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But the below recipe is a MUCH WAITED AND WANTED recipe that people usually search in internet and lots of people have discussed about, yes this plum cake/ Christmas cake is ALCOHOL FREE ALCOHOL FREE and is instant, meaning no soaking or any waiting How to make Eggless Christmas Plum Cake (no soaking, no alcohol) Recipe | Step-wise process : Place a sieve on a bowl and sift dry ingredients - maida, baking powder, baking soda, corn flour and salt

Recipe for Eggless Christmas Cake (without Alcohol) In a saucepan, take orange juice, lemon juice and water. Add dry fruits (tutti frutti, raisins, and dried cranberries) to the juice mix and cook till the mixture thickens and the dry fruits absorb all the juices My recipe of Kerala plum cake is made without alcohol. I have made this Kerala fruit cake both with fresh orange juice and apple juice on different occasions. Soak the dry fruits in either of the juice overnight in the fridge. With orange juice, you need not worry as the cake does not become bitter

Christmas Fruit Cake without alcohol | Kerala Plum Cake recipe with step by step pictures and instructions. Learn how to make Christmas fruit cake using eggs. Traditional Christmas fruit cakes are prepared by soaking dry fruits in Rum/Wine for long time. I used orange juice as alternative Kerala plum cake with a soft and light crumb, made without eggs and alcohol. My Kerala-style cake is made with apple juice, caramel, and whole wheat flour. Preparation time 1 d. cooking time 1 hours 15th min. total time 1 d 1 hours 15th min. kitchen world. Course: dessert. Diet: Vegan, vegetarian. Difficulty level: Easy. Servings 1 kilogram. Even though this cake has no alcohol in it. It taste absolutely delicious. This cake can be made from start to finish in under 30 mins, Baking time extra Christmas Cake using Alcohol is in my to-do list, but before that i wanted to try this non-alcoholic version. I referred Cakes & Bakes Book (Sanjeev Kapoor) and also got few tips from this site.My house was filled with the aroma of Plum Cake and hubby dear liked it very much as its taste was equivalent to what we get in bakeries

Plum cake recipe (without alcohol), Christmas cake

X'Mas is not complete without yummy Plum CakesHow to prepare alcohol-free Plum cake is being shown.Do try out, and let us know your feedback. Like and share. An easy to make fruit cake with mixed dried fruit like cranberries, currants, and raisins. A fruit cake recipe without alcohol. Christmas fruit cake without alcohol. A classic Christmas fruit cake, the English style is indeed a nice kind of cake to have for the holidays. If it wasn't this huge drawback of having to make it so much in advance.

'Tis the season to make this incredibly easy but oh so very rich Christmas Plum Cake! Many of you have been requesting me for a plum cake recipe and I it is. For this eggless plum cake, I don't use alcohol and use a very quick, cheat method of cooking my dry fruits with orange juice, lemon juice and some water. What this does is make the dry fruits extremely flavorful for the cake. I use tutti frutti, raisins, dried apricots, dried cranberries and prunes for this plum cake Kerala plum cake is one of my favorites. usually, the traditional plum cake is prepared by soaking a mix of dry fruits (such as raisins, prunes, currants, etc.) in alcohol such as rum or brandy. This plum cake recipe doesn't need any soaking, instead, we are going to cook the dry fruits in orange juice STEP WISE PICTORIAL RECIPE OF VEGAN CHRITMAS FRUIT CAKE . SOAKING OF DRY FRUITS. Take a bowl and add orange juice & salt. Add roughly chopped dried fruits, dry fruits (nuts) and tutti fruity; Give a mix, cover the bowl and keep in refrigerator overnight Step by Step Kerala Plum Cake / Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe. This Kerala plum cake recipe requires you to caramelise sugar into a thick sugar syrup. Don't be like me and worry about it, it's really not that hard, you just need to be careful while doing it. In a pan on medium heat, melt 1/2 cup sugar slowly

Eggless Christmas Plum Cake (no soaking, no alcohol) no

I made it without eggs, condensed milk, alcohol, processed flour, or sugar. Instead of alcohol, this fruit cake has a ton of flavor using orange juice and zest. All-purpose flour is swapped with whole wheat, almond, and oat flour. I have substituted the sugar-loaded caramel with date puree Today I am here with Christmas Fruit Cake recipe made without egg and without alcohol. I have already posted a Fruit Cake recipe with Egg but without alcohol. This fruit cake is also called Plum cake back in India. This cake is loaded with dry fruits and nuts and the spices in the cake, makes it exotic. It is my favorite Cake Want to bake Christmas Plum Cake without alcohol? Then soak your dried fruits & nuts in Orange juice or Apple juice, instead. In this way, the Plum Cakes you bake would be perfectly suitable for kids as well. Want to bake Eggless Christmas Plum Cake Kerala Plum Cake With Alcohol: For Traditional cake with alcohol - Soak dry fruits & nuts in rum or brandy for a month. Drain it, roughly chop and fold it in the cake in the end. Use any dry fruits of your choice. Bake it a month before Christmas. Mature the cake by feeding it with rum once a week for three weeks Bake for 1 hour or until a skewer inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Once baked, cool it and then invert the cake. Delicious, soft, moist and yummy Christmas Fruit Cake/Plum Cake without alcohol is ready

Christmas Plum Cake Recipe is a boozy, dark, intense cake that is made in advance for Christmas. The nuts and dry fruits are steeped in the liquor of choice. A non-alcoholic version of plum cakes. If you prefer your plum cake without alcohol, just substitute the rum for apple juice. And follow the rest of the recipe as is. Soaking fruits for Plum Cake. Originally, plum cake or Christmas fruit cake recipes require that you soak your dried fruits and nuts for weeks or months in advance Christmas Plum cakes are made of either dried fruits like grapes, currants, raisins or prunes or with fresh fruits depending on one's taste and preference along with plums as the primary.. The cake is loaded with lot of dry fruits and nuts that was soaked for 2 weeks. Full of flavor, moist and perfect to enjoy in Christmas eve.New Christmas Cak..

Eggless Christmas Plum Cake (No Alcohol

full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/eggless-christmas-cake-recipe/Music: http://www.hooksounds.com/christmas cake recipe | eggless christmas fruit cake |.. This is classic fruit cake where it is loaded with lot of dry fruits and nuts. Traditionally they use to soak the dry fruits in Rum/alcohol but I used orange juice to soak the dry fruits. Fruit cakes are so popular in Calcutta similar to Kerala Plum Cake Indian Christmas Cake/Plum Cake (भारतीय क्रिसमस केक) This cake is a fruit cake without presoaking the dry fruits in alcohol.This is the cake that is mostly prepared in India during Christmas. People enjoy this cake with other Indian sweets and snacks Christmas Fruit cake / Kerala Plum cake (alcohol free) / Instant fruit cake elephantsncoconuttrees December 10, 2012 29 Comments Fruit cake is rich with all the raisins,nuts and spices that go into it,something special to plunge into at this time of the year that reminds you of home, food and of course the bakeries too:

Kerala Plum Cake (No Eggs, No Alcohol, Whole Wheat

Yes, you can make a bakery style rich plum cake (or fruit cake)without soaking in alcohol for a long duration, yet the taste and the texture is the same! In couple of hours, you could have the Plum cake ready for your Christmas, New Year or other special occasions So, Today's recipe is PLUM CAKE WITHOUT ALCOHOL. Christmas is all about spreading joy and spending time with family and christmas will be bored without having good food especially plum cakes aka fruit cake No Soaking of Fruits & Nuts Traditionally, plum cake is made with dry fruits and nuts soaked for months in rum syrup. For those of us who don't consume/stock alcohol, it is difficult to do this. For the non-boozy version of the plum cake, the fruits and nuts can be soaked in orange juice A non-alcoholic version of plum cakes If you prefer your plum cake without alcohol, just substitute the rum for apple juice. And follow the rest of the recipe as is. Soaking fruits for Plum Cake

Plum cake refers to a wide range of cakes made with either dried fruit (such as currants, raisins, or prunes) or with fresh fruit.There is a wide range of popular plum cakes and puddings. Since the meaning of the word plum has changed over time, many items referred to as plum cakes and popular in England since at least the eighteenth century have now become known as fruitcake Alcohol free version of plum cakes: Soak 3 cups of fruits in 1.5 cups of fresh orange juice. Leave it overnight at room temp. The rest of the recipe is same eggless Christmas fruit cake | christmas fruit cake without alcohol - an aromatic plum cake without rum.I have already posted Christmas cake using red wine. I tried this non alcoholic version because I tempted to do the method of soaking dry fruits in grape juice overnight and make it in morning Without alcohol,this is certainly my kinda plum cake viki.Hope you have a wonderful holiday season:) Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:45:00 PM Varsha Vipins said.. Kerala plum cake is usually made with soaking soaking dry fruits in alcohol (rum) for weeks, but this fruit cake is alcohol free and almost instant fruit cake. Christmas is just around the corner and during Christmas time, the bakeries in Kerala will be full of fruit cakes; why not try this bakery style Kerala fruit cake

This is my first post on Eggless Christmas Fruit cake recipe without alcohol/ rum and condensed milk. Though I've tried some eggless plum cake recipes earlier, I couldn't post any. I wanted to post a perfect eggless fruit cake recipe for christmas. I googled & found this eggless plum cake is the one which is mostly prepared for Christmas I should have posted this eggless, microwave fruit cake recipe without alcohol/ rum before Christmas. But I couldn't do it as I was busy with some personal work. Better late than never. Here is an easy microwave plum cake/ dry fruit cake recipe that can be prepared under 3 minutes for you all Eggless Plum Cake. Eggless Plum Cake Is A Christmas Special Cake. This Recipe Provides Step By Step Instructions To Prepare Fresh Eggless Plum Cake ( Without Rum or Alcohol) With Photos And Video. Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Here Does Not Include Any Alcohol Or Egg With The Replacement Of Fruit Juice And Yogurt

This Whole Wheat Eggless Plum Cake Recipe is a boozy, dark, intense cake that is made in advance for Christmas. The nuts and dry fruits are steeped in the rum and the cake is additionally loaded with nuts making it a wholesome cake full of bite. Everyhome has a way of making a Christmas Cake and over time, I have adapted the recipe to the taste and flavours which we love at home Plum cake is a special cake with lots of dry fruits inside the cake made during Christmas season or for the Christmas festival.. It is loaded with loads of fruits such as almonds, cashews, pistachios and other ingredients such as raisins which are available in different colors such as green raisins commonly called as kishmish, black raisins and red raisins Are you looking for Christmas Cake recipe without alcohol? No worries, simply substitute the alcohol with Orange or Apple juice and you are sorted. So, this year if you are thinking of baking a rich & dark Christmas Special Plum cake for yourself, then try my simple plum cake recipe

Christmas Fruit Cake without alcohol Kerala Plum Cake

Kerala plum cake - Kitchen Recipe

  1. So you can indulge in this plum cake without guilt. I have used organic whole wheat flour, organic brown sugar, and freshly squeezed orange juice. We are very much addicted to this plum cake. Almost in this week, I have prepared this plum cake twice. It tastes so delicious. I suggest you prepare this cake ahead and have it the next day
  2. imum 1 month, but i am not going to use alcohol instead i am going to use grape juice. so i am sharing this plum cake recipe without rum today
  3. poke the cake with the help of skewer. make sure not to damage the cake. now pour the cherry syrup slowly. you can alternatively use alcohol to feed. the cake. rest for atleast 1 hour. so that the cake absorbs all the juice well. finally, enjoy eggless christmas cake or store in an airtight container and serve up to a week
  4. Soaking Fruits for a Christmas Cake without alcohol. I made a little plum cake, for my grand daughter Natasha. Using the principles above on type of fruits and the quantities in the recipe below, I used freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey, for the soaking liquid

Rich British Plum Cake Recipe - No Soak Non Alcoholic

  1. In other words, this is a quick recipe, but not an egg free, alcohol free, or any free recipe. Some of the 'free' versions are really nice. I just don't think it is a right to call them Traditional Christmas cake or Kerala Plum Cake. Prepping the Fruit . Soak the dry fruits a to plump them up a little. Chop them small think 1/2 centimeter
  2. Hey, there this is a simple and instant plum cake recipe without soaking the dry fruits and nuts in any alcohol or any fruit juice. Fruitcake is a cake made with candied or dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and optionally soaked in spirits. In the United Kingdom, certain rich versions may be iced and decorated
  3. Kerala Plum Cake Recipe / Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake with step by step pics and a short Youtube video.If you like my video, please share it and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel.I have already shared another Plum Cake Recipe in my blog, with a completely different set of ingredients but this a Kerala style one, which is an eggless, butterless and alcohol-free recipe
  4. Hi Maria, I do want to make this cake without eggs and alcohol but wish to have a dark brown color. In your notes, you mention that one needs to use half of the caramel syrup given in your other recipe.but the other recipe is already only 1/2 cup of sugar versus the 1 cup of brown sugar mentioned in this recipe
  5. utes or till the inserted knife comes out clean. Step 12 Cool the cake completely before serving. Step 13 This cake tastes best when it is cool
  6. This procedure is a instant make of Plum cake.. Usually procedure takes Time to soak the fruits and nuts in the Apple juice.. This is a alcohol Free Cake.. I got the Exact color of the Plum cake.. Since adding spices in the cake this called to Kerala Plum cake.. Carla plum cake had a special taste in it.
  7. Kerala plum cake no eggs alcohol vegan fruit cake recipe moist eggless fruit cake aayis recipes eggless fruit cake fruitcake without eggless christmas fruit cake.

Christmas Fruit Cake / Plum Cake (No Alcohol Version

Christmas Special Simple and Easy Plum Cake Non

So I started online searching for a quick christmas cake recipe. But that would be like the traditional one means without soaking dry fruits in alcohol, the flavor of alcohol should be still intact in it. And from there, I got to know about some quick and easy plum cake/fruit cake recipes Christmas delicacies can never be complete without a piece of Fruit cake or Plum Cake or Rum Cake. Here is a guilt free and healthy recipe for a Kerala Style Christmas Rum Cake which is made of Whole Wheat flour and is eggless. Fruitcake is a rich dense cake packed with dry fruits and nuts flavoured with spices usually made during the Christmas Christmas Fruit Cake Without Alcohol Kerala Plum Recipe Nams Corner. Christmas Cake Moist Easy Fruit Recipetin Eats. The Best Rich Fruit Cake Recipe Veena Azmanov. Christmas Fruit Cake Non Alcoholic Pepper Delight

Christmas fruit cake recipe| Eggless without oven without 1812210848 Using a skewer, poke numerous holes into all sides of the cake, pushing the skewer all the way through to the other side. Add 1/2 cup alcohol, such as brandy, cognac or rum, to a large saucepan with a bit of orange zest.Place cake on top and heat until the liquor begins to simmer.; Cover and steam for a few minutes, spooning the sauce all over the cake

Easy Fruit Cake Recipe - Non Alcoholic Christmas Fruit Cak

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Kerala plum cake-Christmas Fruit Cake is a tasty and aromatic cake with the combination of soaked fruits, nuts and spices. This kerala plum cake-christmas fruit cake is prepared by chopping all the dry fruits and soaking it in alcohol( rum/brandy/wine) Are you looking for Christmas Cake recipe without alcohol? No worries, simply substitute the alcohol with Orange or Apple juice and you are sorted. So, this year if you are thinking of baking a rich & dark Christmas Special Plum cake for yourself, then try my simple plum cake recipe. There is an elaborate description of how you can substitute. Christmas Plum Cake, same recipe but using 100% wheat flour If you didn't soak fruits for the Christmas Plum Cake / fruit cake, don't worry here is an easy no soak and alcohol free Christmas plum cake recipe to bake and enjoy this Christmas. This is the picture I clicked last year also this is the only recipe I am following since long.

Eggless Christmas Plum Cake - No Rum! - Bake with Shives

kerala plum cake without alcohol. Kerala Plum Cake Recipe | Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake. Posted on November 28, 2019 Category: Christmas Recipes, Eggless Baked Goodies. Primary Sidebar. Search A Recipe. Search. Popular Posts. Jump to the blog. Categories (Indian Plum Cake, Indian Christmas Fruit Cake, Christmas Plum Cake, No-Alcohol Plum Cake, Xmas Plum Cake) Traditionally the dry fruits are soaked in rum for a month before making the cake. To make cake without alcohol cook the fruits in apple juice (or orange juice) for 5-10 minutes. Finally mix in the chopped nuts Plum and Polenta Cake A great cake to make when summer fruit is abundant. It is extra delicious when made with the plums called for in this recipe, but you can also use figs or pitted sweet cherries

One blogpost on regular Christmas Plum Cake recipe with egg, having details on christmas plum cake recipe with rum as well as christmas plum cake without alcohol. View this post on Instagram A post shared by PB | SpeakingAloud-HashDiaries (@speakingaloud_hashdiaries) on Dec 25, 2017 at 10:18pm PS Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe - Eggless/Alcohol Free! Hie Guys, Just 30 days are left for Christmas.. And we've another Christmas Special Recipe for you all.. Its Christmas Fruit Cake.. Its known as Black Cake, Plum Cake, Fruitcake and so on.. Many names, simple variations! Oh yes, this is not a traditional recipe.


Eggless Christmas fruit cake plum cake Traditionally

Alcohol free Christmas Cake (Kerala Plum Cake) Just went to Tuticorin town yesterday and the whole town was in the christmas mood.Almost every shop sold only the christmas items..From a small item to a big one..It was a colourful treat to the eyes.So much of christmas tree accessories and it is nice to browse through all those items Once the cake is baked, it is infused with more alcohol while it is still warm. This ensures the liquor is soaked in well. Rs 285 upwards. At Ulsoor. Details: 9916133077 Michelle Gafoor She is well-known for her plum cake and what makes it special is the moist texture and the subtle flavour of rum which balances the fruitiness of the cake A rich fruit cake is a perfect blend of fruit and nuts in a cake batter that uses brown sugar as a base. And, it's flavored with warm spices such as ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves or cardamom. Traditionally, alcohol was used to ripen the cake but orange juice works just as well Chocolate plum cake, White fruit cake, Christmas Pudding, Rum Raisan Cake, Rum Fruit Cake Tips to bake cake without an oven 1)Use a heavy bottom pan with fitting lid Grease the cake pan and pour the cake batter up to the half of the cake pan. Bake it for 45-60 minutes or until a skewer/knife/toothpick inserted into it comes out clean, and then cake is ready. Let it cool on a wire rack. Once cooled place a doily on top of the cake,sprinkle powdered sugar and decorate with leaves made with fondants. Notes

Christmas fruit cake recipe without oven | eggless fruit cake | Christmas cake without Alcohol. Eggless fruit cake recipe without oven|Plum cake recipe|Plum cake with coffee. Eggless Fruit Pudding/geet shikha/easy recipe. Fitz Best CS:GO Moments. Fruit and Nut Chocolate Recipe | Manisha's Kitchen Jun 20, 2018 - Explore Tharjit Kaur's board eggless fruit cake on Pinterest. See more ideas about fruit cake, fruitcake recipes, eggless fruit cake recipe Christmas Special Plum Cake Recipe Fruit Without Alcohol. Kerala Plum Cake Fruit Pressure Cooker Method Kothiyavunu. Plum Cake From Kerala Easy Version Oventales. Non Alcoholic Plum Cake Instant Kerala Cooking Recipes. Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Rum Kerala Plum If you have a couple pounds of plums this summer and vodka, add sugar and aromatics to fashion you own plum wine for the holidays. This is something to make now for drinking later. Recipe. Plum Liqueur. Yield: About 3 cups. Ingredients. Peel from 1 large lemon; 2 rounded teaspoons fennel seed; 2 rounded teaspoons coriander see

Vegan christmas fruit cake non alcoholic christmas cake

Classic Plum Cake | Flour | Eggs | Alcohol. From: Buy Now. Eggless Christmas Cake . COURSE 2. Without Egg | Whole Wheat/Flour | No Alcohol | With Alcohol. From: ₹2250. Buy Now. Everything about Milk Bread. COURSE 3 Buy Now. WHIPPED CREAM SPHERE CAKE. COURSE 5. Learn to free hand frost a real cake clean, cut and carve neat. From. This fruit smoothie of a margarita tastes just as wonderful without the tequila and triple sec. So, for soaking fruits for longer time, its better to add little spice at the time of soaking, and little more in if you want instant alcoholic soak, then boil the same fruits in rum/vodka / red wine with spices for 10 minutes

Kerala plum cake, Christmas fruit cake recipe step by step

Experts at North Carolina State University, U.S., said illness-causing bacteria is unlikely to grow on a fruit cake, because the alcohol helps kill bacteria and prevent mould Kerala Plum Cake My Kerala plum cake is an easy and tasty recipe for making a Kerala style fruit cake without eggs and alcohol. Bonus - my recipe is also made with whole wheat flour and is vegan. About this recipe We love fruit cakes. So no wonder, I already have two eggless fruit cakes [

Plum Cake Recipe - Alcohol-free Christmas Plum Cake | Easy

Rich Plum Christmas Cake. Recipe and Photo: Chocolate Coffee Cream / CC BY-ND. Recipe by STL Cooks. 11. 16 ingredients. Produce. 1/2 cup Golden raisins. 1 cup Plums, Dried. 1/2 cup Raisins. Refrigerated. 4 Eggs. Baking & spices. 1 tsp Baking powder. 1 tsp Cinnamon, Powdered. 1 tsp Cloves, powdered. 2 cups Flour Traditional christmas fruitcake rich plum cake recipe ginger skillet christmas fruit cake without alcohol kerala plum recipe nams corner christmas cake recipe fruit plum late summer plum cake once upon a chef. Related. Post navigation. Baby Shower Cake Pictures Hd My cake was ready under 45 min! Depend of your oven! Note: The alcohol is evaporated while baking so we can safely feed the kid. Rum is the key flavor and the extract do give the flavor of the original plum cake we get from the bakery No, SwissBake® Spicy Plum Cake Mix is formulated using all-natural egg less ingredients and also without alcohol. A special blend of spices and natural flavours are used to derive the rich, dark look with fruity taste profile and subtle spicy notes Contrary to its name, plum pudding often does not contain any plums. It is more like a cake rather than a pudding. Despite its potentially misleading name, plum pudding is a traditional Christmas staple for many people. Make the plum pudding early and store it for at least a few weeks and up to a year before serving it

Top Baked Indian Dessert Recipes And Cooking Tips | iFoodCHRISTMAS PUDDING RECIPE | EGGLESS ALCOHOL-FREE PUDDINGPlum Cake Recipe | Steffi's RecipesKerala Plum Cake (Indian Plum Cake) Recipe
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