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For vehicles using the Birkenhead (Queensway) Tunnel then the maximum permitted vehicle dimensions are 3.9m in height, 2.7m in width and 12m in length. For vehicles using the Wallasey (Kingsway) Tunnel then the maximum permitted vehicle dimensions are 5m in height, 2.9m in width and 12.2m in length At just over 2 miles (3.24km) the Queensway tunnel was the longest road tunnel in the world when it opened in 1934. The central part of the tunnel under the river is just under a mile (1.6km) long. The project used 274,300 tonnes of concrete, 83,300 tonnes of cast iron and 939km of electric cables

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From Liverpool to Birkenhead, the length of roadway of the tunnel measures 2.13m, with a total of 11 acres of road surface. The mammoth task of building the Birkenhead Queensway tunnel began in.. an original 1930s toll-booth from the mersey tunnel - queensway tunnel stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images illustration of tunnel under the mersey, liverpool, 19th century - queensway tunnel stock illustration 2 reviews of The Queensway Tunnel The Queensway Tunnel runs beneath the Mersey River, connecting the city of Liverpool to the Wirral peninsula. It's one of two major road tunnels which pretty much providesthe only crossing for vehicles since there is no bridge. It's a major venue for commuters who live on one side of the river but work on the other

On any given day an average of 35,000 vehicles travel beneath the River Mersey to Liverpool from the Wirral or vice versa via the Queensway Tunnel. If you were to ask regular Queensway users what is the most interesting thing about travelling by tunnel, you could be waiting for an answer for some time Length: 548m (1798 ft) On road(s) For the tunnel underneath the River Mersey between Liverpool and Birkenhead, see Queensway Tunnel. construction of one of the tunnels at Great Charles Street in 1968. The Queensway Tunnels are a set of three tunnels on the A38 passing through Birmingham city centre At just over 2 miles (3.24km) the Queensway tunnel was the longest road tunnel in the world when it opened in 1934. The project used 274,300 tonnes of concre..

The Queensway Tunnel, the first road link under the Mersey, was opened on 18 July 1934 by King George V after almost nine years of work. Following the official opening the tunnel was opened for a. The Queensway entrance over the years! Credit to the photographers featured If it were being built today, a 44ft (13m) diameter tunnel under a river estuary, with two branches, underwater junctions and four tunnel portals to be squeezed into city centre locations would be an incredibly large-scale project. In 1923, the only viable prospect was to have it excavated by hand Queensway covers a distance of about 3,200 metres, not even a third of the 9,000 to 10,000 metres the Solent tunnel would cover. In tribute to the engineers of yesteryear who literally moved mountains to reduce journey times, researchers from LeaseVan identified the road tunnels covering the greatest distances in Britain

Time is of the essence. If the tunnel is not secured before HRE starts its substantive abandonment works, the opportunity will be lost forever. There is no going back. That's why we are asking the Department for Transport to grant a stay of execution, giving stakeholders breathing space to fully assess the tunnel's potential and challenges Queensway Tunnel Light pylon near Birkenhead tunnel portal More than three kilometres long, a single-bore circular tunnel wide enough to carry four lanes of traffic side-by-side, taken underneath one of the UK's major river mouths. It would be a celebrated engineering feat if it were completed today The Kingsway Tunnel (or Wallasey Tunnel) is a toll road tunnel under the River Mersey between Liverpool and Wallasey.The 1.5 mi (2.4 km) tunnel carries the A59.It was built because the Queensway Tunnel - which was built in the 1930s to carry vehicles between Birkenhead and Liverpool - was unable to cope with the rise in postwar traffic The Queensway Tunnel is a road tunnel under the River Mersey, between Liverpool and Birkenhead. It is often called the Birkenhead Tunnel, to distinguish it from the newer Kingsway Tunnel, which serves Wallasey.. 1820s The first tunnel crossing was proposed in 1825 and, again in 1827 image caption Looking at Great Charles Street in 1962, it was a main road through the city which later formed part of the inner ring road with the Queensway tunnel

Blipping into second inside the tunnel sounds like the walls are about to rupture. The road curves left and rises, so we increase the throttle a touch, with a resulting increase in aural delight. Daylight appears, then we're out in the open air briefly, before the next one, the Queensway Tunnel A38 Queensway Tunnel, Birmingham (QT) This twin bore tunnel is 545 metres in length and is one of the major road tunnels in Birmingham, running in the North/South direction. It has two lanes on each side and a cross-sectional area of 25 m2. Average vehicle speed in the tunnel is 50 kilometres hour-1 and the modal split is presented in Fig. 1 As a result, we are sorry to inform our customers that there will now be a delay in the re-opening of Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel - it will not re-open as planned on Monday, March 1, 2021 Completed nine years later and named Queensway by George V, the tunnel measured 2.13 miles long with four 9ft traffic lanes and two branch tunnels, one either side of the river. Above: This fascinating drawing shows the layout of the original Mersey Tunnel complex as it was in the years immediately after the tunnel opening in 1934 In the United States, the NFPA definition of a tunnel is An underground structure with a design length greater than 23 m (75 ft) and a diameter greater than 1,800 millimetres (5.9 ft)

The company built the Liver Building completed in 1911 and was later involved in projects to build the Queensway Tunnel under the Mersey completed in 1932, the Dartford Tunnel completed in 1963, the Tyne Tunnel completed in 1967, the Kingsway Tunnel completed in 1971 (headed by D S Lawrenson FICE), the Liverpool Merseyrail Underground Loop Railway, now called Wirral Line, (headed by Peter. Road No Road Name Condition Road Length/Sections % Road subject to Treatment A38 Queensway (Tunnel) Good 1594m / 2 Sections A38 Rubery Bypass Good 989m / 2 Sections 14% Resurfaced in 2014 A38 Sir Herbert Austin Way Good 1217m / 2 Sections A38 St Chads Circus Tunnel Good 750m / 2 Section The main tunnel (there were branch tunnels at either end) would be 2 miles 230 yards long, and it would be wide enough for 4 lanes of traffic with a total interior diameter of 44 feet. On the 18th July 1934, over 200,000 people gathered at the Old Haymarket to watch King George V and Queen Mary, officially open the Queensway tunnel Queensway / Birkenhead tunnel, the tunnel length is 3420m. The sign above makes it clear that 3420m is a length (not the distance ahead). Personally, I am perfectly happy for this sign to remain as is, and the same approach is used in Sweden and Norway, according to this comparison

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Constructed between 1925 and 1934 (during which time 17 of the men working on the tunnel were killed) the two-mile-long Queensway Tunnel, which links Liverpool with Birkenhead, is said to be haunted by a female hitch-hiker and has also been the scene of numerous timeslips which have apparently shown the future as well as the past Mersey Tunnel users are being praised for their co-operation and patience as the Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel re-opened yesterday, Tuesday 2 March following the completion of essential works. A programme of extensive maintenance and additional works were carried out during the six-day closure b King presses the golden switch and the curtain at the entrance of tunnel lifts up to reveal the tunnel. King names the tunnel 'The Queensway'. King and Queen enter their car again to drive through the tunnel. Crowd cheering loudly. Royal car appears at the other side of a tunnel at Birkenhead - huge crowd cheering

The main limits for the Wallasey tunnel are gross weight (38 tonnes) and height (5.0 metres), width (2.9 metres) and length including load (12.2 metres without trailer and 18.3 metres with). They frequently close one of the Wallasey tubes, and have two way working in the open tube Would it not be a good idea to convert at least the Queensway tunnel to tram only? and have a link through to Wirral Waters/Liverpool waters that utilises the full length as well as the disused tunnel on the Birkenhead side? do we need to road tunnels if cars are increasingly being pushed out of.. The opening of Queensway (Mersey) Tunnel in on 18th July 1934 was a key moment in the modern history of Liverpool, and connected Kings Square in Birkenhead with Old Haymarket in Liverpool. At the time of opening, the tunnel at a little over two miles long was the largest underwater road tunnel in the world

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The A38 Queensway Tunnel has been reopened in Birmingham city centre following a terrifying car fire. It happened last night (Wednesday) at 7pm on the northbound side in one of the tunnels just. But the Queensway Tunnel — or the Birkenhead Tunnel, if you're a local — was excavated by hand to connect Liverpool to the Wirral, and opened in 1934. At the time it was the biggest tunnel the world had ever seen — wider than any other, and substantially longer than most other subaqueous tunnels

•Tunnel ventilation and lighting can consume substantial power, as well as •Tunnel length •Vertical gradient •Traffic flow •Vehicle mix •Number of lanes •Risk of fires •Possible exception of rush-hour traffic. mosen Mersey Kingsway and Queensway Tunnels Queensway: bidirectional traffic, single bore, 3.24 km Kingsway. Down by the Royal Liver Building is the offices and ventilation shaft building for the 1934 Queensway road tunnel under the River Mersey, the subject of one of the earliest articles on this website. It is one of five Art Deco/Modernist shafts which ventilate the Queensway

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  1. The Queensway Tunnel on the A38 has now reopened after 20 people were led to safety following a severe car fire. Around 50 vehicles were inside the Queensway Tunnel, near the Mailbox, when a.
  2. The 1.5 mile Kingsway (Wallasey) Tunnel opened in 1971 and was built to accommodate the rise in traffic when the Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel was unable to cope with the increase in post-war traffic
  3. The Tunnel entrances, At the time of its construction it was the longest underwater tunnel in the world, a title it held for 24 years. Mersey Tunnel, Metropolis, Queensway Tunnel, the tunnel beneath The Mersey Tunnel, transport, Wirral. Published by Ronnie.
  4. Exposure time: 1/250 sec (0.004) F-number: f/4.5: ISO speed rating: 100: Date and time of data generation: 14:20, 22 April 2018: Lens focal length: 100 mm: Orientation: Normal: Horizontal resolution: 72 dpi: Vertical resolution: 72 dpi: Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows: File change date and time: 11:58, 23 April 2018: Y and C.
  5. DTSS Contract T06, the Queensway Tunnel, is 9.6 km in length, with an internal diameter of 3.3 m. The Bukit Timah granite of different weathering grades is found along most of the tunnel alignment. The Bukit Timah granite of different weathering grades is found along most of the tunnel alignment
  6. The Queensway Tunnel is one of them. Thousands of people use it every day to commute between Liverpool and Birkenhead. It's part of the furniture. And yet it's easy to forget that this tunnel is nearly 100 years old, and was a pioneer
  7. The road closure means the Birkenhead (Queensway) Tunnel will be shut to Liverpool-bound traffic only (except buses and emergency vehicles) between 7pm on Friday 20 September and 6am on Monday 23 September. Wirral-bound traffic will be able to use the tunnel as normal

AFAIK there are no time restrictions regarding cycling through the Birmingham Queensway tunnel, whereas there are for the Liverpool one. The OP's reference to being fine to go through it at 4am would imply that the latter is the one in question Mersey Tunnels Tour: Going Down! - The Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool. - See 1,248 traveler reviews, 645 candid photos, and great deals for Liverpool, UK, at Tripadvisor

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The Queensway Tunnel stretches 2.13 miles under the River Mersey connecting Liverpool to Birkenhead and is serviced by six ventilation stations designed by Herbert James Rowse housing the fans and associated machinery to provide clean air to the tunnel A tunnel is an underground passageway with no defined minimum length High Speed 2: interchange with Moor Street would be at street level, across Moor Street Queensway; interchange with New Street would be via a pedestrian walkway between Moorfields railway station: Wirral Line) in two levels of tunnel. The Wirral Line platform is at a. 4.1 Subject to Clause 8 and 9 We will supply the Tunnel Tour to you for the date and time agreed at the time of your booking. 4.4 Tunnel Tours require a minimum of 5 or more bookings per tour. Merseytravel reserve the right to re-arrange or re-schedule the Tour if the minimum number of bookings has not been achieved

Waiting time: 30p per minute: Animals: £1.50 - Assistance dogs are exempt: Valet charge/Fouling of vehicle: £35.00 plus accrued fare: Kingsway/Queensway Tunnel toll charge: £4.00 (incorporated in Liverpool tariff) Bank Holiday charge: £1.00: Night-time charge: 50p (incorporated in tariff The Queensway Tunnel is a road tunnel under the River Mersey, in the north west of England, between Liverpool and Birkenhead. It is often called the Birkenhead Tunnel , to distinguish it from the Kingsway Tunnel , which serves Wallasey and the M53 motorway traffic Exposure time: 1/200 sec (0.005) F-number: f/11: ISO speed rating: 800: Date and time of data generation: 14:17, 22 April 2018: Lens focal length: 170 mm: Orientation: Normal: Horizontal resolution: 72 dpi: Vertical resolution: 72 dpi: Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows: File change date and time: 11:59, 23 April 2018: Y and C. Neil Elkes reported on the borrowing freeze which has scuppered the redevelopment of the Queensway tunnels, ending with a tunnel fact file.. My boss Clive was quick to chime in with an apparently omitted fact about the naming. Myth has it that when Queen Elizabeth II was invited to open the Queensway tunnel - one of the most advanced tunnelling projects in the city ever - that instead of. Works at the Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool, included planing, waterproofing and resurfacing on all four lanes. The tunnel is part of a key commuter route from central Liverpool to Birkenhead under the River Mersey and the project required extensive logistical planning to ensure that the tunnel was handed back by 6:30am each morning. Solutio

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  1. The Queensway Tunnel was the second tunnel under the Mersey - the first being the railway tunnel in 1886. Construction of the road tunnel started in 1925 and in 1928 the two pilot holes (one from the Liverpool side and one from the Birkenhead side) met within 1″ of each other
  2. Aug 23, 2020 - An engineering masterpiece. At the time of its construction it was the longest underwater tunnel in the world, a title it held for 24 years. The tunnel was opened on 18 July 1934 by King George V. See more ideas about merseyside, liverpool, liverpool history
  3. Queensway or Mersey Tunnel: see Mersey, river, England. Source for information on Queensway: The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. dictionary
  4. By 1892 the extensions on land from Birkenhead Park station to Liverpool Central Low level station gave a tunnel 3.12 mi (5.02 km) in length. The under river section is 0.75 mi (1.21 km) in length, and was the longest underwater tunnel in world in January 1886
  5. g clear that it was carrying much more traffic than had ever been envisaged when it was first opened. A) it was beco

Toll booths at the Birkenhead entrance to the Queensway Tunnel The tunnel is two miles long. It contains a single carriageway of four lanes, two in each direction. Different height restrictions apply to the nearside and offside lanes in each direction, because of the curvature of the tunnel The Queensway was not only the longest road tunnel in the world but also the longest underwater. Constructed at a cost of £8 million, the tunnel took nine years to build. Around 1,700 men worked on the project which proved hazardous at times Queensway Tunnel, Birkenhead-Liverpool Completed in 1934, the Queensway tunnel is a major route linking Liverpool to the Wirral peninsula. It consists of a single 4 lane bore, and is 3.24km (2.01 mi) in length. Today, the average daily traffic through the Queensway tunnel currently stands at around 35,000 vehicles, which equates to jus There are two 9.6m diameter bores and a tunnel length of 2.5km. It's the second-longest road tunnel in the UK, behind its sister, the 3.2km Queensway tunnel. The scale becomes even more apparent when you consider that what most people see driving through the tunnel is the space above the road level

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Mersey Queensway Tunnel (Dock exit) 1931. Longest undersea road tunnel at time of construction. The 70's Kingsway (twin) tunnel is just north of our walk, and it's brutal 70's ventilators (compared to the Queensway buildings) stand-out on each side of the river Visitors are led from the design aspirations to the 21st-century reality, stepping out through a door to witness the unstoppable tides of vehicles threading through the Queensway Tunnel, a 1934. mosenmosen Mersey Kingsway and Queensway Tunnels Queensway: bidirectional traffic, single bore, 3.24 km Kingsway: unidirectional traffic, two bores, 2.4 km 15. mosenmosen Use of Piston Effect • Substantial savings in Queensway and Kingsway Tunnels by switching off mechanical ventilation • Tidal flow in Queensway Tunnel during rush hours. The Queensway tunnel launch on April 7, 1971, with its new sign in place The Queensway is a great example of Birmingham's post 1950s infrastructure evolution and was developed to enable the flow of traffic both in, around and the core of the city. The signs above the tunnel is a familiar landmark and part of Birmingham history

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  1. A man was stopped after illegally riding an electric scooter down the two-mile-long Queensway Tunnel today amid increasing safety concerns about the vehicles. Dash cam footage shows the e-scooter..
  2. Other parts of the city show a different view to the one we're familiar with today. At the Old Haymarket (where the Queensway Tunnel entrance is today) there are dozens of buildings. This is the area now at the base of St John's Gardens, and they are marked St John's Village. St John's Village at the Old Haymarke
  3. Fast Tag is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to pay for Mersey Tunnels journeys. Not only do Fast Tag journeys cost less, you can also make full use of the other benefits that the scheme provides such as use of Fast Tag Only lanes for Class 1 vehicles and 24/7 online account management facility
  4. The main remaining section is some 1732ft long it is lined with houses and the St Mary's Prittlewell Church of England Primary (formally Dowsett High School for Girls). The the cut off piece is not more than 90ft long and doesn't retain the Boston Avenue name, it just an access slip road for a Quick Fit Garage
  5. Some facts about the Queensway tunnel. Roadway length - 2.23 miles. Internal diameter of tunnel - 44 feet. Weight of rock, clay and gravel excavated - 1,200,000 tonnes. Total length of electric cable used - 583.5 miles. Total number of men employed on construction - 1,700. Average cover of rock over top of tunnel under river - 20 fee

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The longest road tunnel in the UK is the Queensway Tunnel in Merseyside which is 3237m. The longest tunnels in the world exceed 20km (12.4 miles) and ever longer ones are either in planning or development. Tunnel length is determined by the longest enclosed lane A video of 'drunk' young men riding CityBikes in the Queensway tunnel has spurred a Merseytravel committee member to call for a review of cycling rules reports the Liverpool Echo.The video shows one of the cyclists veering into the opposite lane while riding home on one of the city's hire bikes during the early hours of Sunday December 27 Traffic around the Liverpool entrance to the Queensway Tunnel under the Mersey to Birkenhead, Liverpool, 1953. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Image

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They gave us a great insight about what goes on under the Mersey: the history, construction and operation of the Queensway tunnel, which at the time of being built, was the longest underwater tunnel in the world. A brilliant feat of British engineering, especially if we take into account that it is one of the safest tunnels in Europe and that. The Queensway Tunnel was opened in 1934. The 2.23 mile long tunnel carries over 11 million vehicles each year. 21,000 concrete blocks were used in the construction of the refuges. A 45 metre long.. The Queensway tunnel is 3.2 km and is a single bore tunnel with four lanes of traffic two in each direction. On completion of successful installation commissioning and site acceptance tests the supplier will provide a three year support contract to maintain the system through a bedding in period

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  1. Improvement works on the Queensway Tunnel have completed, with the route now reopen. we must recognise Queensway Tunnel is 87 years old and now was the ideal time to carry out this essential work. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTERS REGISTER NOW - IT'S FREE! Sponsored Financial Content.
  2. The 1.5 mi (2.4 km) tunnel carries the A59. It was built because the Queensway Tunnel - which was built in the 1930s to carry vehicles between Birkenhead Otterspool Promenade (303 words) [view diff] exact match in snippet view article find links to article that had been used for disposal of household waste and rubble from the Queensway Tunnel
  3. THE Birkenhead tunnel will be partially closed due to the removal of the Churchill Way flyover in Liverpool. Merseytravel confirmed that the Queensway tunnel will be closed for drivers travelling.
  4. Queensway Tunnel Tour is a fascinating insight under the surface of George's Dock, which welcomes families with kids over 10 years old who are confident underground. Opened in 1934, the Queensway Tunnel has helped to shape Merseyside as we know it today. However, there is a lot more to the Tunnel than a hole in the ground
  5. ute driver information and emergency instructions via variable message displays. The 2.23 mile Queensway Tunnel was opened in 1934 and is the longest tunnelled estuarial road crossing in the UK. It carries over 11 million vehicles a year
  6. utes of walking into the tunnel could put you into a much more secure environment than any of Liverpool's official bomb shelters, and after a time the authorities gave up and permitted this use

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  1. The tunnel, which cost a total of £8 million, was opened on 18 July 1934 by King George V; the opening ceremony was watched by 200,000 people. The ventilation shafts provide air recycling for the Queensway Tunnel and what follows are photographs of the Mersey Tunnel tour
  2. The longest European road tunnel is in Norway and is more than 15 miles long. Many are over 6 miles long - more than three times the length of our longest, the Queensway tunnel near Liverpool. So if you're planning a European road trip there's a fair chance you'll come across a tunnel longer than you're used to. It's important to know how to stay out of trouble and what you should.
  3. gham Chamber of Commerce estimated congestion in the city costs £2bn each year in fuel.

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Tunnel - Type - Length (Imperial) Channel Tunnel - Railway - 31 miles 635 yd Northern Line (Morden to East Finchley via Bank) - Railway - 30,400 yd Ne.. Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool - Worlds Largest Underwater Road Tunnel (1925-1934) Liverpool History. Liverpool City. King John Mount Pleasant Central Station Warehouses The Good Old Days Old Photos Underwater. Wallasey tunnel , walk thru before the opening,and the only time all the lights inside worked

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The Queensway tunnel is 3.2 km and is a single bore tunnel with four lanes of traffic two in each direction. On completion of successful installation commissioning and site acceptance tests the supplier will provide a 3-year support contract to maintain the system through a bedding in period The construction Queensway tunnel was carried out by 1,700 workers and the bedrock was cut away with pick axes, by hand, with light explosives only very occasionally. The engineering feat was a resounding success - the two tunnels meeting to within an inch of true, below 80 feet of river bed, and a further 20 feet of sandstone Locations: Wardian London, Marsh Wall, London (Police chase Shaw from hideout) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.501609, -0.022639 Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool L1 6DP (Car Chase Scene) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 53.409330, -2.984087 Old Billingsgate, Old Billingsgate Walk, London (Car Auction) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.508571, -0.084101 King Charles Street, London, UK (Dom & Letty Street Race. 1952rwc: Following discussion in the Next Meet thread, I see from the Merseytravel site that there are a number of starting time options for the tunnel walk, the first being at 10am, then 11.15, 12 midday, 12.45 and finally 1.30. Do people from this group who are thinking of going have a preference about which one to book for

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A282 Dartford Tunnel, A1(M) Hatfield Tunnel, M25 Bell Common Tunnel, M25 Holmesdale Tunnel, A299 Ramsgate Tunnel, A55 Conwy Tunnel, A55 Pen-y-Clip Tunnel, and A55 Penmaenbach Tunnel. • Derogation process for innovative safety equipment or procedures now considered by UK ministers, not EU Commission or the Article 17 Committee Filmsquare: As Hagrid flies into the Dartford Tunnel in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010), interior scenes were actually filmed in the Queensway Birkenhead Tunnel. 6. Piccadilly Circu It's taken 76 years, but the Queensway Tunnel has finally received its red carpet premiere. Starring (OK, we use the term loosely) in the latest Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows, the world's first underwater road tunnel looks suitably Gothic and grim - seems that, to a location-hungry film scout, all those exhaust fumes and sooty deposits are a real find

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Measurements took place in the southbound bore of the Queensway Tunnel (Fig. 2), a two-bore, twin lane tunnel, 548 m in length, located in the centre of Birmingham, UK (52 ∘ 28 ′ 46 ′ ′ N, 1 ∘ 54 ′ 20 ′ ′ W). The tunnel forms part of the A38 roadway which is a major route into and out of Birmingham City Centre, and links to the M6 motorway north of the city Queensway in Wallasey is in the North West region of England. The postcode is within the Wallasey ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of Wallasey. This page combines information for the address Queensway, Wallasey, CH45 4PZ, and the neighbourhood in which it resides Cars approach the toll plaza at the Birkenhead side of the Queensway Tunnel to Liverpool under the River Mersey taken on a sunny day with a blue sky Cars approach the toll plaza at the Birkenhead side of the Queensway Tunnel to Liverpool under the River Mersey taken on a sunny day with a blue sky queensway stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image The closure of Hunter Street and Byrom Street over these weekends will mean the Birkenhead (Queensway) Tunnel will be shut to Liverpool-bound traffic only (except buses and emergency vehicles), with the tunnel closed from 1900hrs on Friday to 0600hrs on Monday. Wirral-bound traffic will be able to use the tunnel as normal

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