reportedly work with almost any tank material, including steel, stainless steel, polyethylene and fiberglass. Poppy's holding tank is a 60-gallon polyethylene type, so we didn't envision any problems
  3. The charts are in PDF format and grouped by tank design and diameter. For double-wall compartment tanks charts use the main tank chart plus the extension chart. Double-Wall Tanks. 4' Diameter. 550 Gallon. 600 Gallon. 1,000 Gallon. 1,500 Gallon. Metric. 2,000 Liter. 2,500 Liter. 5,000 Liter. 7,500 Liter. 6' Diameter. 2,000 Gallon
  4. about 2 years ago, i purchased a beckett float gauge for my 275 gallon heating oil tank. i wanted a quick way to measure my heating oil so i don't run out. well, in about october of 2016, i noticed that the gauge was reading EMPTY right after a delivery. i came online and read up on some updated reviews, only to find that apparently the float fills up with oil over time, and sinks, causing the.
  5. Also known as measuring poles or height sticks, measuring rod rulers are handy tools that come in a few different styles. Some of them can survey elevation grade by using a dual-purpose feature that's built into the measuring rod, while others are meant to be used as measuring rulers with no grade or level rod capabilities

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PS testers questioned the durability of these stick-on labels. The display panel is fairly small, measuring 2.25 inches high by 4.5 inches wide. It has four touch buttons for tank selection, and each has a corresponding hole for calibration. Five LED lights indicate the tank level: empty, quarter-full, half-full, three-quarters full, and full Fiberglass Tanks. O'Day Equipment provides dome end fiberglass tanks from Xerxes and Containment Solutions. The domes on fiberglass tanks vary by manufacturer. So, here are the manufacturers web sites that have calibration charts specific to their designs. Xerxes — Go to the Library tab for PDF versions of their charts All Bagby One Piece Gauge Sticks feature a poly tip protector as well as a three coat finish process to protect the life of your gauge stick. Makes a great sales tool. FREE Imprinting on quantities of 25 pieces or more. Mix and match sizes! Note: These gauge sticks are sold in a minimum quantity of 10 sticks Often the gauge stick is dropped into the tank from the ground level, which, for a 12-foot diameter tank, can be some 18 feet above grade. Manual tank gauging has become more frequent due to increased regulatory emphasis on following proper inventory control and tank truck delivery procedures Shop Cstore1 for gas tank maintenance supplies including fuel tank measuring sticks, water finding pastes, spill bucket socks, paint templates, man hole cover lifters, paint templates, and more. Done. Narrow Results Department Station (18) Tank Maintenance (18) Driveway.

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UST inventories are determined daily by using a gauge stick and the data is recorded on a form. The level on the gauge stick is converted to a volume of product in the tank using a calibration chart, which is often furnished by the UST manufacturer. The amounts of product delivered to and withdrawn from the UST each day are also recorded Insert the gauge stick into the interstitial space until it touches the bottom of the tank. Leave the stick in the bottom of the tank for the amount of time recommended by the paste manufacturer (usually less than a minute). Remove the stick and check to see if either the water- or fuel-detecting pastes have changed color Water tank level gauges with electronic indicators are a convenient way to keep an eye on your water levels from inside your own home or office. Electronic level gauges consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The electronic indicator inside the tank transmits a wireless signal to a receiver located in the home or office


Browse Item # GPF12, 12 ft Fiberglass Gauge Pole 144 Calibration in the Tank Truck Service & Sales, Inc. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Description,Package Type,Units Per Package,Body Material,Manufacturer,Vendor Item #,WeightNo. of Sections, Fiberglass tanks are ideal storage solutions for outdoor rain water harvesting, water storage, fire protection, ,oil field storage, liquid fertilizer, water treatment, irrigation water storage, and much more. Our fiberglass tank line ranges from a storage capacity of 1,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons

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tank on a cord (for fiberglass tanks) or a gauge stick (for steel tanks). While a fiberglass tank deflection plate and lay-up may be more difficult to feel, the relatively sharp edges of . Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute Page 3 of 3 VI.. Gauge Chart Calc. Please note that these charts are theoretical and are intended as a guide for estimating tank/vessel volumes. Standard Tank List. Tank Volume (Gal) Diameter (Inches) Length or Height (Inches) Accuracy Units. Display Units. Striker(.25 if selected).

ON a metal tank, you can get those stick-on gauges that show you the approximate level of the propane in the tank. I don't think they'll work on the composite tanks, but most of the composite tanks are translucent and you can actually see the levels of propane in the tank if the tank is strongly backlit Lightweight fiberglass Measuring Stick has a folding 48 cross arm and folds down to 66 for convenient storage. Marked to take measurements in both standard and metric units. View More Compliance and Restrictions This item is manufactured or supplied by a small, minority, woman, veteran or disadvantaged business.. The BLUE STRIPE ® Measuring Sticks offer easy and accurate method for infield measuring while also functioning as fully rated telescopic hot sticks. Large, clear English (EM) or Metric (MM) measurements run along side our patented BLUE STRIPE ® feature.. The BLUE STRIPE® Measuring Stick uses our advanced composite construction with epoxy resin and unique non-woven fiberglass to create a. Enhance your storage or tank system with tank level gauges, level sensors, gauge sticks, pressure gauges, remote tank gauges, & more. Looking for something specific? Filter your search by subcategory, type, brand, size or material to find the exact tank gauge or alarm you need

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  1. Browse Item # GS8TTS, 8 ft Wood Gage Stick TTS Print 84 Calibration in the Tank Truck Service & Sales, Inc. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Description,Package Type,Units Per Package,Body Material,Manufacturer,Vendor Item #,WeightNo. of Sectio
  2. Tank Charts are used to understand the features and benefits that will best suit your storage tank needs. Call us at 1-800-444-3218
  3. Highland Tank's on-line Tank Gauge Chart Utility generates gauge charts to help you track the volume of fluid in your storage tanks. Please note that these charts are theoretical and intended as a guide for estimating tank and vessel volumes. The accuracy of these calculations can be affected by many factors and may vary per tank/vessel
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Place the fiberglass onto the glued metal parts, and clamp them together. Turn the clamps tight enough to ensure a solid seal, but do not over-tighten and force all of the adhesive out of the joint. Wipe away all the excess adhesive with a rag before it dries Raritan's tank sensor works on 12-volt DC (other voltages are available). While it can display the liquid levels of four tanks, the kit comes with only two capacitance tank sensor modules. The kit also includes 10 feet of aluminum foil, a 3-amp fuse holder, 12 crimp splice connectors, and a display panel with screws and stick-on labels

Smith Fibercast Bagby Gage Stick-Mfr / Trade Nam Also known as oil-gauging tapes, use these tape measures to check the level of oil and other fluids in deep, large containers such as tanks and vats.. Liquid in tank tape measures have a cylindrical plumb bob that sinks to the bottom of the tank. The blade indicates the distance to the surface of the liquid.. Liquid removed from tank tape measures have a rectangular plumb bob Quluxe Folding Ruler Measuring Stick (6.56 Foot Foldable Design), Centimeter (CM), Slide Fold Up Design Perfect for Carpenters, Contractors- White 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 $8.99 $ 8 . 9 Tank Gauge Stick Tank gauge sti ck can be clearly read, is not w arped or broken Check for Water No water pres ent in the tank Tank Vents Vent cap present, vent pipe solidly supported and ve rtical Stage I Vapor Recovery 7.8 Two-Point (Dual-Point) Vapor Recovery Cover present, colored orange, seated firmly at grade, not bro Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) are important to most tank owners because they help them meet state regulations that require tank and line tightness testing. ATGs also provide accurate product levels at a glance. With an ATG you won't have to manually stick a tank to measure the tank volume

1933-34 Ford Fiberglass Gas Tank Apron Part Number: BB3308 BeBop's Glassworks > More Inf The Heart, the Hull: The integrity of the Royal 169 SS is the next generation in stick steer boats. It's custom designed hull is composed of all fiberglass and composite materials. No wood, none. It is reinforced from front to back and injected with flotation foam exceeding Coast Guard requirements

6,000 gallon underground tank capacity chart - 96 dia. x 16'0 shell length level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallon The interstitial sensor for double-wall fiberglass tanks with high alcohol product uses solid-state liquid level sensing technology to detect liquid in the interstitial space of the tank. It is approved for use with high alcohol alternative fluids such as E85

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Solid-State Discriminating Interstitial Sensor. The Discriminating Interstitial Sensor for double-wall fiberglass tanks uses solid-state liquid level sensing technology to detects the presence of, and differentiates between, hydrocarbons and other liquids in the interstitial space of the tank Chrome Shorty Style Oil Tank Dipstick with Oil Temperature Gauge - White Gauge Face - Fits 1979-2003 Harley Sportster XL and 1984-1999 Harley Softail Models - Replaces HD Part# 62668-87T (40-0674) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1 • STRIKERPLATE - (wear plate, gauge plate, deflector plate) A plate (usually steel) laminated and positioned on the inside of the tank bottom under fittings for protection from potential dip stick puncture or other mechanical abuse. • WAX COAT - A wax bearing resin. • WET-OUT - the ability of a resin to quickly saturate the glass. Rigid, Flexible, Double Containment Pipe and More . Source North America Corporation provides an extensive catalog of fuel piping including rigid (fiberglass), semi-rigid and cutting-edge flexible piping in order to meet the varied configuration needs of retail and commercial fuel sites

Fiberglass combines good temperature and chemical resistance. Fiberglass Weld-Backing Tape Stick this flexible tape to the back of welding seams to contain spatter and prevent oxygen, water vapor, and other gases from weakening the weld High Tide Marine now has the solution for the ethanol and gas fuel tank replacements you need. We are pleased to offer new fiberglass fuel tanks for Bertram Yachts. We are currently fabricating 80-, 165- and 190- and 230-gallon capacity tanks; see sketches below photos for details and dimensions This is the number used in the ABYC standards for metal tanks but the document is mute when it comes to fiberglass tanks. I have used a high precision pressure gauge (multi-rotations, like an altimeter, one rotation equals 2psi, reads to the 1/100 of a PSI) and have pressurized the 95 gallon integral fiberglass diesel tank in my sailboat to 1. Fiberglass pipe, LCX Ball valves Piping, dispenser and tank sumps Flow meters Tank sticks Canopy Lights & Exterior Lighting Fiberglass tank, transition sumps Nozzles, breakaways, swivels Dispenser filters Tank truck equipment Security caps Fiberglass tanks Vapor recovery and curb hose Hose reels Windshield service centers/trashcans Entry and. Fiberglass tanks I have been through the ethanol / fiberglass tank issue twice on one boat. Boat was an 1981 Fortier with fiberglass tanks and a gas engine. Before we had an issue we cut the deck up and re did the tanks with materials that were advertised by a company in the western part of the state to stand up to ethanol. Cut the deck..

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The reinforcement could be a layer or two of fiberglass cloth with epoxy, a thin layer of cured fiberglass laminate like G-10, or a ½ thick piece of plywood sealed with epoxy. When the epoxy used in your reinforcement has gelled, use epoxy thickened with 403, 404, or 406 filler to fill the hole Gauge Stick Port Cap; More... Valves, Drop Tubes & Vents+ Priming Tee; Vent Alarm; Solenoid Valve; Ball Valve; External Emergency Valve; Emergency Vent; Drain Valve; Expansion Relief Valve; Anti-Siphon Valve; Pressure Regulator Valve; Drop Tube; Overfill Valves; Check valve; Foot Valve; Vent; More... Tank Non-UL. Single Wall L Shape; Single. The 61JSK-4RMT Kit installed within a 4 Tee provides an anchoring mechanism by locking the 61SO overfill valve in the tank fill riser. The trap-door assembly installed in the riser above the tank retains access for a gauge stick. The 61JSK-4RMT Kit coupled with any Vapor-Tight 61SO Overfill Valve will work for this application

BOYKO'S PETROLEUM SERVICE, INC. Is proud to be associated with and members of PEI, the Petroleum Equipment Institute, PPA, Pennsylvania Petroleum Association, NTTC, National Tank Truck Carriers, ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the NBBI, National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Oil Tank Accessory Kit is for 275 Gal. Horizontal oil tank replacement installations. Kit includes leak-proof 2 in. Vent Alarm/Gauge with easy to read break-resistant plastic vial suitable for outdoor conditions. Also includes 2 in. zinc Speed-fill 45° Connector, 2 in. zinc Speed-fill Cap and 2 in. zinc Vent Cap The BX-LWF-10 nondistinguishing sensor was designed to fit into the annular space of dry double-wall fiberglass tanks with 10 feet diameter. With its slim, compact shape and flexible snake-like shaft, the BX-LWF can easily be installed and removed from grade. Learn Mor

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Source Simple Solutions. Customer Service: 800-572-5578. Home; Log I A printed table which enables a tank owner to convert depth of liquid in a storage tank to the number of gallons remaining in the tank. When an tank owner withdraws a gauge stick from a storage tank, he records the number of inches reached by the liquid level in the tank. This number might be, say, 4 feet and 11 inches. That's the depth of gasoline or other liquid in the tank

Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauges. Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) designed and manufactured by Veeder-Root are used to monitor more than 500,000 underground storage tanks worldwide. As the world's leading supplier of ATGs, Veeder-Root offers a wide range of tank gauges to meet the monitoring needs of petroleum sites 10,000 gallon underground tank capacity chart - 96 dia. x 26'8 shell length level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallon Hi, My 2040 has developed about 10 or so rust pin holes in the bottom of the fuel tank along the seam. The JD relacement tank goes for $1,400 so I've been looking at aftermarket tanks in the $500 range. There are fiberglass, poly and steel tanks available. Does anyone have any experience using..

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Find Liquid Level Gauges & Glasses. Discover Our Selection. Order Now Materials include polypropylene, TFE, cross-linked polyethylene, PVDF, Kynar®, HDPE & fiberglass. Cleanable, reusable & disposable sticks are available in 36 in. to 144 in. length & are used to determine measure of wet inches & airspace in process reactors & storage tanks. Various thickness & configurations also available

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Enhance your storage or tank system with tank level gauges, level sensors, gauge sticks, pressure gauges, remote tank gauges, & more. Looking for something specific? Filter your search by subcategory, type, brand, size or material to find the exact tank gauge or alarm you need When our company began operation in 1953, we were providing gage sticks for the steel tank industry in Birmingham, Alabama. Today we have distributors serving all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam. We also export to Canada, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama and other locations in Central America 2 137 Gallon Capacity 27 x 44-1/4 x 30 Basement Oil Storage/Vertical _____In. In.Ga. In.Ga. Ga Staff (Head or Level) Gauges provide a quick, visual indication of the level of water in a channel, flume, or weir.Although they should not be solely relied on when more precise level measurement devices are available, staff gauges allow operators to quickly gauge the relative level of water and then proceed with other duties

Vault tanks utilize patented designs with lightweight fireproofing materials, applied in the interstitial space of UL 142 double-wall tanks. These materials ensure that the inner tank is protected from the effects of fire. This design allows both the inner and the outer tanks to be pressure tested at the factory and in the field The combination of checking your tanks with a dipstick before setting off and then monitoring with gauge readings is the best compromise for evaluating fuel levels. Dipsticks are valuable instruments to verify the amount of fuel stored within a tank and should not be completely replaced by an electronic gauge But if your pressure gauge would in fact stick up at the cut-off point (60), but only sometimes, could that be causing confusion? I realize that you say your tank is empty when you check so I assume you mean that you did in fact drain all the water from the tank with the boiler drain valve Fiberglass Tank LP & Bonding: Within control panel, each of the critical field circuits from tank stick and POE camera/ antenna are furnished with a type 1 lightning arrester. Each tank gauge on the tank battery is furnished with a type 1 lightning surge arrester Gauge Stick Or Other Gauges A gauge stick, made of wood or other non-sparking material, is used to measure the depth of liquid in the UST. Typically, such sticks are marked or notched in 1/8-inch increments starting with the bottom of the stick. It is important that the stick be in good condition. Sticks that have worn ends, cut

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