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Buy Online. Save Money. Fast and Free Shipping Toda Fast Delivery On All The Best Brands And At Guaranteed Lowest Prices A pool shock treatment is insurance against algae, bacteria and other contaminants infecting your pool water. Regularly shocking your pool will keep the water fresh and clear. Shop The Home Depot for everything you need to shock your pool and other pool cleaning supplies 1 lb. Shock Plus (5-Pack) Pool Time Shock PLUS is a 4-in-1 pool shock Pool Time Shock PLUS is a 4-in-1 pool shock that combines oxidizers, water clarifiers, flocculants and buffers to help provide crystal clean water without increasing pH. For best results broadcast this granular formula to the deepest end of the pool and wait at least 15 min. Ideal for both last-minute and routine maintenance. Shock pool weekly, and apply more product after heavy use, high temperatures, or rain. View More. DryTec 6-Pack 16-oz Pool Shock. Extra Shock dissolves faster! An extra-powerful start-up and maintenance shock that helps to improve the appearance of your pool by removing and preventing algae growth. When used as directed, Dry Tec Extra Shock.

Product Title Pool Essentials 4-in-1 Pool Shock Treatment, for Swimming Pool Use Average Rating: ( 4.4 ) out of 5 stars 361 ratings , based on 361 reviews Current Price $59.50 $ 59 . 5 Potassium peroxymonosulfate. Sometimes shortened to MPS, this oxygen-based shock treatment is an excellent choice for odor removal and neutralizing ammonia and other contaminants. If you've got algae issues, though, MPS might not be the best fit: It's much less effective at algae removal than chlorine-based pool shock POOL SHOCK Apply HTH ® premium shock products every week to boost your chlorine levels and destroy unwanted bacteria and algae. HTH ® shock treatments deliver the strongest available chlorine to your pool for the cleanest, clearest, swim-worthy water. 1 Balance 2 Sanitize 3 Shock 4 Algaecides Sp Specialty Sa SAL Pool Shock Treatment is the 4-in-1 powerful pool shock designed to boost chlorine levels and kill and prevent bacteria and algae for a clear, healthy pool. Each pound of Super Shock! packs a powerful punch, treating 13,500 gallons and restoring crystal clarity in just 24 hours

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What is a pool shock treatment? The term shocking your swimming pool essentially means adding high volumes of concentrated chlorine to kill off any living contaminants (like bacteria or algae) that have developed within your pool A pool shock is a project of inputting chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to your swimming pool to raise your level of free chlorine. When your free chlorine levels are too low, bacteria, algae, and chloramines begin to crowd your swimming pool and make it unsanitary. By shocking your pool consistently, you can create the right amount of.

Pool Description: Shock Treatment Chlorine: 1: Pool apears clean & clear. 6 ppm No algae growth. The floor at the deepest part is clearly visible. 6 ppm: 2: Pool not quite clear. 10 ppm Traces of algae on skimmers. The deep end of the pool is just visible. 10 ppm: 3: Pool with noticeable haze. 20 ppm Shallow end floor clearly visible. Deep end. By regularly adding chlorine shock to your water, you completely avoid the hassle of SLAMing your pool to clear algae and ammonia.. To have a trouble-free pool throughout the summer, I always recommend the use of non-stabilized chlorine known as sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) with a 12.5% chlorine concentration for pool sanitization But overall, a cup, 3 tabs, or 1 shock treatment is a good place to start. If you're using chlorine tabs, put them in a floating chlorine tablet dispenser. IMPORTANT: Make note of whether or not your chlorine products contain CYA, or cyanuric acid. This chemical is a chlorine stabilizer, and helps to extend the life of your chlorine

Pool Shock Clean and clear water is at your fingertips with Leslie's line of exclusive, industry-leading pool shock! Pool shock's primary purpose is to oxidize ammonia, nitrogen compounds, and swimmer waste. Oxidation destroys these irritants and lets the remaining chlorine do what it does best: sanitize your pool Pool shock refers to a granular oxidizer, a powdered form of chlorine that is used for pool water treatment. In addition to the noun pool shock, it can also be used as a verb, in the act of shocking a pool, or adding granular oxidizer (pool shock) to the water in sufficient quantity for the desired change. When to Use Pool Shock: A-B-

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  1. From the time of day to the amount of shock used and how it's applied, all these factors control how effective your shock treatment is. And if you're spending money on pool shock regularly, then it's in your best interest to get the most out of it. Here's how to shock your pool the right way
  2. Pool shock is an important tool to have as a pool maintenance worker or owner. It is basically a powdered form of chlorine used for pool water treatment. Liquid pool shock is a form of chlorine that is designed to bring up chlorine levels. They are handy and efficient tools that will help any pool stay clean and healthy
  3. g pool the right way by pre-dissolving each pound of pool shock in a bucket of water before adding it to the water...
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Pool Shock Pool shock and super chlorinators for swimming pools help keep your pool free from contaminants. Shock your pool weekly or more often during periods of hot weather or heavy use. In The Swim has a large selection of pool shocks and super chlorinators to choose from Looking for the best price on Pool Shock? Shop Pool Supplies Superstore for pool cleaning, chemicals & more. Save big on pool maintenance. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Free Shipping on orders $100 or more i. Hayward Sand Filters HTH 52011 Super Shock Treatment, 1 lb, 12 Pack. Only Super Shockwave Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools REVISION DATE : 06/03/2015 Page 6 of 14 Incompatible Materials for Storage: Do not allow product to come in contact with other materials, including e.g. other pool treatment products, acids, organic materials, nitrogen-containing compounds, dry powder fir Establish a weekly routine to clean the pool and add pool cleaner. A shock treatment solves and prevents the majority of pool problems. Test the pH, free available chlorine in the pool water and shock-treat if necessary on a weekly basis. Do an additional shock treatment if you encounter: Very heavy rains and windstorms; More swimmers than usua Finally, you will need the free chlorine levels in the pool. Now that the pH and CYA are in the right ranges and you have the measurements of free chlorine, you can shock your pool. How to Shock a Pool that is Green Treat the Water with Shock. Consult the chart from Trouble Free Pool in order to determine what shock level the pool will need to.

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The use of pool shock comes in certain stages. The main objective of the pool shock is to get rid of chloramine corruption. Pool shock reduces and eliminates the growth of algae and bacteria. Also, pools with bromine treatment undergo pool shock to quiet down the bromine ions from activation #5: Pool Shock is a highly corrosive and caustic substance. Pool Shock is a highly corrosive substance that's dangerous to skin and eyes. The minute it hits your skin, calcium hypochlorite begins to cause damage to skin, eyes, respiratory tract, and the digestive tract. Calcium hypochlorite can chemically destroy body tissues on contact Pool shock, shocking a pool or super chlorinating is a routine cleaning method designed to clean your pool water and keep it safe to swim. This is usually done by adding three to five times the amount of chlorine that would normally be used to keep your pool clean and safe The shocking process can take multiple days depending on the algae in your pool. For this reason, you will need to keep up with vacuuming and brushing your pool each day. Brush the walls of the pool to dislodge any algae that you missed with the first brushing. Vacuum the bottom to get rid of all the dead algae that have settled on the bottom Shocking your pool water helps to remove contaminants that may cause cloudy water and algae. Apply a pool shock treatment weekly as part of a regular maintenance routine. Maintain a regular cleaning regimen. Skim water surface, brush walls, vacuum and empty skimmer baskets at least once per week

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Pool Shock PoolSupplyWorld offers a complete selection of Pool Shock: Cal-Hypo, Di-Chlor and Oxidizing Chlorine-Free, all designed to eliminate contaminants in your pool. Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal-Hypo) is fast dissolving and extra strength to super chlorinate your pool water back to safe levels Shocking a pool is a great way to kill and clean algae. You will get the pleasure of swimming in crystal clear pool water. The process breaks up chlorine and contaminants. The pool's filtration system plays an integral role in the process Shock is an effective treatment for controlling algae and bacteria in swimming pools. Whether you're looking for liquid or granular options, Namco Pool has a variety of shock solutions to keep your pool clean and healthy. Not sure what you need? Our experts can help. Shop pool shock now Chlorine is the most effective treatment to kill algae— black algae, a green pool, etc.—and it's best to kill it at the first sign of a bloom. Whether you notice small spots or a complete overgrowth, it's time to shock the pool

My tech shock my 10,000 saltwater pool just to raise my chlorine level and to take the load off of the generator, it's been over 100 degrees a lot. After 24 hours my chlorine reading is off the charts? My test kit only goes up to 3 but it must be at 5 or 6? The water is clean and looks good but it looked fine before the shock treatment Pool shock is a chemical treatment that helps break down contaminants - such as leaves, dirt and debris, even oils from your skin -- that can gradually build up in your pool water. Shocking your pool as part of your weekly pool maintenance routine will help keep your water clear and balanced. New to pool shock Swimming pool cleaner poisoning occurs when someone swallows this type of cleaner, touches it, or breathes in its fumes. These cleaners contain chlorine and acids. Chlorine is more likely than the acids to cause serious poisoning Although chlorine is most commonly used to shock pools, there are a number of pool shock treatments with varying levels of chlorine. It's important to understand the differences before heading to the store, to ensure you select the best one for your pool needs REGAL (12 PACK) 1lb Bag OXY-KLEAR Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment, FREE SHIPPING Temporarily Out Of Stock Regal (12 PACK) 1lb Bags OXY-KLEAR Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment, FREE SHIPPING Watch the Video Above on How to Shock Your Pool FREE SHIPPING, In Stock, Ships in 1 Day Granular non-chlorine shocking compound,..

Prepper Water / How to Purify and Disinfect Your Water:Here is simple step-by-step directions on how to: Use pool shock to disinfect water during SHTF. Use b.. Suncoast Super Shock 4-Way Sanitizer and Shock Treatment is an effective, multi-purpose product that restores crystal clarity to pool water, sanitizes, prevents algae, and shock treats your pool. It is convenient, easy to use and won't overstabilize you

In The Swim Pool Shock is made up of 68% calcium hypochlorite, also called Cal-Hypo, and is a non-stabilized pool shock. Super Pool Shock. In The Swim Super Pool Shock is a more concentrated version of our Cal-Hypo pool shock. It contains 73% calcium hypochlorite, and is also a non-stabilized shock, containing no cyanuric acid to shield it from. The CLOROX trademark, the CLOROX Diamond Design logo, the POOL&SPA trademark and logo, and the trade dress associated with any of the foregoing are the property of The Clorox Company and are used under license by Easy 1 2 3 Pool Care LLC and/or its affiliates

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Dirty, Stagnant Pool Treatment Check pH, add SuperKlar clarifier, mix in and allow to settle overnight. Vacuum the flocs to waste. Apply a second dose to provide a 7-day polish for a sparkling clear pool HTH Super Shock Pool Shock Treatment, 1 lb Granule Bags, 12 ct. $39.00. Free shipping. Only 3 left. Leisure Time Renew Granular 5lb Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Spas. 4.5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 product ratings - Leisure Time Renew Granular 5lb Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Spas. $40.16 Pool shock is an important chemical solution that's necessary for the treatment of pool water. This type of treatment adds an oxidant to the water that's able to eliminate electrons that are found in such contaminants as algae and bacteria. When you want to purify and disinfect your pool water, shocking it is an effective option If the pool has a DE filter, then I will use granular chlorine (about 5 pounds). This article shows how I shock a pool with a DE filter. Remember to test the water before adding shock. The pH should ideally be low when shocking the pool (around 7.2) because shocking the pool will raise the pH level

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Liquid chlorine and granular shock have the same active chemical that sanitizes your pool, what changes is the strength and the way you use it. Liquid chlorine is less costly, unstabilized and comes in liquid form. Granular shock is stabilized and comes in a solid form that dissolves in your pool Applying the Shock Treatment to your Pool. With your filtration pump running, begin pouring the treatment into your pool. It's best to begin sprinkling or pouring the shock slowly around your pool's outer perimeter. As you do, try to avoid inhaling any fumes or particles that may get captured by the wind Using shock treatment is one of the best ways to help your pool water look clean and clear and it is also the proactive way to protect it from all of the nasty contaminants. HTH Super Shock Treatment will quickly dismantle unwanted bacteria and algae and boost your chlorine levels back to a manageable level Shock Treatment. Shock. Shock treat. Shock treatment. All these terms mean the addition of chlorine to pool water in larger than normal amounts. Shock treating your pool is of the utmost importance because it protects you and your family from bacteria and organic contaminants. A shock treatment adds 5-10 ppm FAC

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A shock treatment is effective at returning your pool to its normal state almost instantly. Afterward, your personal pool tech can monitor and balance your pool's chemicals to ensure changes in clarity or the conditions that led to bacteria growth never return DryTec shock helps maintain and improve the appearance of your pool water by preventing algae growth. It is a robust start-up shock treatment. Kills bacteria, controls algae, removes contaminants, and raises chlorine levels to make the water sparkling clean BioGuard Smart Shock is a multi-functional product that shocks, oxidizes, buffers, and clarifies pool water. It kills and prevents bacteria growth. This product has unique blue algae-fighting crystals that kill unsightly algae. There is no need to mix or pre-dissolve, just add it directly to your pool water. This prod Super Shock-It 73 ® 73% Calcium Hypochlorite Available Chlorine: 70%. Premium grade, fast-acting, fast-dissolving 73% calcium hypochlorite granules. Shock treatment and super chlorinator for pools. This granular calcium hypochlorite kills bacteria, controls algae, and destroys organic contaminants. Great for all pool surfaces Pool shock is a granulated form of chlorine used for water treatment. Shocking the pool is a necessary part of servicing it, as it disinfects the water. Many pool owners shock every few weeks, as part of their regular pool care routine, in order to keep everything clean and sanitary

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If you are unsure call your local well driller or pump contractor and arrange professional chlorination and shock treatment. How to Shock Chlorinate a Well: Which Type of Bleach To Use The best way to shock chlorinate sanitize wells is to use a combination of dry pellets and dry chlorine granules mixed with water Pool Shock: Pool shock is a specially formulated pool chemical designed to shock - meaning kill - any bacteria or traces of organic material floating in the water. When done regularly every few weeks, shocking your pool will help keep chlorine levels stay balanced and in turn keep your pool clean and safe to swim in -Considered to be a shock enhancer, the use of this chemical during a shock treatment creates hypobromous acid, the acting sanitizer in bromine systems, which is widely recognized for its algae-killing properties. -One of the most effective pool chemicals for fighting mustard and black algae

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Run my pool pump. Keep your pH levels perfect. Fix green pool water. Fix common problems with pool cleaners. Test your pool water the fast way. Remove stains. Fix cloudy pool water. Operate your pump and filter settings. Run my pool pump. Calculate size of pool The Strongest Shock Treatment on the Market Poolife Turbo Shock is a powerful shock treatment with more of the benefits pool owners look for. Thanks to the advanced formulation and patented process, TurboShock is 15% stronger than most chlorine shocks, with 75% available chlorine. Results from using Turbo Shock: Clear and clean swimming pool. Pool Frog; Shock Treatment; Solar Blankets; Specialty Chemicals; Get A Free Quote. Contact us and get planning your paradise now! Contact Us. Pools. Spas. Services. VISIT US. 1513 E Dominick St Rome, NY 13440. Give Us A Call. 315.336.6900. FOLLOW US. Facebook-f. Instagra Chlorine Pool Shock Treatment s kill bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants to keep your swimming pool safe and clear!. Fine chlorine granules for broadcast swimming pool shocking and super-chlorinating to destroy organic contaminants, eliminate eye-irritating chloramines and clear cloudy water fast Pool shock is the application of extra chlorine to the water to kill harmful bacteria and algae 1. Chlorine is a highly reactive and corrosive oxidizer 1.If you enter the water while a pool is being shocked, while chlorine levels are too high or while undissolved chlorine products are present, you risk skin damage and other injuries 1

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When the combined chlorine level in your pool water rises to more than about .3 ppm (parts per million), you will need to shock your pool. Shock, both the chlorinated and chlorine-free variety, is a powerful oxidizer. Adding shock to your pool will oxidize and destroy organic material, giving a boost to your free chlorine For example, some 1-pound bags of shock treatment can deliver 7 parts per million of free chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water. We hope that answers your question on chlorine versus shock. For more information on chlorine tablets, be sure to check out our article on the difference between chlorine tablets The next day, your swimming pool will look greenish or yellowish, but there's no need to worry because it is a part of the process. The process of we putting in chlorine into the swimming pool is the thing called shock treatment or shocking the swimming pool.. So, how long after shocking pool can you swim

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One part of regular swimming pool maintenance is chemically shocking a swimming pool. Swimming pool owners may find their pool water turns green after they shock it. When swimming pool water turns green after being shocked, it is generally because there are metal particles in the water For in-ground pools (average depth 7 to 9 feet) Refer to product labels for Directions for Use and Precautionary Statements. 14x28. 16x32. 17x34. 18x3 Trichlor can also be found in power/granular form, but this is typically used as a shock treatment and is much less common — especially since other, arguably better shock treatment products are available. Trichlor Quick Stats. Comes in tablet (most common) or granular form; Both forms have a pH of around 3; Contains around 90% active chlorin Shock chlorination is a process used in many swimming pools, water wells, springs, and other water sources to reduce the bacterial and algal residue in the water. Shock chlorination is performed by mixing a large amount of sodium hypochlorite, which can be in the form of a powder or a liquid such as chlorine bleach, into the water.The common advice is that the amount added must raise the level. Shock Treatment Aqua Silk® Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer. This chlorine-free liquid formula contains a specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide to clarify pool water by oxidizing organic compounds completely and efficiently. Useful Tips: Neutralizes chlorine (up to 2 ppm free chlorine

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75-78% Calcium Hypochlorite Granular Pool Shock - Shock Dosage: 1 lb (bag) of shock per 10,000 gallons of water. Source: Arch Poolife TurboShock instructions. In many scenarios, this should get you rolling. However, it is not the most precise option available. Below, we go into detail regarding the mathematical formulas used by Certified Pool. Buy 12 shock, get 1 free! poolife ® TurboShock ® shock treatment is a powerful treatment with more of the benefits pool owners look for. With 75% minimum available chlorine, poolife ® TurboShock ® shock treatment works fast to combat algae and bacteria. It dissolves more quickly and completely and keeps pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work By testing your pool water weekly with BARACUDA® 6in1 SMART DOSE™ Test Strips, you can find out how much shock treatment your pool requires. BARACUDA® Xtreme Shock is one of the 7 SMART DOSE™ chemicals and is ideal for shocking your pool. Click here to learn more about the SMART DOSE™ System. *Baracuda Pool & Spa Chemicals not available.

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