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  1. ing what you will use your polytunnel for is key to making the right decision about which polythene cover will be best for you. Which Polythene is Best For Your Polytunnel? Super Clear Polythene . 720 gauge (180micron)
  2. A polytunnel gardening is a great gardening tool for those who reside in cooler temperatures. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The best part? A large or small polytunnel can be utilized in any type of garden, raised bed, market, or potager garden
  3. A polytunnel is best thought of as a frame for your garden. It's usually made from a semi-circular metal frame that spans the length of your garden. This frame is typically covered with polythene plastic that's UV resistant so it lasts quite a while
  4. Choose the size of your polytunnel polythene below. Please Note: We have fixed widths of polythene available. Please select below one of the options which suits your requirements best. Please note certain polytunnel covers have limited widths available and may result in excess material
  5. BUYING A POLYTUNNEL Some tips to help you make a good choice Polytunnels are wonderful structures and good value compared to greenhouses. Once erected they will be there for several years, so check out my tips before buying. I have used polytunnels since 1983 when I bought 3 of 18×55 feet (5.5x17m) and they served [
  6. Buy Polytunnel Plastic Sheeting for Your Greenhouse or Polytunnel. 2m Wide Rolls of Clear Polythene Sheeting in Stock. On Sale at Best Prices. Shop No
  7. Polytunnels Direct will work with you to provide the best type and size of Polytunnel that will suit your needs. Our tunnels range from 10ft wide to 30ft wide and to any length you require. Quality polytunnels built to last. Commercial Polytunnels

Irish Polytunnels & Greenhouses, Made in Ireland, Guaranteed Irish. Manufacturing and Building Polytunnels, Greenhouses and Canopy Structures in Ireland for over 46 years! We believe in supplying and building for our customers a quality product that lasts a lifetime What size polytunnels are available? Our small polytunnels begin at 6ft wide - a perfect size for those starting out on their allotment journey - and the range goes right up to our 30ft wide option, which has been specially created for commercial growers.. Domestic polytunnels. If you're shopping around for a durable plastic greenhouse, you'll find that our garden polytunnels range. First on the list is the importance of buying a quality polytunnel. And this means buying from a reputable retailer who uses only the best plastic. The cheaper the polytunnel, the less refined the steel framework and the thinner the plastic, all pointing to possible problems with rips and tears

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  1. Polytunnel Covers. We have five UV stabilised Polytunnel covers, both polythene and net - helping you to achieve the most suitable environment for your growing needs. All of our poly tunnel covers have a five year guarantee
  2. We supply polytunnel plastics of 800 Gauge, Ultra Violet Inhibitor (UVI) treated Plastic, suitable for Polytunnels and Greenhouses. The Plastic can be bought to various lengths and widths. The popular width sizes we can supply are 8M, 10M, 10.5M, 12.5M and 15M
  3. Layout for polytunnel Started by adri123 on Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels. 4 Replies 2940 Views September 24, 2013, 22:28 by Sparkyrog : Bed layout in a polytunnel Started by ambodach on Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels. 11 Replies 6808 Views October 11, 2014, 17:23 by sunshineban

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  1. The plastic sheeting that covers polytunnels affects heat retention, too. Note that green polytunnel covers do not let enough light permeate through the tunnel. This makes transparent covers a much better option. Condensation issues in polytunnels can be resolved by installing Thermal Anti-Fog covers, which effectively reduce moisture levels
  2. Poly rope is one of the Ireland's largest independent suppliers of polytunnels plastic, tarpaulins covers , polythene sheeting, Insulations, polypropylene ropes, damp proof and vapour membranes . Very important for Us is customers satisfaction and quality of our products . We are offering FREE DELIVERY and return policy guarantee on all purchases
  3. The plastic covering has a few claw marks in it thanks to our excitable labrador and the base of the plastic near where the sprinklers are is a little discoloured thanks to the bore water we use to water the garden but other than that, because it is adequately ventilated all the time and is in full sun, we don't have problems with mould or mildew
  4. And best of all you can work outside, in your garden, no matter what the weather We supply and fit our polytunnels, geodomes and hot houses throughout Ireland (delivery charges may apply in some areas) and look forward to receiving your enquiry
  5. Plastic tile trims work really well as flexible gutters that can be taped to the outside of the tunnel. Use the ones that go on top of a row of tiles in the bathroom. They are shaped like a little gutter if you turn them upside down and are much cheaper than commercial polytunnel gutter kits
  6. The Parviflore Poly Tunnel is one of the best polytunnels for an allotment. Made from UV resistant reinforced polyethylene plastic, this cover acts as a shelter and allows the sun's rays to heat your plants without burning them. Early morning frosts are no problem and your plants will be protected whatever the weather

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For over 20 years we've been leading the waywhether it's product innovation, great prices, fantastic service, or by getting the country's top gardening and food experts to help us develop the polytunnels they chose to use themselvespeople like Alan Titchmarsh, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Bob Flowerdew, Mark Gatter, Andy McKee and Paul Peacock I put up my very first tiny 6 x 8 polytunnel/plastic 'Garden Relax' brand polythene greenhouse in our very first garden about 39 years ago! That was the beginning of a love affair with these incredibly productive and useful things. When we moved to our current home, I started growing organic veg commercially

The top picture shows the Ebay tunnel, it was taken in May 2015. I grew a lot of early leafy greens that year, we were actually self-sufficient from mid-April. Read more about polytunnels here on the blog. I have plenty of articles detailing how you can use your polytunnel for different vegetables all year round. /Sara Bäckm The outside/top layer of this polythene film includes Anti Dust additives, making it more difficult for dust to remain on the polytunnel plastic and making it easier for the wind, rain and your cleaning efforts to remove any accumulated dust from the outside of the tunnel A soft accumulation of fresh snow can create a full layer on top of the plastic and make it warmer inside your polytunnel. It will act in much the same way as an igloo, which protects Inuit peoples from the extreme cold, or a snow shelter for stranded mountaineers

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  1. Basically speaking a polytunnel is constructed from a metal-framed semi-circular tunnel covered in hardwearing polythene with UV inhibitors to maximize its lifetime. A large amount of air is enclosed by a polytunnel, so it stays warm much longer than a greenhouse - and also does not suffer from such dramatic temperature fluctuations in summer
  2. A polytunnel can also be called a plastic or polythene tunnel or greenhouse, growhouse, polyhouse or poly tunnel. It's best to build a polytunnel on level ground in a sunny but sheltered position. Leave yourself at least a metre around the outside of the polytunnel to make it easier to build and maintain. Good soil for direct planting
  3. A Polytunnel (hoop greenhouse) is great for gardeners that can't afford a real greenhouse. In this post, I'll discuss the pros and cons of polytunnel greenhouse gardening; The pros of polytunnel greenhouses; a major benefit of gardening with a polytunnel is that you can create a controlled environment without the higher cost of a greenhouse
  4. JFM Polytunnels. At JF McKenna we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of domestic and commercial polytunnels, with polytunnels to suit the small gardener to the professional grower. Our polytunnels are some of the strongest and most durable garden tunnels available in Ireland and the UK
  5. Those of you with real staying power, those loyal few who regularly read this blog, will know that I've got the full hand of polytunnels. Way back last year in June I built a 3m wide x 3m high x 10m long fruit cage / polytunnel out of water piping and scaffold netting. That's going really well and has easily withstood the winter weather to be filled this season with raspberries, strawberries.
  6. Building your own polytunnel from a kit can save you hundreds of pounds in construction costs. All you need are some basic DIY skills and some willing helpers - four people is ideal. Choose a warm day to install the cover. Warm weather makes the plastic more pliable and therefore easier to stretch tightly over the frame

Now, the plastic we had was only 3m wide, the parabola of the polytunnel was 6.4m in length, the width of the polytunnel 3.4m and the length 4.2m. We decided to cut the plastic so that it was about 7m long, in two sections, then overlap it slightly and secure with polytunnel tape, and cut an end piece to cover the far end of the tunnel 50mm inside diameter (approx 63mm outside diameter) mains water pipe (blue) must then be cut to a length such that when each end is pushed over a scaffolding pole on either side of the polytunnel it forms an apex of approximately 8 feet above the ground (as shown in the image above). Once you have got the first length correct, cut the remaining lengths to be identical The plastic of a polytunnel needs to be stretched very tightly. This is important as it provides strength to the polytunnel structure, stops water pooling on top of the tunnel, and reduces the amount of movement and damage caused by strong winds Creating a heat source inside a polytunnel; Or a combination of the above. Retaining day time heat is essentially providing insulation and draft proofing to keep warm air inside the polytunnel. Even in winter, the power of the sun through the plastic can raise daytime temperatures to 30 o C or more

To hotbed a polytunnel, follow the instructions at the top of this page. However, there is no need to cover your bed with a layer of plastic sheeting. Decide between building a raised or a pit hotbed, then, consider whether to install an irrigation system. You may find 'The Polytunnel Book' by Joyce Russell helpful. The benefits of a polytunnel Lemby 3x6M Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover, Clear Heavy Duty Polythene Plastic Sheeting Garden Diy Material For Greenhouse Roof Panels Foil Hothouse (Not Included Frame) 3.8 out of 5 stars 37 £22.98 £ 22 . 9

Polytunnel Growing is a great alternative to greenhouse growing where funds are limited. If you have the room and money for both a greenhouse and a polytunnel then you can really motor in the garden. Extend the growing season, produce salad crops throughout the year and enjoy really early and late fresh fruit and vegetables Get the best deals on Polytunnel Plastic Cover ads in Ireland. We have 12 Polytunnel Plastic Cover ads under For Sale category HTYG Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover-Heavy Duty Polythene Plastic Sheeting Garden Diy Material-Polythene Plastic Sheeting For Planting Tomatoes Veg Fruit(No Included Frame) (3x6 m) £15.99 £ 15 . 99 £4.00 deliver The plastic grip strips (in-fills) are universal, therefore compatible with the whole Ali-trap range. Ali-Trap - Uses: Single Ali-trap is mainly used for fixing polythene in to the gutters on a commercial polytunnel Polytunnels are a less expensive option than a greenhouse. Having grown tomatoes in both a polytunnel and greenhouse, the polytunnel is by far the best value for money. Polytunnel Tips. The Right Frame It's best to buy a polytunnel with a galvanised frame - the less expensive thinner frames won't last very long

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  1. A plastic tunnel is easily made by draping plastic sheeting over a series of sturdy wire or plastic hoops to create an enclosed growing space. A plastic tunnel works much like a cold frame. The temperature inside a clear or opaque plastic tunnel can be heated by the sun 5, 10, or even 20 degrees F (2.8-12 degrees C) warmer than the outdoor.
  2. Tunnel plastic film greenhouse --single tunnel plastic greenhouse/ low cost film greenhouse/ plastic tunnel house 1.Features: Simple structure, easy assembly, low cost, it is the best choice for planting by big area . 2.Structural Characteristics: u Gothic structure, span: 6-12M, arches space: catering for different climate conditions; u Top height: 2.5-4.5M; u The frame works structure is.
  3. d you can plan your layout and position plants with that in
  4. Get the best deals on Polytunnels Frames. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today! 1x Clear Plastic Poly Film Polytunnel Poly Hot House Cover VARIOUS LENGT. AU $15.16 to AU $40.40. Was: AU $42.53. Free postage. 19 watching
  5. The idea of a polytunnel cover as a very expensive kite on a windy day made me laugh! One other thing I'd mention is that when putting the plastic cover on a polytunnel, it's a good idea to wait for a warm, sunny day. The plastic expands a little in the heat, so can be stretched to its fullest extent and then is much less likely to sag later
  6. Polyane Polytunnel Plastic . €0.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Celloclim Polytunnel Plastic . €0.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Polytunnel Repair Tape 100mm x 33m . 1 Review. €21.50. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to.
  7. Green houses and Polytunnels are a more well know way to grow plants that provides the protection from the elements and create the perfect environment for plants to grow to their best. Polytunnels are used to grow large amounts of plants and can come with built in sprinkler systems, timers and lightening to create the perfect controlled.

The top sections can now become handy cloches to cover and protect young plants and seeds in your garden. Use Them To Regulate Heat In a Greenhouse or Polytunnel. You can also use whole plastic milk containers filled with water to regulate the heat in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Or to provide a little extra warmth to tender plants outdoors. IN STOCK: best prices on Polytunnels - top promotions from the biggest choice online

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Replacement Polytunnel Polythene Covers . We supply high quality 800G diffused polythene covers for polytunnels, garden tunnels and greenhouses at affordable prices. All come with a 5 year warranty. We sell replacement polythene by the metre, in 8.75m, 12.5m, and 14m widths. Minimum cutting length is 5 metres The same cross piece is used at the gable end of the tunnel as they feature blunt ends which won't tear the polytunnel plastic. For a 3 foot wide tunnel you will need a meter of tubing each side for each hoop, to retain the height on a 4ft wide tunnel use 1.5m of tube

The plastic polytunnel is far lighter, only 30Kg including everything! I think I'll need to provide slabs under the feet, ensuring they're square and level, before setting the tunnel up. There appears to be enough skirt on the base of the cover to either bury in a trench or hold down with battens of wood, perhaps fence posts, fixed to the. Polytunnels are pop-up plant protection tunnels, usually made from plastic hoops that suspend a layer of horticultural fleece over the plants. The ends can be tied and pinned to the ground during cold weather and lifted and opened to allow ventilation on warm days We all know British weather can be variable at best, which can make growing your own fruit and vegetables tricky. With a polytunnel you can protect your crops from the wind and rain, while also trapping in the heat to get the best growing environment. Our polytunnels are made from high quality reinforced plastic and rust-resistant frames

Our polytunnel plastic comes with a 5 year guarantee but has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years with the correct care. Greenliving Concept poly tunnels are built to last we do not believe in cheap and cheerfull but we can match any for like Polytunnel on the market on price and beat them on quality and service The plastic covering will last two years at the most. With this in mind we recommend the following two top retailers: NORTHERN POLYTUNNELS For very little extra you seem to be getting a polytunnel which is better constructed than others. It will be able to withstand the extremes of British weather where others may fail Ferryman Polytunnels manufacture Quality easy to assemble Polytunnels for Garden, Allotment or Small Holding. Replacement Polytunnel Covers and accessories/spares available. Ring for free friendly advice 01363 8494 6.10m Wide / 7.3m Wide Polytunnel Kits & Accessorie

A polytunnel or greenhouse is a good way to boost the harvest of fruit and vegetables. A polytunnel or greenhouse not only provides cover from harsh weather conditions and pests, but it will also enable the gardener to grow fruit and vegetable plants that are unable to grow in their climate and extend the growing season so they can grow their favorite foods all year round A Polytunnel Cover Can Enhance Your Plant's Growth. If you are a gardener, winters can be long and hard. Summers can be too short and sometimes not warm enough. Whether you use it for growing seedlings or to grow plants to full growth, a polytunnel cover available on eBay could help enhance your garden Jun 19, 2015 - www.FirstTunnels.co.uk. See more ideas about greenhouse, plants, small greenhouse

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Oct 27, 2017 - Gardening with Polytunnels and Greenhouses. See more ideas about greenhouse, diy greenhouse, greenhouse plans GreenAgric's Polytunnels Now available with Steel Support Poles and 200 micro Plastic Coverings Available in widths of between 5m and 15m with heights of 3m to 4m Only suitable in areas in Africa with cool to cold temperatures throughout the year and not recommended for areas which experience high summer temperatures.

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Polytunnel greenhouses are the economic and effective solution. Polytunnel greenhouses are a fantastic alternative to the far more expensive greenhouses made of aluminium and polycarbonate or glass. With a polytunnel greenhouse, you are able to get an effective and durable greenhouse cheaply so you can start growing the vegetables, fruits and flowers you like Fionnuala Fallon tending to plants in her polytunnel. Photograph: Richard johnston For best results, plant ranunculus and anemones into the polytunnel no later than the end of September/early October I've been doing a lot of research on polytunnels as I'd love to get one when I retire in a few years. Many people have recommended firsttunnels.co.uk - their website is very easy to navigate. Other companies I've seen recommended are Northern polytunnels and Citadel Polytunnels. First Tunnels do a 12′ x 15′ polytunnel for about £400 To fix the pipe what I did was to make holes in the ends of each upright using a forstner bit, a spade bit would do just as well, the idea was to use some old rungs from a climbing frame to slip the pipe onto, the reason for this is because I'm building the polytunnel in our back garden, at some point I'll need to take it apart and transport it to the allotment, so I'm making it as sort of a.

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Polytunnel: Garden Polytunnels, Polythene Polytunnels. Browse polytunnels from UK shops. polytunnels. Touch the products for details or to Buy In Store. Browse By Price. Under £60 (8) £60 to £120 (11) Back to Top. For gardeners, a polytunnel straddles the dividing line between greenhouses and cloches. A cloche is a small plastic structure which is usually designed to protect a single plant from the elements. Cloches usually use a simple metal or wooden framework which can be draped with plastic and moved as needed Polytunnel greenhouses are a fantastic alternative to the far more expensive greenhouses made of aluminium and polycarbonate or glass. With a polytunnel greenhouse, you are able to get an effective and durable greenhouse cheaply so you can start growing the vegetables, fruits and flowers you like Polytunnel Plastic. This product is a 3-layer film, thermic, colourless and very transparent, containing an anti-dust layer. Application: This film has been specially developed for multi-span structures in order to bring the best light possible while guaranteeing a good thermicity

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The superstrong polytunnel designed and manufactured in Shetland, and exported all over the world. In Shetland, no stranger to DIY recycling by crofters, you can easily find boat trailers and slipways made using old plastic salmon pipe as rollers and supports. But Nortenergy, part of the Northmavine Community Development Company, has so far. NOTE: To stop the trench around your polytunnel becoming waterlogged, prick the polythene at the bottom of the trench with a garden fork. 2.Polytunnel Covering Trench Version continued. To get the best possible tension, the polythene should be held in one hand and pressed into the trench with one foot (dia. 2j).

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This is the home page of Keder Greenhouse, the best and strongest greenhouse or polytunnel availed in the U~K today. Creating the best growing environment for your plants and crops. For full functionality of this page it is necessary to enable JavaScript Preparations for a polytunnel, from soil to seed trays - and don't forget the hammock Your guide to the best groundwork, equipment and plants to get started Sat, Jan 14, 2017, 06:0 Crops Suitable for Polytunnels. Polytunnels often have lots of headroom so are ideal for cordon crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Peppers and aubergines can also be grown up strings if you wish, there is a tradeoff between space requirement and extra work. Plastic also raises humidity so is ideal for crops like celery which loves it Buy Steel Polytunnel Frames and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Buy Steel Polytunnel Frames and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! 8FT Wide Poly Tunnels Domestic Garden Polytunnels Plastic Polythene Covers. £494.00 to £1,053.00. Free postage. 3m Large. The skin applied to these pipes was still by and large conventional plastic polytunnel covering; fine in benign conditions but requiring frequent re-skinning in windier climes

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Try and alter your sowing dates to maximize your polytunnels output and to ensure there is always something to harvest. Pests in the polytunnel. Polytunnels offer excellent pest protection for crops, but you can never be 100% pest free. As a preventative measure keep your tunnel well ventilated and try to maintain a nice even temperature Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Transparent Polytunnel Greenhouse Tunnel Green House Plastic Cover Garden at the best online prices at eBay AG Polycarbonate Polytunnel Suitable for windy areasEach end has a door and a window 20 x 20 galvanized steel square tube frameAll arches comes in one piece front and back wall welded galvanized steel frame including windows and doors, all comes in one pieceExtendable every 2 metersCan not imagine better self assembly project (usually frame. Buy Plastic Greenhouse Replacement Cover and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Film Greenhouse Cover Plastic Polytunnel Replacement Sheeting Thickness. EUR 6.53 to EUR 28.97. EUR 8.43 postage

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Polytunnels give you the best of both. The difference between a greenhouse and a polytunnel is that a polytunnel is made from plastic and is portable or able to be disassembled when it's not needed. Last year I used a polytunnel for an unorthodox purpose. I used one to give my chickens a warmer place to spend their winter days Polytunnel greenhouse is also called a multi-span greenhouse, featured by its round shape of the roof, all-mental structure and poly plastic film covering. View other greenhouse products . Category: Gothic Greenhouse Tags: multi span greenhouse , Poly Tunnel Greenhouse , Polytunnel Greenhous

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Question: So why use plastic if it fails in time, why not glass that lasts longer. Answer : It is about cashflow. If you are going semi commercial or going to grow for a Farmer's Market you can get a lot of polytunnel for a lot less money than a glass greenhouse of the equivalent size Used to clip plastic to Polytunnel frame hoops.&nbs.. Add to Cart + Add to Wish List + Add to Compare. Poly Clip Medium to suit 25mm O.D pipe. Plant Flat Top Bench Duel Shelf 510 W x 1160 L (2 Legs) $375.00AUD . Details . Growing Kit - Basic Combination 1 Kit. $18.50AUD . Details . Info. Our Clients; Test redirect. Polytunnels are a great investment and offer a cost effective way to grow more of your own fruit and vegetables by extending the growing season and providing a warm sheltered environment to give your plants the best start. Polytunnels are also ideal for nurturing flowers before they are planted out and are perfect for establishing planters and.

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