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https://peteandpedro.com/In this Pedro's Pointers video, Aaron talks about how to properly dry your hair with a towel. Not a big deal you say? Wrong! When yo.. If you've heard that using hot water in the shower causes dry hair to become frizzy after air drying, you don't necessarily have to give it up just yet (although turn temperatures down a bit never..

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People who only wash their hair once or twice a week may also see an increase in shedding when they decide to wash it because of all the buildup. Most hair shedding should happen in the shower, although it's still common to lose some when combing through afterwards, says Dr. Bergfeld Step 1: After shampooing and conditioning, detangle your hair in the shower. Use your hands; skip the comb. Finger detangling allows the waves to clump together, while using a fine-tooth comb. Dry your hair. Squeeze the water out of your hair before stepping out of the shower. Avoid rubbing a towel on your hair, which could damage it and cause frizziness. Consider a separate towel for your hair I usually wrap a towel around my hair for a few minutes to soak up excess moisture after washing it. Then I brush it out with a detangling brush. It takes 45 minutes or so for it to air-dry to the point that it's just barely damp. I then blow-dry/style it on low heat

Your post-bathing ritual is just as important as what's happening inside your shower. Water actually weakens your hair's bonds, so running a brush through when it's wet and defenseless will leave.. DON'T BLOW DRY STRAIGHT OUT OF THE SHOWER Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it's wet because the added water makes the hair follicle more porous, meaning it's more susceptible to breakage. Avoid doing things like brushing your hair and using heat tools when your hair is wet because this is sure to guarantee damage

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  1. After the shower, while your hair is still wet, shape your hair into place using your fingers or a comb, even if you're not styling it right then, says Bennett. As it starts to dry, the shape will begin to get locked in, which will help make it easier to style once you put in the product
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  3. Breakage and frizzing are even more likely when using a dry brush on dry hair. To reduce frizz from brushing, use your fingers to untangle your hair when it is dry. If necessary, use a wide-tooth comb in the shower to properly distribute conditioner and untangle hair. Avoid using combs on dry hair
  4. The tool you use for shaving will also affect when you should shave. Using an electric razor on dry hair is recommended, making it ideal to shave before you shower. Wet hair becomes unmanageable when using an electric razor. If you are using another type of razor, such as a straight razor, it is best to wet your hair prior to shaving
  5. that is a lie! Thats actually the best you could do for your hair! Blow drying it makes it very dry, and can damage it. Towel dry/ air dry is the best way to go. & if you dont want it to be so oily, try using shampoo only on the top of your hed and conditioner on the tips

Don't aggressively rub your hair while drying it: A majority of women either rub their hair vigorously with a towel or coil it up in a towel hat to dry hair after shower. Both of these methods of drying hair are disastrous as they cause knotting, frizzing, and breakage The answer is no, and there's a considerable godsend which is actually brought up by the development of science called dry shampoo. But it turns out not to be a gift from god because the products can fade your hair color, and have an impact on your scalp health in case of overuse Waist-length, straight, fine hair here. I comb (wide-tooth) when wet, brush when dry. I brush my hair before the shower, try to shampoo in a way that doesn't cause too many tangles, and then comb with conditioner in. The slip the conditioner provides makes it a better time to wet comb than if you waited until after shower. I comb while rinsing.

Dr. James says any time there's an increased presence of moisture (like when you're not fully dry after a shower) can create a potential breeding ground that's favorable to yeast When you get out of the shower you hair is wet, and when it is wet it is more brittle and prone to damage and breakage. So, you have to be extra, extra gentle. Don't just grab a towel and start shaking it in your hair. The key is to take your towel and pat your hair all overdon't go crazy with the towel, that is just a recipe for disaster A long, hot shower feels so good, especially in winter, but hot water removes your skin's natural oils and can leave you dry and itchy. Protect your skin by sticking with warm water and keeping. Mistake #4: Blow-Drying Your Hair the Wrong Way. Air-drying your hair whenever possible is typically the best choice for curly-haired girls. That said, if you are going to dry your hair, be sure to add a diffuser attachment onto your blow dryer to help limit the amount of direct heat and forceful air hitting your strands

Shaving should happen at the end of a short shower so the hairs are damp but not too swollen from too much heat and steam, which causes hair swelling that later leads to ingrowns when the shaved. How should we dry our hair after the shower? Always jumping out of the shower and wrapping your hair in a towel before a quick rough dry? Don't. Award-winning Lee Stafford tells us: Best thing to. So every time I took a shower, I had the habit of drying my hair by rubbing it vigorously with a towel. This often resulted in lot of hair fall, dry scalp and hair getting tangled into each other. After that , brushing my hair was also difficult since a lot of hair were tangled into each other and brushing would result in more hair fall Love your new after shampoo ideas here Nikki,I like the sound of that dry shampoo,sounds like a goodie! Yes you did tell me about your working shower and I would miss the salon visits too,but not the baths in the morning Combing after washing secrets How to comb your hair after washing: Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so you should not tie your hair when it's wet. The best way to remove excess water from your hair after a shower is to dab your hair with a towel and then wrap the towel loosely around your loose hair

After your hair is completely dry, continue drying it with the 'cool' setting on your dryer until it's completely cool. When I go to bed with 'hot' hair, my hair just forms to the shape it cools down in (not a good look). I do it after flat ironing my hair & it works like a charm Keep reading as Bridgette debunks the greasy hair dilemma and offers her suggestions for keeping your freshly washed hair fresh-looking after a shower. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Exesio (@exesiohaircaresystem) on May 11, 2019 at 2:16pm PD Should I change my clothes and shower when I come home from the grocery store? Is there a risk that the virus could be in my hair or beard? because the virus will dry out and decay. We.

I combed it through my dry hair at night before going to bed. I put on a shower cap and fell asleep with the mask in. The next morning, I showered, washed, and conditioned my hair. After two nights of this treatment my hair finally settled down and I was able to get the dried frizz look out of my hair. 4 Daily Use for Long Hair First, let your hair dry naturally, about 70-80% of the way dry. Then, with your dryer on the coolest setting (don't touch that hot setting!), blow your hair dry, keeping the dryer about 6. After coloring my hair for more than 15 years, I decided it was time to embrace the gray hair. My tipping point was my fashion-forward stylist who noticed my gray hair (after not coloring it for a month) and told me I should consider letting it grow out. I took his advice and let my hair grow out, but it was not without the struggle

Dab at your hairline and front layers of hair surrounding your face using blotting papers or, if in a bind, paper towels. DO detangle your locks before you shower, as dry hair is more durable and less apt to break than wet. Just remember to use a wide-tooth comb for curly or wavy hair, or a brush with soft, rounded bristle tips for straight hair After you use them, take them out of the shower and let them dry out. Lingering moisture will encourage bacterial and fungal growth. Using a bacteria-infested loofah can lead to a skin condition called pseudomonas folliculitis, an infection in the hair follicles, says Dr. Farris Even hair that is relatively healthy can take on damage from combing hair in the shower. Combing through tangles in the shower can lead to more hair shed than what is considered normal or healthy. Hair tangles more easily. Part of the problem with combing your hair in the shower is that wet hair tangles more easily than dry or damp hair Towel drying your hair after a shower can feel great. However, if you aren't careful, you can severely damage your hair and cause weakened strands to fray or break. As much as it is important to keep your hair clean, it is equally important to know how to dry your soaking strands. Once you've given your hair proper care in the shower, it's. Here's How the T-Shirt Hair Hack Works. Instead of drying your hair with a towel post-shower, swap it for a cotton T-shirt. Here's why: When hair is wet, it becomes weaker and softer, explains hairstylist Isabella Vázquez.. If we use a regular towel to dry it, the grooves of the towel become aggressors to the cuticle of the hair

If you brush your hair after showering, we have bad news

Therefore, giving the hair a quick blast of cold water or placing a shower cap over your hair after it's been washed are two much easier (and less chilly) ways to protect colored hair. 6. Add a moisturizing mask into the mi Hi, I've just had a shower and it's been the 2nd time ever I'vev used conditioner and i've been wondering how i should dry my hair. The last time i did it i used the towel but my hair didn't feel soft, it felt how it usually does w.out conditioner. This time I've used a more reasonable amount of conditioner Curly hair is often dry and brittle and can break easily when combed or brushed. Try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid breakage. Start with a wide-tooth comb to break up any knots

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  1. Now that you've secured the hair turban, it's time to twist your hair up into it. If you usually put your hair up in a shower towel, then this should be the same thing you'd usually do. Once you're done twisting all your hair into the hair turban, stand up straight and pull the twisted part onto the top of your head. Loop the Hair Turba
  2. g your hair, use a wide-toothed comb in the shower after applying conditioner. When you go to bed, wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect the perm. Alcohol will dry out.
  3. thanks for the great article detangling hair in shower is great idea. but my doubt is , once we dry the hair after shower, it gets tangled again or how to dry curly hair without getting knots.. Reply. anjana.m13@gmail.com says: September 14, 2015 at 10:48 a

If you're like a lot of men, you step out of the shower after washing and/or conditioning your hair and rub it vigorously with a towel to help dry it. Don't do it. The fact is, your hair is very susceptible to damage when it's wet, and rubbing wet hair with a towel causes some of the hair to become caught in the threads of the towel and. While you've likely heard about the benefits of air-drying your hair, did you know that air-drying your face after washing with your go-to facial cleanser or drying off sans towel after a shower can also be a good idea? Yes, that's right. Air-drying your face and body is a step you may not have considered adding to your skin care routine, but it's definitely one worth considering To ensure that your hair is completely dry dap the area, remembering to be incredibly gentle. As mentioned previously the first hair wash after a hair transplant is so important, and if you follow the steps as outlined above, then we are certain that your new hair will achieve its potential and be healthy and grow as desired

5 Mistakes You're Making When You Air-Dry Your Hair Allur

  1. If you have dry, coarse, curly, or color-treated hair, you may benefit from conditioning your hair more frequently — daily or every other day. These hair types tend to be on the dryer side, and.
  2. This may mean allowing your hair to air-dry post-shower before beginning to comb through hair strands. If you're in a pinch (or just super impatient) and must brush your wet hair, there are a few ways to do it to help reduce the amount of hair damage: 1. Use a towel to dry hair first
  3. The best way to keep your hair frizz-free and tangle-free is to comb your hair in the shower and then NOT brush your hair. Our last tip is especially relevant now that we're in January. When you are in a rush during the cold winter months, it is tempting to go outside with your hair still wet, but letting your hair freeze outside is terrible.
  4. Well, I was brushing my hair as soon as I got out of the shower, and letting it air dry. I also kept my hair very long from the time I was in my late teens. Do you think that maybe I should put a product in after washing my hair? Reply. Emily Evert says. March 26, 2021 at 5:52 pm
  5. Use a T-shirt to dry your hair. You're probably already in the habit of rubbing your hair dry after a nice long shower, but, tbh, you should really stop doing that. The act creates friction and.
  6. I learned that if you are using the dry healing process after microblading, your best bet is to not get your brows wet for 10-14 days. Hmm, this left me in quite a predicament being that I needed to shampoo my hair
  7. Pour some water on your head by using a bowl (do not use the shower). It is important to rinse the shampoo well. STEP 4 Drying. Do not use towels to dry your hair. You should use a hair dryer on a cool air mode and at a moderate distance from your head. Third & Fourth Week After Hair Transplant

Instead, try brushing your hair before hopping in the shower to work out knots and air out the roots, James says. During your shower, Use a paper towel to dry your hair. Norton says this is. My hair is thick, wavy, and past my elbows. I have some grey strands, but nothing too noticable. I go through a lot to keep my hair nice. I only apply shampoo to my scalp (2-3x a week in the summer, 1x a week in winter), thuroughly rinse and cold blast right before I get out of the shower, I use a cotton tshirt instead of a towel to dry, I only use a wide tooth comb and usually detangle with. Let your hair dry naturally after the shower, but don't forget to comb it every 5 minutes. Part your hair in several sections, and slightly pull each section so that your hair remains in a straight form. You can use a hair dryer as well but only on the cool setting There are a number of reasons why your hair may feel dry shortly after washing. One reason has to do with the quality of the water we use when washing our hair. If the water you shower with is hard water, that is water containing mineral deposits, it can dry out your hair, make your skin feel dry and even slowly erode your clothing

Why you should NEVER leave your hair wet for long after

  1. However, that's not always possible. We suggest that you at least towel-dry your hair before applying ROGAINE ® products so that your hair is no longer dripping. Back to Top 19. Can I blow-dry my hair after applying ROGAINE ® products? Yes. It's fine to blow-dry your hair; however, we recommend using your dryer at a lower setting. Back to Top 20
  2. In the summer, you blame dry hair on the sun and heat. In the winter, you think perhaps cold and wind could be the culprits--stripping your hair's moisture. And when it comes to your dry hair, those factors definitely contribute. But there's more to understand about dry hair, and many ways to moisturize every type of dry hair so that it feels soft and supple
  3. Keep the hair band or hair wrap on till your hair is completely dry, using a blow dryer to speed up the process, Redway suggests. Other hair types should accept that a truly masochistic workout will wet your hair, and plan accordingly. Try skipping the shampoo and just running conditioner through the ends, suggests O'Meara
  4. Throughout my dry-brushing experiment, I used this facial dry brush. This one was quite small and mainly used for the face though it worked all over. I've also heard great things about this long dry-brush. Just remember - you're literally brushing your skin, just like you may your hair. It can't be too difficult! What dry-brushing did.
  5. - For the unversed, air drying is getting out of the shower and letting the air do its magic. Here, you do not use any kind of tools to dry your hair. Blow-Drying: - Blowdrying your hair is.
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After the greasy, horrible mess after my first back surgery (doctor told me I couldn't shower for 10 days!), I was not going to let that fly again lol. After my second back surgery, I went to the salon and had them wash and style my hair twice in the week (ish) period I was told not to shower, and just had help styling it afterwards After you have treated yourself to a hair mask, you can let your hair air dry, or even give your hair an extra boost with a nice blowout. Use our Finishing Serum for heat protection and control to provide lasting results with your style. Remember, a good blowout will mean less work for you on hairstyling throughout the week Whether you're dreaming of trying balayage or ombre for the first time, you might find yourself wondering whether you should wash your hair before you get it dyed. Or, how long you should wait when washing hair after colouring. Ultimately, the goal when looking after dyed hair is to stop it from fading, which is why it is so important to pay attention to your hair washing routine

Hair care doesn't have to be a downside of working out—here are 13 expert tips for the best dry shampoos and natural oils to make your post-gym routine that much easier 4. Curl Creams Smoothing moisturizer over dripping-wet hair in the shower reduces frizz and helps my curls stay bouncy and intact. No matter the brand, the cream is always dispersed throughout my hair with my wide-tooth shower comb.Reader, I'm assuming you too have curly hair, so I don't need to wax poetic about the joys of a wide-tooth comb I stopped brushing my hair and the only time I run my hand throw my hair is when I have conditioner on in the shower. I apply my hair cream after I half dry my hair(it not completely dry, it's still wet but not so wet) then I apply gel. should I use hair serums or leave-ins?? if yes then what product should I buy?? im in the U From exploring new cleansers and conditioners, to the way you dry your hair, there are many ways to smooth your locks and get the manageability you desire. Regardless of whether you love your larger-than-the-planet curls, your sleek as glass strands or your surf-approved beach waves, you ain't got time for frizz The smoke that fills the room every time I blow dry your hair is just that. Conditioner, after a while, builds up and breaks your hair. so that should always be your focus in the shower.

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  1. If you brush your hair when it's starting to dry, almost dry, or all the way dry, you'll experience unwanted frizz, says Heath. Curly-haired gals who really need to detangle should do so with a wide-tooth comb while they're in the shower, she says
  2. You're out of the shower and no doubt you instantly grab your hair dryer. But there's one vital thing you must do first - and that's towel-dry your hair. To do this, you should scrunch gently to remove excess water
  3. After getting out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried myself off, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. Even at this point, I still felt fine. Then, I grabbed the towel again to dry my hair off a bit more. After getting my hair as dry as possible, I put the towel back on the hanger and left the bathroom
  4. As you all may know, air-drying your hair can take a while. When your hair is wet, it swells. If your hair takes around two hours to fully air dry, your hair will be swelling for a long time which puts more pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact. This pressure can result in hair breakage, which we all don't want
  5. You hop out of the shower, rub your hair with a towel, and you're good to go. Except, if you're like most women, your hair probably looks like a frizzy mess once it's completely dry. It doesn't..
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Hot water actually dehydrates your hair (and your skin!), stripping it of its natural oils, leaving your scalp (and again, your skin!) dry and itchy. So turn down the temp You're probably already in the habit of rubbing your hair dry after a nice long shower, but, tbh, you should really stop doing that. The act creates friction and fluffs up the cuticle, causing..

Hair that's wet and filled with moisture is more fragile than hair that's dry, which can result in snapping when brushed. As such, it's recommended to brush hair in a dry state (guide-to-detangling-curls). This may mean allowing your hair to air-dry post-shower before beginning to comb through hair strands Twisting While Completely Wet Some ladies prefer styling their hair straight out of the shower. If your texture is the type that seems to soak up moisture like a greedy sponge, your hair tends to dry quickly, so immediate styling is often a must. Keep a spray bottle handy if your tresses lose moisture before you're finished Hair drying the right way First, towel dry your hair, blotting and squeezing the moisture out. Then use a low heat and speed setting on your hairdryer (the best hair dryers are the ones that have.. After completing your entire wash, condition, and styling process, you essentially leave your curls alone and allow them to gradually dry on their own. Diffusing, on the other hand, is quite different. Once you're done styling your hair, you use your trusty hairdryer and diffuser attachment and gently dry your curls You don't necessarily need to wash your hair every time you shower. Typically, shampooing two or three times a week will help keep your scalp healthy and hair happy, Dr. Khetarpal says. But you may need to lather up more often if your hair is oily, and less if it's dry. (In between, your beloved dry shampoo can pinch-hit.

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Trying to dry soaking-wet hair is simply going to take time—bottom line. Starting with hair that has already air-dried some really speeds up the blowout process. So instead of immediately drying.. But after a hot shower, your hair cuticles are open, which leads to frizz and tangling while drying. Rinsing your hair with cold water before you hop out of the shower will help to seal the cuticles, close them up, ensure they dry smoothly, which prevents tangling

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The reason your hair feels silky soft after a visit to the salon isn't pure coincidence; it's because hairdressers are carefully trained to wash and condition hair using a tried-and-tested regime Daily Hair Washing is Not Necessary You can't avoid a daily shower. Daily showers with natural soap are necessary for general hygiene and to reduce body odor. However, your hair does not require regular washing According to celebrity hairstylist Deycke Heidorn, if you want your hair to look its best, you need to really take the time to do it. Many women shower and quickly wash their hair at the same time. This way, hair care products can't be used to its full potential. Take the extra minute and your hair will look healthy and nourished

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Conditioners add moisture back into your hair after shampooing, and moisture is the number one weapon for fighting frizz. If your hair is fine, find a conditioner that won't add unwanted weight. If your scalp is on the oily side, apply your conditioner to the midlengths and ends of your hair The reason why you shouldn't brush your hair when it's wet (or blow dry it straight away either). It's all about breakage. Bad news for long, glossy locks While it might be fun to see how prune-like your hands can get in the shower, a long shower can actually remove much-needed moisture from the skin. This can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy When it comes to hair extension care, preparation is key, and drying your hair extensions is no exception. Step 1: Firstly, you will need to brush your hair extensions before you begin the process of drying them. Whilst it is well known that hair is at its weakest when wet, unfortunately brushing your hair after a shower cannot be avoided, as we need to keep those hair extensions as smooth and. (Of course, drying your hair thoroughly before bed solves this problem.) A final morning-vs.-night shower consideration has to do with when you trim your whiskers. A hot, steamy shower can help..

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When you wash your hair twice, the first round gets rid of all the dirt and gunk in your hair, and the second round actually cleans it. Then, finish off by using a conditioner along the ends of your hair to restore moisture. Karin recommends using hair products that include natural ingredients such as coconut and argan oil Should you wash your hair before a haircut is one of those disputed questions online that no one seems to agree on. Some say you should, some say you shouldn't, but we'd say - it depends. What we mean by that is there are several things to consider when asking this question

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The Best Way to Air-Dry Your Hair If You Have Waves, Curls

I shower every day, not because I sweat or dirty, but out of habit. After reading the above, I will shower 3-4 times a week only. My skin is very dry, now I know the reason. Posted July 10th, 2019 at 2:54 p At night I put my hair up in a bun after a shower and all that. I put my hair in a turban and do all that too. My hair is perfectly fine and it is not all bad. Yes, these are great tips but I have been putting my hair in turbans and putting it up for years and I have had no problem. I have long thick brown hair and I don't see any breakage

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Whether you air dry or towel dry, one thing is for certain and that's moisturizing. To prevent your skin from becoming overly dry, it's extremely important to moisturize immediately after a shower or bath. Do you air dry or towel dry?! Don't miss how to take a proper shower and the benefits of showering in the morning vs. showering at night If you choose what's known as a fashion color for your hair, such as bright pink, orange, or purple, Kromer recommended washing just once a week, and using dry shampoo in the meantime All hair gets dry, but curly hair more than most. Try these pro tips that will teach you how to keep dry hair hydrated in between washes, without compromising your curls with added weight or frizz Wait 48 hours before you wash your hair after hair transplant surgery. Of course you can take a body shower before that, but keep your hair dry. Have you ever made fun of your wife or girlfriend for wearing a shower cap? Now it's their turn To wet your hair after a perm, you should wait at least forty-eight hours. With or without shampoo and conditioner. It's that simple. If you don't want to ruin your perm, you should wait to wet your hair for two days. Or don't do it, and risk that what happened the first time I did a perm also happens to you. Do you want me to tell you

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Rogaine is a scalp treatment not a hair treatment. Apply the Rogaine to the scalp and massage the product into the scalp. After massage take a towel and wipe off the Rogaine from your hair. Leaving the Rogaine on your hair can cause more damage to the hair as it has a lot of alcohol. I don't agree with the manufactor on leaving the product on. When to shower every other day. When the air is dry, but after a few weeks your hair will never be the same. Most people should shower daily, especially if they get sweaty, oily, or. Let it dry. Once your hair is styled and set, it's time to kick back and let it dry. Throw on a face mask, turn on your favorite Netflix show, or kick back with a good book. The time is yours, and you've earned it! And don't worry, if you're more of a late-night shower-taker you can still hit the hay and air-dry your hair at the same time

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But when you shower can be just as important as what you do in it to increase hair health. I prefer people wash their hair at night [in the winter,] that way you can let it air dry, because you. Chemical products such as conditioner, shampoo, hair sprays, and hair perfumes should not be used after henna treatment. The best way is stand under the shower. (OR) You may also hold your head under a tap of running water. Do not rub or try to loosen the henna with your hands, let the water itself loosen If you leave beads on your dreads all the time you should slide them way up the dread after a shower where they are loose so the dread can dry before you put the bead back in place. 2) Keep'em Free of Residues After getting the majority of the water out your second responsibility is to keep your dreads clean on the inside so they dry faster and.

After washing my hair, it is frizzy, dry, and in the spots where the color is lightest, my hair doesn't even curl anymore. It just frizzes and won't clump even when I comb it. I've noticed breakage as well and I don't even straighten it. I really don't know what to do to get my hair back healthy. It looks and feels horrible I put the coconut oil on my ends before I take a shower to avoid stripping too much oil when I shampoo. Reply. erica. March 19, 2014 at 12:55 AM. I put it on wet or dry and my hair isn't dry anymore! I sleep with it on my hair and wash in the morning. No more fried looking hair from the flat iron! Reply. Mazaroh Of course it just got worse. Then I found your post and then next day bought some ACV. I used THE ACV solution, let it sit in my hair with a shower cap for about 45 minutes. I then had a shower and washed my hair with baking soda and my regular shampoo and when I woke up this morning my hair was dry, not waxy or oily, but soft and smooth. MAGIC

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