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As of 2020, the world record bench press raw was set by American Julius Maddox at 349 kg (770 lb) Maddox was the current world record holder for raw bench press, which he first set in August 2019 Under the photo was the caption 'Big Lonnie Erickson sets the 'unofficial' raw bench press world record at 770 lbs. (unofficial because he was incarcerated)

What is the world record for bench press? • Bench-Press

George Hackenschmidt Hack's record stood for seventeen years until Joe Nordquest broke it by a kilogram in 1916, and a hundred years later, the exercise had evolved into the bench press and the.. Weightlifting at the level of the pros requires a combination of grueling training, purposeful recovery, solid nutrition, and a lot of grit and determination Andrzej Stanaszek holds the all-time world record for both the squat and bench press No big deal, just the heaviest bench press of all time. In late June, 35-year-old Will Barotti made a jaw-dropping multiply equipped bench press of 1,105 pounds (501.2kg) and the biggest bench in..

Julius Maddox Broke the Bench Press World Record By

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE — Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Cook, 60th Operations Group boom operator evaluator, set a new world record for a raw, or unassisted, bench press in the 198-220-pound weight class by bench pressing 551 pounds, Sept. 13, in Las Vegas. Cook broke the record during the annual Olympia Pro Po #benchpress #benchpressrecord #worldrecordBlaine Sumner sets the new bench press world record at 454kg/1003lbs. This was during the Arnold Sports Festival 20.. #JuliusMaddox #Powerlifting #BenchPressDuring Julius Maddox's 800lb bench press attempt, they loaded the WRONG WEIGHT on the bar. *Interact with me on social..

The Florida native recently broke the world record for an unassisted, or raw, bench press at the annual Olympia Pro Powerlifting Competition in September in Las Vegas. He benched 551 pounds while.. #BenchPress #Powerlifting #BenchJulius Maddox breaks the RAW Bench Press world record with a 744.1 lb bench press.*Interact with me on social media*-Instagra..

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Bench Press 13,354,000 lifts Squat 7,651,000 lifts Deadlift 7,724,000 lifts Shoulder Press 1,915,000 lifts Barbell Curl 916,000 lifts Front Squat 645,000 lifts Bent Over Row 605,000 lifts Incline Bench Press 440,000 lifts Hex Bar Deadlift 321,000 lifts Sumo Deadlift 166,000 lifts Hip Thrust 188,000 lifts Romanian Deadlift 188,000 lifts Military. 800 POUND WORLD RECORD BENCH PRESS on ESPN (MUST WATCH) - BIGGEST powerlifting ERROR ever The World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters, Natural Athelete Strength Association, USA Powerlifting and the World Powerlifting Alliance all have world records for bench press on their. Bench Press World Records: Greatest Weight Bench-Pressed in a Given Time New record claims for this list are welcome! If possible, please contact us BEFORE your record attempt. Your documentation will be submitted to the Book of Alternative Records. To submit a record claim to Guinness World Records.

Massive Kentucky man breaks bench press world record: vide

  1. Online Records. Online record-breaking opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to connect with audiences in multiple locations. There is a wide variety of record titles to choose from and they can be attempted across a broad range of platforms. Find out mor
  2. Her bench press is quite impressive, hitting a massive 315lb. It is not often for female bodybuilders to hit a bench press of over 300lb, but she crushes it. 10. Kristy Hawkins - 319lb
  3. For years, the bench press world record crept up slowly and steadily. In the 1950s, Canadian Doug Hepburn became the first man to bench 400, 450, and 500 pounds
  4. And in doing so, he smashed the previous 534-pound world record for an unassisted bench press lift for the 198- to 220-pound weight class. Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Cook, 60th Operations Group boom..
  5. Maddox recently broke Kirill Sarychev's 308+ all-time world record bench press, when he bench pressed 739.6 lbs or 335.5kg for a new all-time world record.Maddox crushed this milestone at the.

National Records - Drug Tested - RAW Powerlifting << RECORDS INDEX. Raw Full Power . Raw Bench. Raw Deadlift. Classic Raw Full Power. Single Ply Full Power. SP Bench. SP Deadlift. Multi Ply Full Power. MP Bench. MP Deadlift. Event Calendar Competition Result Record claim for New World and/or European Record Record claim form . Official VIP Partners . Partner o James Henderson is the current world record holder for heaviest drug tested raw bench press in history and the highest raw bench press ever done in a full powerlifting 3-lift-meet (squat-bench press-deadlift). His record setting lift was 711.0 lbs. (322.5 kg) and was performed on July 13, 1997 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the 3rd attempt at. Bench press king Julius Maddox has set a new unofficial world record for raw bench press (without a bench press suit) at 765 pounds, nailing a smooth single rep at the weight over the weekend.

Heaviest bench press (male) Guinness World Record

Julius Maddox became the world record holder in the raw bench press after lifting 744 pounds in September 2019. (For contrast, the most Hall has ever benched in a contest is 285 kilograms, around. Bench Press World Records; Bench Press World Records . Sort by. Top Rated Relevance; Alphabetically; Most Recent; Top Rated; 162 Records Found. 01:10. Fastest Time To Bench Press A 135-Pound Weight 50 Times Christopher Knox. Christopher K. bench pressed a 135-pound barbell 50 times in 30.60 seconds. 01:01. Tiny Meeker's last lift at the Cajun Hardcore Powerlifting meet, Dec. 14 in Buena, Texas was 1,102 pounds, making him the only man in the world to officially bench press over 1,100 pounds Eric Spoto destroys the previous raw bench press record. Here's a whole video about what Eric was sniffing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KWEqPEFBwAFor mor..

Albany, Kentucky, United States / March 22, 2013 . Clint P. bench pressed a 225-pound barbell 31 times Since then, Maddox has hired a coach and, with proper programming, has broken the world record raw bench press (meaning only wearing a belt and wrist wraps) not once, but twice. He first benched 739.6 pounds in August, breaking the old record of 738.5 pounds, and followed that up with a 744.1-pound lift in November

Roberts, 69, is the new World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters state record holder in the bench press for men ages 68-74 weighing 181 pounds. He lifted 240 pounds at the national meet April 7 at Nathaniel Center in the Houston suburbs Class Bench Lifter Country Fed Year 123 248 Francisco Pardorla USA USPA 04/08/17 132 264 Sasaki Toshinori Japan IPF 06/16/17 148 380 Tony Conyers USA RAWU 07/18/15 165 420 Tony Conyers USA RAWU 01/24/1 Bench Press 13,354,000 lifts Squat 7,651,000 lifts Deadlift 7,724,000 lifts Shoulder Press 1,915,000 lifts Barbell Curl 916,000 lifts Front Squat 645,000 lifts Bent Over Row 605,000 lifts Incline Bench Press 440,000 lifts Hex Bar Deadlift 321,000 lifts Sumo Deadlift 166,000 lifts Hip Thrust 188,000 lifts Romanian Deadlift 188,000 lifts Military. How much does Ezekiel Elliott Bench Press? What is the world record for bench press? How to increase bench press by 100lbs? How to Bench press a person? How much does The Rock bench press? How much does a bench press cost? How many reps for a bench press? How heavy is a bench press bar? How much should I bench press for my weight

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Larry Wheels Incline Presses 275-Pound Dumbbells for a New

The Heaviest Raw Bench Presses of All Time - BarBen

Vasquez, Johnny. 600 Pound raw Bench Press Hall of Fame. powerliftingwatch.com. video: Jim McDonald Eric Spoto 722 lbs (327.5 kg) World Record Raw Bench Press - Official Video | SuperTraining.TV YouTube.com James Henderson Powerlifting statistics (incomplete). en.allpowerlifting.com A Kentucky man is now the world-record holder in the raw bench press.Owensboro native Julius Maddox lifted an incredible 739.6 pounds during an event in California over the weekend.Maddox eclipsed.

Kirill Sarychev (Russia)

A 70 year old benching press with such confidence and skill - he would probably school a lot of 20 year olds who are too lazy to get off the couch to lift. How impressive is your bench press? Check out this 70 year old as he lifts insane amounts of weights on his bench press Bench Press World Records . Sort by. Most Recent Relevance; Alphabetically; Most Recent; Top Rated; 162 Records Found. 12:26. Most Decline Bench Press Reps With A 308.64-Pound Weight On A Smith Machine (Athlete Under 206 Lbs.) Mark Galloway. Mark G. performed a decline bench press using a barbell weighing 308.64 pounds.. Bench Press with Bench Shirt World Record Holder (2007-2013) Super heavy weight Ryan Kennelly, benched 1070 pounds (476.3 kg) on 4/13/08 at the APA WestCoast Iron Wars held in Kennewick, Washington using a bench shirt. It is said that his raw ma was less than 700 pounds

Perlis broke a World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters record in the 90-and-over age division Saturday at the National Push-Pull Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships in Phoenix 62kg; Lift Name Weight Nat Date Location; S: Michael Kuhns: 247kg: USA: 16 Dec 2017: Biglerville: B: Standard: 145kg - - - D: Standard: 250kg - - - T: Standard: 590kg - - - Mr. Leverage himself, Mike Kuhns, is still the sole Standard beater here with a mighty 247kg Squat from back in 2017. 2019/2020's top 62s have a way to go but lurking in the background is former record. World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-622 lbs in 1979; Strongbow Superman Contest-Winner-374 Clean and Jerk, 837 Deadlift, 120sX17 Dumbbell Press in 1980; World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-634 lbs in 1980; World Record-56 lb Weight Toss Over Bar-Scottish Highland Games-Height: 16 feet and 3 inches in 198 A close relative of the Concentric Pause Bench Press, the Spoto Press is named after Eric Spoto, former holder of the world record raw Bench Press. Spoto benched 722 pounds in 2013 and has.

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Records. World Records State-Regional Records Top 20 Ranking Home Rules. Record Certificates: All proceeds of record certificates are donated to rescues and animal welfare cases for the well being of abused and neglected animals. When ordering record certificates, please allow 8-10 weeks for processing A 2019 World's title was followed by multiple Deadlift and Bench records, with the Squat record under dire threat in 2021. World Women's Age Group Records Women's Yout Men 198 lb. Weight Class IPA World Record. RECORDS LAST UPDATED: November 16, 201

Melo had three successes in the squat, posting a best of 230.0kg, before hitting back in the bench press. After setting a world junior record of 132.5kg in round two, the 20-year-old pressed 137.0kg for a new world record and the overall lead by 6.5kg Contact Us. Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Send Message. Contact Us. WPC/APF; 505 Westgate Drive, Aurora, IL 6050 State/Regional Records; World Records; National and International Records; Rankings. All Time Rankings; 2021 Rankings; 2020 Rankings; 2019 Rankings; 2018 Rankings; 2017 Rankings; 2016 Rankings; BENCH PRESS RECORDS: DEADLIFT RECORDS: STRICT CURL RECORDS . Rated #4 in all NC!! Tim Henriques' book All About Powerlifting is available NOW, get. First paragraph states: Bench press world records are the international records in bench press across the years, regardless of weight class or governing organization. If a lift is backed by a verifiable source that states it's a world record, it's included. This avoids POV, original research and fancruft additions, and also avoids confusion. 1 of 3. In May, Jimmie Espinoza lifted 275 pounds in the 70 and above bench press category, breaking a national record at the 2012 U.S.A. Powerlifting Masters National Championships in Denver

Open World Record Bench Press of 356kg in 120kg Junior Men

The fits are very accurate, but some outliers exist with the Bench Press in particular (those people who are built to Bench Press even among fellow world record holders). Bench Press = 2.6536e-5 x BW^3 - 0.02590 x BW^2 + 8.7356 x BW - 439.90 Full Squat = 2.5122e-5 x BW^3 - 0.02993 x BW^2 + 11.2575 x BW - 676.6 Eliot Glazer bench pressed his dog Atticus 53 times in 60 seconds. The record was set at a St. Patrick's-themed World Record Appreciation Society[] event held at Joe's Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. No animals were harmed during the setting of this record. [#WRAS13][] tag:RecordSetterBook0 The second world record is a bench press using a bench shirt. The lifter may use the shirt which increases strength. The Raw Bench Press Record (Without Equipment) The biggest raw bench press in the world at the time of this writing is 715 pounds. I couldn't imagine bench pressing 715 pounds As part of the World's Ultimate Strongman Feats of Strength series, Julius Maddox looked to improve upon his world record bench press of 350kg/770 lbs at the East Race Muscle Gym in South Bend, Indiana. He achieved 770 lbs back in March at the Arnold Sports Festival after having steadily progressed since first breaking the all-time raw record back in September, easily locking out 739.6 lbs This hard work finally paid off in a big way recently, as he was able to further push his world record, albeit unofficially. He did this with an enormous 551lb bench press that he hit, and posted to Instagram. Hitting a big 250kgs/551lb bench with @russwole today. Didn't pack my bench shoes, so leg drive wasn't the best

281 kg raw bench press - Fredrik Smulter - unofficial IPF

Meet the Man Who Just Made the Heaviest Bench Press of All

The award was presented during the IPA World Championships at the York Barbell Museum in York, PA by fellow Hall of Famer, Mark Chaillet. This great honor came on the heels of being the first man to bench press 900 pounds and the first man to bench press over 1,000 pounds Guinness World Records 2021. All aboard Guinness World Records 2021 for a life-changing journey of discovery!Our action-packed cover offers just a taste of what's inside the world's best-selling annual book. Read on to find out what you can expect from this year's edition For the record (no pun intended), Watson owns the junior marks for bench press, squat, deadlift and total weight in the 105-pound unequipped division, among others. Most notably, Watson set the. Place Fed Date Location Competition Division Age Equip Class Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots; 1: USA-UA: 1992-04-25: USA-TX: Baddest Bench in America & Baddest Bench Press in Texa Emma James, the President of the British Powerlifting Union benched a new world record and took her 5th world title at the WPC World Championships in Prague on the 28th October 2013. This was in a single ply F6 at 86kg bodyweight and is one of the all time biggest single ply benches in history for a woman

Travis airman sets bench press world recor

  1. Place Fed Date Location Competition Division Age Equip Class Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots; 1: IPA: 2017-04-29: Canada-NS: World Powerlifting Championships: Pro Masters 40-4
  2. NFL Combine Bench Press Record is 51 reps at 225 lbs. by Justin Earnest of Eastern Kentucky. Weightlifting World Records. Lift Up. Junior World Records. Youth World Records. The World's Strongest Man. Strongman. Powerlifting Records. Powerlifting USA. Drug-Free Powerlifting. AAU Powerlifting. Up Your Bench. Quintuple Bodyweight Squat Hall of.
  3. IPA President Fred Fischer awarding check of $1,000 to Jimmy Kolb for breaking ALL-TIME World Record in the Bench Press. Contact Us. International Powerlifting Association National Home Office: 190 Arsenal Rd., York, PA 17404 717-495-0024. Major Corporate Sponsor. Sponso
  4. Put it this way, raw bench record is 715lbs, I don't know the raw deadlift record but I'm sure it's well over 800lbs, probably 900lbs or more. Andy Bolton's old WR deadlift of 933 was raw. 08-15-2006, 04:29 PM #1

I doubt the world record bench press for a 165lber 15 year old is 225 10-12-2010, 07:22 PM #4. exercisingdude. View Profile View Forum Posts Banned Join Date: Oct 2010 Age: 30 Posts: 380 Rep Power: 0. cool but why post this? u trying to impress a bunch of dudes? 10-12-2010, 07:22 PM #5. mmaoz. View Profile. The bench press is an upper-body weight training exercise in which the trainee presses a weight upwards while lying on a weight training bench.The exercise uses the pectoralis major, the anterior deltoids, and the triceps, among other stabilizing muscles.A barbell is generally used to hold the weight, but a pair of dumbbells can also be used

Lamar Gant, World Record Bench Press and Deadlifts - YouTubeRay Williams Sets Deadlift Record and Wins 2018 IPF World

Bench Press World Record (454kg / 1003lbs) set by Blaine

Mike Bridges Bench Press Workout. Mike Bridges has won the world powerlifting championships 7 times and has broken 54 records for his lifts. His bench-press at the Master's IPF World Bench Press competition set a World Record of 512 lbs. Since then Mike has gone onto lift 527 lbs in bench-press Class Lift Name Year Fed Country 97 782 Stacia-Al Mahoe 11/11/17 SPF USA 105 898 Wei-Ling Chen 06/11/15 IPF TPE 114 1,025 Jen Rotsinger 08/04/19 USPA US Freddi Smulter's 400 kg / 880 lbs bench press world record » 90 lbs bench press: 126 repetitions » Brutal Back Workout with Mika Nyyssölä » 220 lb bench press challenge - max reps » 441 lb bench press challenge - 18 years old and natural! Thomas TD Davis lifted 622.5 pounds while competing at the International Powerlifting Federation's (IPF) World RAW Bench Press Championships in South Africa on Saturday, setting a world.

Fake Weight vs Real Weight, 225 Bench Press 50+ reps - YouTube

The 800lb World Record Bench Press Controversy

She later went into the sport of powerlifting where she was named World Powerlifting Champion from 1980-1985. She has broken more than 40 world powerlifting records and is undefeated in her career as a competitor. Most notably, she was the first woman to bench 300 pounds. Her PRs are: squat 500 pounds, bench press 335 pounds, and deadlift 501. Rebecca Swanson (born November 20, 1973) is an American powerlifter, multiple world record holding professional powerlifter, pro wrestler, and an accomplished strongwoman. Becca Swanson holds several powerlifting world records for women, including the heaviest squat, heaviest deadlift and the heaviest bench press. Due to her accomplishments in professional powerlifting competition and her. Mary Gregory, an American powerlifter and strength coach, took to Instagram on Sunday to announce she had gone 9 for 9 at the competition and broken four women's world records: Masters world. This bench press max workout is based on the world record holders chest workout. Ryan Kennelly benched 1075 assisted in 2008 and also benched 800 lbs unassisted. This man is a straight beast and with this workout you will not be able to bench 1000 lbs, but hopefully you can bring your bench up 50-60 lbs

Athletes use a bench press arch . I've already posted a complete guide to the bench press arch. But in short, the rules say the head, shoulders, and buttocks need to lie flat on the bench, but there's no reference to the back. Here's a quick explanation by JP Cauchi, former World Record Powerlifter, on how to use the Japaense Style Grip Bench (Full Power) Class Rank Lifter Bench Date Fed; 52: 1: Andrzej Stanaszek: 177.5: 1994-11-17: IPF: 2: Michael Booker # Dundalk Man, 80, Sets Bench Press Record - Dundalk, MD - Bill Strong's name says it all. The Dundalk weightlifter continues to set bench press records after beating cancer Bench Press Only Ernie Tauck 112.50 248.00 11/15/2012 2012 NAPF Regional BP Championships: Raw Junior (20-23) Men 83 kg / 182 lbs Bench Press Only Ryan Brooks No pending records found.. RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Gene Bell recently set world and national records with a 514-pound bench press at the USA Powerlifting National Bench Press Championships in Bedford Heights, Ohio. The quarter-ton-plus lift gave Bell, a master sergeant assigned to the Air Force Services Agency, the Master's World Bench Press and USA National record in the 198-pound division

Lamar Gant | Powerliftingwatch

See Eric D. Spoto Vanilla Gorilla beaking the raw bench press record with a lift of 722lbs (327.5 kg) . The previous record was 715 lbs by Scot Mendelson. See more about the Bench Press world best scores. Raw bench pressing is done without equipment such as bench shirts. Using such aids there have been lifts above 1000 lbs The bench-press world championship is this November. Meidinger wants to bench 330 pounds at the competition, almost 100 pounds more than when she set the world record. She thinks she can do it. Meidinger has never had a panic attack in the weight room Mark Henry and Ryback broke the NFL record for the 225-pound bench press with a stunning 53 repetitions each during a sold out television taping of SmackDown in Hershey, Penn., on Tuesday night. The World's Strongest Man crushed the record of 51 reps, set by Justin Ernest at the 1999 NFL Combine That's the truth. I know there are people who can bench 2 times their bodyweight naturally, but those individuals are built for the lift (short arms + wide shoulders) and usually have 5-10 years of work behind them. Ironically, the routine is supposed to add 25-30lbs to your bench press in 4 weeks plus 8-10lbs of bodyweight increase State/Regional Records; World Records; National and International Records; Rankings. All Time Rankings; 2021 Rankings; 2020 Rankings; 2019 Rankings; 2018 Rankings; 2017 Rankings; 2016 Rankings; BENCH PRESS RECORDS: Turkmenistan: BENCH PRESS RECORDS: Ukraine: RECORD BENCH MEN: RECORD STRICT CURL MEN: RECORD BENCH WOMEN: RECORD STRICT CURL WOMEN

Men's Equipped All-Time World Records; Women's Equipped All-Time World Records; To view Michael Soong's entire book of All-Time Records and Rankings, please go here and subscribe. (Updated January 21 2021) Raw Powerlifting Records compiled by Johnny Vasque Mariana Shevchuk breaks world record in Manchester. Imagen. Powerlifting. Telesca seeks to extend winning streak. Imagen. Powerlifting 'She Can Lift' pushes new limits for women. Imagen. Powerlifting. Fernandez causes upset as hosts dominate Bogota World Cup. Imagen. Powerlifting

100 pound Weighted Dips World Record - YouTube

World Records. So, what is the world record for bench press? Well, throwing out weight classes, the overall most weight lifted bench press is 1075lbs. Although some people may make claims of more then this, 1075lbs is the most weight that has ever been documented. It was done by a power lifter named Ryan Kennelly in 2008 Few exercises stir up as much weight room bravado as the bench press — sometimes, it feels like How much do you bench? is the gym equivalent to Hi, what's your name? And when you see that the world record for the bench press — a whopping 739.6 pounds — was set by Julius Maddox in September 2019, it's hard not to wonder how you compare Because this competition was a venue for setting a National record, and was also a qualifier for the World Powerlifting and World Bench Press competitions, the requirements for age and weight needed to be verified A new record: Sy Perlis, 91, now holds the world record bench press for his age division - 187.2 pounds Usually competitors are given three chances to set their press high, but Perlis was offered.

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