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InputQuery (Delphi) From RAD Studio Code Examples. Jump to: navigation, search. Description. This example requires a button and a label on the form. When you click the button, the input box displays. If you choose OK, the string that appears in the edit box of the dialog box displays as the caption of the label on the form This takes three strings. The ACaption parameter is a string that displays on the title bar of the dialog box. The APrompt parameter is the sentence that indicates to the user what to type in the edit box. Like the InputBox() function, the Value parameter provides a default and sample value to the user. Like the InputBox() function, the user can type a new value The InputBox and InputQuery both allow user input. Use the InputBox function when it doesn't matter if the user chooses either the OK button or the Cancel button (or presses Esc) to exit the dialog box. When your application needs to know if the user chooses OK or Cancel (or presses Esc), use the InputQuery function Use InputQuery to display a dialog box that contains a number of TEdit controls equal to the number of strings in APrompts. InputQuery receives the following parameters: ACaption represents the title of the dialog box. APrompts represents the labels located on the left side of the TEdit controls Description Displays an input dialog box that lets the user enter a string, double, or integer. Call InputQuery to bring up an input dialog box ready for the user to enter a string, double, or integer in its edit box. ACaption is the caption of the dialog box

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  1. The InputBox function displays a simple dialog box with the given Caption and Prompt message. It asks the user to enter data in a text box on the dialog. A Default value is displayed in the text box. If the user presses OK, the default or user entered data is stored in the return string, otherwise an empty string is returned
  2. Passing #31+'Enter the password' as the 2nd parameter to InputQuery causes the TEdit in the box to echo the password character instead of the entered text. - Freddie bell Jan 14 '14 at 19:01 @Freddiebell: Any value below #32 will cause the TEdit.PasswordChar to be set to '*'
  3. InputQuery receives the following parameters: ACaption is the title of the dialog box. APrompts is an array of strings to use as labels on the left-hand side of the text input fields. AValues is an array of strings that define default values for fields
  4. InputQuery receives the following parameters: <ACaption> represents the title of the dialog box. <APrompts> represents the labels located on the left side of the TEdit controls. To make a field in a dialog a masked field (such as a password field, for example), use a flag in front of the field label
  5. https://LearnDelphi.tv InputQuery is handy if you want to get a string value from a user, but you can also use it to get multiple values - and prefill those..
  6. InputBox / InputQuery - D7 Hi - The Delphi 7 Help shows that inputbox and inputquery can handle doubles and integers, not just strings. But I have only ever got them to work wit

All about Borland Delphi. Programming tips, downloads, forums, news, topsites, newsletter // I borrowed the code from InputQuery and // added the stuff to center the InputQuery // form on top of another form instead of // positioning it in the middle of the screen Board index » delphi » InputQuery. Adriaan Swanepoe. Delphi Developer. Sun, 23 May 2004 22:37:40 GMT. InputQuery. Did you create the dialog yourself or is it a standard dialog? Adriaan . Quot InputQuery - It might be more powerful than you think - #169 EhLib is a Delphi and C++Builder library of visual and non-visual components. Most advanced [] SynEdit for VCL. SynEdit for Delphi and CBuilder. Syntax highlighting edit control, not based on the Windows common [

Delphi Provides many procedures and function to show a message or to get some data from users by input box Board index » delphi » Change Font in InputQuery. Roland Hartmann. Delphi Developer. Sun, 11 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT. Change Font in InputQuery. Hi Delphi-Folks . Is there a possibility to change the font in a InputQuery? My standart-font is Arial 9Pt.. But in a InputQuery there's everytime the font of MS Sans Serif 8Pt.. Thanks for your help Board index » delphi » inputquery with password font? Jerry Blumentha. Delphi Developer. Wed, 29 Dec 2004 22:22:48 GMT. inputquery with password font? Is there any way to enter a password with password font, short of creating my own dialog? I could use inputquery, but dont see how to change the font

Delphi XE7, iOS and InputQuery I would like to use an 'InputQuery' component to request a Username and Password from the user. I am able to achieve my goal with my Android app but not with my iPad one Delphi provides many different data types for storing numbers. Your choice depends on the data you want to handle. In general, smaller number capacities mean smaller variable sizes, and faster calculations. Ideally, you should use a type that comfortably copes with all possible values of the data it will store

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O InputQuery é uma mensagem onde podemos informar um determinado valor, mas alterando o valor da variável passada como referencia, veja sua estrutura : //Função InputQuery function InputQuery(cons Non-VCL InputQuery and MessageDlg - where ? 2. Change Font in InputQuery. 3. Using 'InputQuery' 4. Is InputQuery Thread Safe??? 5. Patch for Mask Edit Problem in Mask.pas (Delphi 1.0) 6. Blanking masked date fields and date-masked TEdits! 7. Mask Edit: Setting up mask? 8. Turbo Vision InputBOX problem. 9. D3: Newbie question on InputBox and. Delphi programming video tutorials. InputQuery is handy if you want to get a string value from a user, but you can also use it to get multiple values - and prefill those values (which I forgot to mention) How to include a DatePicker in a Blazor appText Article and Slideshttps://www.pragimtech.com/blog/blazor/blazor-datepicker/Healthy diet is very important for.. Delphi の場合: Delphi では、フィールド ラベルの前に付いている #1 が、マスクされたフィールドのフラグです。 InputQuery ( 'Login' , [ 'Username' , #1 'Password:' ] , [ '' , '' ] , procedure ( const AResult : TModalResult ; const AValues : array of string ) begin end )

InputQuery: Display a dialog that asks for user text input: MessageDlg: Displays a message, symbol, and selectable buttons: MessageDlgPos: Displays a message plus buttons at a given screen position: PromptForFileName: Shows a dialog allowing the user to select a file: ShowMessageFmt: Display formatted data in a simple dialog with an OK button. Delphi; 9 Comments. 1 Solution. 1,214 Views. Last Modified: 2014-09-28. Hi, is it possible to change the default button captions in the InputQuery function to something custom, besides the default OK and Cancel ? Thanks! Shawn P.S: I'm using D7. Comment. Premium Content You need a subscription to comment. Start Free Trial. Hello, all. First time on this newsgroup :) In previous versions of Delphi 7- XE the caption of an inputquery was above the textedit In current versions it seems to have been moved to the left of the textedit How To create custom InputQuery/MessageBox etc without pain. Using a way that may look like a hack it is possible to modify generic message boxes and change the icon, edit, button, size, etc... The idea behind this customization is to create a custom message, post it to the queue *before* calling the message box

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Hello, all. First time on this newsgroup :) In previous versions of Delphi 7- XE the caption of an inputquery was above the textedit In current versions it seems to have been moved to the left of the textedit { Defined in Dialogs.pp } The simplest message dialog: takes a simple string as parameter, displays it in a stereotyped box, and waits for a mouse-click or ↵ Enter-key event before returning to the calling routine or program. This is a modal procedure call, that is the box is displayed, receives focus, and does not relinquish focus until the OK box is clicked or otherwise selected Is there any way to use old InputQueries like in older versions (e.g. in Delphi XE) where string s2 was displayed above the input field, not on the left hand side of the input field (like it is in XE2). BTW. I know that in XE2 you can use several input fields in InputQuery not only one like in XE, but anyway... Thanks in advance Welcome to the Digital Metaphors website, where we share information and insight on ReportBuilder, the premier reporting tool for Delphi developers Today I have a little tip for all users of Delphi. It's about two ways to get and process user input easily and quickly: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var s: string; begin // first possibility repeat s := InputBox('title', 'text', 'start text'); until s <> ''; // second possibility if InputQuery('title', 'text', s) then ShowMessage('It was not canceled.'); end

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Delphi Basics : InputBox comman

  1. We made three requests of the technical support personnel and despite the fact that these were all implementation questions (not bugs in their software) we received support within 24 hours
  2. In addition to the new non blocking MessageDlg function in Delphi XE7 Firemonkey and Appmethod there is also a new InputBox function. Embarcadero created the new non blocking InputBox function to better support Android which does not support blocking dialog boxes
  3. g language and provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid application development of desktop, mobile, web, and console software, currently developed and maintained by Embarcadero Technologies.Delphi evolved from Borland's Turbo Pascal for Windows, itself an evolution with Windows support from Borland's.
  4. Delphi :InputQuery,InputBox用法及区别 function InputQuery(const ACaption, APrompt: string; var Value: st
  5. 12.input the date using DateTimePicker - Delphi Database development courseإدخال التاريخ في جدول باستخدام مكونdatetimepicke

Delphi İle Mobil Geliştir... Forum: Genel Programlama Son Yorum: furkan.Dev Dün, Saat: 19:06 » Yorumlar: 8 » Okunma: 203 Apple Store Transporter Forum: Mobil Platform - FireMonkey (FMX) Son Yorum: cihankoca 30-04-2021, Saat: 23:59 » Yorumlar: 4 » Okunma: 137 Rad studio 10.4 Forum: Delphi Sürümleri Son Yorum: gjamesbond 30-04-2021, Saat. Components for software development with Embarcadero Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus and Microsoft Visual Studio Cod Delphi, known officially as Embarcadero Delphi, is a proprietary programming language and software development kit (SDK) from Embarcadero Technologies. TMultiView, and TEdit on iOS, Interactive Maps, New Options for Media Library, InputQuery now Supports Masking Input Fields. DELPHI 10 'SEATTLE' (AUGUST 2015) Android Background Services.

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The InputQuery function has a Boolean return value that indicates whether the user has clicked OK or Cancel. To demonstrate some of the message boxes available in Delphi, I've written another sample program, with a similar approach to the preceding CommDlgTest example In Delphi XE, the InputQuery dialog places the edit box (where the user enters text) BELOW the prompt (which tells the user what is required). If the prompt is long then it is word-wrapped and occupies mutliple lines. In Delphi XE3, the InputQuery dialog places the edit box to the RIGHT of the prompt Added an InputQuery wrapper because Delphi XE2 and higher have two additional versions of InputQuery, the pointer points to the wrong version and the execution fails with Length of value array must be >= length of prompt array carlokok added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 13, 2018. Fix for #73. In Delphi, we draw shapes on canvas of a form or graphic controls. Canvas is an area of form where we can draw shapes, lines and can fill colors on shapes. In Delphi, every form or graphic controls have Canvas property which provides TCanvas object that can be used to draw shapes

In Delphi loading, saving and deleting images in application is very easy. Delphi provides lots of classes and members to manage images in application. We can use useful component like TImage and TDBImage to load and save an Images.TImage is used to save or load an Image to or from a file Delphi XE7, iOS and InputQuery I would like to use an 'InputQuery' component to request a Username and Password from the user. I am able to achieve my goal with my Android app but not with my iPad one. 'InputQuery' only requests one of the two values. Am I doing something wrong or is 'InputQuery' not working properly on iOS?. Delphi 10.3: Microsoft (R) Build Engine w wersji 4.8.3752.0 [Microsoft .NET Framework w wersji 4..30319.42000] Delphi XE2: Microsoft (R) Build Engine w wersji 3.5.30729.9135 [Microsoft .NET Framework w wersji 2..50727.9145 Delphi 10.4.2 Compiler Speed Improvements InputQuery - It might be more powerful than you think - #169 The Problem With SpeedButton Images - #168 #Delphi26th: Fun LED Scroller App For Android Is Powered By Delphi Internet Programming Made Easy With Event-Driven Non-blocking Components For Window Bem vindos ao meu curso de Desenvolvimento Mobile II iOS e Android com Delphi. Meu nome é Neri Neitzke, sou autor de 6.700 videoaulas. Já ministrei mais de 1..

Anwendungsbeispiele // einfacher string input string currentvalue = test; InputQuery iq = new InputQuery(); if (iq.ShowDlg(Please type something, Value:, ref. That unit does have a proc named InputQuery but theparameters do not match up. Does anyone know what unit I need to add to my uses clause, or if this tutorial no longer runs under Delphi 10.3? Comment. Premium Content You need a subscription to comment. Start Free Trial. Watch Question. Premium Content You need a subscription to watch.. In latest Delphi versions #9 tabs does not work properly with message dialogs because Windows ignores tabs on buttons and dialogs. So set UseLatestCommonDialogs=False to control whether ShowMessage() displays a custom VCL Form or a Win32 TaskDialog as earlier the string is displayed on a standard TLabel, which draws text using the Win32 DrawText() function with the DT_EXPANDTABS flag enabled.

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Delphi is a software product that uses the Delphi dialect of the Object Pascal programming language and provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid application development of desktop, mobile, web, and console software, currently developed and maintained by Embarcadero Technologies.. Delphi's compilers generate native code for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux () Using FireDAC to Connect to the Database. FireDAC is a unique set of Universal Data Access Components for developing cross-platform database applications for Object Pascal. With its powerful common architecture, FireDAC enables native high-speed direct access from Object Pascal to InterBase, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere, Access, Firebird, Informix, and more Message master for Delphi allows to change localization and Look&Feel of your dialogs. Developed for the older Delphi versions. - danieleteti/mm4delph

[ April 16, 2021 ] CSS Civil Site Design Plus 21.30 Standalone / 21.31 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015-2021 professional [ April 16, 2021 ] Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.4.5 Multilingual + Portable OPTIMIZER [ April 16, 2021 ] Reg Organizer 8.70 Multilingual OPTIMIZE TMS TAdvEdit is available for Delphi 7, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 • associated AdvInputQuery method that improves the standard InputQuery with the many TAdvEdit functions. • properties to obtain the value as integer or float for numeric and float edit styl InputQuery and InputBox. Capturing information in ways that simulate InputQuery and InputBox could consume this entire article but that is not my plan. Instead we will cover the basics. In my opinion, InputBox and InputQuery should be avoided in business applications since they do not provide any events to assist with validation

DELPHI 1 - FEBRUARY 14TH, 1995. 16-bit Windows 3.1 support, Visual Two-Way tools, Components / VCL, Database support via BDE and SQL Links, Database data live at design time. DELPHI 2 (1996) 32-bit Windows 95 support, Database Grid, OLE automation, Visual form inheritance, Long strings, Included Delphi 1 for 16-bit. DELPHI 3 (1997 InputQuery - It might be more powerful than you think - #169. Welcome to LearnDelphi.tv Delphi has been able to build 64-bit applications for quite some time, we are going to write a simple Windows app that allocates 32GB of memory and see what happens. Watch it here Embarcadero's users understand the scalability and stability of C++ and Delphi programming, and depend on the decades of innovation those languages bring to development. Ninety of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide have relied on Embarcadero's award-winning products over the past 30 years Delphi 10.4.2 Compiler Speed Improvements InputQuery - It might be more powerful than you think - #169 The Problem With SpeedButton Images - #168 #Delphi26th: Fun LED Scroller App For Android Is Powered By Delphi Delphi project & source files for downloading included in the main demos distribution for Delphi. Roeselarestraat 180 8560 Wevelgem - Belgium For sales questions sales@tmssoftware.co

Mobile Tutorial: Using dbExpress and SQLite (iOS and[ ダイアログ関係の関数類 ] - Mr

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The following Delphi interface client and server code can be made from this definition: const C_TestService_Path = '/testservice.TestService/'; type TTime = record public [Serialize(1)] sec: UInt32; function Serialize: TBytes; procedure Deserialize(const aData: TBytes); end; ITestService = interface function Sleep(const aTime: TTime): TTime; end Delphi 10.4 Sydney Posted September 25, 2020 I expect you'd need to patch the TBaseWebViewDelegate.AuthenticateForHost method in FMX.WebBrowser.Delegate.Cocoa unit, and pass the username and password instead of using TDialogServiceAsync.InputQuery This script utilises the FileCopy function from the Delphi Windows unit to copy existing files with different filenames. SimModelsOfComponents. This script fetches Simulation models and their relevant parameters for each component and then generate a text report on these models and parameters

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I can see a different style InputQuery parameters in code completion. function InputQuery(const ACaption: string; const APromts: array of string; var AValues: array of string;CloseQueryFunc: TInputCloseQueryFunc = nil): Boolean; When I use this It opens Windows Form InputQuery box.. I need InputQuery in Web. Like MessageDlg web version. Delphi 7 - How to force InputBox to accept only Integer? John86a asked on 2011-04-15. Delphi; Pascal; Programming Languages-Other; 5 Comments. 1 Solution. 6,545 Views. Last Modified: 2012-05-11. InputBox('Progress', 'Enter the desired number:', ''); Select all Open in new window. As it is the user can use either numbers or string, is there. FastMM is a memory manager replacement designed to be used with Delphi. It is an Open Source project developed by Pierre Le Riche in South Africa. Starting with Delphi 2006 FastMM replaced the Borland memory manager. Unfortunately, Delphi only ships with a subset of FastMM The DocWiki has a great mobile tutorial on building a mobile To Do app with FireDAC and SQLite.I find I usually build it a little differently though, so I thought I would share my code here. Go ahead and lay the UI out the same, and put down most of the same FireDAC components, with the visual LiveBindings Delphi XE5 (September 2013) Android support - devices and emulator. OS versions: Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Gingerbread, Notification component, iOS 7 style support, Configurable form designer for mobile devices, Deployment manager for Android devices, REST Services client access and authentication components, Android support for all of the XE4 FM and database features listed abov

TInputDialog and TMessageDialog are components that encapsulate the Delphi InputQuery and MessageDlg functions, respectively. The TInputDialog and TMessageDialog components will greatly simplify creating and maintaining message and input boxes in your applications. Partially restricted Source: On purchase/registration Price: $15. 23.12.1997. 199 K InputQuery supporting masked input fields (for password input) C D C 1 D 1 Enhanced in 10 Seattle! HTML5 Builder XE3, RadPHP XE2). Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6 available separately C D H C D H Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Access to licenses and downloads for earlier versions with purchase of standalone product licenses (Delphi 2007 - XE8, C+. Associated AdvInputQuery method that improves the standard InputQuery with the many TAdvEdit functions. Properties to obtain the value as integer or float for numeric and float edit style; Events for all clipboard actions; Delphi 7 (123.78 MB) VCL. Buy online Delphi Berlin, blank android project, non-blocking input dialog with anonymous method. Thanks to point me to what's wrong with this code: if I click on dialog Cancel button my app crashes trying to access default value instead of my input (tested on two devices Delphi:InputQuery,InputBox用法及区别<br />function InputQuery(const ACaption, APrompt: string; var Value: string): Boolean; <br />InputQuery返回值为是否点了OK 输入的字符串放在了变量Value.

DELPHI Revelations #6 - Delphi Bugs - Generics compiler bug / By Kim Bo Madsen. Content Issue 91 Maxbox: Fundamentals 5 Code Library is a big toolbox for Delphi and FreePascal / By Max Kleiner News from the future: Scrollable Phones and Screens Lazarus, Atom and Visual Studio A new series / By Michael van Canney Task dialog based UI for input, replacement for InputQuery() function TAdvMetroScrollBox. Metro style scrollbox Flat Metro scroller style Automatic scroll handling based on child controls in scroll box Delphi 7 (124.71 MB) VCL. Buy online. TMS VCL UI Pack Page 1 of 2 - Manipulating Database Record with Codes - posted in Pascal and Delphi Tutorials: From the previous tutorials for beginners in database with Delphi (see: Very Basic Database Application in Delphi and Most Basic Editing Database in Delphi) I had shown you how easy to build simple database application with Delphi using only its GUI designer

The scripting engine in Altium Designer has built in PCB, Schematic and Workspace Manager APIs as well as a subset of Embarcadero Delphi's Run Time Library. The PCB, Schematic, Workspace Manager Object Models from the scripting engine enable you to write scripts that act on PCB or Schematic documents, or invoke one of the file management routines Hi i've been having a problem with my delphi 6 project the aim of the project is to make a maths program for kids my test mode is not working the way it should be working i have a button to start the maths sum and a button to check the answer and give the next sum Please help When trying to access a Variant as array TPSExec does raise the exception Cannot Import VARARRAYGET. The console app below, which is based on the samples, does demonstrate this. The expected output is: A 2 3.000000000000 The actual out..

I'll show in this article, a little more about Delphi. This time we'll see how we can make a list of objects, using the TList and creating a class. In our example, let's start by creating a class TCliente, for this we need a new unit, rename for Cliente.pas and save. We'll only create the basic methods of list, such as Count, Add and Remove Delphi 64-bit native compiler and toolchain for Windows (dcc64) D D New in 10.2 Tokyo! Delphi 64-bit native compiler and toolchain for Linux (dcclinux64) D Improvements to MessageBox, ShowMessage and InputQuery now offering both synchronous (blocking) implementation and asynchronous (non-blocking) implementation C D C3 D3 C5 D

Delphi #169 - InputQuery - It might be more powerful than

Combining Pictures - posted in Pascal and Delphi Tutorials: In forum Pascal/Delphi, a member named RubyS asked how to combine two JPG images using Delphi code. See the post/thread here. Since I don't believe there is good in spoonfeeding, I gave hints in the form of pseudocode as the answer.In this tutorial I want to show you how easy to combine multiple images into a single image with Delphi. Finally, click OK! You now should see the new tab DelphiApp with a single group Delphi having a single icon ReadData. Activate the tab and click the icon. Your Delphi program will start and display the InputQuery dialog box we programmed in Delphi How to Support System Font in InputQuery Delphi Function Mon, 01/16/2006 - 19:01 — Andriy Gerasika If you have applied my techniques fixing Large Fonts and System Font to all forms in your Delphi application, most likely there will be two forms still untouched

InputBox / InputQuery - D7 - delph

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