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Once you select your material, you'll trim it to the size you need with scissors, apply Mod Podge to the item, and then smooth onto the glass (or painted glass). It's the same process as Mod Podging to other substrates, allowing time to dry in between layers of Mod Podge. Mod Podge on Glass with Photo How to mod podge on glass. Hi there friends! The other day I shared with you 20+ Mod podge on glass projects. I sort of put the cart before the horse on that one. I came to realize many of you have never even tried it! Today, I am sharing how to mod podge on the glass. I will be leaving a link to the video tutorial at the end

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  1. 1-16 of 71 results for mod podge for glass Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Free Shipping by Amazon. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterbased Sealer, Glue and Finish (8-Ounce), CS15059 Gloss, 8 Ounce. 4.7 out of 5 stars 10,080. $5.84 $ 5. 84 $9.99 $9.99
  2. 20+ Mod podge on glass projects. Hope all is well and you have been busy out in your gardens. Menot so much half of what I already shared with you the other day in my outdoor deck is dead already. I kid you not. Never, ever leave me in charge of your plants is all I can say
  3. You can Mod Podge a photo directly to glass, but can you photo transfer to glass? The answer is no - not directly. You'll need to use the decal method. In the decal method, you're going to print out photos on printer paper (not photo paper) and then paint them with Mod Podge photo transfer medium
  4. Mod Podge, a type of decoupage glue sold in craft stores, goes on white but dries clear, allowing you to glue objects to the glass. Applying fabric to plates and bowls from the outside allows the image to show through the glass
  5. I love to Mod Podge and glass and have done those sort of projects a hundred times. Mod Podge on Glass HERE. 20+ Mod Podge on glass projects. Better yet is the fact that I recycled jars that would have gone in the recycle bin anyhow. Wouldn't these look so cute on a Spring bridal shower, or even a baby shower event. Get the gals together and.
  6. Choose the next part of the design, for us it is the green branch, and paint the front with Mod Podge. Place the piece in the jar and press it up against the glass. Paint another layer of Mod Podge over the back. Then press the back of the piece with your finger to remove wrinkles and bubbles

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What you need to know about Mod Podge Photo Transfer: The Mod Podge Photo Transfer basically turns your picture into a decal that can then be stuck to glass or any smooth surface. You brush the medium onto your photo, the photo transfers to the medium as it dries (into a very thin plastic-like sheet), and you peel the paper away Paint Mod Podge on the back of the item and smooth down to the glass surface. Wipe away any medium that comes out from under the item. Let dry 15 - 20 minutes. Apply a top coat over the item only Mod Podge, a type of decoupage glue sold in craft stores, goes on white but dries clear, allowing you to glue objects to the glass. Applying fabric to plates and bowls from the outside allows the..

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  1. Learn how to tint glass in just a few easy steps with Mod Podge Sheer Colors. Keep reading to learn how I used a recycled apple jug to make my own version of a $159 Pottery Barn product. How to tint glass supplies: Recycled Glass Bottles or Clear Mason Jars; Mod Podge Sheer Colors; Maple Leaf Garland (optional) Small Pumpkins (optional) Step one
  2. Mod Podge is essentially Elmer's school glue in a jar. What it's used for is to seal pictures onto items. I don't think it would work for your purpose. It would make a sticky mess
  3. Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finisher product. It is used to decoupage a variety of craft items including photos, tiles, fabrics and papers. Different finishes are available including glossy, matte, glow-in-the-dark, sparkle and outdoor
  4. Brush each glass with an even coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe. Optional: use painter's tape to block off any areas where you don't want glitter. While the glue is still wet, spread an even amount of bling all over the glass. For an ombre look, pour the gold glitter on first, then silver
  5. Mod Podge Gloss has a very simple concept - it is a decoupage medium (what is decoupage?) with a GLOSSY finish. This means the finish is shiny when light hits it. Other Mod Podge formulas exist that do the exact same thing (Matte, Satin), with the only difference being the finish. Let me show you what I'm talking about
  6. Mod Podge! This is a great product for glueing and varnishing your paper, glass, or wood projects. And of course it is perfect for decoupage or collage! I have a little Mod Podge issue, my family swears that I would decoupage the cat if she stood still long enough

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1. Pour in your Mod Podge. I'm sure there's a really scientific way to measure the amount of Mod Podge, but I usually eyeball about 1/8 to 1/10 of the glass and fill it to that point. If you don't have enough, you can always add more. If you have too much, pour it into another glass container. 2. Add Your Colo A Decoupage DIY Tutorial for teens - Decoupage (aka Mod Podge Insanity) - decoupaged small pieces of a beautiful paper napkin onto old glass bottles. Upcycle a mason jar into a gorgeous pen stand. Ric rac, Modge podge, dictionary decoupaged. Step by step video tutorial Mod Podge artificial leaves to the glass block. Add lights and a bow on top. glass blocks with largee holes available from Dee's Halloween Canvas Halloween Painting Fall Halloween Halloween Crafts Halloween Decorations Halloween Scene Painted Glass Blocks Decorative Glass Blocks Lighted Glass Blocks Halloween Sunset Two Sided Glass Block | Ets How to Mod Podge Tissue Paper on Glass The steps to adding tissue paper is very similar in terms of the application of the glue by itself as shown in the Seeded Glass article , however in this case you will measure out your paper pieces and cut to size, and set them aside Whatever glass you're painting, Mod Podge (or Elmer's Glue), food coloring, and a paintbrush. (If you want to avoid the brush strokes, a foam brush might work.) Step 2: (not pictured) Mix up your food coloring and Mod Podge to your desired color. I used about 2 spoonfuls of Mod Podge and 4-5 drops of blue food coloring

Which is the Best Mod Podge For Glass? The Mod Podge brand has a wide selection of products in its line. You are probably already familiar with at least one of the most common ones: paper, fabric, gloss, matte, sparkle, or glitter Mod Podge. Except for the Mod Podge products specified for use with paper and fabric, you can actually use any Mod. Take a dollop of gloss Mod Podge and place into your bowl. Add about 10 drops of food coloring and mix well. Add a few spoonfuls of water and mix until the mixture is still thick but considerably runnier - like a melty milkshake. Just so that you know at this point in the game, you're adding white that is going to turn clear to the mix From serving trays to vases, dishwasher safe mod podge makes your decorative projects easy to clean. If the original item is top rack dishwasher safe, your mod podge-finished item is, too - once it's properly cured. This jar of glossy, dishwasher safe mod podge contains 8 ounces. Perfect for a variety of small projects

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To do this, paint a coat of Mod Podge on the front of a cut-out flower. Then press the flower face down onto the plate. Paint a coat of Mod Podge over the top (which is really the back) of the flower. We like to start by placing the flowers around the edge of the heart to define the shape Mod Podge is designed to permanently adhere paper to glass, making it ideal for a window decorating project. Since Mod Podge dries to a clear, hard finish, you can make images, cutouts or photos appear to float when you apply them to a clear glass background

ModPodge is a glue, a sealer and a finish that works well on paper, plastic, glass, even fabric. You can also try specialty finishes, depending on the project you are working on. Here's a simple guide: Here are a few things to keep in mind when using it, and a three starter projects to try I'm so excited to show you guys how to label glass using mod podge. I'm really excited about making household products using my young living essential oils and just recently made Fruit and Veggie Spray.The only problem is these bottles need labels mod podge can be applied even to a show box. You can use fabric to cover or even a nice napkin with a cool pattern. Don't go shopping at the stores. Look inside your pantry you will find plenty of glass to cover Turn your living room into a summer resort with these decorative jars. In this video we will show you how to create this weathered beach look by treating gla..

Since 1967 Mod Podge has been a staple for crafters everywhere. Mod Podge is an all-in-one, glue, sealer, and finish for long-lasting durability for all your projects. This innovative, retro brand has been loved by crafters for ages for its flexibility and versatility. Mod Podge dries clear and quickly Glass Fabric/Paper Magnets: Mod Podge flat side of glass disk, press gently onto fabric or scrapbook paper, let dry, trace around disk and cut just inside the line, MP the outside surface of the fabric/paper, let dry, glue magnet on How to Mod Podge Photos Onto Glass Tiles. Turn inexpensive glass tiles into coasters or necklace pendants with decoupage medium. Decoupage is a craft similar to wallpapering, in which you use. How to mod podge on glass with over 20 cute and simple craft projects you can start doing today. You can recycle jars, mod podge with napkins and more. Article by Debbiedoo's . 1.7k. Mod Podge Matte Diy Mod Podge Mod Podge Crafts Mod Podge Ideas Mason Jar Crafts Mason Jar Diy Bottle Crafts Modge Podge Glass Decoupage Glass

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  1. Although many items are out of stock currently, we are working around the clock to get all your favorite Apple Barrel, Bucilla, Delta, FolkArt, and Mod Podge items back in stock as soon as we can! Our goal is to ship orders as quickly as possible; however, we are experiencing some delays in processing and shipping orders at this time
  2. Next, I applied a coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe to the paper band and placed it on the glass jar by wrapping it around and slightly overlapping the ends as necessary. Once the paper band was in place, I then placed a sheet of waxed paper over the band and squeegeed over it to remove any captured air pockets as well as any excess Mod Podge
  3. Mod Podge is an all-purpose crafting adhesive. It is commonly used in decoupage projects because it is easy to apply, will not make the paper wrinkle, and dries clear. Once the adhesive is dry, however, it will not simply wipe off. You can remove it from glass by rehydrating the glue with water
  4. Using Mod Podge Ultra for Making Mosaics with Broken Glass. So, does Mod Podge Ultra do the job? The answer is a resounding yes! The glass is really on the frame and I am totally impressed. This stuff does a great job with your paper projects but you may want to think of it when you have something more robust as well
  5. Mod Podge comes in a wide variety of finishes for all kinds of DIY crafts and projects. The Mod Podge matte product will dry clear with a matte finish, meaning it is not shiny. The Mod Podge Gloss, however, will add a layer of sheen to your project
  6. Create pretty fabric-covered glass containers or apply fabric to the back of clear plates with Mod Podge. Mod Podge is an all-purpose adhesive, sealer and finish (glossy or matte). It's the brand name for a milky-colored medium that dries clear, manufactured by the Plaid Company
  7. Mod Podge Gloss Lustre Finish is a clear acrylic sealer. Use this Mod Podge gloss on craft projects and more! Shop Mod Podge clear gloss finish at JOANN

In this video I've been using Mod Podge Sheer Paint in a few different ways. Although I've been using glass here, it can also be used on top of patterned pap.. I have used Mod Podge for decoupage projects for a very long time. I love dried flowers on glass, but do not want to sell my projects if the flowers do not retain color for a few years. I phoned Plaid, makers of Mod Podge to ask why my flowers did not retain their colors

Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer that is Specifically Formulated to Seal Craft Projects, Dries Crystal Clear is Non-Yellowing No-Run and Quick Drying, 12 ounce, Gloss 3,590 Mod Podge CS11202 Waterbase Sealer, Glue & Decoupage Finish, 16 oz, Gloss, 16 Fl Oz 8,75 glass glue, such as Mod Podge or similar. wine glasses. Cut a thin strip of tape and apply it to your wine glasses. To apply glitter to the base of the wine glass, tape off the stem of the glass and leave the base exposed. To apply glitter to the stems of the wine glass, cover the base of the glass with tape

Glass Art Drawing & Illustration Mixed Media & Collage Fiber Arts Dolls & Miniatures if your mod podge is a good consitency, it should self level. Posted at 11:38pm Apr 13, 2008 EDT. 1 2. previous page next page Footer. One of my favorite things to create is custom gifts. There is nothing better than adding a personalized touch to a gift for someone. In the Artful Soul Child Studio I will be creating a custom tumbler using the Mod Podge method. Although there are different methods that can be explored, I will start with this one I then sprinkled the decorative glass over the mod podge. You will want to be sure to take your fingers and pat the decorative glass into the mod podge. You will let this dry and you can add more mod podge to any bare spots that might have occurred and sprinkle on more glass. You can add a small battery operated tea light to your jar Mod Podge Resin has a clear, glossy finish that is food safe and has low VOCs. Add embellishments to create one-of-a-kind resin pieces. Use Mod Podge Alcohol Inks for adding color to any of your resin projects. Each color is super-saturated for rich, vibrant hues

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This easy tutorial will show you how to mod podge glass ornaments. It's a fun Christmas craft for adults and kids alike! Give them as Christmas gifts, or use them to decorate gifts or your own tree! Hello, hello, friends! I'm so excited to share this super-easy, last-minute holiday craft with you all today. It's the perfect way to spend a. Clear Glass Plates; Foam Brush; Mod Podge (I used Matte, but you can also use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge) Tissue Paper; Step 1: Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the back of one of your plates. Working quickly, lay a sheet of tissue paper (right side down), over your plate, smoothing out the tissue paper with your fingers. A few wrinkles will be. Apply a fairly generous amount of Mod Podge to a section of the glass. Make sure it is wider enough to apply at least one strip of the tissue paper. Once there is enough Mod Podge add one strip of the tissue paper. Start by lining up the top just under the lip. Then add more Mod Podge and brush the tissue paper down If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe. We post a new craft video every week! Our blog is RunningWithSisters.com. It is loaded with DIY crafts, jewelr..

Manufactured by Plaid, Mod Podge is an adhesive, sealant and finish for decorative surfaces. Often used in decoupage, Mod Podge is available in a variety of formulations to meet different craft needs. As a result, it can also be used on puzzles, glass, ceramic, plastic and photo-transfer projects Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish, trusted by crafters for their most treasured creations. Available in a variety of formulas, the Mod Podge family of decoupage mediums provides endless possibilities. Mod Podge is quick-drying for multiple coat build up and can be sanded to a smooth finish Glass Art Drawing & Illustration Mixed Media & Collage Mod Podge - 8oz Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge - Clear Mod Podge - Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge - Waterbase Sealer - Dishwasher Safe Glue - 26-040 ASCsupplies 5 out of 5 stars (26,709) $ 9.55. Add to Favorites.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Rocsmom from Mod Podge Dishwasher safe I painted a complete white set of mugs, bowls and condiment dishes with alcohol inks. I let them set for a week. Then I brushed on the Mod Podge..thin coat at first. Let it dry completely for a few days, then repeated this 3 times. Then let the entire set for a month The next player in my mod podge game was a can of window glass cleaner I picked up on a whim at Home Depot. It's not a particularly good window glass cleaner, so I didn't mind using a fair amount of it in this experiment. I got still bigger chunks of paper to come off with the glass cleaner and now I was starting to have fun. Dish Soap & Wate I made several of these personalized glass blocks for my family last Christmas and they were a huge hit. I wanted to share my results for anyone looking for a unique and relatively inexpensive gift idea. Originally I had started this post with a step by step process on using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium Give a plain glass plate, vase or bowl a new look by decoupaging fabric onto it. Mod Podge, a type of decoupage glue sold in craft stores, goes on white but dries clear, allowing you to glue objects to the glass. Applying fabric to plates and bowls from the outside allows the image to show through the glass

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  1. Mod Podge (45) Plaid (1) Rating close x; 5 Stars (6) 4 Stars and Up (33) 3 Stars and Up (39) 2 Stars and Up (40) 1 Star and Up (41) Price close x; Under $5 (6) $5 - $10 (30) $10 - $25 (19) $25 - $50 (3) $50 and Up (1) Type close x; Hot Glue (1) Liquid (25) Spray (8) Features close x; Dries Clear (4).
  2. Clear plastic plates OR if you want to use clear glass plates that's fine too. Mod Podge. Brush. Fabric. Pen. How To: Start by laying your fabric out flat and tracing a circle around your plate. Then cut out the fabric into your circle. Apply one layer of mod podge directly to the plate and then place the fabric face side down (if applicable.
  3. In this video hosted by Amy Anderson, you will learn how to transfer photos to any project using Mod Podge. You can transfer photos to several different surf..

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Once Mod Podge is applied, it forms a bond that is much stronger than the material it's bonded to. If used as a sealant or finishing coat, it forms a strong, protective layer over the top of your art, model, or diorama which will prevent any accidental rips or tears and make it super easy to get rid of any dust or dirt afterwards Decide between regular Mod Podge or Mod Podge Transfer Medium. Regular matte Mod Podge will make the image translucent so that the surface's texture (ie: wood grain) will show through the photo. Mod Podge Transfer Medium is white, and it will make the photo opaque. If you are using fabric, choose Mod Podge Transfer Medium

Brushstroke Mod Podge (discontinued): This formula gives you the look of a hand painting. It's very textured and dimensional. It also comes in a clear gloss or matte finish. Super Gloss Mod Podge: Gives items a glass-like finish. No special tools are needed and Super Gloss goes on smooth and does not leave stroke marks from your brush Shop & Save On Mod Podge & More At MichaelsĀ® Craft Stores. Buy Online & Pick Up In-Store How to Modge Podge on Glass Stones First pick out scrapbook paper and go grab your stones. Next trace them on the paper with your pencil and cut out the shapes with your scissors. (See picture for reference Mod Podge gloss is non-toxic however it is not considered food safe. Therefore the general advice on the interweb is to leave a 2cm gap from the rim of the glass (where the mouth would go) as glitter is also not food safe

Mod Podge Glass Plate Tutorial. Here's how to actually make this sheet music Christmas craft. First, you'll want to cut your sheet music into small pieces. You don't want all the pieces to be perfect. Some of my papers were square and some were rectangles of different sizes. You can use a paper cutter for a little more precision or plain. Use these easy steps to make glass clings out of Mod Podge: Pour the Mod Podge Washout onto the SHINY SIDE of a piece of freezer paper. Add a small amount of craft paint. Mix the Mod Podge and paint together until they are totally combined Time for my next Mod Podge project. This simple Mod Podge project took less than 15 minutes of active time and was so easy! (There was a lot of drying time in there though where I just left it and returned later.) Here's how I did it: Glass Trivet Upcycle Supplies: Glass trivet SELECT mod podge and other decoupage ITEMS. HOME. BRANDS. Folk Art. Apple Barrel. Bucilla. Gallery Glass. Delta. Martha Stewart. Fabric Creations. One Stroke. Mod Podge. PRODUCTS. Premium Acrylic Paint. Value Priced Acrylic Paint. Glass Paint and Etching. Metallic and Pearl Paints. Fabric Paint. Multi Surface Paint. Home Decor Paint. Supply. To make summer beach glass bottles, you'll need: Mod Podge, water, white paint, dirt or sand and glass bottles, jars or vases. Mix together 1 part Mod Podge, 2 parts water and 1 part white paint. Pour into your bottle and swirl it around until it coats the entire bottle

Make Cute Holiday Fabric Plates Using Mod Podge! - YouTubeWine Bottle Crafts: Light My Bottles! - Mod Podge RocksHoliday wine bottle lights80+ Dollar Tree Cricut Projects

I love depression glass and jadeite- but it's really difficult to find a good deal on the stuff. Back when depression glass and jadeite were being produced, you could find the pieces in hardware stores or five-and-dimes as an incentive to buy a bag of flour or oatmeal, but today the pieces can be priced in the hundreds. When I learned that Mod Podge made a new line of colorful Mod Podge, I. Usually people do Mod Podge, glitter, and then Mod Podge. I find it too messy (picture one small dog with glitter sparkles on his back from mummy crafting). I know there is Mod Podge with glitter built in, but I have not tried it. Now that I think about it, maybe your idea of mixing the two would work since they have done it on their own Shop for Mod Podge . Buy products such as Mod Podge CS11223 Puzzle Saver Glue, Sealer, and Finish, Clear, 4 fl oz, Mod Podge Puzzle Saver 8oz at Walmart and save Let your glass dry overnight. At the very least, half a day..somewhere around 8 hours. If you disturb the mod podge too soon, it will not be pretty. Simply take a dry paintbrush and brush off the excess glitter. This won't remove all of it, just the stuff that isn't already stuck to the glass. To seal it, just coat it in another layer of. If Mod Podging onto plastic, clay or terra cotta, glass or fabric, clean with warm, soapy water. Just make sure your surface is totally dry before applying any Mod Podge. 3. Apply the Mod Podge of your choice to your surface: paper, fabric, wood, using a paint brush or foam brush

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