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  1. An H-brace is an assembly of three posts and bracing wire which creates a strong resistance to the lateral force of the fence. Braces may be single or double, however the width should ALWAYS be 2 ½ times the height of the fence
  2. 73461 Utility & Brace Wire is ideal for brace wire, clothesline and dozens of other uses. This utility wire is available in annealed or galvanized finishes. This fence brace wire is 171 feet long. Multi-use single strand wire
  3. ate in a brace assembly as required above

73428 Utility & Brace Wire is for brace wire, clothesline and dozens of other uses. This fence brace wire/utility wire is available in a smooth galvanized finish. Multi-use single strand wire Used for many other applications around the home, shop and farm, such as hanging tools, and shop and household chore The H brace relies on a wire to hold the fence, this does not work. There is too much pressure and stretch to stop the posts from moving. You have to get all the stretch out of the wire in order to use it for brace wire

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Typically used exclusively in barbed wire, 15 gauge high tensile wire is only going to stretch 1.5-2%, and will break at about 550 lbs., making barbed wire break at 1,100 lbs. This 15 gauge wire will be smaller than 12.5 gauge, but will have a higher strength because it is high tensile Double H Brace Pull Assemblies Double H Brace pull assemblies are required in straight fence spans at a maximum spacing of 660 feet. Brace wire shall be high tensile, galvanized steel, or 9 gauge soft wire. Adjoining Fences A fence adjoining an existing fence must terminate in a brace assembly as required above. Corner Install hangers at the same predetermined distance from the ground. Cut the horizontal post to tightly fit between the vertical posts, place the horizontal post in the cradle, and secure it. Includes hardware for 10 H-braces, 20 Dacromet-coated, heavy-gauge steel hangers, and 200 Dacromet-coated phillips/square drive 1¾ screws Like most of us know offenses are created equal, there's a big difference between events that can last 50 to 70 years, and one that'll last three or four yea.. It is half as expensive; An 80 rod roll is 1320 feet long and costs 59.99 or only 4.5 cents per foot, where the 171 foot rolls of brace wire are 15.99 which is 9 cents per foot. The barbless cable is two strands of 12.5 gauge galvanized wire, compared to one strand of 9 gauge wire so either are strong enough for the tension which will be on it

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Priefert's H-Braces are great for anchoring your fence or for adding strength and stability in the middle of long runs of fencing. Available in 4' and 8' lengths, our durable H-Braces are constructed from 11 gauge steel. Priefert also offers an 8' H-Brace with a swivel post, perfect for corners or bends in your fence The double H-brace is actually stronger, and those shorter brace poles are less apt to get knocked out. It is important to tie off the wire at a brace, securing it solidly to the brace posts rather than just stapling the wire — even on long runs

Brace Wire 10 lb 9 gauge Class 3 Brace Wire 50 lb 9 gauge Class 3 Brace Wire 10 lb 12.5 gauge Class 3 Brace Wire 50 lb 12.5 gauge Class Wooden H-brace assemblies are required to have a tension wire consisting of two complete loops of 12-1/2 gauge or larger wire. An in-line wire tightener, rebar, sucker rod, or treated twitch stick will be used to tighten the twitch wire and remain in the wire after tightening is complete. The twitch wire wil H Brace. An H brace can be used to secure a tall wire fence or trellis in place. It is formed at the end of a fence run by placing two posts vertically in the ground and spaced about 6 to 10 feet. HOW TO GAUGE YOUR FENCE Red Brand fence is made from various gauges of wire— from very heavy to very light. The chart below shows the size of each gauge (Ga) wire used in producing Red Brand fence. The larger the number, the smaller the wire. 20 18 17 16 14½ 14 12½10 11 9 Ga GaGa Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Number of Line Wires 47 Height 6 Pullou

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9-Gauge Tension Wire. 10 lb. 9-gauge 170' chain link fence galvanized tension wire. Product information Technical Details. Manufacturer Master Halco Inc Part Number 328787DPT Item Weight 9.48 pounds Product Dimensions 24 x 24 x 1.4 inches Item Package Quantity 1 Additional Information. ASI An H-brace is an assembly of three posts and bracing wire which creates a strong resistance to the lateral force of the fence. Braces may be single or double, however the width should ALWAYS be 2 ½ times the height of the fence. In the video below #TheFencePros demonstrate the proper way to build a wood H-brace for your fence Floating braces for multi-wire fences, and a bed log brace for single wire or low tension fences. The H Brace: The H, or horizontal, brace has been one of the most common brace designs in multiple wire fence construction for years (Figure3.1) Whether the horizontal brace support is put at the top or more towards the middle of th Wire should be constructed of high-tensile steel and should be at least 12.5 gauge in size. Commonly, one to five strands of high-tensile wire are used in a fence. For a perimeter fence, use four to five strands; fewer strands may be used for temporary cross-fences The required materials are a vertical post 4 to 6 inches in diameter and 8 to 10 feet long, a screw anchor with a minimum plate diameter of 6 inches and vertical depth of 30 inches, and number 10 gauge galvanized wire. Vertical post diameter and length will determine the tension strength of the assembly

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When end and corner assemblies are constructed correctly, a few line posts can actually fail without affecting the fence as a whole, and breaks in fencing wire can be easily repaired. The failure of a bracing assembly, on the other hand, may require that the entire fence be rebuilt Typically, the Brace Wire is made from two wraps of 12.5 gauge high tensile wire or 9 gauge low tensile wire. The 12.5 gauge high tensile wire is recommended because it does not stretch. Inline Strainerstighten the Brace Wire on wood Brace assemblies Wire Strainers 1 Strainer handle Crimping Sleeves Wire Vise (for Rows < 200 ft) 12.5 ga High-tensile Wire & 9 ga Soft Wire 3/8 x 9 3/8 x 4 Steel Brace Pins (for H-Brace) Tension Indicator Spring (Optional Priefert's H-Brace Dead-Man functions to help prevent slack in the fence by supporting the H-Brace and keeping the fence tight. Bolt the Dead-Man to the horizontal support rail of the H-Brace and it angles toward the ground, running along the fencing wire to increase the leverage of the H-Brace

Attach wire to the side of the post closest to the livestock being fenced except where appearance is important. Use galvanized staples or the wire clips that come with steel posts to attach wire to posts. Minimum staple size should be 1-1/2 inches. Staples should not be driven in so far that they will prevent the wire from moving without moving. Corner braces range from an H brace, N brace or a brace with a wood post at the top and wire stretching from the top of one post down to the bottom of the other. In other words, when two H-braces back to back which are commonly seen on a pasture fence corner, three vertical posts, two horizontal braces, and bracing wire are used to construct. Best Brace Wire. I have used, regular 9 gauge brace wire, doubled up strands of high tensile, and also barbless barbed wire, or barbless cable from Tractor Supply. It is half the cost because an 80 rod roll is 1320 feet long and costs 59.99 or 4.5 cents per foot, while the 171 foot rolls of brace wire are 15.99 which is 9 cents per foot Ranch near Broken Bow, Neb., this H-brace is constructed of 8-in. posts (8 ft. long) set 4 ft. into the ground. The horizontal brace piece is an 8-ft. length of 31⁄ 2-in. salvaged pipe. The diagonal brace wire is 9-gauge galvanized wire wrapped twice around the posts and twisted tight with a twitch Well the JST connector housings that will marry with the PSU AC-SIDE take crimp contacts as low as 18 gauge wire. Charts I looked at say 12-14 gauge wire for 10 amps. The reason for my question was to find out if the same amperage rating applied to the AC side AND the DC side

Get your Mazel & Co. 9 Gauge Galvanized Brace Wire - 80318 at Blain's Farm & Fleet. Buy online, choose delivery or in-store pickup. Great prices on Wire Ask Question Step 13: 9 Gauge Soft Steel Wire Is Used to Tighten the H-brace, Wrap It Around the Brace Twice. The purpose for this is to keep the posts from leaning when the trellis wire is tightened. Without bracing, the posts will continue to lean until pulled out of the ground by the tension

High-Tensile Smooth Wire Fencing Installation of new Class 3 galvanized, 12.5 gauge wire with 170,000 psi tensile strength is highly recommended. Use in-line strainers on each wire to maintain at least 150 lbs. of tension. A tension spring can be installed on the second wire from the top to monitor tension Red Brand offers different styles of high tensile fencing, including 12 1/2 ga, 14 ga, field fence and 15 1/2 ga barbed wire. For reference, the 12 1/2 gauge high tensile is equivalent to a low carbon 9 ga., making it lighter weight, equally strong, but less malleable. All high-tensile fence is Class 3 galvanized. How to Read a Fence Style Numbe Brace Wire, made Of 121/2 gauge high tensile wire, is wrapped twice around the posts, pulled tight and then spliced with three DARE sleeves. Ä pressure-treated wood twitch stick is inserted to draw the brace Wire tight. DO over-tighten. 5 or 6 turns should be adequate. Nail or fasten the stick to the horizontal brace. Single Corner Brace 900.

H-brace - Two corner posts set 8 to 10 ft apart with a brace rod between them, near the top. A tensioning wire or rod should be pin- connected between the top of the se cond post and the base of the first post. A double loop of 12.5 gauge wire and a tensioner can be to tension the assembly. An H - brace should be used in the fence line on long run diagonal wraps of 12 ½ ga high tensile smooth wire complete the brace giving it the required strength while maintaining flexibility under shock loads (i.e. falling trees). The two-post, horizontal rail is the standard brace for fences of 6 wires or less i Can anyone recommend a good wire nut for connecting 4+ 12 AWG wires? I have a 2-gang box, where I will have a minimum of 4 wires in each splice. The neutrals and hots will have to accommodate 4 12 AWG and 2 16 AWG wires (the 16 AWG are stranded wires from the Insteon light switches)

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  1. We use the 12 1/2 gauge high tensile wire for the corner brace wire. We use a short piece of galvanized pipe for the twitch stick and we do leave it in place so the tension will stay on that corner. To install the high tensile, we first drive a couple of staples so we can wrap the end around the top of the first pole and secure it well
  2. 9 Gauge Field Fence 330' Roll Available in 32 Our Price: $ 93.00. Product Code: WIRFLDFNC9. CALL US FOR PRICING! Features Related Items 2-Rail H-Brace Chicken Netting 48 Welded Wire 3-Rail H-Brace Our Price: $14.40 . Our Price: $63.47 . Share your knowledge of this product. Be the first to write a review ».
  3. The wire I am using is 47 tall, 6 between stay wires, with 10 gauge top and bottom wires and 11 gauge wires elsewhere. Corners are triple H braced , there are single H braces every 70 ft and all wooden posts 10 ft apart
  4. al post. These bands are made from 11 gauge x 1″ steel. This gauge band is used in heavy-duty commercial applications. A 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ carriage bolt is used. Carriage bolt and nut sold separately. Please see additional information below for further detail

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Fig. 1: h-brace This diagram illustrates an H-brace, showing the triangle created by end post, cross-member and diagonal brace wire. The arrow shows the direction of pull on the wire. Fig. 2: N-brace This diagram illustrates the alternative N-brace design. Here again, the arrow shows the direction of pull. Wire tension Wire tension N-brace with. Jan 21, 2016 - Priefert's H-Brace Dead-Man is designed to help increase the longevity of your fence by providing additional support to your braces. Designed to work with Priefert's H-Braces (sold separately), the H-Brace Dead-Man bolts around the horizontal brace pipe of an H-Brace. The Dead-Man angles toward the ground, running alongside the fencing wire, increasing the leverage of the H. The wire running from the anchor to the top of the end post should be as strong as the trellis wires combined. So if, for example, a three-wire trellis has 12.5-gauge wires with a breaking strength of 1,380 pounds each, then the anchor wire must be stronger than 4,000 pounds

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For end braces, simply install a pair of 6-inch-diameter posts a minimum of 3 feet into the ground (if possible) spaced 4 feet apart. Place the wire mesh crib between the posts, wire the posts together with three evenly spaced loops of 9-gauge brace wire (these pass through the crib) and fill the crib with rocks H-brace: Cordon Wire Height 42 (12.5 gauge galvanized) Catch Wire Height(s) 50 - 60 - 70 (14 gauge galvanized) Line Post Spacing 20' Row Spacing 9' Row Length 400' Vine Spacing 5' Vines per Acre 960: Total This Varietal 960 : Varietal 3 Petit Verdot: Clone 02: Rootstock 3309: Year Planted April, 2006: Acreage .2 acre.

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Jan 21, 2016 - Tools and accessories that make building a fence easier for everyone. Brace Building, Tensioning, Splicing, Affixing, Gripple, Trough Valves . See more ideas about fencing tools, tools and accessories, building a fence Quality galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear. Strong mesh design minimizes potential for injury by flexing on impact. 4 x 4 mesh provides strong confinement and deters animals from putting their heads through the fence. Offers secure protection from predatory animals. Length: 330' Available in 48 or 72 in 12-1/2 gauge Stay-Tuff Fence Mfg Inc. 2700 Central Ave. Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 USA Toll Free. 1 888 223 8322. Fax. 1 800 608 5114. Email. sales@staytuff.co describe the wire. For instance, a design number 1047-12-11 indicates the wire has 10 horizontal wires and is 47 inches high, stays are spaced 12 inches apart and stay-and-filler wires (wires between the top and bottom line wires) are 11 gauge wire. The top and bottom wires are generally two sizes larger. Standard woven wire fence sizes are.

A well-constructed high-tension fence will outlast both barbed wire and woven wire with less maintenance, and is a more humane alternative to barbed wire Livestock panels are a heavy gauge galvanized welded wire fencing material. They are also commonly called cattle,hog, or sheep panels. They are almost a must have on any new farm or homestead. They make the acquisition of livestock a much easier process and are an affordable option for smaller spaces. Their rigidness and ability to take abuse makes them idea for goats, pigs and other.

Thread the nine-gauge wire from the bottom of the corner post to just above the brace of the second post and back to the bottom of the corner post. The wire wrap is optional for metal corner posts with welded braces. 5 Place one short piece of pipe between the two wraps of wire near the center of the H-brace 20% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Accounts Opened in Store: One-time 20% off discount is not automatic; you must ask cashier to apply discount (bar code) at time of in-store purchase.Accounts opened online, via Text-to-Apply or QR code: You will receive one-time 20% off coupon/promotional code, which may be used in store or online. Max discount is $100 with this offer

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The h-brace is a common construction technique used for high-tensile fences, thus it is applicable for vineyard trellising. Next thing to do was to install the fruiting wire, a length of 12.5 gauge wire exactly 42 from the ground. This is the optimal height for the Smart-Dyson trellis configuration which we have opted for. The wire is. 12.5 Gauge 4 Point Barbed Wire. Button. OK Select. 6-12.5 Commercial Galvanized Field Fence. Button. Gates, Continuous Fence & Braces. L Brace. Photo By: John Doe. Button. H Brace. Photo By: John Doe. Button. Heavy Duty Gates. 6 Bar - 48in; 7 Bar - 60in; Button. Gate Hinges. Photo by: John Doe. Button Call Evans Pipe & Steel today to place your. 14.5 gauge high-tensile wire, a larger rod can be used for more applications that might be under more stress. The drawback of these types of insulators is the fiberglass will break down over time and the design has the wires away from each other, not against each other as i

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Easy and safe way to assemble drill stem H-braces and corner braces without the need of a welder. The Keyhole Brace System allows one person to drive and assemble a full corner in under thirty minutes. A two person team can fully set posts, cut rails, and wire a corner in close to 10-15 minutes. A simple H brace can be done in 5 minutes Tables are all-welded stainless steel construction, with 18 gauge shelves. Legs and frame are rugged 19 gauge square tubing. Shelves are turned down 1 and hemmed back 3/4 for extra strength

Without a twitch wire, the entire brace will lean in the direction of the fence pull. Two wraps of 12.5-gauge high tensile smooth wire work best. Using an inline strainer instead of a twitch stick makes for easy tightening during installation and easy adjustment/re-tightening if needed 8-gauge slick wire can also help hold the lowest posts down. MOTHER EARTH NEWS STAFF. A cattle guard. MOTHER EARTH NEWS STAFF. Wooden braces between low posts help hold them down These wire rods are used to produce a multitude of semi-finished and finished wire goods. All OK Brand products are made in the heart of America and with American pride. We are proud to say OK Brand Products are 100% American Melted and American Made. Old Fashioned Guarantee

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  1. The brace wire is run from the base of the corner post around the end of the brace pole. Staple it at the base of the corner post about 2-3 above ground level. The brace wire can split a pine brace post. A piece of insultube works nicely to protect the post. Cut a notch on each side of the brace to accommodate the wire and insultube
  2. al post or H-post, this Square Brace Band has a 11 gauge galvanized steel composition that boasts rust and corrosion resistance. Fits 1 7/8 x 1 5/8 Posts
  3. The H-brace assembly (See Figure 8.2) is regarded as the strongest, as the design keeps the force on the vertical end posts, distributing it over a larger area. Two posts are set at least 6 to 10 feet (1.8 to 2.1 m) apart with a horizontal cross member placed at the top of the posts
  4. aries, CCTV cameras and secondary supports. You can use 3/32nd and 1/8th inch cable
  5. g wire, with friction holding it in place. Barbed wire for agriculture use is typically double-strand ​ 12 1⁄2 - gauge, zinc -coated (galvanized) steel and comes in rolls of 400 m (1,320 ft) length

* All gates constructed of 1.66OD 12 & 14 gauge pipe. * Square corners. * Coped and fitted pipe for maximum strength. * Chain latches included. * Ask about quantity discounts. * All prices are for unpainted gates. * Custom lengths available. * Delivery available top wire (i.e., 42 x 2.5 = 105 or 8.75'). The brace wire shall be number 9 gauge smooth wire or 12 1/2-gauge high tensile strength smooth wire. Twist sticks or inline strainers will be used to tighten brace wire. I. Staples and Fasteners Wires will be attached to line posts by a method that allows wires to slip. If stays are used, wires. Its not worth it. I have used some heavy gauge, high tensile wire before and liked it. It cracks me up that people think 2 more points are going to deter a cow. I carry old rolls of barbless wire like you would use on an H-brace for patching now. Its so much easier to not mess with the barbs at all. Reply. OP . J. JW IN VA Well-known member. Fence Stays 10 Gauge, 42-inch . $0.69. Ship to Home. Atwoods Pick Up. Rating: Rating 0. Add Review . Fence Stays 10 Gauge, 48-in Miller Little Giant Manufacturing Easy Seal Waterproof Small Wire Connection . $1.94. Ship to Home. Atwoods Pick Up. Rating: Rating 0. Add Review. barbed wire: sort by: 1 hog panel our price: $22.50 . 34 x 16' hog panel - 4ga cattle panel our price: $22.50 . 50 x 16' cattle panel - 4ga 4' x 12' horse panel our price: $41.50 . 4' x 12' horse panel 4 x 2 spacing 6ga 5' x 12' horse panel our price: $42.

Wire Vise -finishing connection for 12.5ga high tensile wire projects End Post Anchor/ 'H' Brace Kits; Wire and Monofilament. H/T Wire and Strainers. Wire ; Wire Strainers; DuraLine and Strainers. Wire Vise 12.5 gauge Email to a Friend. Be the first to review this product. Availability: In stock. $3.19 gauge high‐tensile wire, with either 2 or 4 Double H Brace In‐Line Assembly consist of a. High-tensile wire costing about the same amount as mild steel is two and a half times stronger than mild steel. For example, when a corner post or H brace moves ½ inch, a mild steel wire such as barbed wire loses over 20 percent of its original strain, but high-tensile wire loses only about 10 percent

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12.5 gauge wire 14 barbs Standard weight NA 9 gauge wire staples 1.5 in. #12 galvinized wire or post type NA 3 in. dia., 6 ft. long, and straight New 5.5 ft. w/anchor plate (1.25 lbs./ft.) NA 24in 18in up to 24 in. H-brace rot resistant-7 ft. X 5 in. dia., straight 30in less than 1320 ft. see pie see pi Wire spacing — and how many wires — will depend on the situation, such as how big the pasture is and how much pressure there will be on the fence, and whether there will be a lot of wildlife pressure as well. Post spacing can vary as well. With a normal four-wire fence we usually put posts every 12 to 13 feet

There are a variety of wire fence options to choose from and even more price points. So knowing what you need is essential. Here are a few general notes that might help. The smaller the opening size the more expensive the wire will be. The larger the gauge size, the thinner the wire. I.E. a 23 gauge wire is thinner than a 1 The best permanent electric fences are constructed using 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile wire. It provides a lower level of resistance than a smaller gauge of wire and has sufficient capacity to carry the electrical current of the fence Costs can run as low as $300 for a hog enclosure using about 400 feet of 18 gauge wire to as high as $8,000 for around 500 feet using 10 gauge welded wire with razor wire on top. Wire Fence Installation Cos • 7,400 lbs: Brace cable broke on H-brace • 9,100 lbs: 200 Kpsi - twitch wire failed on H-brace with figure 8 configuration using crimp sleeves • 10,800 lbs: 200 Kpsi - twitch wire failed on H-brace with sliders (two wraps of wire with no figure 8) • 11,400 lbs: Pipe failed on Raised Rance Brace. What we learned! • It's fun to. Vertical stay wires shall be 14 ½ gauge or larger and spaedcnot more than12 in. aprt.a • High tensile steel (14 ½ gauge), class III galvanized may also be used. One or more strands of barb wire spaced approximately 4 to 6 in. apart shall be added at the top. Electrified smooth high tensile wire may also be used

Dennards is a family-owned business which began in 1890 in Sadler, Texas. Since then, our store has been passed down through four generations & still going strong. We have expanded to three locations in the heart of Horse Country, USA: Whitesboro, TX. Pilot Point, TX. & Sherman, TX. We carry everything for the horse person & ranch: Huge selection of Saddles, both handmade & name brand, Tack. Brace assemblies will be an H-brace, N-brace, or a floating angle brace. Posts will be 5-inch nominal wood or 2 7/8 inch nominal steel pipe (capped). Steel pipe shall be set in gauge smooth wire or 12-1/2-gauge high tensile strength smooth wire. Twist sticks or inline strainers will be used to tighten brace wire Galvanized barbed wire used for security barriers. Single and double strand barbed wire 2.8mm line wire and 2.0mm barb wire, packed 25-45kg/coil. PVC Coated Barbed Wire PVC coated barbed wire consists of 2 twisted wires with 4 spikes, spaced 65-120mm apart, inside galvanized wire 1.6-3.5mm, outside wire 2-4.0mm, 50-400m/coil To complete the end post assembly, number 10 gauge galvanized wire is used to connect the vertical post to the screw anchor. Fasten the guide wire to the anchor screw 3 inches above the soil and as close as possible to the catch wire on the end post. Again, this will help transfer the force from the tension of the trellis wires t

It's woven rather than welded, uses a heavier gauge wire, and is stronger and cheaper. However the openings are much larger; larger than I was comfortable with for goats. Regular goat fencing is also woven, knotted actually, 4x4 squares. From the road to a double h-brace in the middle, and from there to the back corner of the field. The woven wire fabric is spliced together using . splicing sleeves. such as Nicopress FW 2-3, or equivalent, for 12.5 gauge wire. Two sleeves are used for each splice of high tensile smooth wire and each strand of woven wire. A single long sleeve may be used if they allow sufficient space for two full crimps Purchase Class 3 galvanized 12 1/2 gauge woven wire fencing. Fencing will be 4 feet high. The woven wire fencing will be 4x4spacing or goat fencing. Install a line of barbed wire at the bottom of the fencing or rust wire and a separate barbed wire along the top to discourage larger animals from leaning on the fence

VTEC Light What you need: LED with Holder 330ohm resistor 18 gauge wire VTEC Honda Wire the 330ohm resistor in series to the -ve terminal on the LED and the run that wire to a ground point. Connect the positive lead of the LED to the VTEC signal wire near the car's ECU. Handling Modifications Installation of a front H-Brace and a rear lower. Flat razor wire fence made from single loop razor wire or two loops, razor thickness 0.5-0.6mm, razor length 12-21mm, razor width 13-21mm, wire diameter 2.5mm. Outside diameter: 450mm-960mm Barb spacing: 26mm-100m H Brace Fence Support by far, the most common bracing for end and corner posts is the H or horizontal brace. The brace has four different parts: the end or corner post being braced, the brace post, the horizontal cross brace that connects the two posts and the brace wire How Fasten Welded Wire Fence Sections. Welded wire fence sections are also known as cattle panels or livestock panels. They make quick work of installing a fence without the need to stretch wire DuraHeat Tank Top Heater, Double Burner, 30000 BTU, 1000 sq-ft Coverage, Liquid Propane Fuel, 20 lb Fuel Tank, Steel Body, Silver, 6 in Overall Length, 18 in Overall Width, 12 in Overall Height, Includes: Adjustable Heat Control Value, Built-In Safety Shut-Of

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