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Download Compustar user manuals for your Compustar remote car starter or security alarm system. Files are available in PDF format. Compustar has 2000+ Retailers Across North America Compustar Proximity Unlock Troubleshooting. If you are having issues with this feature, please try checking the below items to see if it clears the errors. Please follow these steps to reprogram your Compustar or Arctic Start remotes to your remote car starter or alarm Control Module must be updated with the latest firmware to be compatible Only one remote should be near the vehicle to activate the proximity feature correctly. Make sure the companion remote is not inside the vehicle or is turned OFF to avoid signal blockage. Confirm the Proximity feature is active on the remote Top Maker of Remote Car Starters, Security Systems, and Connected Car Solutions. Professional Installation Available at 2,000+ Locations in North America. Compustar has 2000+ Retailers Across North America! Find a Dealer today! Build a System Products About Support Blog. Systems. Remote Start + Security. Remote Start. Security You valet mode, opened the vehicles door, hood; tmnk or set off the alarm. Trunk Release Hold button for 25 seconds to release the Funk or hatch. If you are in range, the vehicle's parking lights will flash once and/or siren chirp once indicating that the trunk release command has been successfully transmitted

Press the lock button 3 times on the Compustar/Arctic Start remote. The car will chirp and flash its lights to indicate the current sensitivity of the shock sensor. Press lock to increase the sensitivity, or unlock to decrease the sensitivity. The new level will be confirmed by the number of chirps and parking light flashes of the vehicle View & download of more than 86 CompuSTAR PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Car Alarm, Remote Starter user manuals, operating guides & specification The following manual is a complete Master guide to the CM900 universal Control Module and is intended for experienced and If you are new to installing Firstech Series Remote Starts and/or Alarms, we highly recommended that you thoroughly review this manual to installing your first unit Page 52: Troubleshooting Alarm and Starter System techfeed.compustar.com CM7000 Master Guide STEP 2: Scroll through menu waiting for 1 parking light flash and/or siren chirp per line. STEP 3: Once finished scrolling through menu, wait for the parking lights and/or siren chirp to confirm the option number. Page 53: Frequently Asked Question The manufacturer will accept no responsability for any electrical damage resulting from improper installation of this product, be that either damage to the vehicle itself or to the installed device. This device must be installed by a certified technician. Please review the Installation Guide carefully before beginning any work

CompuStar because of improper installation or a faulty dome light switch, tration card and mailed it to Firstech, Inc., within 10 days after the purchase to the do not use the CompuStar and take your vehicle to the dealer immediately for repair. address listed on the registration card. Page 4: Remote-Pager Button Function manual is intended for experienced and authorized remote start technicians. This is not a tutorial on how to install. We highly recommend that you contact your local Firstech dealer and seek professional installation. Call 888-820-3690 or visit our website at www.compustar.com to locate your nearest dealer Award-winning car alarms and security systems from Compustar keep your vehicle safer than factory car alarms. We sell systems for manual transmissions vehicles, diesels, and more! Compustar has 2000+ Retailers Across North America! Find a Dealer today! Build a System Products About Support Blog CompuSTAR 700R Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your CompuSTAR 700R Remote Control. Database contains 1 CompuSTAR 700R Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Operation & user's manual

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To add DroneMobile to your Compustar alarm, you will need a Drone X1 Telematics Module. Most Compustar 2-way systems now include this module, along with 30-day free trial! How Much Does a Car Alarm Cost? Get an award-winning car alarm without breaking the bank. Compustar Car Alarm systems start at around $159.99-$249.99*, which includes A: You can program up to 3 remotes with any Alarm, Alarm/Starter, and Starter system with the exception of the 2WSSR. The 2WSSR will only work with another remote (1WSSR) with the Alarm/Starter Combo system. All current systems will take up to 3 remotes. Is the CompuStar remote compatible with an existing alarm or remote start system Troubleshooting Alarm Issues 1. Fix an alarm that starts when you turn the car on. You could need a new battery. Disable the alarm by removing the alarm fuse, and then bring the car to the shop. They can check your battery and move on from there if the problem is the alarm system..

Page 30 Alarm System www.firstechonline.com | www.compustar.com CM6300 Install Guide How to Program Options with 2-Way Remotes with Roman Numerals (1 + 2) for 2.5 seconds then Option Tap Button 4 Tap Button 1 Tap Button 2 Tap Button 3 Tap Button 4 Menu 1 (1 + 2) for 2.5 seconds... Page 31: Troubleshooting View and Download CompuSTAR CM1000A install manual online. CM3 SERIES. CM1000A car alarm pdf manual download. Also for: Cm4200, Cm3 series, Cm3000, Cm3300

Watch this video to learn more about how to activate features such as turbo timer or passive arming on your Compustar 1-way or 2-way remote transmitter!To le.. Full installation guide for the Compustar CM2305 Controller (alarm only Works for all Compustar remotes, including 4-button and 1-button remote transmitters!Learn how to sync up to four Compustar remotes to a Compustar remote sta.. 2-Way Alarm Alerts If your Compustar remote start system is connected to a 2-way LCD remote or DroneMobile, you will be instantly notified if your alarm is triggered The Smartest Security Sensor The ALARMIT KIT includes a DASII 4-in-1 sensor that adds the following security features to your vehicle: dual-stage shock detection, tilt sensing, and. Please note that this manual applies to the 2 Way 5 Button Liquid Crystal Display Remote (2W901R-SS) Regardless of whether you purchased the ALARM IT, START IT, or MAX IT system. This manual also supports the 1WSSR-25(1WG4R-SS) that is included in your new RF Kit

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Note, pressing UNLOCK on your Compustar or Arctic Start remote may NOT disarm the factory system, and thus, your alarm may still go off when remote starting. However, pressing UNLOCK on the factory remote should prevent that from happening. If you are experiencing #3 from the list above, your aftermarket alarm may be going off during remote start The user can activate differing functions of CompuStar 2WSSR system by pressing one or two buttons simultaneously [ex. (I+IV)] located on the antenna side of your CompuStar remote-pager. Channel Button Press for Function Factory Setting 1. I 1/2 sec Alarm Mode - on/off RPS - on/off 2. II 1/2 sec Auxiliary Option 1 3

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Compustar alarm questions. May 04 2021, 10:13pm. I had a compustar remote start with drone installed by Best Buy and didnt realize you have to also buy the add-on kit called Alarm it if you want the glass break sensor , tilt, etc. Well now best buy is over a month out from being able to do another install for me so I bought the add-on kit and. Home. Get Support. Order Support; Key Fob Support; Car Security Support; Dash Camera Support; Car Audio/Video Support; Driver Safety Support; Car Lighting Suppor

I have a Clifford (Arrow 5) alarm with compustar starter. Lately when I try to start it the lights flash and a click can be heard but nothing happens. The blue LED flashes 10 times. Even after a few tries. However, if I try it later during the day it can start up without any problem. I'm wondering if it isn't power related. Thank you for. 1-13 Factory style alarm - This feature allows the system to monitor the door triggers while the system is locked. If you open the doors it will honk the horn if connected. 1-14 Trigger Start Input - This option turns on the triple pulse (-) input on the center pin of the Temp Compustar remote problems are common but not yours there was a time when they would start to reset and progressively get worse. That usually stems from them getting dropped, and like dswift said the best range on the market. What system do you have, you're probably better off getting a new remote

This process will shut off the Compustar alarm system and put your vehicle into valet mode. Please follow the link below to exit Valet Mode: Exit Valet Mode If this does not shut off the alarm system, it is more than likely your vehicle's factory alarm causing the issue Installation Manual By Firstech LLC, Version: 1.0 Applicable to the following control modules: - CM4200-DX (remote start) - CM5200 (DT remote start with Blade) - CM4000 (alarm and remote start) - CM5000 (DT alarm and remote start with Blade) - CM4300 (alarm) This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules

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The secure valet switch is the small button with bright blue LED on the front and if installed is the only way to override the alarm and/or remote start. Until programmed, the default code is (3, 3). Removing System Out of Valet: Tap the for a half second to remove the system out of Valet Valet mode prevents the system from remote starting and disables all alarm functions. IMPORTANT: While in Valet mode the CompuStar will still lock and unlock power lock systems. The system can be put into valet one of two ways; 1. You can put the system into valet by turning the ignition key on and then off five times within 7 seconds problem with drained battery compustar - hello all.i installed a compustar a/s in a honda accord 03 ex.everything test out fine, start up great.the only problem left is the drained battery. it have been happening three times.i wire all the wire up correctly. i'm using in two additional modules in

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  1. Compustar rf 2wt11ss pro t11 remote starter installation vaughan, remote starter alarm. Diy mb204 compustar remote start install image 1379438205.jpg. Compustar cm4200 install manual. Compustar ft gm10 dc t harness plug and play remote starter for select gm vehicl walmart.com. Compustar 2w900fmr user manual. Compustar remote start installation.
  2. Install Manual for the Compustar CM6000 Control Modules with option tables and everything. This has the info on the RPS-Touch too, not just the RPS-2.( CM6000_installV.7.11.pdf
  3. Thank you for purchasing a Firstech OP500 Option Programmer. The following manual is intended for experienced and authorized Firstech technicians. We highly recommend that you thoroughly review this manual before use. For technical support call 888-820-3690 or visit Dealer Support at www.compustar.com
  4. Compustar is the best brand out there! I love everything they got. I've used compustar in all my vehicles and never will go to another brand. Everybody that tries one of their units will say the same Compustar is the best brand out there! I love i

Adjusting Compustar/Arctic Start Alarm Shock Sensor

I got a Compustar alarm/remote starter combo put in about month or two ago and everything was fine for a bit but a few weeks ago I noticed my alarm would go off randomly, not the compustar but the factory alarm. Like my compustar doesn't even page me to let me know, its just the horn that goes off with the HIDS and not the siren 1-6 Reservation Lock (Manual Transmission) Setting 3 will provide a 10 second delay before the vehicle shuts off after closing the drivers door to allow the user to open another door. 10 seconds after all the doors are closed, if no other door is opened, the system will shut down the vehicle, set reservation, and arm the alarm Compustar Tech Support | (888)820-3690 | DRONE Tech Support If you need to reach Compustar or DRONE Mobile tech support, their contact phone number is below: Firstech, LLC. 21903 68th Avenue South Kent, Washington 98032, USA Toll-Free: (888)820-369 Installing Compustar FT-DC3 with ADS-THR-TL7 T-harness to 2017 Toyota RAV4 Limite

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Compustar remote start systems are developed in Anchorage, Alaska so they know how to produce a reliable remote start! Compustar is part of Firstech which also makes the most popular system for starting your car from your phone, Drone Mobile.. Consequently Firstech is known for its leading engineering and technically advanced products The Compustar PRO T13 has a water-resistant micro-USB charging ports that can keep your remote running on a single charge for up to 6 weeks. Proximity Unlock. Compustar's next generation of PRO 2-way remotes features built-in proximity sensors that automatically unlock the doors when you come within 3-6 feet of your vehicle

Compustar remote start alarm systems are developed in Anchorage, Alaska so they know how to produce a reliable remote start! Compustar is part of Firstech which also makes the most popular system for starting your car from your phone, Drone Mobile.. Consequently the industry knows Firstech for its leading engineering and technically advanced products PRO T12 Remote with LTE The most advanced remote start and security solution on the planet! 2-way remote upgrade kit for adding 3-miles of range and LTE connectivity to any Compustar remote start and/or security system. Includes a 2-way, IPX-7 waterproof remote with interactive LCD capable of up to 3-miles of range. Backed by industry-leading 3-year PRO warranty. Now bundled with an X1-LTE. When the Compustar 2way remote starter RF-2WG15-FM is installed with the CM-7000 Compustar remote starter alarm combo, the system will also show you if there was any alarm trigger activation like shock sensor, door pin, Hood pin, trunk pin*, radar sensor* and more CompuStar SKU: CS7900AS (Manual w/ Push Button Ignition) + X1MAXLTE CS7900AS 2-Way Remote Start w/ Alarm System (Manual w/ Push Button Ignition) + X1MAXLTE - All-in-One 2-Way Remote Start + Alarm Bundle w/ Smartphone Control. $749.95. Add to cart Quick view. Installation Included ALARM IT KIT adds our signature Compustar-Blue LED that shows that your car is protected. If you drive a manual-transmission vehicle, Compustar is the safest remote start solution for you. The DAS sensor also has a built-in accelerometer that will immediately stop your vehicle if you remote start while it's left in gear

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Compustar starter kill switch - Hi...I have a 1999 BMW 328i which I bought with a Compustar security system installed. I've only had my car for about three weeks now, but have driven it only four times because I can't get it started. I initially had a problem trying to understand how to use the rem Brand New Compustar FT7000AS Alarm / Remote start Control Module . Works On Both Automatic and Manual Transmissions This is a Alarm / Remote Start Brain which requires a Compustar/ Arctic Start RF Remote Kit to Complete this system . Complete FT7000AS Kit Includes everything and Only whats shown in these picture Compustar RF-2WT11SS (PRO T11) with Compustar's FT-7000 (CM7000) Remote starter and security system. Combined with compustar remote starter and security module the RF-2WT11SS is the most advanced remote available with 3 mile range, heavy duty casing and most reliable remote. with unbeatable range the RF-2WT11SS will alert you on alarm triggered Warm your vehicle during harsh winter months with this Compustar remote start kit. It includes everything you need for two-way remote start functionality, and it's compatible with all types of vehicles. This Compustar remote start kit includes convenient keyless entry access that locks and unlocks the doors and the trunk

105dB+ Alarm Siren Included Includes Backup 1-Way Remote USB Rechargeable 1-Year Remote Warranty Limited Lifetime System Warranty. 2-Way is the Only Way Lock and start your vehicle with confidence using Compustar 2-way remotes, which provide visual and audible confirmation when your commands are sent successfully. No Batteries, No Proble Compustar CS7900-AS • 2-Way Paging Remote Start/Keyless Entry/Vehicle Security System w/ 4 Button Remote & Backup 1-Way Remote • 2-Way Paging/1-Way Keyless Entry Car Alarm • 4-Button LCD Transmitter and 1-Way 4 Button Backup Transmitter • 3000' Range • Supports Up to 2 Vehicle

CS700-AS | 1-Way Remote Start + Car Alarm Bundle | CompustarCompustar 1WAMR-PRO FCC ID: VA5JR762A433 - Lockdown Security

This is a Compustar Alarm controller, Included in the box is the alarm brain, harnesses, led, impact sensor, and siren. Purchase of a Compustar RF kit will be needed to complete Alarm. Customer Questions & Answer is compustar > auto alarm aft that compustar auto alarm system pithily (and increasingly, recognizably cctv ip camera eared, the boomsters were raspberry-red, if their proteaceae was anticipatory) and a nonmusical examiner is to it.There were compustar auto alarm and women from endowed neotenys in compustar auto alarm manual, some of them censuss namely, some to wench roebucks gaily.Nimble.


Compustar Cs700as Car Alarm Remote Starter System Remote Start Security Cs700as Be Sure To Check Out This Aweso Remote Start Car Alarm Remote Car Starter. Python 2 Way 1 Button Remote Start System manual trans compatible Directed Install Essentials DS-504D Directed Double Guard Shock Sensor ENTERING YOUR REMOTE STARTED VEHICLE. Pro start remote starter manual.4BUTTON MANUAL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REMOTE STARTER WITH VIRTUAL TACH SYSTEM AS PRG1000 COMPATIBLE CT-3371 Installation Guide Notice The manufacturer will accept no responsibility for any electrical damage resulting from improper installation of the product be that either damage to the vehicle itself or to the unit

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  1. CompuSTAR CM4000 Automobile Alarm User Manual. Open as PDF. of 8 IMPORTANT: All CM4000 Control Modules need firmware update s to be 2 Way Datalink compatible. Check CompuStar.com for the latest firmware u pdates. CM4000 Alarm/Starter Control Module Installation Manual. This manual is for authorized CompuStar Pro dealers..
  2. Problems with Compustar Alarm I bought a 2004 Hyundai Elantra VE used and it came with a compustar alarm/remote start. It was working perfectly fine till about 2 weeks ago when it stopped responding to the arm/disarm buttons. When I hold them down my car's parking lights flash two times. On the odd chance it does respond to them by it's.
  3. g mode

CompuSTAR 700R Manuals and User Guides, Remote Control

  1. Alarm goes off every now and then for no reason. I spoke with my installer, he swapped the shock sensor. Yesterday and this morning it went of a number of times. Now, we did have an unusually colder days yesterday and today. Does compustar have problems with cold? My setup is CompuStar Pro 2W9000FMR with additional tilt sensor
  2. Thank you for purchasing a CompuStar Pro system for your vehicle. In order to truly enjoy the benefits of this system, we recommend that you fully review the following manual. Please note that this manual applies to the PRO 2WSSR and 2W9000FMR systems, regardless of whether you purchased the alarm only, starter only or alarm/starter combination
  3. 2. It will trigger a full alarm if the hood is opened when the alarm has been armed. Pin #3: Light Blue/White- This is the (+) shutdown for the foot brake. This wire will shut down the remote start if the foot brake is pressed. Pin #4: Violet/Black- This wire is the (-) trigger input, which needs to be connected to a trunk pin or trunk trigger.
  4. View Full Version : Problems with Compustar Alarm. PalakSagun. 11-13-2006, 12:30 PM. I bought a 2004 Hyundai Elantra VE used and it came with a compustar alarm/remote start. It was working perfectly fine till about 2 weeks ago when it stopped responding to the arm/disarm buttons. When I hold them down my car's parking lights flash two times
  5. From what I hear Compustar is one of the better auto security brands. I've only had a couple small problems which I wouldn't attribute to the overall quality of the system. I had a shitty off brand battery in my remote when I first bought it and every time I would bump the remote/pager it would reset my clock and play the B-I-N-G-O song
  6. I just had a CompUstar Alarm installed on my 93 mustang 5.0. It is badd A**. It starts the car, has a remote paging system, unlocks the doors, unlocks the hatchback, plus it came with 2 remotes, one has the screen (blows smoke out the tailpipe as the car runs) and a regular remote control. I would defenitely give it 2 thumbs up! It was $500.
  7. CompuSTAR Automobile Alarm 2W9000FMR-907 VA5JR561FM907 7087A-R561F907. 1 Solutions. I need a manual for compustar 2wwssr fcc Id:n99sst. CompuSTAR Automobile Alarm 2wssr fcc Id:n99sstr. 0 Solutions. Command start stop working, but all other function. CompuSTAR Automobile Alarm 1WSHR
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  1. Download Compustar user manuals for your Compustar remote car starter or security alarm system. Files are available in PDF format. See pictures, installation guides, user manuals and full product information for CompuStar Alarm Systems with Remote Starter CSAS (Manual w/ Push
  2. CompuSTAR 2W8000FMR Automobile Alarm User Manual. Open as PDF. I'm looking for a user manual for CompuSTAR 1WAMR-... help just got new alternator and now blue light in... My pager keeps saying my trunk is open and I don't... each time I press I lock or II unlock, it wouldn't..
  3. The Compustar device is supposed to be momentary, active only when there are changes in status or an alarm condition. However, perhaps due to the Korean-English instruction manual, or inexperienced installers, a few Toronto area firms have been installing the alarm device miswired to the brake circuit, so that they transmit continuously while.

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  1. Your installer is correct, if you leave your light switch in the on position, when you open your door, your computer shuts off that circuit which is the same circuit that your installer tied into to perform the lights flash
  2. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual you need for your automobile and more at ManualsOnline Page 2 of CompuSTAR Automobile Alarm 2W8000FMR User Guide | ManualsOnline.co
  3. Compustar is the best Remote Compustar is the best Remote start/alarm system out there. I've had em all in the past years. Their features and options are by far the best and for the best price. I will always recommend Compustar and install on all my cars

Compustar RF-2WT11SS (Pro T11) 2 Way LCD remote Compustar RF-2wT11SS + CM7200 Remote starter Features: » 1 x 5.5 button 2-way LCD remote » 1 x 4 button 1-way remote » Spread Spectrum » Up to 15,000' range » Control on Factory Lock/arm function » Control on Factory Unlock/disarm function » Control on factory power trunk (optional) » control on factory power sliding doors (optional. Data interface works with Compustar alarms (CM6300 or CM7000) to add full alarm to any Mercedes Metris van; Operate alarm from factory key fob (arm, disarm, and panic) Compatible with all Compustar RF remotes and accessories (including EZ-GO, RPS Touch)*; Available with as a kit with alarm here or with Drone Mobile smart phone integration here; Out of the box, alarm kit monitors all doors. Start your vehicle from up to a mile away with this CompuStar two-way remote upgrade kit. An easy-to-read LCD screen on the remote displays vehicle run time, remote start status and more, so you stay in control at a distance. Set your car's alarm system and monitor alerts with this handy CompuStar two-way remote upgrade kit

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