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Sip Rum Aged in American Whiskey Barrels for A Unique, Quality Blend. Zacapa Rum Aged in American Whiskey Barrels - A New Experience for Whiskey Connoisseurs View the Top 5 Aging Barrels of 2021. Free 2-Day Shipping and Free Returns. What Do We Do? We Buy, Test, and Write Reviews. We Make Shopping Quick and Easy This mini oak barrel is under $65 is perfect for aging your own spirits, hot sauce, vinegar, and more. Get a 1-liter barrel, or go all out with a 10 or 15-liter oak whiskey barrel! It's perfect for.. Then our mini oak barrels are perfect for you. While they're much smaller than our full-size barrels, our mini barrels still possess the tasting characteristics of our larger oak barrels. Sizes range from one liter all the way up to five gallons and are perfect for your homebrew barrel aging or distilling project

This barrel can hold up to two liters of whiskey. Made with high-quality, charred American oak Great for whiskey, rum, tequila, bourbon, scotch, or wine The package includes a stand, bung, spigot, instructions, and paper funnel In order to cure an oak barrel for aging, follow these steps: Insert the spigot into the face of the barrel. Fill the barrel with hot water from the tap and allow it to sit for a minimum of 48 hours, with the bung in place in the top of the barrel. Remember, the uncured oak barrel for aging is not sealed tightly until it is cured and will leak A mini whiskey barrel is treated the same as a regular sized whiskey barrel, it's just smaller. Some mini whiskey barrels were specifically chosen by the Master Blender for aging and maturing their whiskey. They choose it because they see a specific character and continuity to be gained within their whiskey by using these mini whiskey barrels The key problem with small barrel aging is that it accelerates the absorption of everything else from the wood as well. A common misconception is that the longer a whiskey stays in the barrel, the better it gets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aging in oak is a delicate three-way dance between the climate, the whiskey and the wood Storage of Oak Barrels. Barrels should be stored in a cool place and away from sunlight. This will protect both the exterior of the barrel and the aging spirits inside. In time liquid will be absorbed by the barrel or evaporate, generally about 5% over 2 years, this is called the Angels' Share

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The small size of the 1 liter barrel means that the bourbon you put in it receives significantly more contact with the oak than it does in a 55 gallon barrel. And the theory is that leaving the whiskey in this small barrel accelerates the aging process and drives flavor into the whiskey quickly The Kentucky whiskey is aged at least three years in oak barrels before it's bottled and sold. I gave it another seven and a half months in a new white oak barrel I got from Copper Fox (the smaller the barrel the less time the spirit needs to spend in it). The difference is dramatic The barrels I use range from one to three liters, but you can order them up to 20 liters from most of the mini barrel providers online (try www.deepsouthbarrels.com and www.oakbarrelsltd.com to.

Woodinville Whiskey Co. offers the Age Your Own Whiskey Kit, including two 750 ml bottles of 110 proof unaged white dog and a 2-liter aging barrel. Color develops within a few weeks in the barrel and it takes about 3 months to get a solid, enjoyable product, says Woodinville co-owner Orlin Sorensen Age your own with our Personalized Whiskey Barrel. The steel-banded oak 2 liter barrel can be used for aging or serving your favorite wine or liquor

How Does a Mini Oak Aging Barrel Work? Once a product is removed from an aging barrel and bottled, the aging process stops. However, if the liquor is placed back into an oak barrel the aging process restarts. Because the barrel is smaller, a larger percentage of the liquid is in contact with the barrel walls accelerating the aging process My best friend is a whiskey fanatic and I'd like to create a home made whiskey for his 40th (8 years time). I have read that the best ageing process would be 6-8 years in a medium toasted barrel. I am in the UK and have access to some well made 'moonshine' courtesy of my father in-law. what I would like to know is would a 5L barrel age it. Whisky lovers longing to spend eternity steeped in the aroma of their favorite spirit can do just that, thanks to the Forever Aging urn—a small cask made from the whiskey-soaked wood of bourbon barrels, designed specifically to hold the ashes of the dead, further moistened by a drop or two of their dram of choice Barrel aging is a way to mature a distilled spirit for optimal flavor and ripeness. Many distilleries age their richer varieties (brandy, whiskey, dark rum) in oak for an extended period of time, as it colors and enhances the taste. Barrel-aging also promotes a smoother finish with many of your favorite cocktails and can easily be done at home Combine a flavor essence, like Irish whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, or spiced rum with grain alcohol or vodka in the barrel and let the aging begin. These home-friendly barrels speed up the aging process so you can get to a tasty pour faster. Add a personalization to make for a statement gift that will stand out on any home bar

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  1. Made and designed as replicas of large aging barrels found in distilleries, this 2 Liter Mini Barrel is constructed from American white oak wood and makes for the perfect home aging tool. Before you get going, be sure to prep and cure your barrel according to the instructions that come with it
  2. i barrel. What is the best practice for doing so considering the
  3. i barrel from Thousand Oaks Barrels for Christmas this past year. I have always wanted to play around with aging whiskey as the whole process (obviously) fascinates me. The first step in preparing the barrel for aging spirits is to cure the inside
  4. i whiskey-aging barrel. The end result definitely won't be a masterpiece. Blake, who spends his days teaching crash courses on how to run a distillery, doesn't want to step on any toes

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  1. When the temperature falls the wood expels the whiskey as it contracts. This will speed up the aging process. Once you bottle your whiskey and remove the wood you should store in a dark, cool, dry place. 4. What proof to age and oak moonshine at ? To age and oak whiskey or bourbon it's best to dilute it to 100 - 130 proof (50 - 65 % ABV)
  2. i whisky barrel? I walk you through it, step by step. Follow my simple guide here to start aging your own whisky i..
  3. According to the website, the oak barrel, while traditional, is bulky and hard to handle. Fair enough, but then again, we tend to allow trained professionals (or Mila Kunis) to handle our giant..
  4. American Oak Barrel (2 liter) with Chalkboard Front - Mini Keg for Aging Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey, Gin, Hot Sauce - Home Bar Decor by Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. 4.5 out of 5 stars 16 $59.9
  5. d that smaller batches are easier to control and you won't waste as much if you mess up
  6. i-oak aging barrels, authentic oak barrel signs and decor and a variety of personalized products for serving and entertaining
  7. Barrel Aged Whiskey Barrel aging offers many benefits. It is responsible for much of the flavor found in aged spirits. It also makes spirits much more palatable by removing some of the chemicals that make whiskey taste hot or harsh. To spot aged whiskey, all you need to do is evaluate the color of the spirit, which is easy to do since.

In this video I sample the corn whiskey that has been aging in my oak barrel for the past 6 months. The results are both surprising and delicious. Scroll dow.. View the Top 5 Aging Barrels of 2021. Free 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns. Our Research Has Helped Over 200 Million Users Find the Best Products The Fort Worth Barrel is our 5th largest oak aging barrel and named after our fifth largest city. Nothing small about this oak barrel other than the size.? It delivers our fastest aging barrel with a quick flavor influence. Perfect size to just test it out. It will hold between a fifth and 1 liter of your liquor or wine. After curing your barrel just pour your liquor in and start the aging. Whiskey barrel features to consider. Simply put, using a whiskey barrel will make your liquor taste better. The finest oak-aged whiskey is quite similar to the cheaper whiskey when it goes into the barrel, but it's something special when it comes out. Rather than shelling out the big bucks for top-shelf whiskey, you can choose a cheaper bottle and age it yourself in a whiskey barrel His whiskey is aging in the oak barrel now and he can't wait to taste test in the coming weeks. April Z. I received my mini oak barrels prior to Fathers Day. I could not be happier with the quality and workmanship. One charred barrel was for my own personal use and the other was for my wife's step father. They were both beautiful and the.

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  1. i oak barrels! We sell small whiskey barrels that can also be personalized. We have the Best Quality and Customer Service. (Good luck aging your spirits in a barrel with a liner). Our barrels are handmade to the highest quality standards. We pay attention to detail, that's why our barrels take longer to make
  2. I'll echo some comments already made here. Normal whisky barrels are around 50 gallons, so there isn't too much contact with the wood. These little guys are on turbo mode. I tried using a few of these before, and all my new make spirit came out tasting horrible. You might try aging a cocktail in there for a few days or so
  3. i barrel for my birthday. Was just curious if anyone has any recommendations on what to put in that turned out ok for you. Kinda debating whether to use un-aged whiskey or a low aged bourbon. I could go really cheap but I want something higher than 80 proof so I'm le..

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Oak barrel for aging whiskey at home Using Oak Barrels to flavor and color whisky, bourbon, rum, and other spirits. There are several ways to age your spirits with oak. All methods will bring an oak flavor and a warm caramel color to your whisky, bourbon, etc A medium amber hue and a nicely mellowed whiskey that was closer to a bourbon in character, though the ratio of corn and other adjuncts disqualify it from that classification. After a full year in the barrel the whiskey was excellent. In a side by side comparison to store bought $50ish bourbons, my barrel aged held it's ground quite well Traditionally, new barrels are used to age bourbon; once they are finished, the bourbon-soaked barrels often go to scotch whisky distillers, who let their product sit for longer to tease out the. There are two ways in which a barrel of whisky imparts a unique character to a whisky; first, the kind of wood that the barrel is made of and second, whether the barrel is first-fill, or has been used to mature a different alcoholic beverage. Learn more about the different types of barrels used to age whisky

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Used barrels are commonly put into service for aging Scotch whiskies, cognacs, and añejo tequilas. Already our humble barrel is imposing its will on the spirit in question, but there's more to it. The size of barrel determines the ratio of the wood's surface area relative to the liquid—the smaller the barrel, the heavier the influence American Oak Barrel™, LLC Manufactures & Sells Charred Oak Aging Barrels Directly To The Public. No Middle Man Markups & Extended Warranty Options Available Everything you need to make your finest blend of Whiskey, aged to perfection and is the perfect gift idea. Thousand Oak Barrel Co. brings the honored tradition of distilling home by providing the proper tools to age your own Whiskey. Explore the world of Whiskey by making and aging dozens of different styles of Whiskey Barrel aging opens up a wide range of flavors to patient homebrewers. From how to source barrels to aging on fruit, award-winning homebrewer Neil Fisher offers these helpful tips to get you started barrel aging your beer. 1. First, You Need a Barrel

Best Barrel: Red Head Barrels Charred American Oak Aging Barrel Buy on Amazon Justus Benjamin, wine curator and co-owner of San Diego wine shop Boutique Vino , has a creative gift idea for any whiskey lover, regardless of expertise level Some Westland whiskey aging in full sized, 52 gallon barrels at the distillery. (image copyright The Whiskey Wash) The vast majority of whiskey produced in the United States (let alone the rest of the world) is produced in barrels of 50 gallons or larger (sherry butts in the Scotch industry usually sit around 130 gallons) Check out our mini whiskey barrel selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Groomsmen Gift, Premium Oak Aging Barrel, Bourbon , Groomsman Gift, Best Man WeddingWoodenInvite. From shop WeddingWoodenInvite. 5 out of 5 stars (356) 356 reviews. Sale Price €46.86. What's in the kit: Two charred oak barrel aging staves and a cheesecloth strainer, aka a small bag made out of cheesecloth. The staves are rounded, with Swiss cheese-like holes throughout Check out our mini oak barrel selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our drink & barware shops. American White Oak Barrel with Custom / Barrel for Whiskey / Mini Barrel for Aging / Gift Man with Custom BarrilesLaArboleda. From shop BarrilesLaArboleda. 5 out of 5 stars (19) 19 review

Now that said, I personally will never try to age a whiskey in it. I have tried to many craft products aged in small barrels that all basically suck to expect anything good out of aging whiskey in a small barrel myself. Plus all the issue with efficiency/loss already noted. That at doesn't mean that I don't think they have any good use Grab a sinature Breckenridge Mini Barrel, 2-liters in size with a stand and our logo. Rinse out the barrel with water and then refill it with water, soaking it long enough that the wood swells (approx. 24-48 hrs). Be sure to check for leaks. Pour the water out and allow it to dry The only piece of equipment needed is a mini wooden barrel with a spigot and bung (or plug), which can be purchased online or directly from regional barrel producers or distilleries. In Lenexa, Kansas, the whiskey and vodka distillers at Dark Horse Distillery have made barrel-aging cocktails at home even easier Jan 10, 2016 - Explore Clawhammer Supply, LLC's board DIY mini whiskey barrel, followed by 7967 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mini whiskey barrel, whiskey barrel, barrel

Including whether or not you should drink them. Aging Time: 6 Days Cleveland Whiskey's vision for rapidly aging their product was a lot more mumbo jumbo-y than the others, which is usually a bad sign Hi there! I run my club's barrel aging program. We have two single-malt buffalo trace bourbon barrels, a local red-wine barrel, and a sour barrel. The bourbons and the sour are 55 gallons, the wine is 59. When the bourbon barrels were new, they were shipped from KY to coastal VA. We filled them right away Three-year-old whiskey from a 32 gallon barrel can taste great, but if that same distillate spent three years in a five-gallon small barrel, it might end up undrinkably tannic. As the craft industry matures, I'm seeing small barrels decline in popularity, and I think that's a good thing

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Personalized American Oak Aging Barrel 3964. from $54.97 *NEW* Personalized Slate Coasters - Launch Sale 48. $19.97 $25.00. Personalized Whiskey $12.97. Quick Shop Whiskey Is Coming Game Custom Whiskey Glass 10. $12.97. Quantity. Add to Cart. Our Engraved Whiskey glasses make the perfect Game of Thrones Lover Gift, Man Cave Gift, Groomsmen. Generally, barrel-aging is best suited for beers with higher alcohol contents and stronger flavors that can stand up to, and not be covered up by, the various flavors from the barrel. Think Imperial Stouts, Dubbels, or strong ales when considering whether or not to barrel age. Try to avoid aging beer styles with fresh flavors, such as IPAs or. Woodinville® Age Your Own Whiskey Kit. Find product Purchase. The Woodinville™ Age Your Own Whiskey Kit includes two 750 ml bottles of 110 proof White Dog un-aged whiskey, a 2 liter aging barrel, pouring funnel, two tasting glasses, and step-by-step instructions

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California's Apothic Wines released this limited-release, barrel-aged selection specifically with whiskey drinkers in mind. The red wine is aged in charred white oak whiskey barrels for 60 days, bringing a darker, complex flavor to an already fruity and rich wine. This isn't just a gimmick—you can really taste the oak in this bold red blend While the bulk of whisky (or whiskey) expressions are still aged in charred or new oak barrels, the times are rapidly changing.New attention is being paid by distillers to their barrelling. Scotch, bourbon, and whiskey distillers from The Macallan, Westland, and more explain the best and worst types of wood for brown spirits. Get the facts and learn the flavors in this helpful guide

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Authentic mini oak bourbon barrels and bourbon gifts from the heart of Kentucky. In addition to our customizable white oak mini barrels, rated the Best groomsmen gift by MAXIM, BB&G provides unique and authentic, bourbon-related accessories that are perfect gifts for bourbon lovers and bourbon enthusiasts Each Barrel uses the wood's natural sugars and takes the drinks you enjoy and makes them into the drinks you'll love. Makes an excellent gift that keeps on giving for years! Product Features: Great for Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Rum, Wine and Cocktails Barrels have a perfect medium char Handmade from American White Oa Extreme Whiskey Barrel Aging. Brave New World. Distillers around the world are now using an increasingly diverse range of wood to age their whiskies. Take best-seller Maker's Mark. After.

Oak Barrels are ideal for aging beer, spirits and wine in. For many years oak barrels were only used for scotch, whiskey, wine, and a few other types of drink. Today, more and more breweries are using old oak whiskey barrels and even old wine barrels to age beer in. Aging your beer in an oak barrel will give it amazing flavor and an incredible. Buy Oak Whiskey Barrel in Beer & Wine Making Equipment and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Whiskey Mini Oak Barrel Beer Wine Aging Wood Cask Table Bar Pub Decor Hand Made. EUR 33.78. EUR 59.60 postage HYBRID OAK INFUSION SPIRALS by The Barrel Mill give winemakers premium French oak and premium American oak together in one barrel set, or pack, calibrated to treat 59 to 70-gallons. For wine aging in neutral barrels the Hybrid Spiral releases fresh, new-barrel, toasted oak aroma and flavor through its patented, spiral-cut design The charred oak barrels, which we will get into in a moment, add additional flavor compounds to the spirit, and the time spent in the barrel concentrates the whiskey. Harsh flavors mellow and wood flavors increase, along with tannins and other compounds from the wood, adding new character and body to the whiskey

After just one batch of aging, the cocktail will inevitably seep into the barrel fibers and will lend those flavors back to the new cocktails placed in that barrel. As there's no great way to completely eliminate these flavors from a barrel, it's best to dedicate a barrel to one cocktail Get the best deals for whiskey barrel at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Whiskey Barrel Mini Bar Antique Furniture wine rack and lazy susan (bottom) Brand New. Whiskey Design Personalized New White Wood Oak Barrel For Aging Whiskey & Spirit. Brand New. $139.99. Buy.

This is fantastic whiskey lover gift for the project-oriented person in your life who loves whiskey. The barrel making kits come with a wooden barrel, beautiful stand, spigot, bung (stopper) and cleaning kit. This is especially good for the person who seems to have everything: you're giving someone a challenge to create their new favorite drink Barrels are the most traditional method of do-it-yourself whiskey aging. Of course you wouldn't be using an industry size 200-liter barrel, but rather smaller and more manageable examples. Many barrel aging kits are available online, ranging in size from 1-20 liters. They look great on your home bar and leave the most room by far for. Barrels For Aging Looking for an oak or whiskey barrel to age that wine, spirit or beer of yours? Then look no further, this category includes fresh never used barrels, and when available, barrels from local distillers that you can use to age your beer to perfection

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Oak It In. More than just a handsome homage to a whiskey-loving couple, this miniature oak barrel ages spirits to peak flavor, just like the full-sized versions in professional distilleries—and like the pros, you can have your own distillery name (plus one or two names, date established, and city and state) on yours Mini Barrel Aging Experiment (Day 14) Filed under Whiskey Trivia; Two weeks ago, I wrote Part One of this experiment. In that post, I outlined my thoughts behind maturing whiskey in a miniature barrel, including picking a worthy new spirit (in this case, I chose Corsair Wry Moon). Two weeks later, we're ready to sample what's been maturing. In real barrel aging, the change from summer to winter squeezes whiskey in and out of the barrel would. Here you are supposed to put activated charcoal into the jar, and then follow a pattern of transferring the jar to simulate the seasons. The result here was the best yet from any whiskey stick use I have ever tried or sampled (or even. For instance, Canadian whiskey, Irish whiskey, and Japanese whiskey only require that wood barrels are used but don't specify that oak is the only permissible type. Advertisemen Barrel aging is all about temperature and the pressure of the environment, Ryan says. The spirits in a barrel expand in the hot summer and get pushed into the porous wood. In the winter, the spirits contract due to the cold, and wash back out of the wood. Through this process, some of the distillate evaporates

Anchored miles off the shoreline of Montauk, NY, is the shark tracking vessel Ocearch. The 126-foot ship rises and dips with the waves, motion that sloshes around bourbon aging in barrels in the belly of the boat. On this day the Ocearch hopes to catch and tag a great white shark. In several years the [ Our handmade oak barrels are built using the best oak barrel making techniques. All barrels are individually hand made by expert artisans and do not contain wax, paint or glue on the inside. Oak barrels are perfect for aging Wine, Beer, Tequila, Brandy, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Cognac or any spirit that benefits from aging Remember, the smaller the barrel, the quicker the aging process and aging depends on your taste. For more information regarding Small and Mini Oak Barrels, see SMALL OAK BARREL INFORMATION. *Note: When personalizing your mini barrel, distillery names and liquor brand names are not allowed to be engraved on barrels (eg Our Personalized Mini Bourbon Whiskey Barrel has been our top selling groomsman gift for five years. The recipient of this unique gift will become a master distiller from the comfort of his or her own home. The barrels were designed to quickly dispel the myth that aging spirits should be left to professionals Companies age their whiskey for years to get small batches of the highest quality product. Because of this, aged whiskey can be expensive to get from the store. At home, you can create aged whiskey in a fraction of the time. Get a bottle or two of an unaged, high proof whiskey. Combine the whiskey.

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For example, four one-gallon barrels will age sooner than one four-gallon barrel. This is something to take into consideration when deciding between the best whiskey kits. In the next sections, we'll take a closer look at the five best whiskey making kits of our choice and see what makes each one distinct. 1. Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. Bootleg Ki Simply put, the main difference between a bottom shelf or well whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, or wine and a top shelf or premium offering is age. You can purchase a $6 liter of your usual party time rot gut and after aging it in a mini barrel for three months have a spirit worthy of sipping straight

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I cured my barrel according to the instructions provided (easy) and started with an inexpensive rye whiskey for my first aging, after only 3 weeks it already has more of a cask/barrel flavour like the more expensive brands, not harsh or bitter but a spicy, toasty caramelized flavour with a smokey aroma, very pleasant. . . can't wait for the. No bladders, plastic lining, glues, tin foil or wax are added to the inside of the barrel to make them seal, these are genuine oak aging barrels! In our online store you will find quality whiskey barrels for sale as well as barrels for aging tequila, bourbon, rum,scotch, spirits, wine, brandy and any type of booze you can think of From here, I recommend always keeping your barrel filled with liquid, or you may have to repeat the swelling process. Aging spirits in your oak barrel. Now the magic happens. As I mentioned, I wanted to age whiskey, so I started with a little more than two bottles of 90-proof white whiskey (a.k.a. moonshine) I ordered a Whiskey ageing kit from RedHead Barrels online and I've had great results ageing scotch that tastes great. I've started with a Oban 14 year and it tastes almost as smooth as my 30.

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Barrel-Aged Corpse Reviver #2 Recipe Type: Aged Cocktails , Barrel Aged The original recipe for this wonderful cocktail (listed in Harry Craddock's 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book) called for equal parts of. 7.JDS Personalized Mini-Oak Whiskey WINE BARREL. Buy form AMAZON. Aging your wine should now be much easier than ever before, as all you need is the JDS Personalized Mini-Oak Whiskey Barrel. This 2-liter barrel is large enough to store as much wine as you want. As such, you can use it to serve or age your favorite liquor or wine So that's where we sit at the moment: the 2.5-gallon barrel is aging new make on my balcony and a 2.25-liter barrel is aging some cognac. This is, obviously, just the beginning. So stay tuned for regular updates on the progress of the Infinity Barrel Project! Or don't. I'm not your overbearing step-dad. Cheers The barrel will take away acidity, alcohol and ethanol heat, a little of that harshness. You can't make a bad cocktail good, but you can make a good cocktail great through barrel-aging. Once aging is complete, the cocktail is immediately removed from the barrel and packed into a vacuum bag. Set up a control cocktail for tasting The Best Mini Chainsaws (This is a cachaça aging barrel made of amburana wood.) The tradition started roughly the same way aged whiskey did—many cachaça distilleries were located along.

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Oak Barrels Find 20, 10, 5, 3, 2 and 1 liter oak barrels with black bands, stand, bung and spigot. Used whiskey barrels and fresh 5 gal oak barrels also available on occasion Best Match. Best Match Time: ending soonest Time: Whiskey Mini Oak Barrel Beer Wine Aging Wood Cask Table Bar Pub Decor Hand Made. Pre-Owned. C $51.20. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Wood Whiskey Mini Barrel Drink Dispenser 800 ml 27 fl oz New. C $17.28. Time left 6d 11h left

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This is a fresh, unused American Oak barrel that is perfect for aging homemade spirits, beers, and wines. Create your own, unique flavor patina from batch to batch. This interior of the barrel is charred with a medium toast Leaks in Whiskey, Bourbon, and Specialty Liquor Barrels When it comes to freshly-dumped - whether that be whiskey, bourbon, or some other type of high-proof liquor - soaking the inside of your barrels with water is the very last thing you want to be doing

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Casual whiskey fans will know, according to U.S. law, a whiskey must mature in an oak barrel to call itself whiskey.Whiskey enthusiasts might pipe up and remind them that the barrels must be new and charred — a process by which a cooper fires the barrels with literal flames for a minute or so (the burn time depends on the desired char level).But it's only the whiskey nerds (and perhaps the. Brandy and whiskey are the most common liquors that require aging. Many styles are required to spend a minimum amount of time (typically 3 years) in barrels prior to bottling. Many rums and tequilas are aged as well, though aging is not a requirement for all styles of these liquors Small Whiskey Barrels, Miniature Whisky Casks and Small Oak Barrels and Kegs for Sale. Small oak whiskey barrels and miniature wooden whiskey casks and kegs complete with a wooden stand, bung and tap for sale. These smaller, medium charred oak barrels are best suited for whiskey and spirits holding, flavouring and mellowing We've compiled together a list of 20 barrel aged cocktails that get better when barrel aged. This list is currently a work in progress. We're hoping to get pictures and recipes up for each cocktail. We will be adding and updating it as frequently as possible. Be sure to check back often or follow us on Facebook for new Barrel Aged recipes

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