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The no-contact order is one of more damaging orders a court can put on a person. While nominally it protects the safety of what is known as the protected person, they can also wreak havoc on a living situation. Further, they can create new criminal charges for a restrained person, even felonies Can I obtain a no contact order for my minor daughter against another minor? My daughters step sister lives with my daughters father. She ( the step sister)has accused him of sexually assaulting her ( the step sister). Dyfs has come into my home to investigate and NO action has been taken against him. I do not believe this child A no-contact order issued after a domestic violence charge has two parts - a no-contact part and a no-abuse part. You can ask the court to drop the no-contact part while retaining the no-abuse part. The judge typically will be much more likely to drop the no-contact order if you want to maintain the no-abuse portion of the order A no contact order usually instructs the defendant not to have any in-person contact with the alleged victim. The defendant is instructed to stay a minimum number of feet away from the victim's place of residence, employment and known areas that he or she frequents A no contact order can also be filed on behalf of a minor child or on behalf of an adult who is a victim of non-consensual sexual conduct or penetration but cannot file on his/her own because of age, disability, health, or inaccessibility.

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  1. or. Restraining orders can come in a variety of forms, such as permanent orders or temporary restraining orders. What Is a No-Contact Restraining Order
  2. To decrease the likelihood that a defendant will contact an alleged victim, the court can issue a no contact order. As the term implies, a no contact order is simply a court order prohibiting the defendant from having any type of contact with the individual named on the order by the judge
  3. Military No-Contact Order (3-21b) AR 608-18 (b) Military no-contact orders are similar to civilian temporary restraining orders. They may be ex parte if the issuing In order to place an abused child in civilian foster care or EPC, the consent of one of the parents I required, or, in the absence of consent, the appropriate State or foreign.
  4. If the defendant is served with a No Contact Order, he or she must avoid all contact with the victim(s). This means the defendant may not communicate with the victim in person, phone, mail, and social media or through a 3 rd party. Any contact with the defendant is considered a violation of the No Contact Order. If you, the victim, were to.

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A domestic relationship includes people who are married or people who have a minor child together. If your spouse is arrested for domestic abuse, a criminal no contact order is often issued as well When this is the case, no contact orders are said to apply to criminal cases where the victim of a crime seeks protection, whereas restraining orders are orders sought in civil cases that can.

If you have a no-contact order in place against your co-parent (or you're the person named in a no-contact order), it's essential to make sure that your custody and visitation agreement and parenting plan specify how you and your co-parent will exchange information about the kids — and exchange the kids themselves In family law, a no-contact order prohibits a person from physically or verbally interacting with another person. A no-contact order is slightly different from a restraining order in that a no-contact order is issued when some other legal action has already been filed against the defendant, such as a domestic abuse charge The request for order is sometimes filed as an emergency application if the parent needs immediate orders. An emergency application requires the child or children to be in imminent threat of harm. If there is no imminent threat, a regularly noticed request for order is filed No Contact Order - 50C A Civil No-Contact Order (sometimes commonly referred to as a 50C order) is a restraining order that is designed specifically for victims of sexual assault or stalking who do NOT have a personal relationship with the offender If there is no outstanding restraining or protective order prohibiting that person from having contact with the victim, the court authorizing release may issue, by telephone, a no-contact order prohibiting the person charged or arrested from having contact with the victim or from knowingly coming within, or knowingly remaining within, a specified distance of a location

The definition 'contact order' was removed in April 2014 from the Children Act 1989 and replaced with the Child Arrangements Order (CAO). The Child Arrangements Order settles: with whom a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with, and when a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with any perso If a non-resident parent is failing to take up contact granted by a Contact Order (granted prior to 22/4/2014) or a Child Arrangements Order, it is best to think about what is in the child's best interests before making an application for enforcement of the order Indiana's Updated Civil Protection Order, No Contact Order, and Workplace Violence Restraining Order Forms are effective July 1, 2020. The following forms are updated and valid for use in court. All forms below contain dates of approval and revision in the bottom right corner of each page, which you can check against the dates listed in the.

A petition for a stalking no contact order may be filed when relief is not available to the petitioner under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986: (1) by any person who is a victim of stalking; (2) by a person on behalf of a minor child or a No-contact orders are orders the Court or the police make that limit or prevent the accused person from contacting the victim, the victim's spouse, the victim's children, or other identified person. Various laws under the Criminal Code dictate when to place no-contact conditions on an accused and what those conditions may be A no-contact order is issued by a criminal court pursuant to a criminal court action. You are describing grounds for a civil domestic violence or a civil anti-harassment order. You can petition on behalf of your child, and the order can protect your child as well... 0 found this answer helpfu No-Contact Order This type of order does not require you to fill out a petition, because it is part of a criminal action. The court will decide whether to issue this order when it decides if the Respondent is to be released on bail or personal recognizance, or when the Respondent is arraigned (formally charged) or being sentenced

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Who can get a civil no-contact order. Am I eligible to file for a civil no-contact order? Can I apply for a civil no-contact order if I am a minor? Can I file for a civil no-contact order against a minor? Getting the order. What are the steps involved with getting a civil no-contact order? How much does a civil no-contact order cost First, unless your child is a victim of a crime or is being called as a witness on the criminal case, they may not be included on the No Contact Order. Another reason to pursue the Protection Order is that it is not tied to the criminal case, so would not disappear if the criminal charges are dismissed for some reason or the defendant is found. No-contact orders arise from criminal, rather than civil law. They prohibit the defendant in a domestic abuse case, or facing other serious charges, from having any contact at all with the victim of the alleged crime.A prosecutor or law enforcement official files a no-contact order with the court. The order is designed to protect a victim from further harm or intimidation What is a no-contact order? This is different from an Order of Protection. A judge can enter a no-contact order in a criminal case, a Chins (Child in Need of Services) case, or a juvenile case. A no-contact order is used to stop contact that might interfere with the court case A 50D no-contact order can also be filed on behalf of a minor child or an adult who is incompetent. Sexually violent crimes are crimes that necessitate an offender to be registered as a sex offender. These crimes include sexual battery, forcible rape of an adult or child, sexual exploration of a minor, and statuary rape

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  1. An enforcement order can be secured if a parent to the Order is breaking the terms i.e committing a child arrangement order breach. If the court is of the view that there is no good reason for a breach of court order then an enforcement order can be made which can be backed with penalties detailed below
  2. al case does not replace the need for a PPO. If the cri
  3. Aside from protecting the child from abuse, the order may also contain information about visitation restrictions, property or document surrender, and the rules regarding contact with the child. For instance, the court may issue a no contact order against the father or mother of the child
  4. CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION: Emergency protection from abuse orders (PFAs) are essential functions and will move forward during this pandemic.This page provides helpful information about protection orders and the steps involved in filing for a protection order, but please check county-court information for any pandemic-specific amendments.. COVID-19 SAFETY PLANNING FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR
  5. A no contact order expires when the sentence period is finished. It also expires if the case is dismissed or the defendant is found not guilty. However, be careful because there may also be another restraining order issued as a result of a divorce or Family Court matter or a District Court restraining order
  6. Custody/relationship for the child. Step 3: Complete an Application for a Social Security card . Step 4: Take or mail the completed application and documents to your local Social Security office or your local Social Security Card Center
  7. Going No Contact is an example of setting Boundaries. NC is generally considered to be the boundary of last resort for a Non in trying to protect themselves from dysfunctional or abusive behavior. Going No Contact is often a painful decision to make - as you may have to let go of the persistent hope that a loved-one will get better
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List any protective order, domestic violence or child abuse case involving any adult or child listed on this form: Case Number Who was the Order against? Who did the Order protect? Date of Order (or date requested) County / State Type of case 1. Domestic Violence Child Abuse No Contact Order 2. Domestic Violence Child Abus An Emergency No Contact Order is good for 14 to 21 days. It may be extended for longer until a hearing takes place for a Plenary No Contact Order (see below). A person can get an Emergency No Contact Order without their stalker, abuser or assailant knowing about it. The order will tell the abuser when to come to court Some law enforcement agencies may be less responsive if there is no court order for your child. If you have difficulty getting local law enforcement to focus on the search for your child, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's (NCMEC) 24-hour hotline at 800-843-5678. NCMEC is a non-profit organization that provides.

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A Child Arrangements Order is an order that regulates with whom a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact, and when a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with any person. Each Child Arrangements Order is decided on the circumstances of the individual family and on what is in the best interests of that. Introduction. Illinois's Stalking No Contact Order Act provides a civil remedy for victims of stalking that are unable to obtain an order for protection under the Domestic Violence Act. 1 The order requires the offender to stay away from the victim and other protected third parties. Stalking is defined broadly to include any conduct that would cause a reasonable person to fear for her/his. In the state of Iowa, there are several types of protective orders. The determination of which type of protective order you need is dependent on the events prior to the filing of the order, as well as the restrictions you would like to establish moving forward and severity of crimes committed. The aggrieved party can file for a criminal no-contact, civil no-contact, or civil protective order. An Order for Protection is a civil court order that restrains the person who has been committing acts or threats of violence, harassment, sexual assault, or elder abuse from further acts. You should call 9 - 1 - 1 if anyone is in immediate danger The criminal part of the order includes the personal conduct, no contact, stay away, weapons restriction and property orders. The civil part can include orders on child custody and financial support. If the respondent violates the criminal parts of the protective order, the petitioner can call 9-1-1 for help

No Contact Order. This is a criminal order for victims of domestic violence, after criminal charges have been filed against the abuser. Once the police have responded to a 911 call and taken a report, this is forwarded to the Prosecutor. No Contact Orders are requested by the Prosecutor when they are concerned about your safety. Restraining Order KCADV 111 Darby Shire Circle Frankfort, Ky 40601 USA 502.209.5382 502-226-5382 (fax) info@kcadv.or The third type of protection order is a Sexual Assault Protection Order. It does not depend upon relationships and is granted because someone subjected or attempted to subject the other person to sexual contact or sexual penetration without consent. Note: None of these types of protection orders are for the purpose of protecting property The paperwork necessary to apply for an Order of Protection is here on our website, however, we recommend all persons interested in applying for an order read the following information. Getting Help The information on this page answers questions about Orders of Protection and walks users through the process of obtaining one The non-residential parent can apply under Section 8 of the Children Act for a contact order which is: An order requiring the person with whom the child lives, or is to live, to allow the child to visit or stay with the person named in the order, or for that person and the child otherwise to have contact with each other. Direct Contact This.

Kind of Order PSTALKING ROTECTION ORDER STALKING NO CONTACT ORDER Nature of Proceeding Civil under RCW 7 (RCW chapter number is pending the code reviser's decision after July 28, 2013, when statute takes effect). Criminal, in context of pending criminal action at arraignment or as a condition of sentence, under RCW 9A.46.110 or 060 and RCW A restraining order is a court order that orders someone not to hurt you, to stay away from you, move out of the house, have no contact with you, or stop harassing you. How to get a restraining order. You start the process by requesting papers for a temporary restraining order (TRO). These papers are called the petition order temporary child support or spousal maintenance; An OFP is not a criminal case. It takes place in family court. If the police have been called, they may start a separate criminal matter because it is against the law to hurt or threaten people. Some people talk about no contact orders but those are different 9 [___] No Contact Order the Respondent not to contact, phone, mail, e-mail, or communicate with me and the people listed on the first page of this form in any way, either directly or indirectly except as allowed by the parent-time provisions of the temporary protective order Protective orders are sometimes called no contact or no violent contact orders depending on what protections you ask for and what the judge grants. Judges may specify what each term means on the order. No contact orders usually include: No face-to-face contact No contact by phone, text, mail, email, etc

The above named Respondent/Defendant shall have no contact with the Petitioner/Plaintiff. No contact includes any defendant-initiated contact, except through an attorney, direct or indirect, by means such as telephone, personal contact, email, pager, gift-giving or telefacsimile machine. [05] This order will be enforced anywhere in North. This order is requested by the victim at the Domestic Violence Coalition. There is no cost for the Protection Order. A PPO usually has a 6 month to One year expiration date. You can request that is be extended if you still feel you are in harm's way. · No Contact Order - This is a Court ordered condition of a criminal case. After the. An Order of Protection is not a Restraining Order or No-Contact Order. Many people are confused about the differences between an Order of Protection, a Restraining Order and a No-Contact Order. If you are being physically harmed or threatened, you need an Order of Protection. With an Order of Protection, the police can arrest your abuser if he.

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'Child arrangements orders' replace 'residence orders' and 'contact orders'. Parents with these orders do not need to re-apply. Find a solicitor if you need legal advice However, if the no contact order comes from a Civil Protection Order issued from a Domestic Relations or Juvenile Court, the no contact order supersedes any existing visitation orders. Look and see if the case number on your visitation order is the same as the case number on the no contact order. If it is, the no contact order takes priority if. You may need to use the court system to resolve the issue. The court can make a 'child arrangements order' setting out whether contact between your child and their other parent should happen. The court will tell both parents when and where contact will happen. If the court decides that no contact should happen, it will give reasons The U.S. Department of State Passport Services requires both parents to appear in order to get a passport for a minor age 15 or under. In cases where only one parent appears, the applying parent must submit either notarized consent from the non-applying parent or proof of sole legal custody Serve your child's other parent with a copy of the paperwork at least 30 days before the court date. You need someone 18 or older, NOT you, to give the other parent a copy of the filed Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (Form NC-120).. The server has to fill out a Proof of Service of Order to Show Cause (Change of Name) (Form NC-121) and give it to you

Civil - Order of Protection & Civil No Contact Orders To obtain an Emergency Order of Protection, Civil No Contact Order or Stalking No Contact Order, use Electronic Protection Order system at the link below • a child arrangements order under section 8 or an order for contact under section 34 under the Children Act 1989 made in your favour; • an order made in exercise of the High Court's jurisdiction with respect to children giving you care of the child; • an order under section 26 or the Adoption and Children Act 2002 A person can file for a PFA order from the court for themselves, or on behalf of their minor children. A PFA describes various types of protections for the victim. For example, a PFA order can make it illegal for the abuser to contact, harass and abuse the victim and the victim's children, it may order the abuser to return personal property

If you need to make an appointment or require assistance, please contact the Law Library staff at 618-296-4900 or email us at lawlibrary@co.madison.il.us See these important instructions if you are filing an Order of Protection or Stalking No Contact during the Self-Help Center's closure due to COVID-19 concerns A legal guardian can care for a child when the parents are unable to. Guardianship of the estate . A guardianship of the estate is set up to manage a child's income, money, or other property until the child turns 18. A child may need a guardian of the estate if he or she inherits money or assets The Protection Order Committee has developed a comprehensive set of forms divided into four main categories: (1) protection orders, (2) no-contact orders, (3) workplace violence restraining orders and (4) child protection orders. The Protection Order Committee conducts a yearly update and provides newly approved forms in July of each year Also there is a no form of any contact, not even peaceful for any reason. How can I go about applying when there is no custody arrangement? The only court documents I have is him being ordered to pay monthly child support. Answer: Please contact customer service at 1-877-487-2778 for advice regarding your special situation the minor children or if the Restrained Person was ordered to have no contact with the minor children, you may need copies for your work, children's school, daycare provider, etc. Remember to carry a copy of the Protection Order and Affidavit/Certificate of Service at al

If you are harassed by your N to the degree that you are considering a restraining or protective order and their harassment is not criminal (assault, vandalism, trespassing, etc.), then your first step is a No Contact letter A No Contact Order is in effect for the entire length of the criminal case, including through the length of the sentence. It can be dropped only at the request of the victim with the approval of a judge. A restraining order can be sought whether or not there is a criminal case. Restraining orders can be issued when there has been physical or.

This law allows the parent or guardian of an abused child to obtain an Order of Protection, which orders the abuser to stop the abuse and which can also order the abuser out of the home or from having any contact with the child victim under certain conditions He has never seen our daughter, (although he did sign her birth certificate) she is now 14 months. I've had a pfa order on him since may of 2011, so he may not have direct contact with me, but it was ordered that he may get visitation of the children through our parents. He's never attempted though Either victim, or parent or guardian of minor child living at home, may file petition. Protects adults and minor children from further violence or contact. Respondent may be ordered to surrender guns and ammunition. DATING VIOLENCE: Requires a dating relationship within the past 6 months They may be able to help you get a Civil No-Contact Order. For other situations, you may contact an attorney to find out if you can get a Civil Restraining Order. Remember, you may always call the police if you are afraid or need help, even if you do not have an Order of Protection. 2. Recent Incident of Abuse or Threat. Orders of Protection.

An enforcement order can be secured if a parent to the Order is breaking the terms i.e committing a child arrangement order breach. If the court is of the view that there is no good reason for a breach of court order then an enforcement order can be made which can be backed with penalties detailed below Deeming from the parent stops when a child attains age 18, marries, or no longer lives with a parent. Deeming does not apply, and we may pay up to $30 plus the applicable State supplement when: a disabled child receives a reduced SSI benefit while in a medical treatment facility; and. the child is eligible for Medicaid under a State home care. Sexual: Non-consensual sexual contact. A guardian may request an order on behalf of Petitioner. Duration: Lasts for one year, unless modified or dismissed. May be renewed, no further acts of abuse are required. Forms: To obtain a EPPDAPA Order, you must print the paper forms and fill them out by hand. Once the forms are filled out you will have.

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A Harassment Restraining Order is an order issued by the court in order to keep the offender, or any person acting on his behalf, from contacting the victim in any way. The restraining order also keeps the offender from making physical contact with the victim. The offender is technically prohibited to go near the victim or remain at a prescribed distance away from the victim No Contact Please order the Respondent to not contact: me our children under 18, either directly or indirectly, by phone, email, messages, text messages, mail or any other type of communication Child Support Please order the Respondent to pay reasonable child support No contact orders issued pursuant to Idaho Code § 18-920 must be on the Supreme Court form found in Appendix A and served on or signed by the defendant. A defendant, who was not present when the order was initially issued, may request a hearing on the order. This request must be filed within seven (7) days of service of the order These forms are for non-commercial use only. These forms are copyrighted by the Kansas Judicial Council and are provided free of charge. These forms cannot be sold, republished, or otherwise transferred from one person to another for compensation or other value without the Kansas Judicial Council's express permission A no-contact bond condition is imposed on a defendant during a pending criminal charge. A restraining order (including a PPO) is a civil action between citizens. A no-contact bond condition means that a defendant can not call, write, have a third party contact, or themselves physically contact the victim or any other party with whom the.

The injunction process is a civil court process and is not a part of a criminal court proceeding. An injunction is different than a criminal no-contact order. An injunction is a court order against another person who has been physically violent with you and/or has placed you in fear of physical violence contact with a child or contact with the child means contact between a child and a person, other than the child 's guardian, the terms of which are set out in an agreement or order. A schedule of contact can be set by agreement between the person seeking contact with a child and the child 's guardians under section 58 of the Family Law Act, or.

NRS 33.410 Petition for order: Deferment of costs and fees; free information concerning order; no fee for serving order. 1. The payment of all costs and official fees must be deferred for any person who petitions a court for a temporary or extended order pursuant to NRS 33.400. After any hearing and not later than final disposition of such an. Remember, the court will only order no contact between a parent and a child if contact would be harmful to the child. If you have worked out an access schedule with the other party, you can include that information here. Examples of access arrangements: Specific:. For example, if you want the children to visit the other parent or have contact with the other parent, you can ask the judge handling the restraining order case to order that the no contact part of the restraining order apply to you but not to the children A minor can walk away from a contract (it's called disaffirming or voiding the contract). The minor can disaffirm the contract at any time during their minority or for a reasonable time after. The minor can't disaffirm just part of the contract; they must disaffirm all of it. Of course, the minor must give the money back or face criminal.

Visitation Basics. Whether you've divorced or you're legally separated, if you're a parent you need a custody order.Parents can work out their own arrangements regarding custody and visitation with a judge's approval. If parents aren't able to agree, a judge will make a visitation and custody order based on the child's best interests.. Your custody order will designate which parent. If no other parent possesses custodial responsibility under the law of this State, other than this article, or if an existing court order prohibits contact between the child and the other parent, a deploying parent, by power of attorney, may delegate all or part of his or her custodial responsibility to an adult nonparent for the period of. Contact Orders are made under s8 Children Act 1989 to require the person(s) with whom a child lives to allow that child to visit, stay or have contact with a person named in the order. Orders continue until the child is 16 years. So long as the child is not under the care of a local authority, the following people can apply for a Contact Order No temporary restraining order is issued. The judge finds that the allegations do not meet the requirements and that no hearing is merited. If you are denied a restraining order, you can raise additional evidence of stalking or violence to the judge by filing a Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Petition for Injunction for Protection. The Protection Order Committee has developed a comprehensive set of forms divided into four main categories: (1) protection orders, (2) no-contact orders, (3) workplace violence restraining orders and (4) child protection orders. The Protection Order Committee conducts a yearly update and provides newly approved forms in July of each year

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As used in this chapter, an abused child includes any child who: (A) Is the victim of sexual activity as defined under Chapter 2907. of the Revised Code, where such activity would constitute an offense under that chapter, except that the court need not find that any person has been convicted of the offense in order to find that the child is an abused child The child is at high risk of abuse or neglect but the risk is not considered immediate because there is time to get a removal order. For example, dirty homes with no immediate health hazards; drug abuse cases where the parent or person having custody of the child is not under the influence at the time; physical or sexual abuse cases where the. In order for the court to modify the terms of a custody order, there must be a continuing and substantial change in the circumstances of the child or the child's custodian and the modification is necessary to serve the best interests of the child disposition order: child protection : 12/01/2020: ccg n137: disposition order - firearms restraining order: general: 12/01/2020: ccg 0804: disposition order- orders of protection: general : 12/01/2020: ccg n808: disposition order/civil no contact order

Petitioner and respondent shall disclose the existence of any other litigation concerning the custody or residential placement of a child of the parties as set forth in RCW 26.27.281 and the existence of any other restraining, protection, or no-contact orders between the parties (A) The parent and child relationship between a child and the child's natural mother may be established by proof of her having given birth to the child or pursuant to sections 3111.01 to 3111.18 or 3111.20 to 3111.85 of the Revised Code. The parent and child relationship between a child and the natural father of the child may be established by an acknowledgment of paternity as provided in. If you already have a Court Order but the parenting time or contact arrangements are no longer suitable, you may ask the Court to vary or change the Order. The Court may change an Order if it finds that the circumstances of a child have changed since the last Order was made and it is in the child's best interests for the change to be made On Jan. 5, Flores was charged with sexual assault and child enticement for allegedly meeting up with the 12-year-old girl at Fish Camp County Park in the town of Dunn, where a Dane County sheriff's deputy on routine patrol found him parked about 1 a.m. on Jan. 4 A party may contact the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) in his/her county for assistance in obtaining genetic testing when a parent lives out of state. To find the CSEA in your county, call 1-800-686-1556 or use the online ODJFS County Directory

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Your Order will say: The Court orders guardian is authorized to sell the real property located at 123 Elm Street, San Jose, California, Be sure to leave a place for the judge to date and sign it. Take your proposed Order and a copy to the Court Clerk's office when you file your petition, or at least one week before your hearing How Does A Restraining Order Work? The court can order the abuser to: stop or refrain from abuse; have no contact with the victim; vacate or remain away from a house or workplace; surrender all firearms and firearm identification cards; The court can also award temporary support and custody of minor children to the victim

WHEREFORE, pursuant to § 8.01-217 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the applicant requests that the Court find that a change of name is in the best interest of the minor and order a change of the minor's name from An order similar to a civil restraining order can be obtained in the criminal courts. This is called a peace bond. A peace bond will generally provide that the alleged abuser have no contact with the victim, including no telephone contact. A peace bond may be thought of as the court's way to release the accused under orders to behave An order of protection is a court order which restricts an abuser and only is available to family or household members. An order of protection may: prohibit abuser from continuing threats and abuse (abuse includes physical abuse, harassment, intimidation, interference with personal liberty, or willful deprivation The order specifies that there is to be no contact. What does that mean? If the restraining order states that the parties are to have no contact, that means there should be no communication - either directly, indirectly or through a third party - between the Petitioner and Respondent However, it will be the minor's burden to prove that a change of custody would be in his/her best interests at this time. The court that made the original custody and visitation order retains jurisdiction to decide modification unless the parties and child no longer have close ties to the court and the court surrenders its jurisdiction

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English Protective Order Electronic Application. This form has been modified since it was saved. Please review all fields before submitting. Users who need accessibility assistance can also contact us by phone through the Federal Information Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339 for TTY/Voice communication Family Courts and Services Center 601 N. Pecos Las Vegas, NV 89155. This website was designed and is maintained by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Inc., a private, nonprofit, 501(c) (3) organization that operates the Family Law Self-Help Center through a contract with Clark County, Nevada A 'contact order' is an order made by the court that determines who is entitled to communicate with a child (either through face to face meetings or telephone calls, or indirectly such as by letter). A 'residence order' is an order made by the court that determines where and with whom a child lives

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