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I had them replaced though. And the Floyd Rose is level again with the gauge 9s I have on it. The action however. Its a bit too high now. I wasn't like this before. At fret 24 the strings are about 0.5 cm from the fretBOARD. And as I said, the bridge seems to be level. Any idea's on how I can lower the action a tad If The Nut Is Too High: Things can be a little trickier if the action is too high. First remove the nut like normal and check for any old shims already installed. You might luck out and only have to remove an old shim or two to get the action down to where it needs to be A high action can give a more powerful tone, but is often difficult to play; low action, on the other hand, is easy to play, but can lead to fret buzz and bring out the flaws in a loose technique. With a Floyd Rose-equipped guitar, in particular, low action can be problematic by interfering with the tremolo's movement

I have a 7 string with an original floyd rose... I blocked it and then put string on it (12 gauge) and the High E broke twice... so i think i did something stupid with the block so I unblock it and set up the strings again and now its all ok but my bridge is way up and makes the action really hig.. Typically, the tremolo should look parallel to the body of the guitar if things are setup properly. Either your string gauge is too large, your tuning is too high for string gauge, or the springs on the back of the tremolo are too loose I'm using 10-46s. String tension is high, and action is high. It takes a lot of force to fret chords and my arm gets sore really fast. The guitar feels very stiff. I have adjusted the back Floyd screws to loosen the tension. This helps, but the trem moves too far forward and the action raises When tuning up tonight my friends Floyd Rose Tremolo kept pulling farther and farther away from the body. Its a wierd problem that just started occuri.. I have never ran into this problem so I may not be too helpful. For future reference always change the strings one at a time on a floyd rose

The action on my Floyd Rose guitar is a bit too high

  1. The posts hadn't been adjusted downward to lower the action, instead they shimmed the neck which brought the strings too high off the face of the guitar, and in the process the bridge sat high and at an awkward tilt backwards. That also made the trem arm sit too high off the face of the guitar
  2. The first issue is sometimes the nut sits too high on its shelf without there being any shims underneath resulting in high action at the nut. There are many different Floyd R ose nuts available that vary in height, width, and string radius
  3. action too high after fitting floyd rose Last Post RSS stewbail (@stewbail) New Member. Joined: 11 years ago. Posts: 3. Topic starter 01/05/2010 12:36 am Help!!! Im customising an old guitar Ive had for years ( an old strat copy ) and fitted a floyd rose original but the string height is way too high. too high to be taken up by adjusting the.
  4. The principle of a Floyd Rose tremolo is that it is a double-locking unit that doesn't allow the strings to move beyond two clamps located at the nut and the bridge of the guitar. Since the guitar strings don't move from that position, they always return to the same pitch and tuning when the tremolo system is flat
  5. For additional help on this video or any other musical topic, schedule a lesson with me at my website at http://www.helisekmusicpublishing.com/instruction.ht..
  6. A too-high action can also affect your guitar's intonation as well. Last up on this list is the Floyd Rose style locking tremolo. These bridges have been used by many different guitar manufacturers since the late 1970s. The bridge is basically a Fender style tremolo on steroids
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Setting A Floyd Rose's Locking Nut Height - The Guitar

When you set up a guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose double-locking bridge system, a number of things can go wrong, and one of them is not understanding how t.. Most Floyd nuts are too high from the factory, which will make playing difficult and proper intonation impossible. Most guitars have a nut that can be easily filed down to lower the string action at the first fret, but you can't file Floyd nuts - they're usually made of steel, and you'll ruin your files before you get anywhere close Why is My Floyd Rose so High? If your Floyd Rose is sitting really high, it means the tension from the strings is too much for the springs in the back. Add more springs to the back cavity or adjust the back screws to balance the tension. If your Floyd Rose is as high as the below photo, that's a clear sign that it hasn't been set up properly This Floyd Rose one is the most commonplace but it's also quite common to see the nut height set wrong - often by the factory. We figure it must be too fiddly for the regular assembly line to get it right each time so they err on the high side each time. Mankind has not come this far to put up with that minor annoyance

How to Adjust Action on a Floyd Rose Tremolo Our Pastime

The action is just a bit too high but you can still play it perfectly 20 days ago. Action too low cut the strings and start again. 10. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1. 20 days ago. Ugh this is why I hate Floyd Roses they are literally actually impossible to set up, it cannot be done. If you buy a floyd rose you will get pregnant and die. The Original Floyd Rose is usually seen fitted to high-end guitars. However, many affordable instruments feature licensed copies made from cheaper materials. Some of these, such as the 1000 Series Floyd Rose, still offer great performance despite their lower cost. Are There Any Floyd Rose Alternatives? Ibanez Edge Tremolos. Indeed there are String action too high? Guitar not playing comfortably? Tuning issues? Intonation off? Floyd Rose giving you problems? I will have your guitar playing great again. Set-ups include Ernie Ball Slinky strings & a thorough cleaning. *My set-ups come with a 30 day guarantee

That's the issue here. Floyd Rose only have one 12 nut and that's the R3. But I think it's pretty high too, so I'm not sure it will work without lowering the shelf or shaving the nut. But that's still luthier-level surgery. On my Barrington (the purple-ish on that picture) I had PLEKed with a re-radius to fit the nut and refret You may be aware but just in case, while these old Jackson and Charvel nuts are R3, if you replace it with a traditional Floyd Rose R3 it will be too thick. If the action is high there that's probably why. If you can't shave it down maybe try to find a locking nut off an old Jackson. They show up from time to time On eBay On the Floyd Rose type trem with a flat baseplate the knife edges are part of the baseplate itself. On a flat top guitar the baseplate will be parallel to the top as shown below. If the action is way too high or too low set the height before the angle by manually setting the angle using the bar while checking the height of the action.

Well.. I have the EXACT same issue! The action at the nut (measured at the first fret) for E, A, D, G & B strings is perfect; however, the HIGH E is so much lower causing it to buzz when playing the open string (goes away when the first fret is played) This is the second nut I have ordered and installed - same issue on both OFR nuts. Fret buzz is annoying sound that occurs when there is insufficient clearance between the strings and frets. This lack of clearance causes the strings to rattle against the frets. Fret buzz is more pronounced when you play open strings, as fretting a note with your finger conceals the buzzing sound. Fortunately, a.

Floyd Rose problems (too high action) - Electric Guitars

The Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, or simply Floyd Rose, is a type of locking vibrato arm for a guitar. Floyd D. Rose invented the locking vibrato in 1976, the first of its kind, and it is now manufactured by a company of the same name. The Floyd Rose gained popularity in the 1980s through guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Neal Schon, Brad Gillis, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Alex Lifeson, who. Nearly all Floyd rose bridges have locking nuts to prevent the strings from sliding on the nut when you are taking tremolo action, hence the first step in replacing the strings is removing the nut. To do so, you will use a 2.5 mm Allen Wrench to loosen and remove the clamps on the locking nuts The Floyd Radius. While there are a number of double-locking trem models the Original Floyd Rose ships with a 10 radius pre-set. Floyd Rose mention on their site that there may already be shims under some saddles to achieve this radius and, if you remove them, you'll end up with a 12 radius Floyd Rose bridges use two posts to adjust the action and are similar to the above Tune-o-Matic bridges. Find out more about Floyd Rose bridges in my ultimate guide here . To adjust action height with a Floyd Rose bridge, use an Allen wrench (3mm) to adjust the height of each post

How do I lower the action on my Floyd Rose guitar bridge

ESP on YouTube has a tutorial series on a floyd guitar so I am all good there There is another guy who has a 30 minute video where he goes in depth about the floyd rose and adjusting it for Lowering Tuning/Lighter Gauge strings and Raising Up Tuning/Higher Gauge String I recently picked up a 94 Strat Plus Deluxe with the Fender Floyd Rose tremolo system, mostly referred to as the mini floyd. but seem to be getting just a little too high action for my liking and the shims bring the strings down on the neck and no way to raise saddles. olirm, Mar 13, 2015 #1. NuckChorris Strat-Talker. Messages: 156. Joined.

[GEAR] Question: Floyd Rose trem posts are "bent"

[QUESTION]: Floyd Rose string tension is too high

  1. NOTE: you can also block a Floyd Rose-style tremolo with pretty much the same method. Finally, you can install a hipshot tremsetter.Sitting in place of one of your springs, the Tremsetter counteracts the action of your springs and string tension's interplay to keep your tremolo in place
  2. If the action is too high, you can adjust it by tightening the pivot posts. If the action is too low, loosen the pivot posts. Back when I used to have a ton of Floyd Rose equipped guitars, I did the following post. For the Record, my favorite floyd I currently use is an ORIGINAL original floyd rose...
  3. When a Floyd Rose-style tremolo is tilted back against the body—as shown here—you can't use the system to its full potential. How to Set Up a Floyd Rose-Style Trem Subscrib
  4. The Original Floyd Rose is an amazingly stable vibrato bridge. However, proper setup is vital - one important requirement is that the faceplate must be parallel with the guitar's body when the strings are tuned to pitch. Below is a straight-forward procedure to get it there
  5. Floyd Rose Marketing is a division of AP International. 5044 Industrial Rd., Unit D I Wall Township, NJ 07727 Adjust the action of the high E and Low E with the height adjustment screws. Once you have If the action of the high E is too high and the height adjustment screw is not touching the disc then you can lower the mounting bolt a.

Floyd Rose Tremolo Raised Too High

  1. action high..... « on: April 09, 2015, 04:49:48 PM » took apart old washburn. made a body and bought neck from here. transferred measurements/ hardware from washburn to new body. strings are 1/4 too high. floyd rose is down all the way
  2. In the Kahler vs, Floyd part 2 youtube video where the guy has out of tune flat strings resulting from bending on a kahler, his rollers are adjusted too high (especially on the G string) causing high friction in the rollers (which at that height can still be improved by applying 3-in on oil in the tiny roller mechanism if you want it that high.
  3. ok I have been trying to tune my Ibanez RG 4exfm1. it has a floyd rose bridge. these are my problems. ok when I get to tuning it. the eBGD string will be in perfect tune. but the E and A will be extremely flat like down to Eb and G#. and when I get those back up of course everything else is low as can be. so its a back and forth pace. and the more times I do it it doesn't get closer to being.
  4. No copy can duplicate the double-locking design of the Floyd Rose Tremolo System that allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the nut and at the bridge. Engineered like no other tremolo system Floyd Rose's high quality steel parts are precision-made in Germany to exacting specifications. Hardened steel base plate, saddles and screw

A Floyd Rose bridge offers a uniquely fiddly, but still achievable challenge when working on your guitar intonation. Due to the way these bridges work, you're going to need to get in under the strings and adjust a hex nut on each saddle, before you're able to shift that saddle and get started on fixing your guitar intonation Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge. By the way, the SpeedLoader Tremolo will retrofit an Original Floyd quite easily. string action. If your strings are too high or to low for you, adjust the action with the two rocker screws, using a 3mm Allen wrench until the action is where you like it How to Set Up a Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo By Joseph Cortese Debuting in 1977, the Floyd Rose tremolo was the first of its kind to accomplish a feat that had been not attained by other tremolo systems. That feat was to make a tremolo that could alter the pitch to be higher and lower, but not affect the tuning of the guitar

This will include the basics, such as setting the action, intonation and neck relief. If you have a guitar with a Floyd Rose floating tremolo that needs setting up or you have worn out frets and need a fret dressing, then they will typically charge extra depending on how much work needs to be done If the neck is too concave (action too high), turn the truss rod nut clockwise to remove excess relief. If the neck is too convex (strings too close to the fingerboard), turn the truss rod nut counter-clockwise to allow the string tension to pull more relief into the neck. Check your tuning, then re-check the gap with the feeler gauge and re.

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Floyd Rose Woes The Gear Pag

Everything You Need to Know in an Easy-to-Follow Format!. By John Carruthers. Guitar Book. Easy-to-follow instructions on maintaining your guitar and essential information about gear! Alfred's Mini Music Guides provide essential information in a convenient size. Take these books anywhere you want to go. Packed with clear, step-by-step instruction Re: Height of Floyd Rose Saddles? Buzzing is not the problem, and shimming the saddles would be the opposite of what I'm trying to do. The issue is that I have the Floyd as low as it will go, and the action is still too high, particularly at the higher frets. Floyds have three different saddle heights, short, medium, and tall Sometimes it's just a bad string, have had that happen one time, you can try just changing out the one with a spare. Make sure action isn't too high or low. Same with pickup height. Check there is nothing in the saddle that is causing it not to sit right, burr or other tiny particle etc.

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action too high after fitting floyd rose - Guitar Repair

Helping out a local musician with his Jackson Pro Soloist. He has been complain about a tuning anomaly in how the b & e strings sound. A quick check confirmed his high e saddle is all the way rearward and still sharp by several cents. All the other saddles are nearly in a neat row. Thing a bad.. A buddy of mine bought a replacement guitar for his beloved Strat. The neck was just too worn out and instead of buying a new neck, he just got a new guitar! He chose something very close, a Mexican-made Fender strat, factory loaded with a Floyd Rose tailpiece and a humbucker in the bridge position. Unfortunately he was having major issues with his Floyd: it just wouldn't return to its neutral.

Floyd Rose: Setting Up, Restringing, Action Height + PROs

Raising the action height is and will continue to clean and fatten up your tone and increase the feel of the strings under your fingers. Medium relief is.5-.6mm of neck relief action of 2.5mm on the low E and 2-2.5mm on the high E If a guitar's action is too high it will be very hard to play, and for a beginner, this can be pretty disheartening. Have a look at Floyd Rose, who made the first models. If you are looking at a guitar that has little tuners on the bridge, then it's probably a floating tremolo. For a beginner, they are a total pain in the butt

How to Adjust The Action on a Floyd Rose Tremelo - YouTub

I'd like to know what steves action is, when i bought my first Ibanez with Floyd rose the action was way too high... but i lowered it and lost a lot of movement in the whammy bar - i had to comprimise and ive got used to it now - i play with .9 to .46 i think i read Brian May uses .8 - i would break them straight away! Too high so tighten the truss-rod. Then the action at the 12th fret. A little low now so raise the bridge. The action at the 1st fret Start with the high e string farthest away from you and work towards the heavier strings. Measure between the top of the 12th fret and the bottom of the string. I'm going to set mine at 3/64ths on all strings. On my Strat, the saddle height screws are serviced with a small allen wrench, however a small standard flathead screw is not uncommon This is because fretted notes will sound sharp or flat as the strings aren't compensating correctly for any tension, which will mean that the tension when you're fretting a note is too high or too low - affecting the pitch of the note. Your chords will sound bad if your guitar intonation is out of line. How to test your guitar intonatio

MichałKaszczyszynEpiphone EJ-200, Lower action heightThis guitar is made from a century-old cigar box • Guitar

Floyd Rose Setup Setting up your Floyd Rose type tremolo. When switching from normal tuning to half-step-down-tuning on a guitar with a double-locking tremolo-system (like Ibanez Edge or, most famously, a Floyd Rose), you will have to adjust some settings. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to set up your Floyd: 1 Adjusting your guitar action and bridge height is one of the most common guitar setup tips that you will learn with this easy and simple guitar setup guide for Gibson, Fender, and Floyd Rose style guitar bridges. Please Note: This guide serves only if you want a quick action adjustment and presumes your truss rod and nut are set up correctly The Floyd Rose is typecast as a hard rock and metal tool, making it the perfect choice for the unashamed shred machines in this group test. The Ibanez Iron Label RGIX6DLB, Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR M, Schecter Reaper-6FR and Jackson X Series Soloist SL3X Zebrawood all feature a floating Floyd Rose, or licensed equivalent; plus other shred-friendly goodies like thin necks, flat. How do i set the action on a floyd rose? Update: i have it set up for drop C but the strings buzz way too much and every time i raise the action frets 12 and up are way too high. and i think the intonation is a bit off any help with that also? Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. Jennaba9048

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